Indecent Exposure

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Indecent ExposureHi. My name is Erin. I’m in my final semester of high school. Most of my girlfriends are going to the prom next month. But not my girlfriend Erica and not myself either. We’re going to ditch the prom. It is much too traditional and staid. Instead, we’re going to San Francisco to be nasty girls and expose ourselves and watch guys and girls have sex. Maybe do some fucking too.More on our San Francisco trip in a bit. But first i have to tell you about a couple of transforming events that have brought me to the point where i am turning away from that rite of passage out of high school in favor of indulging in my fetishes for exhibitionism and voyeurism. I became aware of my fetish for exposing myself when i started to sunbathe naked in my backyard. One day i noticed an erect cock sticking through a knothole in the fence. I never went over to the cock and touched or sucked it, but i knew enough to know that there was some guy attached to that cock on the other side of the fence who was excited by my body. Almost every day for a month i went out to my yard to sunbathe and masturbate. Usually, after about thirty minutes, the erect cock would stick through the knothole. That got me so hot and i rubbed myself to many intense orgasms. No doubt, there were plenty of cum stains on the other side kastamonu escort bayan of the fence. But good things always seem to end. One day i went out into my yard and saw that the knothole had been covered up on our side of the fence by a patch of wood. I’m thinking that my pervy neighbor tried to pull that act on my mom. She also likes to sunbathe in the yard and i guess she didn’t appreciate his erect cock and she probably blocked the hole.My fetish for for watching people fuck started when my dad and i went on a backpacking trip in the Sierra Nevada mountains. We were climbing to the top of Silver Pass. When we reached the pass, there was a guy fucking his girlfriend in the doggy position. The guy waved to us and the girl smiled at us like it was no big deal. But it was a big deal to me. The image of that couple having sexual intercourse is seared in my brain cells forever. It has probably even burned a few of my brain cells out. I couldn’t take my eyes off of that couple. My dad had to practically push me down the mountain. The impact of those events has made me do things to get those same type of thrills. Like, i’m a chronic masturbator in public places. I have a hole in my left pants pocket and i like to put my hand through the hole and play with my pussy. Sometimes escort kastamonu i do it in class. Sometimes i do it in the checkout line at a store. Anyone can see what i’m doing if they look close enough. And, of course, my obsession with watching people fuck has turned me into a pornoholic always looking for my next fix.So anyway, Erica and i are going to kick things up a notch and graduate into much nastier sex practices. Like i said, we’re going to San Francisco on prom night. Erica isn’t quite as perverted as i am. But she’s the wildest girl that i know at school and we like to look after and protect each other. We’re going to a strip club on amateur night. Then, the next night we are going to a sex club.We haven’t found the right strip club yet, but we will. That’s Erica’s job. My job is to strip. I’ve been thinking about my strip act. I’m not a good dancer so i really don’t want music. Instead, i want to get completely naked in front of a bunch of men and talk dirty to them.Like if some guy drops a twenty dollar bill, then i’ll spread my legs and put them on his shoulders so that my pussy is just inches from his face. Then i’ll tell him in front of all the other guys that i want him to screw my tight cunt really hard with his big cock. Or finger my fuckhole. Or pee on my face.Then kastamonu escort bayan i’ll go up to the next guy that drops some bills and get on my hands and knees and tell him in front of all the other guys that i want to be spanked. Or fucked up my asshole. Or tied up.I’ll also tell the guys to talk dirty to me and call me all kinds of names. Whatever names come to their nasty minds as they look at my naked body. I don’t take that kind of thing personally. It is all in good fun. Just like it is here on xhamster.The next night we’re going to a sex club called the Power Exchange. That is a club where the members get on stage and fuck each other. Or the members can just watch others having sex. Really, i don’t think that Erica and i are ready to let guys fuck us like that, but for sure we will openly masturbate while we watch other members fuck.I’m also thinking of a couple of other things that i want to do at the sex club. Like i wonder if i can get a guy or girl to shave off the patch of brown pussy hair that i have. It would be so hot if someone could shave me while other members watch. I also want a bunch of guys to shoot their cum on my face. A club rule says that condoms have to be used. So i don’t know if that is possible, but i hope that i can get those facials.So what’s that saying? Good girls go to heaven, but bad girls go everywhere. Well, the good girls at my school are going to the prom and some of them might even make it to heaven. But I’m a bad girl. I plan on going everywhere and i’ll probably go to hell too. But i’ll have a great time getting there.