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MOMS HELPING HANDSChapter 1The whole thing seems so bizarre when I think about it. I am a 53 year old women, happily married to a wonderful man. We’ve been married for over 23 years and have two c***dren, a girl 20 and a boy 18. It was a second marriage for both of us and my husband has three older c***dren from his previous marriage.My daughter Cara is a Junior in college and is living at home, but she comes and goes like the wind. My son, Tim, is a senior in high school and just the best k** you could ever want. He is an excellent student and has lots of friends. He’s not much of an athlete, which is probably due to his slight size and build. He’s just about 5’9” and thin, not exactly the football type.The whole thing started when I got a phone call from the burger joint Tim works at as a short-order cook. Some boiling oil from the fryer had splashed over his hands, burning them. They took him right to the hospital and then called me. I rushed right out and by the time that I got there they were just finishing up with him. The doctor said it wasn’t too bad, but that his hands would need to be wrapped for a week or so. He said they wanted to see him every few days to change the bandages and monitor his progress.“You realize he won’t be able to do a lot of things on his own” the doctor said.“Oh…I suppose that’s true” I replied, thinking about it.“There will be awkward, private functions he will need help with now, like going to the bathroom.” he said.“Hmmm. Well how do you suggest we handle this, doctor?” I asked.“Quite simply, you are going to have to put pride and embarrassment aside. The way his hands are bandaged is going to restrict his ability to perform mundane tasks. He won’t be able to unbutton his pants or clean himself afterwards. I suggest for his pride you get his Dad to help as much as possible.” he suggested.“But my husband works all day and his brothers don’t live at home” I replied.“Its not going to be easy, but as I said, at times you’ll both need to put pride and embarrassment aside” the doctor replied.On the way home Tim and I had a chat about his condition and the help he would need.“I can’t!!” Tim cried when I told him about what he doctor said.“Look, honey. It’s just until the bandages come off. We’ll get Dad to help as much as possible, but there will be times when he won’t be around. Just be grateful school is outand you don’t need help there” I said.“I guess” he said, reluctantly. “The whole thing is going to be so embarrassing!”That evening after supper my husband and I were sitting in the living room talking about the whole situation.“Well, he’ll just have to get used to it” Will said “I’m not exactly looking forward to it. I mean it’s one thing to lower his pants to let him take a leak, it’s another to clean him up after…..”Just then Tim walked in.“Uh..Dad..I need to…you know…” Tim said, all red in the face.“Oh. O.K.” my husband responded and they both left.A while later Will came back in and sat down“How did it go? I asked.“He was pretty out of sorts, but I talked to him and I think we’ll get through it. Maybe he can time it for when I’m here” he said. “but there are going to be times when I’m not here, especially when he needs to take a whiz”“Don’t remind me” I said“Well there’s another thing you should think about. He’s going to need to shower soon” he said.“Why can’t you help him!?” I asked, panic-stricken.“Two reasons. One, someone is going to need to get in there with him and he and I wouldn’t be able to move in the stall. Second, if I do it he’s going to have to wait until night, which means he’ll reek all day” he said.But how am I supposed to get in there with him? I asked.“Put a suit on or something” Will replied. “Look, the doctor said this would be awkward”“Oh, I guess” I said, my mind going a mile a minute.The next morning after Will left for work I was in the kitchen when Tim walked in.“Mom…..I..uh need to….go” he said.“Oh..sure honey.” I said, trying to sound as normal as possible.When we got to the bathroom Tim just stood there. I hesitated for a moment, but then screwed up my courage. I went around to his back and pulled his shorts down, trying not to look. I waited as he went and when he stopped I reached down and pulled his shorts back up.“See! That wasn’t so bad! I didn’t see a thing” I said, lying a bit. I couldn’t help but catch a glimpse of his cute ass, but I wasn’t going to tell him. I hadn’t really seen it quite a while and couldn’t help admiring it.“Yea, just great!” Tim replied, walking out.After we had eaten I brought up the subject of showering.“Uh…how Mom?’ he asked“Well, I’ll…get into a bathing suit and I’ll meet you in the stall in my bedroom. It’s a little bigger than the one in the hall.” I explained.We each went into our rooms and shut the door. I looked at each of my bathing suits, which I haven’t worn in some time and decided on a different solution. I grabbed an old bra and a pair of cotton whites, the kind my k**s refer to as “old lady underwear”.I glanced in the mirror at myself and wasn’t too disappointed at what I saw. Even at my age, I had managed to maintain a decent figure. I was still thin, with a hint of middle age bulge and round, full breasts that had just a bit of sag to them. My ass was wider than in my young days, but it wasn’t huge and it still had a nice, firm appearance. My brown hair came to my ears and only showed a few grays here and there. I had worked hard at maintaining my complexion and aside from some age lines, it was still smooth. All in all, I wasn’t exactly a head turner, but not bad for an old broad.I quickly put on the bra and panties and got the shower going. Tim came in with just a towel wrapped around his waist and a couple of plastic trash bags to wrap around his bandages. I saw him give me the once over and look at me quizzically.“What happened to the bathing suit?” he asked.“Oh, I didn’t think it would be comfortable. Besides, you’ve seen me in my bra and panties many times before. I didn’t think you’d mind.” I said.“At least you have something on” he replied.“Well, you can’t take a decent shower with a bathing suit on, now can you?” I asked.“I guess” he replied.“It’s not like I haven’t seen you naked before” I joked.“Not recently!” he retorted.“I’m sure nothing has changed” I k**ded.“MOM!” he cried“Just k**ding! Let’s get it over with” I said.I took the plastic bags and placed one over each hand and then wrapped some duct tape around the edges. He already looked like he had two giant oven-mitts on each hand. The bags only made them look more comical.“Uh, can you turn around while I get in?” he asked. “Then I’ll keep my back to you”“Oh, sure” I replied and turned my back while he got into the stall.I followed him in and at first couldn’t help giggling to myself as he stood there naked. My poor baby! But as I reached for the soap and hand-cloth I couldn’t help but take notice of his cute man-boy ass again. It was adorable and firm without a hint of hair anywhere. I also noticed that Will was right about the tight quarters, there was barely enough room for both of us.I quickly soaped up the cloth and started washing down his arms and shoulders. Every once in a while I would stop and let him rinse off. I washed his hair and his legs before I had to reach around and do his chest. When I was done with that I soaped the cloth and washed his ass, trying to get between the cheeks without being too invasive. It was then that I reached the moment I had been dreading. I needed to wash between his legs and wasn’t sure how to proceed.“Uh..honey…I’m..uh…done..except for your privates” I said“Oh, Mom! Do we have to?” he asked, mortified.“Yes! You have to keep that clean!” I said“Can’t we just let the water run over it?” he asked hopefully.“You know that’s not good enough. You don’t want to end up with some form of crotch rot, do you?” I asked“I guess not” he answered reluctantly.“I’ll try and do it as quickly as possible.” I promisedI soaped up the cloth once more and reached around him, starting at the base of his testicles and working my way up. I had washed him like this many times as a c***d, but what became immediately obvious to me was that he wasn’t my baby any longer! I quickly ran the cloth between his legs, washing the areas as thoroughly as I could without lingering too long in any one place. And then it happened! I guess I should have realized it, but it never occurred to me. As I moved the cloth to his penis, I felt it twitch and start to grow! I was torn between the need to go on and the feeling I should just stop! I tried to hurry, but before I could finish his penis had hardened and was in full erection in my hand! I quickly ran the cloth up and down his distended length before pulling away.“Uh…go ahead and rinse” I said, my voice shaking.“Mom….” he started “I’m sorry! I was afraid of this!”“It’s o.k.” I said, my voice still trembling. “It’s perfectly normal”“Yea, but not with you!” he cried.