Larry`s new Bitch

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Larry`s new BitchLarry’s New Bitchbysissyneko©I hit a bit of writers block so I grabbed an old half completed story and started back on it. This is the result. I am not the greatest at transcribing the stories as the flow from my mind. While I have given this piece a once over, I am sure that I missed something. If I did I am sorry and I hope that it doesn’t pull you out of the story to much.Sitting at my desk I was fighting the urge to visit with every inch of my will. I had been caught last week and brushed it off as a typo misdirect from a news site. Caroline had been the one to catch me, she was an older frumpy woman and wasn’t too quick when it came to computers. I figured I had gotten away with it but just the same I had decided to lay low for a while. And I was doing good. Today had just been boring was all, no matter what I tried to do to force myself to stay focused on work I just couldn’t. I had typed the address into my internet browser a good dozen times. Each time closing it before the page could fully load. A few minutes before lunch my desk phone flutter with a single ring. I knew right away it was my boss, a single ring was a call from inside the building and the only thing my coworkers liked less than our jobs were each other. So if the phone chimed at you with an intercompany ring, you know it was Larry.Larry had been my boss for the past few months and had never really taken a liking to me. Quite the opposite he had taken to using me as his poster boy for what happened when you broke the rules. It didn’t matter if the entire office got in ten minutes later then I did I was the one written up. I was the one given a formal reprimand for accessing FRIENDSnet even though half the office accessed it on a daily basis. With a great reluctance I picked up the phone I said my company scripted greeting and waited. We had to say the greeting on every call, even the ones we knew where from an inside line.When no one answered, I almost hung up. But then I heard some noise. I pushed the phone harder into my ear and leaned down to the phone itself as if that would help at all. But for some reason, if you can believe it, it did. I started to hear the sound of a man grunting and there was something familiar about something tickled the back of my mind I was about to hang up but then Larry spoke. “Frank, can you come into my office please.”As I got up and started for Larry’s office I was thinking about how he had called me Frank. Only people in the office her called me that, everyone else called me Francis. The name had grated against my father’s sense of what a man should answer too but it pleased my mother. And when it came to pleasing my mother my father would cave to anything.My father and I never truly saw eye to eye either. He was a self made man and from an early age it seemed clear he expected the same from me. Once he realized I was more than willing to glide through the life he had provided for me our relationship had turned cold. It was to the point now that every time we talked he reminded me that he was within a breath of cutting me off financially.I knocked on the frame to Larry’s door and he motioned for me to come in. His eyes never left the monitor. The closer I got the easier it was to hear the grunting noise. I wanted to roll my eyes but knew that would only piss him off. Larry could be a good at his job but he liked to relax just as much as the next guy. I took a seat across from him and after clearing my throat, Larry finally tore himself away from his monitor.”So what’s up Larry, is it time for our annual reviews?” I said hoping to sound like a confidant and hardworking employee. He just stared at me a cruel twisted smile spreading across his face.”Well not officially Frank, but in some ways it is.” Larry paused and leaned back in his chair stretching his back and rolling his head around his neck as if he was getting ready for a fight. He was leaned back long enough that I could clearly see a bulge in his pants. He finally leaned forward and picked up a folder on his desk, thumbing through it before tossing it to me. It was full of screen shots. Hundreds of them all of them from my terminal and all of them from I started to speak and he held up a hand to silence me. Larry twisted his monitor around to show me what had him so enthralled before I came into his office. There full screen was me in the bathroom in nothing but a pair of pink panties and thigh-high stockings masturbating to climax. I tried to speak my lips were moving but I didn’t hear a sound. “I am wondering, is it Franklin or Francis?”I heard the question but I didn’t answer my mind was wrapping itself around the video which had just looped back to the beginning. I entered the stall and in a flash had stripped off my work clothes. It was a funny thing because all I could think about was when had that been. The pink panties were old and had for a long time been my