I’am Not Gay But …… More BBC

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I’am Not Gay But …… More BBCMark was quick to return to his hotel room after his tryst with Quinton and Jim. His emotions and excitement were high as he replayed not just the events that had just happened with the two men but the totality of what has happened the last 24 hours. He had now enjoyed pleasing what was surely the most impressive male genitalia he had ever laid eyes on. Quinton’s ebony tool was the sort of physical attribute that Mark not only dreamed about for a long time but one that would haunt his memories for the rest of his life.The power his cock emitted was truly breathtaking and impressive. Using his mouth to please it proved to be one of the most satisfying experiences of his life. Being able to taste his semen not once, but twice brought goosebumps on his arms and a shiver of excitement down his spine. Once he was inside, he laid on the bed to gather his wits and take a breath, that he felt he had been holding for a long time. As he replayed the memory of sucking Quinton’s huge black cock he slipped into a deep sleep, with his cock hard as a rock. He woke realizing he had been asleep for a couple of hours and it was starting to get dark outside. He had fell asleep with his clothes on and quickly stripped them off heading for the shower. It was close to the time the men had agreed to meet over at Jim’s room and he was afraid of being late for the fun.As he washed, Mark once again started to think about Quinton’s beautiful black cock and how much he enjoyed sucking it but he was determined to try to get Quinton to fuck him tonight. As much as he enjoyed pleasing that ebony rod, he knew having it up his ass would be the experience of his lifetime. His own cock quickly stiffened to an incredible erection and Mark started to stroke it but was afraid he was going to blow a load even before he got to Jim’s room. He was amazed how hard his cock would get by just the memory of Quinton’s penis but suddenly he heard a loud knock on the door. Surprised, he put on his bath robe still soaking wet to see who was at the door.He was shocked to see Quinton standing outside the door with another familiar face, Gene Miller a regional manager from the west coast who had been with the company as long as Mark had been. Gene was a black man in his late 30’s, tall but not as tall as Quinton, with a stocky, muscular build. Unlike Quinton, Gene sported a goatee and a short, trimmed afro with a fade as black men call it in the back and sides. Gene was handsome as well, and often reminded Mark of the actor, Idris Elba.”Whats going on?” Mark asked confused.”Jim had to cancel. Here, he wrote you a note.” Quinton explained as he and Gene entered the room.Mark double knotted his bath robe as he took the note. The men walked into the hotel room and stood there as Mark read the letter.Mark,I’m sorry to tell you I have to cancel our plans tonight, duty calls. I guess all of this has been quite a surprise to you, a pleasant surprise. I had planned to give you one more surprise tonight with an admission about Gene Miller. You see, years ago at one of these very seminars, Gene and I first got together. Maybe it was a few too many drinks or just a natural inclination we had about each other, no matter it was the first time I had been with a man, or a black person. Just like what you are probably going through, I uşak escort found the experience to be very exciting and remarkably satisfying. Gene has an incredible cock, one that I look forward to being with every year since. When I hired Quinton, my obsession with black cock got the best of me and I came onto him. As you know, Quinton enjoys our attention that way. This year was going to be a first for me; two black men at the same time. When I found out that Quinton had made an acquaintance with you, I thought that the four of us could have some fun but unfortunately, I am going to have to go to a few meetings tonight. I told the men they should go to your room and show you a good time. You’ve been a big part of my team for a long time, an important part and maybe this will show you how much I appreciate your effort. Have fun with the two biggest, hottest cocks I have ever laid eyes on.JimP.S. Try to save a little energy, we still have some presentations tomorrow.As Mark read the letter, he had his back on the two men, when he turned after finishing the letter, he saw a sight that took his breath away. Both men had stripped