Honest Training Session

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Honest Training SessionHonest Training SessionBy: Londebaaz ChohanAs Raul’s mother Carmen insisted and his father agreed, the elder son of Carmen’s brother was allowed to live with Raul’s family. It is true that Carmen’s brother could not afford his son’s stay in the college dormitory and the college was easily accessible on the cycle from Carmen’s home. With all taken care, Raul’s cousin Juan became the family member. Raul was hardly 2 years younger and a junior in high school. As the family decided and the smaller house dictated, both cousins were to share the bedroom and they both obeyed like the good k**s. Good thing that they had an attached bathroom for quicker shave and shower to get ready for their school and college when Carmen and her husband had also got to get ready for rushing to work. Both cousins were of almost the same height of 5’ 11” but Raul had an average body, 150 lbs. and nothing big in muscular category; although he played tennis in the school team. Juan on the other hand was quite muscular, with relatively large body frame, 160 lbs. and really looked like a man than a college boy. Both had dark black hair and brown eyes.There was no hint of any sexual connotation between them for almost 2 months and everybody was so happy that all was wonderful and calm in the family. Juan’s college was off for 3 days for some college functions going on and he was staying home alone, until Raul came back from school at around 1:00 PM. Carmen and her husband, usually came back together at about 6:00 PM and they all had their dinner at as close to 8:00 PM as possible to finish before the evening news, Carmen never wanted to miss.The first time sex happened between the boys so quickly that it was kind of impossible to believe. It was Thursday, when Raul arrived home as usual, knowing for sure that his cousin Juan would be home although, he did not see him in the living room, watching the TV as usual.Very nonchalant, he walked to the room to drop his book bag, not getting any concern to note that the door was closed. He kicked it open and was shocked to see Juan sitting on his bed, sinop escort completely naked and holding his huge sex dong, masturbating furiously while watching a porn video on the computer in front of him on the desk. He was sweating excessively from each of his body pore and all of his clothes were fallen, s**ttered on the floor. Raul looked in shock at Juan, beating the hell out of his erect penis, that must be at least 8” or more in length and excessively thick and shining with a nice film of pre cum painted all over it from base to top hole. It was looking hugely larger than Raul’s decent 6” inches length when hard and also not as thick as Juan’s cock.“Holy shit” was all Raul could mutter as he continued to stare on the large cock of his cousin, unable to take his eyes away. Suddenly Juan was heard asking, Raul; what was he staring at? As he stopped jerking his cock and Raul hardly answered, nothing; because his throat felt dry and no other word could come out but his eyes were still glued at his cousin’s larger sex dong. Suddenly, Juan smiled, a sort of very kinky smile that kind of startled Raul as he felt Juan, looking at him with a different kind of look. It was shocking for Raul and he did not know, what to say, when he heard his cousin asking him, if he liked what he was seeing? The question really caught him off guard and he only kept staring and also realizing that stopping his cousin in the middle of the masturbation session was not a good idea at all because Juan was still drowned deep in the pleasure, cancelling out all the thoughts of reality. Raul could not move an inch, even seeing his sweaty, smelly cousin get off the bed and move towards him, grabbing his arm and pushing him down on the bed, soaring over him in a jiffy. “You want to be in the action”. Juan said to Raul. Raul wanted to say no but he did not say it and Juan was not even waiting for any answer from his younger cousin. In a split second, Juan ripped Raul’s shorts and the flimsy boxers underneath, off him and then his t-shirt as well. Raul’s young penis was already getting hard and he was surprised escort sinop when he heard, his older cousin say that no wonder he was enjoying it all and wanted to be in the scene.Now, with nothing else to say, Juan pulled both of Raul’s legs over his wide shoulders, exposing his little asshole. Holding Raul down on the bed, Juan made him feel the giant head of his cock pressing at his ass entrance. Damn! It was hurting bad. The pain was almost unbearable. Juan had not even used the spit and was trying to dry roast his younger cousin, forcefully pushing his 8” plus monster, further and further into his tight puckered hole. Finally, the moment came when Raul thought that the pain could not be any worse and Juan was already as far in his ass as he could and Juan began pulling himself back out slowly and gently. Before the cock length was pulled out all the way, Juan shoved it back still deeper with more stretching pain through his younger cousin and asked Raul mockingly; if it was hurting but not even waiting for the answer, he began pumping much faster.Couple of minutes and Raul was surprised to feel that the pain was slowly reducing considerably and felt as pleasure instead. His cousin was giving him a nice fucking and Raul had a strange urge to fuck back as well. He began bucking his hips with motions of fucking strokes when he heard, “Yes Raul, yes. Fuck my big cock. Fuck my fucking dick man; with force”. His command was making Raul want to be fucked with more vengeance and Juan did fuck him brutally.Suddenly, Juan slowed down and decided to change the position. He held Raul’s legs off his shoulders, with his huge erection still buried in the tight bitchy ass, he spun Raul to be on his side with one leg on the bed and holding the other leg in the air. Now he fucked Raul sideways for his personal pleasure.Raul had no shame left, when he heard himself say, “Oh yes, fuck me harder”. Juan heard him loud and clear and confirmed that he wanted to be fucked harder and assured him so by saying, “You got it my dear”. Juan began pumping in and out of his younger cousin, harder, deeper and sinop escort bayan faster. The slurping sound, in and out of the shit hole became much louder with each thrust. Raul was in heaven believing that, it was the best but Juan stopped once again and pulled completely out of him. Raul thought that it was over but heard Juan, ordering him to get on his knees and shoulders for getting fucked like a dog making him smile with some strange thought. Now, Juan mounted Raul such that his feet were inside each of Raul’s knee and his hard cock was buried deep to the balls in the younger boy’s asshole with sap flowing out. Juan had entered Raul a bit easily this time while bad mouthing him which Raul enjoyed as he got fucked deeper than before in this position. Juan’s giant nuts were swinging and hitting Raul’s balls when he hit the deepest in Raul’s ass. Juan was repeating, fuck, fuck, fuck over and over with continued rough thrashing the boy’s ass. Now Raul was in bucking motion again in the midst of deep sexual pleasure which threw Juan over the edge.“O’ fuck, I am shooting Raul”. He announced, making Raul feel a gush of hot flood flowing in his ass canal while Juan continued thrusting as fast as he could and finally he stopped after the intense orgasm was over and he collapsed over Raul with his cock plopping out of the cum filled ass. Both were completely bathed with sweat when Raul was man handled one again and made to lay on his back with his hard as steel cock pointing towards the ceiling and Juan hurriedly sat on top of him to make the 6” length disappear in his ass.“This is your chance to get even and fuck my ass as hard and rough as you can”. Raul heard Juan as his cock got tight fitted in his elder cousin and Juan squatted hard on the erect prick and began bouncing up and down. Raul was also moving his hips in circles. Raul realized that not only it was great to get the ass fucked but it was equally a delight to be fucking in the ass. It took no more than 5 minutes and Raul emptied his nuts and transferred his hot seed into elder cousin’s ass almost getting fainted with the intensity of orgasmic contractions that kept coming for a much longer period after finishing his asshole. An honest and great training session, both thought later on. The end. Your comments are appreciated. Londebaaz Chohan January 5, 2020.