“Well, it doesn’t know the difference!” I joked“It’s so embarrassing!” he said “I wish it would just go down!”“Honey, it’s all right.” I insisted. “Are you in pain?”“No not really. I couldn’t do anything about it, even if I wanted to” he said, gesturing with his bandaged hands.“Oh!” I said, getting his meaning. “I hadn’t really thought about that. Do you need to often?”“Mom!!” he yelled. “Not that it’s any of your business, but…..I…take care of it when needed”“Well, honey…uhm…have you figured out how your going to..uh…do that?” I asked, really concerned for my poor baby.“No, not really.” he responded, reluctantly. “I guess I’ll have to try not to get too excited”“Well….let’s get out and dry up” I said, anxious to change the subject.As I stepped out and glanced at the mirror I realized that with my bra and panties soaking wet that the material had become semi-transparent! I quickly grabbed a towel and wrapped it around me. I then spread another out at arm’s length and held it there for Tim, being careful not to look. He stepped into the towel and I wrapped it around him as he pinned it to himself with his arms. I vigorously dried him off, being careful not come near to his crotch until I was done everywhere else. As I worked my way up his legs it became apparent that his erection hadn’t subsided. I quickly ran the towel across his genitals, trying not to linger, but surprised at just how hard he still was.We finished and he went to his room, only to return with his clothes! I forgot he couldn’t grasp them enough to pull them on and still needed my help. He turned his back to me, dropping his towel and I pulled his t-shirt over his head. I stooped to put his shorts on and he lifted each foot and stepped into each leg hole. As I pulled them up they snagged on his erection and I needed to gently lift it up to get the shorts by it. “Ehhmm!” Tim grunted as I touched his member and pulled his shorts into place.I felt really sorry for him, but there wasn’t anything else I could do.He quickly left my room and I soon heard the sound of his bedroom door slamming shut.Chapter 2Dinner was very quiet that night with the four of us, especially Tim. Will tried to engage him in conversation a couple of times, to no avail. After supper Cara went out and Will and I watched t.v. for a while before going to bed. As we lay there I told Will about what happened with Tim during the shower.“Well what do you expect?” he laughed. “Boys at that age are walking hormones! You just look at them and they get an erection”“Yea, but the problem is he can’t…you know..relieve himself with his hands all bandaged up” I explained.“Oh, yea” Will said. “Well, he’ll just have to suffer.”“Isn’t there something I could do?” I asked.“Like what?” he asked.“I don’t know. Not clean him there?” I suggested.“It has to be done, for his own health.” Will said. “He’ll just have to suffer through it. Believe me, nothing short of a hand job is going to help, and we don’t want to go there!”He rolled over and went to sleep, but I lied there, really troubled over my poor boy’s predicament. I had difficulty falling asleep, Will’s last words running through my mind.The next morning Will and Cara were gone early, leaving just Tim and I at home. He seemed in better spirits as we chatted over breakfast. At one point later in the morning he asked me to help him out in the bathroom and we got through it without any embarrassing moments.It was later that morning, when I suggested he get ready for his shower, that you could see a change in his mood.We got ready just like yesterday and got all the way through it, when there was just one area left to wash. I soaped up the cloth and I could see Tim’s body language stiffen as he awaited my hands on him. Once again I tried to be quick, but this time I had no sooner started washing his inner leg when his member became rigid! I rushed through the area, finishing with a hasty swipe along the length of his penis.“Uhhhhhhhhh!” Tim moaned as I finished up.“Are you o.k, hon?” I asked.“I guess” he responded. “It’s….just painful not being able to…relieve it”“Well, maybe if you just go lie down.” I suggested.“Mom! That’s not going to do it. Didn’t you ever hear about blue balls?” he asked.“Of course” I replied. “Guys would complain about girls getting them all excited and then leaving them……..” I stopped. I got the message.“Exactly” he said.“Oh. Baby! I’m so sorry. What can I do?” I asked.“Nothing I can think of” he replied. “Nothing that’s not against the law”His words cut right through me as I also thought about what Will had said.“Well, honey..uhm…these are very unusual circumstances.” I started “What if I…soap you up down there until you get some relief?”I couldn’t believe I just said that, but I also couldn’t stand to see him in such pain.“Are you saying what I think your saying Mom??” he asked, incredulously, with his back still towards me.“Yes” I said, not wanting to discuss it any further.“I…I wish I could say it wasn’t necessary…but…” he started“Shhhhhh!” I admonished and started soaping up the cloth.I reached around him again and gently cradled his erection, letting the cloth itself do most of the work. I simply slid it up and down his length, causing just enough friction to get the job done. “Ohhhhhhh” Tim softly moaned in response to my light touch.It didn’t take long before I could feel him twitch in my hand and his ass clench as he ejaculated in long streams against the shower stall wall. I continued to slide the cloth across his member until he stopped and his whole body relaxed“Are you o.k.?” I asked as I dropped my hand.“Yea…better” he responded, out of breath.We quickly got out, dried off and dressed without saying anything, though it was obvious that I had no problem getting his shorts on this time.That evening Tim was in a better mood and joined in on the conversation and even helped clean up afterwards. It was good to see that I was able to help him this afternoonand I saw no reason to tell Will what I had done. I worried that he wouldn’t understand and might find something perverted in it. Besides, it wasn’t like I was going to need to do it every day.The next day Tim came to me right after breakfast suggesting he take his shower since he had some friends coming by after lunch. I agreed and I told him to meet me in my room. As I was getting changed I noticed my bra was still damp and rather uncomfortable going on. It certainly wasn’t made to be worn wet and was starting to chafe in some areas. As soon as I was ready Tim came in and we got prepared to get in the stall. “Uh, Mom” Tim started. “At night I have a tough time finding the right position to sleep because of my hands and now I’m waking up with a stiff back and neck”“Oh. You poor thing!” I responded. “How can I help you?”“Well, I thought if you could sort of give me a message while you wash me, maybe you could loosen me up” he suggested.“Oh, sure” I agreed. “Lets get in”As we entered the stall I realized the best way to do this was to forget the cloth and use my bare hands on his back and neck. I seemed able to work some of the kinks out of Tim’s back and neck with some strong hand message. At the same time my bra, which by this time was soaked, began biting into my flesh and chafing.“Owww” I grunted as I messaged his back.“What’s wrong Mom?” Tim asked from over his shoulder.“Oh, it’s this damn bra. It’s really rubbing me the wrong way.” I explained.“Why don’t you take it off?” he asked.“What??” I asked, not sure I heard him right.“Take it off. I won’t look, I have my back to you anyway” he said.“Uh, I don’t know” I replied, although the thought of getting it off really appealed to me.“Oh go on, I promise not to turn around.” he saidI thought about it for a moment and decided I had to have some relief, this thing was killing me. Keeping my eye on him, I unhooked the bra from behind and shrugged my shoulders, causing it to fall and land in my hands. I tossed it over the shower door, feeling immediate relief. I resumed my washing and messaging and realized that, with the tight quarters, I couldn’t help touching his back with the tips of my breasts. I don’t know whether it was just the contact or the motion, but my nipples became stiff as they grazed his back. I felt a tingle develop through my body and had to admit that I was enjoying the sensation. I also knew that Tim had to feel my nipples brushing his back, even though he didn’t show it.I tried to concentrate on just getting him washed and getting outAs I worked my way down his leg I couldn’t help but notice his penis start to lengthen and rise. I should have realized that Will was right about young boys and their raging hormones. It was then that I remembered that, without the washcloth, I was going to actually have to put my bare hands on him. I gently washed his ass and made edirne escort my way down his legs. I worked my way back up his leg and stood up, grabbing the soap and working it in my hands. I held my breath for a moment and then reached around and placed my hands on his genitals, sweeping one under his testicles as the other quickly swept over his distended penis. “Whhhhhuuuhh” Tim took in a sharp breath at the feeling of my bare hands on him.I quickly released him and told him to rinse.