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ME,HUBBY AND I p2And so i lived in a dream,a wonderfull partner,in love,a good life,what could ever go wrong?? I had the perfect lifeWe worked both ,we had good positions,money never really was an object,our sexlife was allmost satisfactory,we travelled a lot,in short the good life……But without noticing anything,nothing to put your finger on decay broke in ,our so interesting conversations diminished,silences at the breakfasttable became louder and louder and our allmost satisfactory sexlife became a sexlife,his sexlife in fact,it was allmost as if i didn’t really kaçak bahis matter anymore for as long as i was there to forfill his needs,talking about it gave me an uninteressed look and a shrug of his shoulders.And what was waiting to happen happend ,masturbation became more regular then before and the little rest of sexlife we had became a tortureMost men have basically one goal when it comes to sex ,having an orgasm in the shortest possible time,they make sure you are ready to receive theyr blessings ,a little stimulation here and there and off we go ,that the güvenilir bahis timetable isn’t allways the same then that what we girls have is mostly of no real consequence to the masters of creation,if you are or became aroused ,horny then this is in fact entirely your problem,for me in the beginning this ended up with frustration and sometimes even tearsBut as we all know we girls are flexible ,we adapt ,not allways freely but we do and so after a while ,when our act was over i got the habit of going to the other bedroom and took care of myself,with canlı bahis much better results i might addAnd then something happend what i totally didn’t expect ,i started to look at my own gender,curves ,hair,the grace of some started to attrackt me, then it struck me ,i started to like girls,not that it happend suddenly ,no but step by step it became obvious that i didThis was facing me with a few serious questions ,being curious is one thing ,making contact a very different one ,how to make contact with a girl wasn’t as simple as i could expect,allso how to hide this at home ,at my work ,hubby and so on ,our society is still for a big part ruled by prejudices and men The last and final part is something i’m working on as it is very actual,as close as even that this week a lot changed in a very important way