MB227 My 1st Anal Encounter

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MB227 My 1st Anal EncounterI never was really a fan of anal sex. My boyfriend would try it with me on several occasions but I wasn’t ready. One nite after hanging out with my girlfriends I came home a little wasted. I didn’t expect my bf to be up when I returned. As soon as I walked through the door he practically undressed me with his eyes. I knew what he was doing so I decided to help him out with his mental images.I pulled dowm my flower dress and black nylons while he undid my bra. As my big natural breast hung freely he came from behind me and grabed them with both hands & started to pinch my hard nipples. I then grabed his hand and walked him over to the sofa where I sat down in alanya escort frint of him. He then droped to his knees & opened my legs. I still had my moist knickers on. First he smelled them. Then he pulled them to the side & started licking my clit with his warm strong tongue. After a few seconds I felt my pussy getting really wet from his saliva. So the knickers had to come off.So I’m on the sofa with no knickers. My monkey is as wet as the Mississippi River. I spread my legs and put them in the air & spread my cheeks to expose my shaved asshole. I saw his eyes light up with excitement. He then in turn shoved his head face first deep between my asscheeks and started to eat my escort alanya tight asshole like it was his last meal. I like to look at him while he eats my pussy & ass. I asked him if he likes it as I grab the back of his head to force him to eat more. He always says yes with a smile and a mouth full of my juice.It makes me so hot and horny when I feel his mouth & tongue in and on my ass. In and out was the motion. It was like he was fuckin’ my ass with his tongue. After about 5 to 6 minutes of ass play. He took his black cock and slamed it hard into my wet white mokey. I could feel my wet pussy juice drip down my ass & legs. I felt some pressure from his fingers rubbing his saliva alanya escort bayan against my anus. Still on the sofa with my legs spreaded even wider ready for his black pipe. I felt the tip of his hard black shaft inside my tight virgin ass. There was a little pain at first but I got use to it pretty quick.He started off real slow but once he got the majority of his throbbing cock inside my ass it was a wrap. I felt him grow inside my anal canal. It felt a little weird until I started to rub my pussy hard. After that he was able to thrus my asshole even harder. I never felt him so deep. The harder he fucked my ass the harder I rubbed my clit. My pussy juice dripped more onto my anus area which acted as more lube for his cock in my ass. I grabed his asscheeks to push him inside me harder. I then felt him shoot off his warm load inside my ass. I love the sound his black cock made when he pulled it out of my ass. Drip! Drip!