“Uh, Mom?” he said“Yea?” I responded, nervous about what he wanted.“Uh, help me out again?” he asked.I knew he was talking about his condition and looking for the same relief I gave him yesterday.“Do you really need it?” I asked. “I thought you’d be o.k. for a few days”“Not really” he answered “I kind of need some relief every day”“Oh” I responded, trying not to sound too reluctant. “All right, I guess.”I soaped up my hands and reached around him again, placing one around his swollen member. I gently began moving my hand up and down his entire length, trying to bring him off as quickly as possible. I was trying to keep my mind occupied on other things as I stroked his penis, not wanting to think about what I was doing. “Ohhhhhhhh!” Tim suddenly gasped as his member twitched and expanded in my hand.He quickly started discharging long streams of sperm against the wall. I stopped stroking and just held him in my hand as he climaxed, twitching in my grip.I quickly removed my hand and rinsed it off and asked him to stay put while I got out and covered up. As soon as I had the towel around me I told him it was o.k.. He came out, much to my surprise, displaying none of the modesty he had shown every other day. There was no attempt to hide his nakedness and he stood facing me as I dried him off. When it came time to dress him I couldn’t help but take notice of his still semi-hard member hanging there in front of me. I quickly pulled his shorts up and he turned and left. As I removed the towel I realized my nipples were still hard and I was slightly out of breath. Chapter 3Tim had some buddies over for the afternoon and they all sat around surfing the net and watching tv. Will and Cara came home and Tim’s friends left as I prepared supper. We all ate together and watched tv before going to bed. “How’s Tim’s showers going” Will asked as he was reading an article in a magazine“Oh…fine” I replied, not telling him of the other service I was giving him.The next morning was uneventful and before too long it was time for Tim’s shower. We were getting ready as usual when Tim asked if I could message his back and neck again. I agreed and got him undressed, noticing that his penis was already in a state of semi-arousal. He got in and waited as I removed my clothes and put the white panties on, not bothering with the bra. I set about soaping him up and messaging his back and neck before moving down to his legs. All the while I was experiencing those same tingling sensations from my breasts lightly brushing against his back. It ran through me from my stiffened nipples down to between my legs. As I washed first one leg and then another I noticed he already had an erection. I began wondering if this routine was becoming something more for him. I didn’t even ask him if he needed my help, but just soaped up my hands and started washing his testicles and erect penis. The washing turned into stroking as I softly gripped him in my hand.I remembered reading an article about women talking about their sons becoming young men. They felt that they had developed affections for them that weren’t traditional mother-son feelings. They had become frustrated in not knowing where to place these developing feelings.As I thought about the article my hand slowed down on his penis and I reached my left hand around, lifting and kneading his testicles. With my right hand I began a slow examination of his erection, really feeling how hard and stiff he was. He wasn’t particularly large or thick, but rather slim and about 5 and 1/2 inches in full length. I dragged my nails gently across the underside of his staff and then rubbed my thumb around the head before grazing back down. I then began a slow, deliberate stroking of his member, sliding it up and down in my hand.“Ohhhhhhhh!” Tim moaned in response to my slow manipulation.I felt my breasts firmly pressed against his back and began brushing them back and forth, sending sparks through my body.“UGHhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” Tim cried out as his penis twitched forcefully in my hand and shot off a long line of seaman. I slid my hand to the end of his penis and felt his second round shoot through my fingers, bathing them in his warm cream. I gently continued to stroke him until he shuddered and the last small stream of seaman dribbled out and over my fingers.I suddenly awoke from the dream-state I was in and realized what I had done! I quickly dropped my hands, rinsing them off under the shower and getting out. I was shaking as I dried myself off, mortified by my behavior. Tim came out and I quickly dried him off, trying to avert my eyes from his spent penis dangling in front of me. I dressed him and then shut the door after he left. I lay down on the bed trying to calm myself and make sense of what I had just done. I went to bed early that night, not wanting to spend too much time around Tim. He on the hand seemed to be in a great mood, smiling and joking.The next morning Tim had a doctor’s appointment and we left right after breakfast.When the doctor examined his hands he seemed pleased by the progress and said he would reduce the size of the bandages for now and then discard them in another couple of days. They re-wrapped his hands, this time leaving his fingers exposed to the first knuckle. As they finished the doctor noted that in these new bandages Tim would be able to do quite a bit more things on his own. I felt a great sense of relief as my thoughts rushed to his daily shower. He probably wouldn’t need my help any longer! When they were done they gave him a special pair of gloves he could wear when he washed so the garbage bags wouldn’t be necessary. They reminded me of racing gloves since they left his fingers exposed to match his bandages. When we got home I fixed us some lunch and then suggested to Tim that he take his shower.He left and seemed to have no problem getting out of his clothes on his own. When he returned with a towel wrapped around him I helped him put on the gloves he was given. He asked if he could still use my shower stall since it’s a bit roomier. I told him that was fine and he turned and left. I felt truly relieved as I heard the shower start and the stall door close. My relief didn’t last long though, as few moments later I heard him calling for me.“Hey Mom!!” he shouted a second time before I got there.“What?” I asked“I can’t do it!” he exclaimed.“Do what?” I asked.“Hold the soap” he explained “I can’t get a grip on it. My fingers can’t bend enough and I keep dropping it”“Oh” I said, knowing what this probably means.“Can you help me?” he askedI felt a pang of guilt go through me, but then realized that he just needs my help and I should give it to him.“All right, give me a minute” I replied, leaving the bathroom to go get undressed. I took off my clothes and grabbed a pair of white panties and put them on. I the considered putting on the bra, but decided the irritation wasn’t worth it. I went back into the bathroom and I thought I could see Tim watching me through the frosted glass door, but I wasn’t sure. I stepped inside and reached for the soap.“I’m really sorry Mom” he said sincerely.I just about melted when he said that and realized he probably didn’t give yesterday a second thought.“It’s o.k. sweetie. Let’s get you washed up” I repliedI soaped up my hands and started washing his back and shoulders and then reached around to do his chest. “Uh, Mom, can I turn round and let the water hit my back? It’s so stiff from sleeping in awkward positions” he asked.“Uhm, well…ok” I replied, knowing that he’d have a good look breasts and I couldn’t do anything about it.He turned and arched his back, allowing the water to hit him at the base. I saw him steal a quick glance or two at my breasts and then avert his eyes. I proceeded to soap him down while he kept his head turned towards the wall, going over his chest and arms and then reaching around to get his back. In order to reach his back I had to get into close contact with him and I felt my breasts grazing against his chest. My nipples instantly got hard at the feel of contact with Tim’s chest. I tried to ignore it, but I felt shivers across my body every time my breasts touched him.I felt a rush of conflicting emotions between not wanting to admit that I was a bit turned on and needing to maintain a proper relationship with my son.I finished his back and pulled away, glancing at his face. He was looking at my breasts, surely having felt them on his chest, and was breathing heavily. I kneeled down to get his legs when I was nearly hit in the face with his stiff member. Obviously the feeling of my breasts against his chest caused a reaction and he was now at full reaction. I quickly finished his legs and stood up, not quite certain of what I was expected to do next.