favorite so who knows how long ago this video had been taken. “Hey sissy you never answered my question.”Numb I turned back to Larry who looked more like wolf circling prey at the moment then he did a middle management hack. I squeaked out, Francis but that was all I could manage. I slumped back in the stiff chair and felt my bottom lip begin to quiver as I looked back to the screen.Larry got up and walked past me pushing the heavy wooden door closed. There was a thump and a click and I was locked in. Larry’s voice was smooth as silk when he gave me my first command “Stand up.”I was still numb put off by the video. How had he recorded it and who all had seen it. My father did business with our company and I was suddenly terrified the video would get back to him. A hard slap to the back of the head brought me back to reality and I turned to see Larry standing before me the bulge of his cock inches from my eyes. The silk in his voice was gone, it was like sandpaper now:”Stand up.”I stood up and immediately Larry pushed me down across his desk. I tried to stand but he put his hand on my back and when I persisted he forced me back down. The desk had been cleared for me, and for just a brief second I felt special. “Your father is a bit of a prudent fellow isn’t he? At least that is what I hear. As I hear it, he won’t work with anyone that has a checkered background. I wonder, does that transfer over to the family as well.”I didn’t answer and realized that I didn’t need to Larry was talking just for himself now. “I have seen your financials Franny and you still rely pretty heavily on Mommy and Daddy don’t you.”Larry took a hold of my pants grabbing firmly at each pocket and started to pull them down. I reached back to stop him but he slapped my hand away. With a firm tug my belt popped over my butt and Larry let my pants drop to a pile around my ankles. I heard him rustling in his pockets for a moment and the quick flick of a pocket knife opening. Larry slid a hand between my legs and cupped my testicles. He gave them a firm squeeze and the pressure combined with the rough cotton underwear I was wearing pushed the air from my lungs with a hiss. “When I ask a bitch a question I expect a bitch to answer.”He started to squeeze harder, with my eyes watering I croaked out a quite but audible yes. Once I answered he released my balls and gave them a gentle pat. Even though the strike was soft it echoed through my lower body as Larry went about removing my cotton briefs. The knife I had güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri heard made quick work of the garment and to send home the fact that they were gone Larry tossed the pieces onto the desk in front of me. “Rule Number one, Franny. If I ever catch you wearing anything but the sluttiest little panties the punishment you receive today will be nothing by comparison do you understand?”My chest was still heaving heavy breaths as I felt Larry’s hand begin to slide between my legs again. I cried out at the top of my lungs.”I understand, please stop I understand.”I heard his zipper slide down and the rustle of his pants being pushed aside. I felt the tip of his penis at my backside and before my fears could voice themselves he thrust deep into me. First there was a wave of pain, but that quickly subsided as I felt his cock, I realized then he didn’t have a penis he had a cock. He slid it out and slammed it home again. His hand moved across my back until his fingers rested in the tangle of my hair. Curling his hand into a fist Larry yanked my head back. He was pounding away at my backside now with a rhythmic motion that lulled me into a passion of my own. My small penis hardened and rubbed against the desk with each thrust Larry brought me closer to climaxing. We didn’t cum in unison, but once I felt his warm seed burst into me I couldn’t hold it and splattered his desk with my own.Larry slipped from my backside and started around the desk. I tried to stand up but a hard slap to the back of my head kept me in my place. The pool of cum oozing around my stomach started to cool and with every breath passed shame washed over me. Larry’s softened cock was in front of me covered in a slime the content of which I didn’t want to think of. “Clean that off for me, sissy.”With his slimy softened cock pressing against my lips Larry let out a gratified sigh as I took him into my mouth and cleaned his member. After a few seconds he pulled his cock out of my mouth and slipped it back into his pants, zipping them up quietly. Taking a seat Larry twisted his monitor back around and went back to work. I wanted a few seconds and once I realized he was done with me I started to stand up. “Clean that spunk off my desk as well.”As I reached for the rags that made up the remainder of my underwear to clean up Larry’s desk I started to rub the cold cum on my belly into my skin. Whenever I came I would always use it like a moisturizer, something about it just made me feel that good kind of dirty. As