How I fucked my colleague passionately (my crush)

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How I fucked my colleague passionately (my crush)I am a software engineer and working in a mnc, here I got a colleague named taruna. Taruna is simple sweet, strong by nature and chubby girl, who likes to openup with their friends and can talk too frank when she trusts someone. Hopefully, I was the one who always stayed in her trust zone, but because everyone was having crush on her, and she was irritated when come to know anyone having crush on her, I never said her anything.One day we were talking about random things and she was happy that I was able to understand her and had some of the same circumstances which she was experiencing, and later on she talked with me whenever she got time and she felt happy by sharing it.I started thinking about her more and more, mostly in dirty way, one day I saw her deep cleavage from her shirt when she was having lunch, maybe she noticed and ignored.Finally the lucky day came after 2 years, It was raining heavily and everybody left the office, and I was having work and got late and she also had some urgent work delivery so she also stayed late, and then due to storm, electricity gone and it was complete darkness, I thought that It’s the time to touch her, but knowing it wont work, I skipped this.But fate was with me, the storm intensity increased and there was very low light and we both moved to window to see the storm, I was able to see her cute face whenever lightening hits, she told her family that she would be late and I called my family too, she was most afraid, because she was alone with a man, but I didnt do anything to her.Then I went near washroom area while she was watching the storm, and when finishing the thing and going out, I saw she was near the door (maybe she needs the washroom) and was wet all over with water, and was tremblingI stood amazed at her beauty and hotness and I got erotic currents in my body.I was going outside, but door was small, so I got rubbed my erect dick with her one of thighs, and now because cameras was off and I felt she got more heavier breath when I rubbed. I got confidence somehow and touched to her shoulders and turned her, and saw her eyes were close and lips were open and wet, what a erotic moment was it for me, her clothes were all wet and she was getting hot too..She was wearing salwar suit, of red, grey combination, düzce escort her bra straps and camisole straps of red and white color were visible from here wider neck of suit and her styled hairs were also dripping rain drops by drops, her eyes shut, red lipstic with matte lips open in too sexy way, her earings were also trembling, rain drops slowly moving downwards from hairs and her face skin, made her goddess of beauty..Then I saw her wider suit neck and white neck and shoulders all drenched with drops, that curvy body with a beautiful and erotic cleavage, boobs of new moon size coming out of the suit and suit got stick all over body showing her sexy 34c figure and sexy waist, thighs shape was also visible.I could not resist my cock’s urges and I grabbed her from waist and and slowly touched my lips to her lips, that wet and warm lips with lipstick taste so hot and I started french long kiss and moved my hands to her neck and started rubbing her sexy neck, I can feel that how hot the touch was and even after drenching with cold rain she was too hot to handle, licking her lips to lips and moving toungue on her lips and touching her toungue I got in more mood and I left her lips for a second and saw her sex goddess face and then I moved her to wall with her boobs touching me and she grabbed me from my waist and started responding even more hornier way, she started lip kissing and then I moved to her neck from side neck to front to other side and my hands on her waist up and down.I then pulled up her suit and she throw it there by side, and then I turned her towards the wall and she was breathing heavily, here shoulders, loose camisole of white color which was also drenched with water started showing half boobs now and deep cleavage, I started licking her visible boobs with my saliva and moved my tongue inside her cleavage and I can feel how horny it was making to her, I licked from boobs to neck and shoulders and moved my hand at the same places, I gently pressed her boobs from side and then groped gently, now she started undressing me, she started unbuttoning my shirt and cuffs, and I was watching her with heavy and sexy breathingsShe undressed my shirt and removed my under garment, now I am in pants and underwear, and she is in salwar, bra and her panties and lightening storm is escort düzce making it more horny environment.She also removed my trouser and then I pushed her to wall again but her back facing me, and it was so sexy look she’s all nude from neck to butt line, only bra strap was there, and I pressed her to wall by touching my dick between her butts and her boobs and erect nipples pushing to wall and squeezing them, I grabbed her from waist and started kissing her back, moved my hands over her boobs and nipples in gentle erotic way and then moved my hands on her waist to neck and shoulders and side boobs.Then I unhooked her bra strap one by one (three hooks were there) and now her straps hanging freely and bra has only support of wall and boobs coming out from sides and bra ready to leave.I groped her bare, nude boobs and felt erect nipples between my fingers and pulled her back to me while my erect hard cock between butts over her salwar, and bra fell down, now I am massaging her boobs, lower to side and inwards, her half wet boobs feel more than amazing just like jelly, the softness made my breaths heavier.Then I turned her to me and removed my hands, and boobs were free falling to down, that day I felt how a sex goddess feels like, my cock had left all the patience it had and it started pre-cum, and was ready to cum, but I wanted it to last much longer because dont know if I will get her again or not.She turned her head to my hand on her left side of neck, and my thumb rubbing her lower lip to down, her white teeths and that hot lips was amazing feeling on earth.I started licking her boobs, she was on heaven, while licking one boob I massaged and rubbed her other nipple and making her crazy for sex, and my mouth taking her one nipple inside and massaging with toungue of mine, now she was not able to hold, and wanted my cock madly, but I again, made her beg by turning to my knees and licking her navel and removed her salwar, and the panty was all wet down there, leaking the love juices of her.I then grabbed her thigh and licked her inner thighs from knee to pussy, and she was trying to get me up, because it was unbearable to her and then I removed her panty (a sexy laced red colored panty) and now she’s all nude and all wet down there.Now I moved her hand to my cock and she rubbed over the underwear düzce escort bayan for a second and quickly removed my underwear too, and now we are both nude and leaking juices, and I touched my whole body to her body and my cock touching over her pussy juices and here boobs on my chest and my lips on her lips and she said with half open eyes and heavy breath and seductive voice, “do it” and I said yes with my head and laid there on sofa and she came and sat over me and kissed my lips and then my chest and adjusted her pussy to my cock, I said it’s unprotected, and she again said with heavy voice, “shhh I want it, dont talk”oh my god, that wet, slow insertion of my cock to her pussy, made us both close our eyes and feel the heaven, I felt very sharp rise in temperature of my cock and she started moving her waist up and down so slowly that I felt I am going to cum, but dont know how I controlled, her hot sweating body was smelling more seductively and her moaning started in slow and sexy voices, “ummm, hhaaaa” and it felt like she will pull out all the juice of my cock, I could feel the vaccum created and left, in repeated manner, over my cock, just like her vagina is sucking all the cock she started moaning more and here falling boobs on my chest with erect nipples and her face expressions I cant forget ever, then she stop for a moment and I made her lie on the sofa and inserted my cock in her pussy again and started slow strokings, feeling each inch of my cock and her pussy, and she said “cumming” in heavy soft and sexy voice with breathings too heavy, and I started stroking faster and I felt near cumming, and asked “outside?” she said, “I want a baby” and then she came and trembled from bottom to top and her vaccum of pussy pulled all my cock inside and then I came in 3 strokes “ahhhhh ahhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahh ahh ah” and she pulled me over her and my cock still inside leaking juice and her juices coming as well and I felt her nails on my back and she hugged me, and we slept for 4-5 minutes and opened the eyes, and she said “you are amazing! thanks for baby in advance” and I asked why you wanted baby? she said her husband and her are trying but not successful yet.and we looked over the place and giggled, that how crazy we were and now storm was also quite and I said, I’ll drop you, and she nodded, before going she took a cloth and cleaned sofa quickly and wore her dress and makeup and we left like happier couple.So that’s how I fucked my colleague.. how it was, please dont go without comments below. Thanks!