“Uh….honey…I..uh…see you probably..uh..need some…relief?” I said, my voice quivering. “Why don’t I leave you alone now so you can…uh…take care of it.”“Uh, wait Mom. I..I can’t. I can’t grip the soap…or..anything.” he reminded me.“Oh…yea…that’s right” I replied reluctantly. “ I need……help?”“Could you?” he replied and buried his face into my shoulder.I soaped up my hands and reached down, grabbing his rigid member. I slowly began stroking him in a firm, caressing fashion. I realized that, due to the tight quarters, when he did orgasm that he would probably ejaculate all over me. This caused a sharp tingle to wash over me and I subconsciously increased my pace.“Uhhhhhhhh!” Tim moaned as my stroke brought him closer and closer to orgasm.I felt his body abruptly stiffen and his erection throb in my hand in prelude to orgasm.Tim suddenly lifted his head and pressed his lips on mine in an unexpected kiss! I was about to push him away, but he immediately started to ejaculate, shooting his warm seaman onto my belly and I got swept away by the moment. I continued to stroke him, pulling the juice from his extended member as I softened my lips and stopped fighting his kiss. His penis jerked a few times in my hand as the last dribble of cum ran out and his lips pealed off mine.“Uh…thanks.” he said, somewhat embarrassed. “Uhm…why don’t you go out first” I said, suddenly feeling self-conscious about my naked breasts and covering them with my arms.He left, grabbing a towel on his way out the door. I stood there for a while taking in what had just happened. Was it all just an innocent moment or did we just cross a line? I knew this had to end and soon!Tim went out for the rest of the day and didn’t return until supper. We all ate and after dinner Tim went out with some friends, so we didn’t have to confront what happened earlier.Chapter 4The next morning the doctor’s office called and asked about Tim’s hands. They said he should come in the day after tomorrow and get the bandages removed. I felt a mixture of relief and disappointment come over me. Had I enjoyed this little game I had been playing with Tim? What kind of a pervert does that make me? I decided to concentrate on the relief of this whole routine ending soon.Tim came into the kitchen and I fixed him some breakfast. We sat and ate in total silence, not even looking up at each other. Soon we were finished and cleaning up and then Tim disappeared into his room. An hour later he came into the living room dressed in his shorts and a towel in his hand.A sharp jolt went through my stomach as I knew what he wanted.“Uh…Mom…can..uh…we get my shower out of the way now? I want to go over Jim’s after.” he asked.“Uh…sure” I replied.For a moment I wanted to bring up the kiss yesterday, but then though the best thing was to forget it.I went into my room and could hear the shower running. My heart started to race and I was suddenly short of breath. What was I so tense about? Was I afraid of a repeat of yesterday or was it my reaction to it that had me so nervous? My hands were trembling as I stripped, leaving me naked as I studied my face in the mirror. I grabbed a pair of white underwear and put them on and then thought long and hard about a bra. I figured at this point why bother and threw it back in my draw.I approached the shower and could see Tim’s outline behind the frosted glass. I took a deep breath and opened the door. He had his back to me and was looking up, the water hitting his face. I quickly glanced at his naked ass and caught myself, looking away.I entered the stall and started soaping up my hands as Tim stood there. As my hands touched his arms I could feel his body stiffen and his breathing was labored. I tried to hurry as my hands flew up and down his arms and then across his chest. At this point my hands were trembling again and I was short of breath as well. I soaped up his back and then made my way down his legs, washing his ass on the way back up.“Uh…you..uh…should turn around and rinse your back.” I saidTim turned to face me and, as he did, his rigid erection sc****d across my abdomen. I felt a pang of titillation run through my body. He moved his back against the spray, rinsing the soap off. As he did, his chest grazed mine several times, brushing against my nipples and I could feel his penis pressing into my lower abdomen.My nipples became rock hard instantly as the light touch caused my head to begin to swoon. I looked up and saw that Tim was staring at my breasts as they rose and fell on my chest. He slowly reached up with his two hands and lightly caressed them with his fingers, tracing circles around my nipples.“Stop.” I whispered, my breathing becoming ragged, as I reached up and captured his hands with mine.Tim looked into my eyes for a moment, his face a mask of lust. He slowly leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine! I struggled for a moment, my mind swimming against a tide of pent-up passion. Tim gently kissed me, his lips softly moving against mine, as he moved in closer. I could feel my breasts flatten against his chest and his erection slide across my midsection as his fingers gripped my waist and pulled me closer.My entire body tingled as I could feel myself slowly slipping into the depths of an illicit craving. Despite the struggle going on in my head, I began to respond to Tim’s kiss, gently pressing my lips back against his. He immediately reacted, kissing me firmer and wrapping his arms around my waist. I felt his tongue probe against my lips and, without resisting, I parted them, allowing it to flood my mouth. His tongue lightly caressed mine as our mouths fused together. I felt the last wisp of resistance drain from me as my body flushed with desire! My arms slid up Tim’s shoulders and around his neck as I returned his kiss with a fiery passion, grinding my mouth against his. We kissed hungrily as our wet bodies slid against one another, the stall echoing with the sounds of our lustful moans. My whole being was awash in a decadent craving that I had never experienced before. Every nerve ending in my body was on fire as I clung to my son and kissed him with a voracity that left me week. I could feel the heat emanating from between my legs as my juices began to flow, quickly flooding my crotch.Tim’s hands were sweeping up and down my back as he ground his throbbing erection against my lower stomach. His hands slid down my back, inside my panties and came to rest on my ass. His fingers pressed into my cheeks, kneading and lifting them gently and then pulling them towards him. His erection felt like it was trying to bore a whole through me as he continued to mash it against me. Responding to instinct alone, I lifted my right leg and wrapped it around Tim’s, my panty-covered crotch coming into direct contact with his extended member. The feeling of his organ rubbing against my steaming vulva sent sparks through my entire lower region. I urgently pushed back against it, my complete consciousness focused between my legs. I suddenly felt Tim tugging at my panties, pulling them down. Somewhere deep inside I knew this was wrong, but the lust that had enveloped me pushed any rational thought aside. I lowered my leg, allowing him to push my panties over my hips and then gravity took over and sent them down my legs. They fell and hit the floor of the stall with a soft splat as our hips smashed back together. The sensation of his erection in contact with my naked crotch set off flames licking the deepest recess of my vagina. We continued to ravenously kiss as I lifted my leg and wrapped it again around his. I reached down and grasped his organ in my hand, pulling it down towards my saturated entrance. My hand shook as I parted the lips of my weeping slit with the head of his member, dragging it up and down. The only thoughts in my mind were extinguishing the unbearable fire that consumed my entire body. I pulled his throbbing organ, piercing my drenched gash and coming to rest with the crown lodged into the entrance of my canal.Simultaneously, Tim pushed as I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled. His rigid member slid inside me, parting the walls of my heated vagina until he was completely in, his testicles nestled against my ass. I could feel my pussy clutching and grasping at his rod, the pleasure washing over me.In the position we were in it was hard to get any kind of movement going without slipping and getting hurt. I raised my other leg and wrapped it around escort edirne him and lifted myself off the floor. Tim leaned in, pushing my back against the wall and began thrusting himself in and out of as best he could. Even though he was barely moving inside me, the sheer illicit act was driving me towards orgasm! I pushed my pelvis against him, feeling him stretch my insides. We break off our kiss as he leaned down and attached his mouth to my breast, sucking vigorously on my nipple. My swollen clit is rubbing against the top of his thrusting rod, driving me higher and higher over the cliff. The room is filled with the sound of our moaning as I feel an enormous orgasm suddenly overtake me. My entire body goes rigid as I burst into a million pieces, my body wracked in a mind-numbing climax.