I started to drag the rags towards the pool of my own cum, Larry spoke to me again.”Rule number two, you always clean cum up with your tongue.”I knelt down, leaning close to the cold puddle. Drawing my tongue through my own cum I was issued another rule. “Rule number three, you always…” Larry stopped typing, but never looked away from his monitor. “Always bend at the waist.”Standing up I waddled back a few feet and bent at the waist and licked the pool of cum up. I reached again for the cut up briefs but A sharp look from Larry told me not too. “Rule number four, If I don’t find your panties slutty enough, the next day you have to wear a bra. A matching bra by the way if the bra doesn’t match I am going to shove a plug up that sissy pussy of yours and you are going to wear it all day.”Larry finished on his computer and rolled back from his desk. Leaning back in his executive chair he put his hands behind his head and looked me over. “And yes, you are going to wear a bra tomorrow.”I nodded my head quickly my eyes never leaving the spot on the floor I had decided to examine. “Rule number five, I am your master, you will refer to me as master you will think of me as master. Anything and everything you do will be at my desire and whim.”The room fell quite as Larry continued to ogle me. “Do you understand these rules so far? I mean they are simple enough that even someone as bubble headed as you should be able to get them.”I nodded again. “Now as for the rest of today, I am seriously considering sending you back to your desk just as you are right now. Would you like that?”With my pants bunched up around my ankles my heart stopped when he said that. Did he mean underwear less or was he threatening to make me spend the day nude from the waist down. I opened my mouth to speak but Larry cut me off. “You know what rule number six, you are either wearing panties or you are naked.”I found my voice and started to speak, though it was barely above a whisper. “I don’t have any panties with me, Larry…. Master I mean master. But I can’t go sit at my desk without any pants on. Someone will see me.””Who will see you? The place is pretty much empty today. It seems all your coworkers forgot its Thursday and not Friday. I guess that is what a holiday weekend does to people. You know what, leave your pants and get back to work.” Larry turned back to his computer and dismissed me with a wave. When I didn’t move Larry, I mean master stopped working on his computer and with a hint of a smirk, said to me. “You either go back to your desk now, and get to work or you can go back to your desk in five minutes with a bright red ass and no shirt.”Slipping my shoes off, I kicked my pants free. Larry hadn’t said anything about my shoes so I slipped them on and moved to the door. I paused at the door and looked back to Larry hoping he would say he was joking. After a minute of standing there I opened the door and peeked out. Larry was right the bull pen was pretty much empty, and all the people around me had left for the day. As quite as I could I slipped out of Larry’s office and bolted for my desk. My pathetic little penis stiffened as I ran and by the time I reached my desk I was rock hard again.The cheap wool chair was rough against my backside as I slid under my desk. My fingers were twitching wildly as I tried to type. I could feel my cheeks burning brighter with every cough and phone ring. I was so obsessed with the people I knew were in the office that I didn’t listen for people I didn’t know where in the office. Catherine let out a stifled laugh sending me spinning in my chair. As cool air moved across my lap I immediately regretted that. I turned back quickly trying not to say anything nasty to Catherine.Catherine and I had gotten along well enough but she had a reputation in the office as someone not to be crossed. Since she hadn’t gone running from my cubicle, my humiliation was quickly turning into anger. “Do you need something?””Honestly I needed a pen. But I couldn’t care less about that now.She took a step closer into my cubicle, leaning against my desk. “So you’re Larry’s new Bitch, huh.”My heart slowed to a still and I felt all my limbs go cold. “What are you talking about?” I said. As soon as the words left my mouth a convulsion started at my lips and ran down to my toes.”Larry got sick of Shelia, and released her the other day. I was wondering who would be his new plaything.” Catherine said as he snake like gaze slithered across my face. I was too afraid to look at her, she had something on me and I was terrified what she was going to do with it. “He always has one, and as long as you obey him whatever he has on you is safe.”Reaching down Catherine took the tip of my nose between the knuckles of two of her fingers and turned my face till I was looking directly at her. “Always obey him, and consider yourself lucky Sheila went three years without wearing perabet güvenilir mi a pair of panties. It’s obvious he wants you in them. At