in a wedding reception

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in a wedding receptionThis all started about three years ago. My wife Julie and I had just past the age of 40 when we experimented sharing her with another man. It all happened very quickly and once we got in to it there was no stopping. Julie was and still is a very attractive woman. She has that aurora to her that drives men crazy. Julie has the perfect body for fucking as her tits are fantastic and her ass is firm and round. It was late one night and the k**s were in bed. I said to my wife, “Let’s do something different in the bedroom tonight. Remember the game we used to play in the bedroom together?” When we were younger we used to play a game were the other partner got to decide how they wanted sex. The other partner then would be forced to do whatever their partner had wanted. We hadn’t played this game in many of years, but I thought it would be fun to try it once again. Julie was ok with the idea as we flipped a coin to see who the lucky one would be. The coin landed my way so I got to decide what I wanted to see Julie do. I thought about it for a few minutes when an idea crossed my mind. I said, “I want you to get naked and sit here in front of the computer.” Julie removed all of her clothes and sat down in front of the computer with a confused look on her face. I turned on a porn scene and told Julie she had to watch it. It was a scene with a young man in his twenties pounding an older woman like my wife. Julie sat and watched every moment of it as it had lasted about ten minutes. I could see in Julie’s eyes how turned on she was as she watched the older woman cry out into several powerful orgasms on the young studs big cock. I told Julie, “I want you to lie on the bed and touch yourself. I want you to think about that young stud pounding you with his big cock as you play with yourself.” Julie was extremely aroused now as she lay on the bed. She began to touch herself as she ran her finger gently over her now very swollen clit. Her moans grew louder by the second as it didn’t take very long and Julie was now on the verge of making herself cum. Then in an instant, Julie cried out loudly, “Oh’ god!” as she started to cum very hard on the bed. Her body shook and trembled for a good few minutes as she continued to lightly touch her now sensitive clit. It had been a minute or two later when her moans began to increase again. She continued to touch her sensitive clit with her finger as I watched on. She now wanted to make herself cum again as I egged her on. A few minutes later she began to moan out, “Fuck me! Fuck me with that big young cock!” She had another orgasm that was even more powerful than the first one she had. I was so turned on I couldn’t hold back as I stroke myself off all over her beautiful tits as she lay helplessly on the bed. Her body shook hard for several minutes as she laid there recovering. This night was to change our sex lives forever. It had been about three months later when we had been invited to a wedding reception out of town. It was for the son of one of our friends. We really didn’t know anyone at the reception as we sat down at a table with several others. My wife and I had a few drinks and ate. We then waited for the band to start up as my wife just loves to dance. On the other hand I hate to dance, but to please her I got up and danced a few songs with her. When we had come back over to the table and I could see the disappointed look on Julie’s face. I knew she wanted to dance some more, but I really wasn’t in the mood for dancing. We continued to discuss it for a few minutes when the young man next to my wife said, “Excuse me, my name is Brandon and I would love to dance with you!” Brandon was a good looking young man in his twenties who had sat right next to Julie at the hatay escort table. Julie turned toward him and said, “Well, that is very nice of you to ask Brandon. My name is Julie and I would love to dance with you.” Brandon then nervously asked, ”Is it alright with your husband?” I said, “Sure, go for it.” Brandon had save my butt as Julie gave me a sarcastic look as she and Brandon got up to dance. I had watched them dance for a few minutes when I decided to get another beer at the bar. I had been on my way back to the table when Julie and Brandon had finished up dancing to a second song. We sat and chatted at the table for a few minutes when one of my wife’s favorite songs started up. “I love this song! Brandon, do you want to dance again with me?” Julie asked. Julie can still dance just as well today as the day I had met her. She still loves to shake it on the dance floor as I watched her and Brandon dance closely together. I began to get very aroused as I watched them dance together. I now started to think about the game my wife and I had played a few months earlier. The thought of watching Brandon pound my wife had me so excited. I knew right at that point I had to make this reality. They had danced to a few more songs when Julie had come back over to the