“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH HHHHH!!!!!!! !!!!!!! I moaned as wave after wave of pleasure, so intense it borders on pain, crashes over me.I feel Tim’s member jerk hard inside me and he lets out a painful groan as he coats the walls of my insides with his steaming hot juices. We cling to one another, twitching and trembling, as we both ride the wave of orgasm to the end. As the aftershock slowly wound down, I felt my senses coming back to me and, with them, the horrid realization of what we just did.I slowly slid my legs down from around him and stood on my feet. I felt his spent member slowly withdraw and finally exit with a soft plop. We stood there awkwardly for a moment, untangling ourselves.“…uh…beter..uh…go dry up and get dressed” I whispered, not even able to look at him.“Sure” Tim responded quietly.He quickly left and toweled off, beating a hasty retreat to his own room. I stood in the stall for quite a while dealing with a rush of emotions, most of them guilt. I finally willed myself to get out and dry off. I stayed in my room the rest of the day, sleeping through most of it. I was exhausted from the intensity of the orgasm Tim had given me, and, at the same time, depressed about the aftermath.Chapter 5Will came home to find me still asleep in bed. He woke me gently and asked about super. I lied and told him I wasn’t feeling well and hadn’t even though about it. He quickly told me to stay in bed and that he would get some pizza delivered for the k**s and himself.I was instantly hit with a wave of guilt. Here I had cheated on him, with our own son no less, and he was being as kind and thoughtful as could be!He shut the door and I soon drifted back off to sleep, awakening just briefly when Will came to bed. I awoke the next morning to find myself alone in the house. I was wracked with fear that I would have to face Tim, so I quickly showered and dressed and left. I spent the entire day shopping, just roaming from store to store. When I couldn’t find anything else to do, I went home. It was still a couple of hours until Will came home, so I went to my room to lay down. I must have drifted off, because the next thing I knew Will was waking e up.“You still not feeling well?” he asked.“No…not really” I replied.“Do you feel up to supper?” he asked.“I..I..guess I could make you something” I said.“No, that’s o.k.” he chuckled. “I’ll handle it. You just rest”He got up and left the room, leaving me there. I lied there for as long as I could until I couldn’t stand it anymore and got up. I tentatively made my way to the kitchen, watching for Tim along the way. He was in the living room watching t.v. as I made my way through. “Hi” he said softly as he watched me walk by.I had no reply, but just glanced at him quickly and turned away. When I got to the kitchen Will was cleaning up and I made myself a cup of tea. We chatted for a bit, but I was on edge waiting for Tim to come in and tell his father everything. Of course that never happened and I spent the night watching t.v. in my room.At one point Will came in and asked about Tim’s shower.“I..uh…don’t think he’s had one today” I said.“Figures! He spent the day playing basketball and now he reeks. He says he still can’t take one alone?” he asked.“Uh.. yea..he..uh..can’t grip the soap” I replied.“O.K. Well, he’s getting a sponge bath tonight. I’m not getting in that stall with him” he said and left.I never left my room that night and went to sleep early. The next morning I got up to find Will was still there. He decided to take a couple of hours off and take Tim to the doctors to get his bandages off. I was relieved that I didn’t have to be the one to take him. I had been over the events with Tim again and again in my mind. There was no doubt that I had been just as guilty, if not more so, as he was. I couldn’t figure it out. My marriage was solid and while we didn’t exactly go at it like newlyweds, we still had sex occasionally. I just figured that the drop in my sex drive was a result of going through menopause. But since yesterday it seems that my sexual energy was in overdrive! When I allowed myself to think about it my pulse would race and I immediately got wet! The thing that scared me the most though was how intense my orgasm had been with Tim. It still raised goose bumps on my arm when I think of it. How could something so wrong feel that good?I decided that the best thing to do was speak to Tim when he got back and find a way to put this all behind us. Maybe in time we could forget the whole thing.I made breakfast and then my bed and was about to jump in the shower when I heard Tim and Will come in. I threw a short robe on and went out to the kitchen.“Well, how did it go?” I asked, trying to sound normal.“Uh..o.k.” Tim responded. I could see him giving me the once over in the robe and it gave me a flush of emotion.“Yea, the doctor said his hands look great. He should be fine” Will said. “I’m going to grab my things and head off”“Uh..allright” I replied.Will left the room and Tim and I just stood there in awkward silence for a moment.“Uhm…when your Dad has left, come and see me. I think we should talk” I said in a hushed tone.“Oh…o.k.! Sure Mom!” Tim responded, his mood brightening right away.I walked back to my room thinking about Tim’s reaction. Maybe he was just as anxious to talk it out and get it behind us as I was.I figured I had enough time to grab a quick shower before Will left, so I discarded my robe and went in. The hot water felt good and seemed to ease my anxiety. I quickly soaped up and rinsed off and started on my hair. As soon as I had finished rinsing my hair the door to the stall suddenly opened and Tim stepped in!“Tim!! What are you doing??!!!” I screamed as I tried covering up, placing one hand across my breasts and another over my crotch.“You… said you wanted to talk to me” he answered, confused.I took one hand off my crotch and quickly shut off the water, then returned it. With the size of the stall we were practically touching.“I didn’t mean in here!” I scolded him.He had a confused and disappointed look on his face. I looked at him for a moment, feeling the heat generated from our two bodies close proximity. “What did you think I meant?” I asked“Uh….I….thought…you……uh….” he started and stammered, his eyes looking into mine for a sign of acknowledgement. I knew exactly what he thought and I didn’t want to admit it. I stood there watching him struggle to put it into words.Suddenly Tim leaned in and pressed his lips to mine!“Mmmmmmmmmphhh!!!” I moaned against his unanticipated kiss, trying to break away, but not wanting to remove my hands from my breasts and crotch. Tim pressed the kiss firmer, slowly swaying his head up and down. I felt a tingling rush through me and my mind start to drift as the kiss began to get to me. My resistance drained as, despite my intentions, I began to kiss him back!I called on my last once of will and pushed Tim back, breaking the kiss.“Please…please get out and we will talk about this in my room” I said, short of breath.Tim reluctantly turned and left the stall, grabbing the towel I had hung just outside. I stood there trying to compose myself and catch my breath. When I felt ready I left the stall and realized that Tim had taken the only towel. I grabbed an old robe I had left there and put it on. I grabbed a comb and dragged it through my hair and then pulled the robe closed and tied the belt. What I hadn’t thought of was that the robe was a very thin cotton and absorbed all the water on my body, leaving it plastered to my body. It outlined every curve, not to mention the nipples on my breasts. I had no alternative but to leave it on and go speak to Tim.As I left the bathroom and stepped into my bedroom I saw Tim standing there with the towel wrapped around his waist. He turned to look at me and his eyes widened as he watched me walk towards him in a robe that looked like a second skin. “We need to talk about this Tim” I started. “This can’t continue.”“Mom…I’m sorry, but I can’t help myself” Tim said. “Since the other day, it’s all I can think about!”“Well you have to try and put it behind you. Someday you’ll meet someone that can fill this role with you” I said. “It’s just not right!”“No, you don’t understand Mom!” he insisted. “It’s not just that we had sex. It’s about you Mom! “I…I.. don’t…..” I said, not quite understanding.