least you have an excuse now to wear them every day.””I can’t do this.” I said pulling away from Catherine’s domineering gaze. My hands were fidgety and moved to my lap.Running the back of her hand across my check Catherine said to me, “Oh I am sure that you can. A submissive little sissy like you, give it time and I bet you beg Larry to make you his full time house bitch.””I am going to get arrested before the day is out.” I snapped at her.”True and that would be a shame. Of course I could loan you a pair of panties.” My eyes shot to Catherine’s just in time to watch an evil grin twist across her face. “Would you like that sissy? They are very pretty panties.”When she said panties, her voice all quiet and conspiratorial, that was the moment when I began to lust after Catherine. As I was sitting there slack jawed my eyes fixated on her crotch, Catherine allowed her hands to drift to her dress’s hem. She slipped the tip of her fingers behind the hem and started inching her dress higher. I was mesmerized. So much so that I answered yes before I actually heard what she said, I asked her to repeat it. “If I give you my panties you have to agree to do something for me… Can you do something for me?”I nodded yes my eyes still glued to the hem Catherine’s dress. “You are such a good girl. Now I want you to go to my desk there is a brown box sitting next to my monitor. I want you to bring it to me.”That snapped me out of the spell of Catherine’s skirt, she wanted me to walk across the office half naked. Just as I was about to speak Catherine slid her tongue across he bright glossy red lips. All the air went out of me at that moment. “I can’t.”Catherine frowned, releasing the hem of her dress. Watching it fall my heart sank into my stomach. “I guess you don’t need my panties then.”I desperately wanted her panties not just because I wanted to put pants on but because I wanted desperately to see her take them off. Hesitantly I pushed my chair back, turning slightly towards my cubicle’s opening. I knew where her desk was, I constantly avoided it while walking through the office. My legs wouldn’t let me stand up so I pushed myself up from the chair. The office was dead quite. Someone was at the far end of the office, but it was the person that was between my desk and Catherine’s that I was worried about. I wanted to run but I knew that would surely draw some attention.As calmly as I could I started walking in the general direction of Catherine’s desk. The office was laid out in a grid; the nearest thing to a direct route would have me passing by Ronald’s desk. Ron was a nice enough guys but he never knew when to shut up… and right then I was sure I didn’t want to hear him yammering. I moved slowly to the aisle past Catherine’s cubicle and started down. I was halfway there when I heard the elevator chime. I almost threw up right there. The elevator had a direct line to where I was now standing. As the doors began to grind open I broke into a run.I dove into the closest cubicle and scrambled under the desk. I heard voices, woman’s voices approaching. Cowering under the desk I pulled my legs in tight and begged god not to let them find me. I kept hearing a screaming in my head and seeing horrified faces as they found me walking around the office without any pants on. That was when I realized that I had no idea whose desk I was under.Once the voices had faded away, I forced myself to start breathing normal. My heart still thumped in my chest but slowly it was returning back to its normal rhythmic beat. My knees made the loudest noise as the d**g across the cheap industrial carpet. Pulling myself up I peeked over the top of the cubicle walls. Three woman were in the break room, around the fridge. I couldn’t tell who they were but I was pretty sure they were going to complicate returning to my desk.Realizing I didn’t have any more time to waste I took the direct route to Catherine’s cubicle. I was in such a rush to get there that I didn’t see if anyone was waiting there for me… and she was.”Well that took you longer then I think it should have.” Catherine said as she reached out and gave my back side a little slap. I let out a little yelp and spun around quickly, slamming my elbow into the medal from of the cubicle wall. “Before we can go any further, I am going to need to punish you. Do you understand?”Rubbing my throbbing elbow I nodded quietly. Catherine frowned and crossed her arms. “I can’t hear you.””I need to be punished.” I whispered. Catherine cocked her head to the side and arched her eye brows. So I said it again, but louder this time.”Good girl. Now drop to your knees.” Catherine said as she turned to grab her purse. Behind her, sitting on her keyboard was a delicate pair of light pink cotton panties. She had already taken them off. I had taken too long and I had missed what I so desperately wanted. Catherine turned back and blocked my view of the panties. A hard flick to my testicles reminded me that I wasn’t doing as I was