table. Brandon had headed up to the bar to get a drink so this was my chance to talk to Julie. I immediately asked her, “I was thinking that maybe we could bring Brandon back up to our hotel room. I thought the two of you could get acquainted with one another.” “You want him to fuck me!” Julie responded back. “Well, yeah,” I said back. “You really want to go through with something like this. Brandon is a very cute guy and all but you really want him to fuck me?” “Yeah I do! Just the thought of it has made my cock extremely hard.” I said back to her. Brandon then made his way back over to the table just at that second. I could see by the passion in his eyes that he had a thing for my wife. He sat down and the three of us talked for a while. Julie then got up from the table and headed for the restroom. This was my opening to talk to Brandon about sleeping with my wife. Brandon then said,” Man, your wife sure can dance.” I had thanked him for filling in for me as I told him I wasn’t much of a dancer. I slowly brought up how sexy my wife looked tonight. Brandon immediately agreed with me as we continued to chat about Julie for the next few minutes. I now popped the question to Brandon. “How would you like to go back to our hotel room after this?” “What are you offering?” Brandon asked. “How would you like to fuck my wife?” I asked. “You want me to fuck your wife?” Brandon replied. “Yes, are you interested?” I asked. Brandon’s eyes lit up as he said, “Sure, I would love to fuck your wife.” My cock was extremely hard now as I started to envision Brandon pounding my wife with his big cock. Julie now had made her way back over to the table. I said to her in front of Brandon, “Brandon would love to go back to our room tonight.” We both sat their waiting for Julie to answer. A few seconds later Julie said, “Brandon, I would love for you to come back to our room.” I had never thought about sharing Julie with another man until this night. Things were happening so fast my head began to spin. We sat and chatted for about twenty minutes or so as Brandon sat real close to my wife at the table. I could see in Julie’s eyes how aroused she had become. A slow song had started up when Brandon quickly ask Julie is she would like to dance again. They both got up from the table as I noticed Brandon’s hand on my wife’s butt as they headed out onto the dance floor. I watched very closely as Brandon began to make subtle moves on my wife as they danced very close together. I don’t hatay escort bayan know if it was the alcohol taking over or what, but Julie was quickly falling for Brandon’s moves. As soon as the song had ended, Brandon and my wife stood off to the side of the dance floor and chatted for a second. I knew Brandon was trying to seduce her as he gave Julie a kiss on the lips. Julie then walked over to me and said, “Are you ready? I hope you are ok with this?” My cock was now throbbing inside my pants as the three of us headed up to our room. We had stayed at the same hotel where the wedding reception was held at so it made it quite easy for us to get to our room. Things were happening at a very fast clip now as I followed my wife and Brandon up to our room. It took only a few minutes to get to our hotel room but it seemed like an eternity. As we walked into our hotel room my heart began to race I had become somewhat jealous of the fact that this young hunk was going to fuck my wife right before my very eyes. The more jealous I got though, the more aroused I also had become. Once inside our hotel room Brandon and my wife Julie began to make out. It only took a few minutes and Julie’s dress now lay harmlessly on the floor. Her panties were tossed aside as she stood their naked in front of Brandon. Brandon now laid Julie down onto the bed. He removed his clothes as Julie got her first look at Brandon’s cock. His cock was extremely hard as he crawled on top of Julie’s beautiful body. They kissed each other for a few minutes passionately as Brandon’s hands caressed my wife’s body. Julie was extremely aroused as Brandon’s hand cupped each of her big tits. He sucked and licked each of her hard nipples as his long cock pressed hard against her body. Brandon now moved his head down in between Julie’s legs. He began to lick her aching pussy as moisture from it dribbled down the sides of her legs. Her body began to shudder on the bed as Brandon had his tongue buried deep inside her hot pussy. A few seconds later, Brandon brought Julie to an explosive orgasm with his tongue as she moaned out, “Omg! “ Brandon continued to suck on Julie’s pussy until he had sucked every drop of her sweet nectar from her. Brandon now moved back on top of Julie. His cock was at full attention as it was long and slender. He climbed up over top of my wife’s body and hovered over top of her for a few minutes as Julie got a good glimpse of his rock hard cock. Julie then quickly clutched his ass with both of her hands. She pulled his body tightly against hers as she whispered out, “Oh god I want you to fuck me!” A few seconds later Julie squealed