“Mom, your so sexy!!” Tim said, his eyes roving over my frame. “All I can think about is how you smell, how you look, how soft your skin is and…and…”“Stop it Tim!!” I shouted, turning away from him. I shut my eyes as if that would block out what he was saying. The truth was that he was getting to me. As he spoke I felt a tingling that started in my crotch and slowly spread within me.“I..I can close my eyes and it’s as if we’re back in the shower.” Tim said. “ I can feel my arms around you and we’re kissing and my body is sliding against yours. Then you’re taking a hold of my dick and lining it up and then pulling me inside you!! Aw God Mom, it felt so good!!”His words were going right through me. I was swept away, back to that moment, and reliving it. My body was betraying me as the tingling turned into desire. I could feel my nipples harden against my robe and my juices flowing freely between my legs until I was enveloped by it. It was as if I was having an out of body experience as I turned to face Tim. I could see he was feeling the same way by the erection that now tented the front of the towel. My hands seemed to have a mind of their own as they reached down and untied the belt to my robe. I pulled it apart, the material caressing my breasts and extended nipples as I felt the cool air hit my body. I slowly slid it off my shoulders, my eyes on Tim as he watched me intently. I let the robe fall to the floor as I stood in front of my son completely naked! I stepped towards him and slid my fingers inside the edge of the towel, tugging it until it came loose and fell to the floor! I slid my arms up around his shoulders as he wrapped his around my waist and our parted lips merged in a deep kiss! The moment our lips touched a fire burst between us and the kiss immediately surged to a torrent of passion. We kissed hungrily, our hands sweeping over each other. Every sense of right and wrong left me as I could only concentrate on the overwhelming fervor that had overtaken me!I pulled Tim back, never breaking our embrace, and felt the edge of my bed hit the back of my leg. I climbed on to it, pulling him with me as we slowly crawled across it. When we in the center we slowly lay back as Tim came to rest on top of me. The feeling of his body pressed on mine drove my desire to new depths as I spread my legs and felt his shaft flatten against my weeping gash. We continued to kiss ferociously, our tongues lashing against each other as we thrust our groins together.For a brief moment, deep in the recesses of my mind I thought I could still stop this if I concentrated on who I was with. But, I quickly realized that it was the fact that I was with my own son that made this so irresistibly lustful! This very thought sent another charge through me and my need to have my son inside me became more than I could bear!I shoved my ass down into the mattress, creating just enough room between my groin and his shaft to allow the head to slip into the outer lips of my famished gash. I quickly wrapped my legs around Tim’s waist and with my heels on his ass, pulled him in. He immediately understood and began to push as his throbbing erection slid inside me, cleaving the folds of my saturated canal!“OOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I moaned as Tim bottomed out inside me. I was completely out of breath as little spasms fired off from my pussy and spread through my body.“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Mom, you feel soooo goooooddddd!!!!” Tim moaned as he began to piston in and out of me in short strokesI was never so turned on in my life and my drooling slit seemed to be exclaiming it, as I was soaked and wide open to Tim.I clawed at his back and thrust my hips in small circles back up at his every jab. I thought the pleasure flowing through every fiber of my body would drive me insane!I looked up at Tim and could see the love and lust in his eyes and knew he was feeling everything I was.He leaned in, holding his weight on his elbows, which caused his shaft to rub harder against my clit. “GOD YES TIM!!!!!!!!!!!” I moaned, churning my hips up against his thrusting rod with wild abandonment. The moment was so intense I knew it wouldn’t last long, the need for release was too great!“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH” Tim moaned, lunging his shaft deep inside me with greater and greater speed.We were lost in an incredibly urgent lovemaking, driving at one another as if we could somehow pull ourselves closer together!“OHHHHHHHH TIMMMMM!!!!! YESSSSS!! OHHHHHH GGODDDD!!!!!!!” I exclaimed deliriously.I pulled his head down, capturing his mouth with mine and kissing him with sexual desperation. He returned the kiss with equal force, grinding his mouth on mine. I grabbed his ass in my hands and franticly pulled him towards me, shoving my clit down over the top edge of his sex wand. I was completely lost in our frantic rapture, never wanting it to end, yet yearning for the climax I was heading to.My orgasm started deep inside me and came on me like a runaway train, driving right through me.“OOHHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” I screamed as my pussy gripped Tim’s shaft like a fist, clinging to it and spasming all around it!! My entire body went rigid and the hair on my arms stood on end as I came with an intensity I had never imagined possible.At the same time I could feel his cock expand and twitch inside me, shooting off the first round of his fiery, thick seamen deep inside me!“OOHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhh!!” Tim groaned as his shaft spurted stream after stream, hosing down my inner walls and sending my senses reeling.I was out of my mind with sexual pleasure as I shook and clung beneath my son, my orgasm seeming to be endless.OHHHHHHHHHH TIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried as the ecstasy continued to wash over me.We clutched at one another, shivering through our mutual orgasms until the last small twitch in each of us subsided.I could feel his erection slowly shrink until it slithered out of my gash with a small plop. We lay there for several long moments trying to catch our breath, my pussy still throbbing. Finally Tim rolled off me and we lay there side by side. sleep came over me quickly, my body totally worn out. Chapter 6When I awoke Tim was still there beside me, sleeping. I had some time to think about what had happened and to my surprise I felt no regret. I had just had the most incredible sexual experience of my life and I realized that regret would be a waste of effort. My body betrayed my sense of right and wrong twice now and I knew it would again. Maybe it would just be best to try to avoid being placed in a position where this can happen again. A good first step would be to get the hell out of bed before Tim wakes up!I started to roll over to the side of the bed when I felt Tim begin to stir and I froze!Tim started blinking rapidly as his eyes fought to open. He finally focused, looking into my eyes. We were both on our sides, facing one another.“Hi” I said in a low whisper.“Hi” he answered.“I…I was just getting up.” I said“Oh. Uh… Mom, are you mad?” he asked.“…I’m not mad” I replied.“Good” Tim said smiling. “I wouldn’t want you mad again like last time”“Well, you know I’m not exactly proud of what we’ve done” I said. “It really is wrong on so many different levels.”“I suppose” he said, staring into my eyes and lightly caressing my arm with his fingertips.Tim grabbed the edge of the sheet and slowly pulled it down, gradually exposing my breasts. I had a knee-jerk reaction to pull them back, but stopped as I watched his gaze scan over me. It gave me an absolute thrill to watch the way he looked at my body.“God Mom, you’re so hot!” he exclaimed, his fingers wandering up my arm and down my chest before lightly running across my breasts.The hair on my arms stood up from his light caress and I could feel a tingling starting between my legs. Tim leaned in and placed his lips on mine, kissing me softly. The kiss lingered for several moments and I did nothing to stop it. I could feel the desire welling up in me and remembered my thoughts about trying to avoid these situations. My mind struggled for a brief moment with this, but this kiss was intoxicating and rendered me immobile. Tim slowly pulled back, our lips gradually peeling apart, as we caught our breath.“I..uh…I…need to…uh…get up…and..and….get…dressed.” I stuttered, staring at his lips.