told. Dropping down to my knees I found I couldn’t take my eyes off of Catherine’s skirt covered crotch. Sliding her foot between my thighs Catherine pushed my legs apart till I was sitting with my legs spread like a wanton slut.Popping the cap off a tube of cherry red lip stick, Catherine set about brightening my lips. She wrapped her hand around my chin puckering my lips as making her job easier. Once they were coated evenly, Catherine had me smack my lips and smile for her. “Good your teeth are clean, now open your present.”My heart almost exploded in my chest I was so excited and my little penis stiffened instantly. I reached up and let my fingers run along the hem of Catherine’s skirt. Her hand snapped out and slapped mine away. “What are you doing silly sissy.”Turning her chair again Catherine picked up a small brown box. She handed me the little box and I just sat there, knees spread begging to be caught. I looked down by the box and allowed a wave of confusion to roll over me. The little brown box was actually wrapped in a brown butcher paper. With a little folded piece on top. I flipped it open to find my name in Catherine’s neat little hand writing. That was the first clue to me that nothing that had happened to me that day was random.Pulling the brown paper off the little white box I let it fall to the ground. It was actually quite difficult to pull the small box apart, but once I had it open I was even more confused. Inside was what looked like a hollow dildo. That thought had barely bounced around my head before a second thought raced past it, it was a male chastity cage. My mouth fell open a little, just to be pushed closed again by Catherine’s delicate finger.”Franny, can we be honest.” Catherine said, smiling sweetly as she waited for my response. All I could do was nod. “That tiny little thing between your legs isn’t going to please a woman. And when you’re with a REAL man, you’re going to be in panties and bent over. So again it doesn’t really have any use does it?”The answer was obvious but it still hurt to hear it said aloud by a woman so intoxicatingly beautiful. With a gentle pressure on my chin Catherine raised my gaze until it met hers. “Are you ready to seal that little sissy clit away.”I nodded my head quickly as I looked over my shoulder terrified tipobet I would see someone watching me. Seeing that the coast was clear I returned my attention to Catherine. She had taken the box from me. Pulling the cage out and tossing the box into the trash. “Stand.”I rose to my feet and leaned my head back. I closed my eyes when I felt her hands on my penis. I swallowed hard and tried not to cry, but when I heard the snap of a tiny lock tears spilled over and streaked down my face. Catherine jumped to her feet just as my knees were about to buckle. She wrapped her arms around me keeping me up right. I leaned my head on her shoulder and let myself go. “Shhh, it’s ok honey. You liked it when that big hard cock.” Catherine paused drawing out the word cock in a low whisper. “Fucked your virgin little sissy pussy didn’t you.”I nodded my head yes, unable to speak. Catherine slipped her hand between us and wrapped around my caged member. “It is going to take some time but you will learn to revel in your new place in life.”Rubbing her finger in gentle circles just above my penis Catherine calmed me down. Once my breathing came under control, I apologized for my outburst.”That is ok honey, you can take my panties now. But I expect them returned tomorrow, clean.” Catherine said putting a heavy emphasis on the word clean. I realized then that I was going to have a long night. I need to get some new panties and a matching bra for work tomorrow. Wash them and Catherine’s panties, plus I need to get to bed early so that I could get up and be in the office to return them before anyone else arrived. “Why are you still in my cubicle and pretending to be a man?”Catherine’s words snapped my back to reality and my current situation. I stepped back and grabbed the cotton panties from her desk. They may have been cotton but they were deliciously soft, Crouching down I slipped both feet into them and slid them up my legs. They sat low on my hips and were cotton, but were soft enough that I still felt feminine. A started to say something but Catherine raised a finger to her lips and turned away from me.Turning from the woman that I was being to see as a new authority figure in my life I peeked my head out of Catherine’s cubicle praying that no one was watching. Returning to my desk was never really an option, so I started for Larry’s office. As I snaked my way through the office I realized just how many people actually were here this afternoon.Just as I reached Larry’s door took hold of the knob I remembered something. Larry often locked his door after lunch. Looking back over my shoulder I could see more than a few people milling about between cubicles. Even if I could survive the day at my desk wearing nothing but pink panties below