out, “Oh’ god it is so big!” as Brandon slid his long cock deep into her aching pussy. My cock now throbbed inside my pants as I watched my wife be fucked by another man for the first time. The lust between the two of them was overwhelming as her fingernails raked his back as he fucked her hard. It was a short time later and Julie was close to an orgasm. Brandon fucked her even harder now as Julie cried out into a very powerful orgasm. My heart raced extremely fast as I heard my wife cry out as she orgasm on another man’s cock. My own cock throbbed harder than before as my wife’s body trembled and shook right there on the bed as Brandon continued to pound his long cock into her. He then whispered into my wife’s ear, “I want to fuck you from behind.” Julie rolled over onto her stomach and raised her still trembling ass up toward Brandon’s cock. Brandon quickly mounted himself back behind her as he inserted his long cock back into her. He gave her several long hard strokes with his cock as Julie moaned out, “Oh! Oh!” Brandon quickly had Julie again on the verge of cumming. The sound of their flesh was escort hatay now heard as Brandon gave her several hard thrust with his cock. A few seconds later Julie’s body began to shudder again. Her hands gripped the sheets while her moans grew louder by the second. She could take no more as an intense orgasm ravaged her lovely body again. Julie could only take so much as her upper body now had fallen onto the sheets. Her ass was the only part of her body still left in the air as Brandon gave her a few more hard thrust with his cock. He now wanted to cum badly as he pushed Julie’s worn out body off his cock. Her body collapsed harmlessly down onto the sheets as Brandon began to stroke hard on his cock. A few seconds later Brandon let loose as stream after stream of cum landed all over Julie’s back and ass. My wife now was no longer just mine as she was fucked hard by another man for the first time. It had been almost twenty minutes later and Julie and Brandon were still on the bed cuddling with one another. Julie now took Brandon’s cock into her warm mouth. She slowly began to suck on it as Brandon laid there enjoying every minute of it. I continued to watch closely as Julie worked Brandon’s cock over good with her warm mouth. Brandon’s cock was good and hard again as Julie begged him to fuck her again. She climbed on top of Brandon and lowered herself slowly down on his long shaft. Brandon’s cock slid easily up inside her as she rode hard on his big cock. Brandon sucked hard on each of Julie’s beautiful tits as she rode hard on his cock. He had sucked so hard on each of her tits that it left several marks engraved on them. Julie now quickly began to cry out. She gave it all she had as she started to move her lovely body very quickly back n forth on Brandon’s cock. A few seconds later she cried out again as another orgasm griped over her body. Her body shook very hard as each of her hands felt up each of her tits. Julie now kissed Brandon passionately on the lips as Brandon continued to fuck her hard for several more minutes. I watched Brandon’s long cock engulf my wife’s pussy as it slid in and out of her. It was a short time later when Brandon rolled Julie over onto her back. He fucked her hard again as he lay on top of her. They again kissed each other very hard as Julie had her arms wrapped tightly around Brandon’s body. A few minutes later my wife secured her arms even more tightly around Brandon’s back as another orgasm began to build inside her. Julie then cried out, “Oh’ god Brandon! You are going to make me cum hard again!” Julie cried out a few seconds later into another wonderful orgasm. Brandon had made her cum several times already, but this orgasm was more special as it went on and on for a good few minutes. Brandon then said to Julie, “I want to fuck those beautiful tits!” Julie pushed her good size tits together as Brandon inserted his long cock in between them. He quickly began to move his cock hard back and forth between them as Julie moaned out. It had been five minutes later when Brandon announced, “Oh’ god! I am going to cum!” I watch as Brandon’s body began to tighten up. He slid his cock hard in between Julie’s tits for another minute or so when his long cock suddenly began to explode. His cum shot up all over Julie’s neck and shoulders as Julie laid there with her eyes closed on the bed. I then blew my load all over the floor as I watched Brandon’s cum engulf my wife’s chest and neck. Twenty minutes later Brandon got up off the bed and got dressed. He gave her a kiss and started to leave the room. He grabbed my wife’s wadded up panties and put them in his pocket as a reminder for his night with my wife. This was the beginning of more adventures for us. It was almost addictive as we tried different things with different partners over the last few years. I will try to post more in the future. Here are a few pics of her. I hope you enjoy them. Please feel free to email a story about what you would want to do with Julie in bed.