“Uh huh” Tim whispered and brought his mouth back towards mine. All will to leave left me as I wrapped my arms around him and met his mouth with mine in a deep, open mouth kiss. Our mouths gently ground together in a soulful french kiss as I wrapped my arms and legs edirne escortbayan around him and he pulled me tight to him. Our hands slowly swept up and down each other as the kiss continued and our tongues intertwined.We lay there, making out for quite some time, languishing in this delicious embrace. My hands slowly ran down his back and then up his sides before slithering in between our groins. I ran my fingertips lightly up his erection and then took it into my hand, gently stroking it. Tim seemed to be inspired by this as his hand reached down and his fingers lightly caressed the lips of my pussy. Our kiss went on and on as our breathing became more ragged. My hand was now fondling his rod, running my nails up the underside and then softly gripping it and stroking it downward. Tim’s two fingers delicately ran up and down my slit, causing my body to release my juices and lubricate his caress. He slowly inserted one, then two fingers into my quickly flooding canal, gently moving them in and out.This methodical session had me in heaven, never wanting it to end. It reminded me of when I was in high school and making out with my boyfriend in his car. I let him go to third base, but never all the way. The difference now was that this was my son and I had every intention of seeing this all the way through.We continued our kissing and stroking until our desire reached a fevered pitch.“OHHHHHHHH Tim!!!” Ohhhh, honey!!!! I groaned, my need for him overwhelming.He reacted quickly, moving between my outstretched legs. His cock grazed against my weeping slit, sending chills through my crotch. We moved in unison as he lifted his hips and I pushed my ass into the bed, allowing the head of his cock to line up with the entrance of my pussy. He gently pushed forward, the head of his cock piercing my opening and then the rest of his rod sliding deep inside me.We rutted tenderly, enjoying the feeling of our union. Tim slowly withdrew, his cock head nearly escaping, before slowly driving back inside me. I met every thrust with one of my own and then slowly shoved my ass down as he pulled back. We made mind numbing, slow, gently love for what seemed like hours. Our mouths met again in another deep, soulful kiss, tongues caressing, as our slow, steady thrusting continued. My entire body was tingling as I wallowed in the bliss of the gentle, unhurried lovemaking between my son and I. While our first session was full of urgency and illicit lust, this was a soft, gentle mating of two people in love. My heart was full of emotion for my son-lover as he thrust in and out of me. I never wanted him to stop, wanting this moment to last forever as I lifted my crotch up at him, feeling his cock sliding against my swollen clit. “OHHHH MOM!!!!!!! YOU FEEL SO GOOD!!!!!!!!!” Tim moaned. “I WANT TO DO THIS EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!”“OHHHHH GOD HONEY!!!!!!! YESSSSSSS! OHHHHH MY DARLING!!!!!!!! I NEVER WANT TO STOP MAKING LOVE TO YOU!!!!!!” I groaned, enraptured in the most heart felt love making of my life.At that moment I regretted my age, desperately wishing that I was still furtile so I could be impregnated with my son’s c***d. The overwhelming sense of love I was feeling made me long to be able to produce a c***d from it.We continued our slow, deliberate mating, clutching one another tightly. As our tempo increased I could feel the beginning of an orgasm start down in my toes and spread.“OHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhh Tim!!!!!!!!!! I….I’m getting close!!!!!!!! Ohhhhhhh honey!!!! I want you to come with me!!!!!!! I groaned as my entire body became engulfed by my oncoming orgasm.“OHHH MOM!!!!!!! I..I’m Gonna Cum soon!!!!!!!!!! Tim cried“OHHHHYESSSS!!!!!!! Harder Honey!!!!!!! Harder!!!!!!! I groaned as we picked up the pace. My ass was flying up to meet his thrusts as Tim began hammering his distended cock in and out of my drenched canal.I dug my mails into his back as my orgasm washed over me, causing my body to stiffen under him.”OHHHHHHHHH HHHHHHH TIIIIIIIIIIMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!! I cried as I came hard, my pussy clutching and convulsing around Tim’s cock. “AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! Tim cried as his cock spewed the first round of his hot, thick cream deep into the recesses of my cunt.We clutched and grabbed at each other as my pussy continued to clasp and milk his twitching cock. He fired round after round, his fiery juice drenching the walls of my steaming cunt. We shuddered and twitched against one another as our mutual orgasms ran their course, leaving us week and winded.As we relaxed we looked into one another’s eyes and slowly brought our lips together in another deep, passionate kiss. We rutted our groins together, still feeling the last embers of our fading orgasms. We lay there for another half-hour or so, kissing and caressing until Tim’s spent dick slowly slithered out of me with a soft plop.“Oh my god!” I exclaimed, glancing at the clock on my night table. “Your sister will be home any moment!”As we both leaped out of bed, I was amused by the fact that I had spent the day making love to my son. Tim quickly darted out to his room as I jumped in the shower and got ready for the rest of the family to come home.Chapter 7The rest of the evening went without incident, as we ate and settled in to watch t.v.. There were a few knowing glances between Tim and I, but for the most part we behaved ourselves. That night I fell right to sleep, not quite recovered from the sexual encounters of my 18-year-old son.The next day was Saturday, Will’s normal day to play golf. He got up at around 7am and showered and I got out of bed as soon as he left the room. I usually got up and made him breakfast before he headed out. This morning I could already feel my libido cranking and a constant moisture between my legs. I felt very sexy and decided to forego my usual frumpy housecoat and wear something that fit my mood. I dug out a short-sleeve, dark blue, silk nightshirt I had gotten one year for Christmas, but never wore. It fit rather snug, landing above my knees with slits up each side. I loved the way the silk felt against my nipples, causing them to stiffen and heightening my state of arousal. Just to add to the thrill, I decided to forget about any panties!I made my way down to the kitchen where Will had his head stuck in the sports page.“You want breakfast?” I asked as I walked in.“Na. Just coffee.” he answered, never looking up.I made coffee for us and grabbed a part of the paper. I spread it out over the center-island and read it while sipping my coffee. My heart was racing a bit as I knew that as soon as he left it would leave Tim and I alone. My daughter had left at the crack of dawn to go on a rafting trip with her friends.Much to my surprise Tim came sauntering into the kitchen much earlier than usual for a Saturday. I could only guess that he knew his father would be leaving soon and wanted to make the most of the time we would be alone.“Morning” he murmured as he walked in, dressed in a pair of boxers and a sleeveless t-shirt.Will grunted at him and turned the page, still hidden behind it.I looked up as he made his way to the cabinet behind me for a glass. He smiled slightly as he noticed the nightshirt I had on and let his eyes graze up and down my frame. I realized that the way I was leaning on my elbows, reading the paper, caused my ass to be tilted up and the back of the nightshirt to ride high on my thighs.As he got the glass he walked behind me, his hand landing on my hip and his fingers gently caressing my inner thigh. He hand then swept around back and stroked a feel across my naked ass! Tim quickly went to the refrigerator, pouring himself a glass of juice before joining his dad at the table. He grabbed what was left of the paper and glanced at it. He was obviously antsy, as he kept looking up at me and then over at Will.Suddenly Will put down the paper and gulped down the remainder of his coffee. “Do you know where that new cooler is? The one that plugs into the car?” Will asked.“Uh…I think it’s down cellar in the playroom.” I answered.He got up, opened the door in the kitchen that leads down stairs, and went rumbling down.As soon as he disappeared down the stairs Tim got up from the table and came over to me. “Mom, I don’t believe I said good morning to you” he said.“Uh, sure you did, when you came into the room” I replied, straightening up from the center isle.“No, not like this” he said.Tim quickly placed his hands on my waist and pulled me towards him, covering my parted lips with his in a firm kiss!My first reaction was panic with Will being right down stairs, and I tried to push Tim back. But, he soon had his arms wrapped around my waist and had managed to work his tongue between my lips. I felt my resistance slip as I started to kiss him back and soon we were engaged in a full, open-mouthed, deep kiss. God, can this k** kiss! In no time I had forgotten all about Will and had my arms wrapped around Tim’s shoulders, our mouths were fused together, as our heads swerved gently back and forth.Suddenly I head Will’s foot hit the bottom step downstairs and Tim and I quickly broke apart. He went back to the table and I settled back onto the island.“It’s not down there” Will said as he closed the door behind him.