the waste, I had earned them after all I wasn’t about to take them off, there is no way I could get TO my desk without being seen. Closing my eyes and whispering an audible but quite prayer I turned the knob.I rushed Larry’s door like I was being chased by an angry mob of co-workers. I pushed the door closed and exhaled holding still waiting for Larry to start screaming before I sucked in another full breath. When he didn’t I closed my eyes and filled my lungs, that was when I realized that hadn’t really taken a full breath since I left Catherine’s desk.Larry was sitting at his desk typing away, I couldn’t tell what he was doing but he certainly didn’t seem to notice me. Slowly and quietly I locked Larry’s door. My pants were still where I had dropped them. I let out a quite sigh of relief at the site of them which is something I never thought I would do. Today really was becoming a day of firsts.Clearing my throat after a minute of standing there, did not get the reaction I hoped for. Larry was still typing away furiously just as he was when I left almost an hour ago. After I cleared my throat he stopped but he never looked up from his computer monitor. “I see you found some panties. Where you lying to me earlier when you said you didn’t have any?””No…” I almost said sir but thankfully I caught myself. “No, Master, I borrowed them.”Larry signaled for me to come closer and as I neared his desk he motioned for me to come around behind it. Once behind his desk I took a chance and peeked at his monitor, I was surprised to find him doing actual work. Larry never struck me as someone who actually worked. Cupping my caged penis, Larry laughed as he bent me across his still clear desk. His fingers were wet as he pulled the crouch of the little cotton panties aside. His fingers slipped easily into my sissy pussy. First one and then a second he pumped them in and out a few times before pulling them back out. My head slumped against the table when he did. I felt so empty without him. I whispered my lustful thoughts; thank god he couldn’t hear me.”Louder” his voice boomed in the silence. And my heart quivered he heard me.””Please fuck me again.” I reached back as I said it, grabbing for any part of Larry, desperate to keep him from walking away. “Please I want it.”Larry walked around to the front of his desk unzipping his pants. Fishing his cock free from his pants he put its plump head right at my lips. I reached out with my tongue, sliding across his skin before sucking it into my mouth. His cock was warm and filled every inch of my wet mouth perfectly. I was in heaven as my tongue slid along the length of his shaft. If felt his hand resting on the back of my head as he quickened his pace. Just as I was beginning to taste the salty delight of pre-cum, Larry pulled free of my mouth, leaving me whimpering for his return.I watched as Larry walked back around his desk and me, while his hand gently stroked his glistening cock. For a moment my heart sang, he was going to fuck me again. Then I felt him slap my pantied ass with his hard cock, but I didn’t feel him press into me. I looked back to see Larry standing over me a wicked grin on his face as he stroked his cock.”Rule number seven, One day a week you are required to wear cotton panties. But ofcourse they have to be covered in at least one load of fresh cum.” Larry grunted to me as cum exploded from his cock. I closed my eyes and dropped my head, shuddering as each long string of hot cum d****d across my Catherine’s cotton panties. “I am assuming that you came here, to get your pants?”Larry used the back of my shirt to wipe the last remnants of cum from his cock. As his cum began to soak into the cotton panties I realized just how easily Larry and Catherine had maneuvered me into this position. “Yes Master, I did come for my pants.”I heard Larry’s pants zip up as he stepped back from me. “Ok you can have them back. But you wear those panties as they are right now, for the rest of the day.”I didn’t answer Larry instead I slid off his desk and grabbed my pants. The thrill of his cock was gone now and all I felt was the same shame as I had earlier. When I got to the door I slipped out of my shoes and started to put my pants on. As I slid my first leg in I noticed the change. Larry had taken a seam ripper and open my pants up from the zipper down though the crotch and all the way up the back. I would have to walk very slowly the rest of the day or everyone would see my pink cum soaked panties.I walked quietly too my desk, I moved slowly doing my best to make sure pants were not flapping open. As I took my seat with Larry’s cold cum sliding across my ass my email chimed. It was from Catherine. I opened the message and read it over quickly.Hello sissy,I need the attached document proofed and prepped before you leave today. I will be out of the office the rest of the afternoon so you can just email it to John in shipping.Mistress CatherineI typed out a quick yes ma’am and got to work.