out of their clothes while he read the note and were now completely nude in front of him. He first noticed that Jim was telling the truth about Gene. His cock had to be 10″ long and extremely thick, as much as a woman’s wrist. It just hung there from the girth although he could see it was rock hard. Quinton’s cock was as impressive as ever, looking an inch or two longer than Gene’s but not quite as jaw-droppingly thick, but well above average.The two men approached Mark from both sides, as they stood there Mark automatically, without thought took a hold of each man’s rod. They were both an absolute handful. Mark felt the familiar weakening of his knees as he realized what he had with him. Both Gene and Quinton just looked over Mark, as if they were his prey, with a deep hungry look in their eyes. Mark felt intimidated, a feeling that he liked.”Quinton tells me you love big black cock, is that true?” Gene asked in a low voice.”Yes, sir” Mark didn’t know why he said sir, but his intimidation was certainly showing while he had both of their cocks in his hands.”Man, I’m telling you. This white boy can suck some cock.” Quinton informed Gene.”You think you can handle two black dicks?” Gene asked him. His voice and manner almost brought fear to Mark.”I’ll…I’ll try my best.” Mark whimpered out. Gene’s cock was particularly difficult to wrap his fingers around. He imagined it was going to be tough to fit it into his mouth. Mark’s own cock was shooting out between the flaps of the robe. Although not nearly as well endowed as the two ethnic dongs in his hands but a nice 8-inch cock that the men noticed.”Looks like he is looking forward to this” Quinton joked as he undid the knot on Mark’s robe. The robe opened and Mark’s erect dick was sticking straight out, mere inches from the two black cocks on each side. While in his hands, Mark took each dark tool and rubbed their huge heads on his cock. As he did this Gene took a hold of the back of Mark’s head and moved it to an angle that he could kiss his lips.Mark never thought he would be kissing another man but as their lips locked it made Mark moan. Gene’s full lips were powerful and made him quite a talented kisser. Deeper and deeper escort uşak Gene kissed Mark, more passionate with each passing second. Quinton kissed Mark’s neck and up to his ears. Mark rubbed the two men’s dicks all over his and he noticed some precum starting to trickle out of his cock head. Mark then turned to meet Quinton’s mouth and he kissed his ebony lover with a devotion to show his emotion for the last couple of days.”May I now suck those beautiful black cocks?” Mark pleaded, although he was sure he didn’t have to it fit the mood better.”Oh, hell yeah” Quinton blurted. But Gene simply took a hold of his cock and pushed Mark to his knees. Now, with his face just mere inches from Gene’s large dark dong his view was certain, it was an impressively thick monster and long to boot, a shade or two darker than Quinton’s and absolutely mouthwatering to anyone with a taste for cock. With one hand holding his dick and the other holding the top of Mark’s head, Gene rubbed his cock all over Mark’s face.”Beg for it white boy” Gene commanded.”Please, please…let me suck it, I want that big beautiful black cock in my mouth.”Gene put his humongous head up to Mark’s lips and started to push. Mark opened his jaws wide to accept Gene’s thickness and soon had his mouth completely filled with his second black cock. Gene’s dick was even better tasting than Quinton’s and Mark’s mouth watered quickly as his saliva began to coat all of Gene’s cock that he could get in his mouth. Gene started to pump his cock in Mark’s mouth as he now had both of his hands on Mark’s head. Mark grabbed onto Gene’s ass cheeks as the husky penis was sliding in and out of his mouth.Mark could feel Quinton’s huge cock being rubbed on his face and neck. Mark wanted to go right on Quinton’s cock but he was really enjoying how Gene was using his mouth. Every now and then Gene would push up too far up into Mark’s mouth and he would gag and spat having the back of his mouth tickled. It caused even more saliva to run out of his mouth and all over Gene’s shaft.Gene pulled his thick, ebony colored penis out of Mark’s mouth only to be filled with Quinton’s big black cock. Mark was reminded how much he loved to suck Quinton. His cock always felt alive while in his mouth, throbbing and pulsating while he slid on and off of his rod. Gene preceded to rub his soaking wet head all