“Uh…try the hall closet” I suggested.He turned and went down the hall to the closet near the front door. From the hall the only part of the kitchen you could see was the table, the rest of the room lining up to the right of the hall. I saw Tim watching his dad closely and then getting up and coming around behind me.“Now, where were we” he whispered, his groin pressing firmly into my ass.“Are you crazy???” I whispered. “He’s right there!!”“He can’t see us” Tim replied, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me back towards him.He nuzzled his face into the corner of my neck, kissing it, as he ground his obvious erection into my ass.“TIM!! Stop It!!” I groaned under my breath as I tried to get away.He ignored my plea and continued to plant wet, open-mouthed kisses along my neck. His hands then traveled up from my waist and he slowly began to unbutton my nightshirt.I grabbed his hands in mine and stopped him after he had gotten a couple of my buttons undone, but he slipped his hands out of mine and down the front of my shirt. He grasped my breasts in his hands and massaged them vigorously. I felt all resistance slipping away as I pushed my breasts against his hands, my juices flowing rapidly between my legs“Ohhhhhhhhhh Timmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!” I groaned.He left one hand on my breast as the other slid down my frame and between my legs. He cupped my sweating twat. His finger slid along the swollen lips before plunging inside me! He sawed first one and then two fingers in and out of my slick canal, driving me wild with desire. His mouth continued to suck on my neck as his other hand swept from one breast to the other. “It’s not here!” I heard Will yell somewhere in the deep recess of my mind, not quite registering.Tim had his erection pressed tight up against my ass, his shorts and my nightshirt the only things separating us, as he humped me steadily.“Did you hear me!?” I heard Will yell again, this time piercing my clouded mind.“Huh…what?” I responded hazily.“I said it’s not here” he said again.“Oh….” I said, drifting back and forth between semi-consciousness and lustful oblivion.At that moment I could feel Tim rustling behind me and then suddenly lift the hem of my nightshirt. I then felt the heated flesh of his stiff cock jammed between the cheeks of my ass, sliding up and down. My sexual instinct took over as I pushed my as back against his rigid pole, reveling in the feeling as I began to meet the thrusts of his fingers with ones of my own.“Well!!!” I heard Will yell.“Oh…uh…” I mumbled, trying to shake the cobwebs loose from my head.I tried unsuccessfully to dislodge Tim from my ass, but he held steady.“Uh…did you look up …on..the..uh..shelf?” I askedTim was paying no attention, as he continued to ravish my breasts and finger my drenching slot while his dick rode between my ass cheeks.“It’s not on the shelf!!” Will yelled, obviously annoyed at my lack of help.“Uh…uh….try….…..Cara’s…room..” I blurted out as the temperature in my pussy was reaching a fevered pitch.“O.K.!” Will yelled and I heard him start to climb the stairs.As soon as I knew that Will wouldn’t be coming back to the kitchen I threw myself into the decadent lust that was washing over me. I vigorously thrust my twat onto Tim’s jabbing fingers, which also served to shove my ass back against his prodding cock.“Ohhh…Mom!!!!!!!!! I’m gonna cum all over your ass!!!!!” Tim moaned.“Ohhh…no…don’t!!!!!!! I rasped, imagining the mess that would make. “Wait”I quickly pulled my hips in, dislodging his throbbing rod from between my cheeks and raising my right leg with my hand. Tim quickly caught on and pulled back, lining his cock up with the seeping entrance to my steaming canal. He placed the head of his cock between the lips of my pussy and then pushed, sinking deeply inside me in one thrust!“OHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I head him gasp as my body broke out in goose bumps from the delirious relief of sexual satisfaction“UHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh!!! I cried out as his cock hit bottom and his balls slapped against my ass.“OHHHHhhhhhh Mommm!!! I can’t hold back!!!!!!!! I’m gonna cum!!!!” Tim cried as I felt his cock twitching inside me.The foreplay had gotten to both of us, for as soon as he hit bottom the spark of an on coming orgasm started deep inside me.“OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHh!!!!!” Tim whimpered as his dick fired off a round of his hot, thick cream deep inside me, washing over the walls of my fiery pussy.“UHHHHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhh!!!! I responded as my orgasm overtook me, shaking me to my toes.We stood there rigidly as Tim’s cock discharged again and again inside my clutching, clamping slit. As our orgasms subsided we began to relax and my mind cleared. I quickly remembered Will and knew he’d be down any second.“Pull out, quick!” I whispered to Tim. “He’ll be down any moment!!”He did as he was told and dislodged himself and quickly reached down for his shorts.I turned and headed for the paper towel rack over the sink, ripping off a sheet. I stuffed it up my seeping twat, damming the flow of Tim’s recent deposit before it ran down my leg.As soon as I straightened up Will came into the room, the cooler under his arm. He took his time loading the cooler and getting ready to leave. The entire time I tried to appear nonchalant, reading the paper on the island.He soon left for the day and I breathed a sigh of relief. I quickly made it to the hall bathroom, glancing at Tim in the living room watching t.v., to dispose of the soaked paper towel between my legs. I decided to go up to my own bath to freshen up and once again glanced at Tim as I left. He was deeply engrossed at some program and hardly noticed as I went by. I put a little extra swing in my walk to see if I could gain his attention, but to no avail.I went upstairs and into my bathroom, thinking about a shower, but deciding on a quick sponge bath instead. I ran a cool, wet facecloth between my legs, wiping away any left over residue from Tim’s load. I then rinsed and swiped the cloth over my torso before flinging it into the hamper. I felt refreshed enough and preened at my image in the mirror.My thoughts ran back to an hour ago and my risky coupling with Tim. As I relived the event I could feel the skin on my arms start to tingle and a familiar dampness spread between my legs. With an entire day alone with Tim, I quickly decided not to waste another moment and made my way down stairs. As I descended the stairs I glanced into the living room and found Tim. He was on the sofa with his shorts off, slowly pulling on his semi hard cock.It seems that we are always on the same frequency lately as I moved down the rest of the steps. I paused as I hit the landing, staring at Tim as he lie there. His eyes met mine and then swept over my body. He noticed that I had unbuttoned a few buttons on my nightshirt, exposing half of my breasts to him. My pulse started to race and the moistness between my legs quickly turned into a flood. Tim eyed me and increased his stroke on his extended rod. I slowly moved towards him, unbuttoning the rest of my shirt as I did. As I got to the couch my shirt was completely open, my nipples hard as erasers. I shucked off the shirt, feeling it caress my frame as it slid to the floor. I slid onto the couch, my knees on the outside of each of Tim’s legs. He grabbed his cock and pointed it upward, lining it up with the entrance to my slit. I slowly sat, impaling myself on his rock hard cock and sinking until my ass was nestled on top of his balls. I leaned in and fastened my open mouth to his in a deep, lustful kiss! We sat there rocking and thrusting gently in a slow, methodical love-making session. It was wonderful to have all the time we needed and not be worried about getting caught. I lost all track of time as we kissed and suckled at one another, all the while maintaining our slow and steady pace. It was only after what seemed like hours ( but was probably more like 30 minutes) that I could feel the slow climb of my oncoming orgasm. I quickened my pace and Tim followed my lead as we both thrust and lunged at each other until we exploded in the bliss of an overwhelming orgasm!We finally unwrapped ourselves and lie next to each other, kissing and hugging in the contentment of our spent energy. We made love 4 more times that day, moving from my room to his to the dinning room and finally to the shower!It’s been 6 months now and we still go at it like newlyweds, with the obvious precautions. On many occasions I have snuck out of bed to join him in his and gone at it like love starved a****ls! Of course, our favorite place is the shower and we have re-played that eventful day many times!I know some day he’ll meet a girl, fall in love and get married. He’s promised me that no matter what, he’ll still take care of his old mom!