over Mark’s face, getting his skin painted with his on saliva.Mark went from Quinton’s cock to Gene’s, back and forth giving each cock loving attention either with his tongue, lips or full mouth. Even Gene’s balls rivaled Quinton’s monster nuts and possibly even surpassed then Mark thought in his mind. He gave both men lickings on their balls as well. Mark couldn’t get enough of their big black cocks but there was something else he wanted and it seemed like they were thinking the same thing.After 30 minutes of oral action, Gene pulled Mark up by his arms and led him to the large bed in the room. He put Mark’s knees up on the edge of the bed and bent him over. Quinton laid in front of Mark with his legs wide open as Mark went back to sucking his nearly 12″ member. Gene went to his pants and pulled out some lube and coated his cock while stoking his cock, then Gene smeared a gob on Mark’s asshole. With Quinton’s cock buried deep in his mouth, Mark could feel the large cock uşak escort bayan head of Gene being pressed against his asshole.All Mark could think was how thankful he had worked out with the dildos all those months before because he might have never been able to fit Gene’s huge dick inside him but after a little effort Gene started to slide in. Mark’s eyes still widened in amazement at the girth of Gene’s pole as it slid up in him. Mark moaned loudly as the Nubian stud started to fuck his ass, his mouth as full with black cock as his ass was. The sensation caused Mark to go crazy on Quinton’s dick as he sucked up and down with fury. Mark turned his head to catch a glimpse of the mirror on the dresser next to the bed. The image of him sandwiched between these two remarkable men was the hottest site he had ever seen. Gene had climbed up on the bed and was on his feet as he continued to thrust his fat dick inside Mark. With Gene in this position, his fucking was even more powerful.”Tell us how much you love that black dick!” Gene shouted.”Mmmph, mmmph” was all Mark could utter with his mouth full of Quinton’s huge cock.Quinton pulled his cock out so Mark could answer, he wanted to hear this too. “I love it! I love sucking you guys and I love how it feels in my ass!” Mark shouted. Mark’s hard cock was slapping on his stomach swaying from Gene’s powerful thrust. Mark felt Gene reach around and begin to milk his cock as Gene continued to fuck Mark.”You two have the biggest, most beautiful black cocks” Mark continued his adulation as he licked Quinton’s huge balls. He began to kiss all over Quinton’s cock when he could hear Gene making loud noises. Gene’s cock exploded deep in Mark’s ass and the sensation of his ass being filled with black seed was sensational. Gene didn’t stop fucking nor did he stop his manly cries as he enjoyed his orgasm to the fullest. Finally, Gene slumped off exhausted after plowing Mark’s ass for well over half an hour.Gene went to the bathroom as Quinton jumped up and threw Mark on his back. “I’ve been wanting to do this since last night” he told Mark.”I want this too Quinton” Mark tells Quinton. With his asshole already well lubed and stretched, Quinton simply slipped his big cock into Mark. With Mark on his back, Quinton held Mark’s legs opened as he began to pump his cock into Mark. Quinton went deep in his ass, even reaching the bottom as he used long strokes to make Mark once again whimper. His cock felt so good in Mark and his strokes were masterful, he really knew how to fuck. His technique as impressive as his cock size.With Quinton’s hard, heavy thrust Mark’s cock swayed in the air like a flagpole in a hurricane. Mark grabbed his cock and started to stroke. The sensation was too much and he knew he was about to cum. Quinton grabbed Mark’s hips as he really gave it to Mark and suddenly Mark shot off. The first two streams of semen nearly hit Quinton in the face, shooting up several feet up in the air. Mark and Quinton both watched in marvel as Mark’s cock produced the biggest load of his life in a spectacular display of power and cum quantity.Quinton’s familiar warning that he was about to blow was felt too, even though this time his cock was buried in Mark’s ass instead of his mouth and he pulled out to deliver a new fresh coat of cum all over Mark’s orgasm all over his body. The two men joined Gene in the shower where Mark lost control and sucked them both again to completion. Before they left he got both men’s phone number and planned for the day that he could have them together or separately again.