Having Boy Friend In Girls’ Hostel – Part 1

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Having Boy Friend In Girls’ Hostel – Part 1deleteddeletedI get excited when I share my experiences with stranger. So I want to post my experience and your comment will excite me. Coming to myself, I am 23 old fair normal sized girl with 34 -28-34 figure. Before I meet jay [my boy friend] I was traditional and shy girl. The relationship with jay really changed my behavior and dressing style.Thanks for the replies and some of the guys really want to have sex with me which I don’t like. But I can always help you to jerk off.You can read my previous story to understand much about me.Story 1 : https://www.indiansexstories2.net/virgin/losing-virginity-loved-bot-friend/Story 2 : https://www.indiansexstories2.net/couple/sex-college-washroom/After my previous encounter i.E. Having sex in college with my bf, we have become too close sexually and personally. We started sexting everyday and of course sometime even video chats. We became bold and we dont dont feel shy in sexting. We used to masturbate while in call or chatting. I said earlier I stay at hostel and he stays at his own apartment. In a week we got exams, we all are busy with our studies. So we didn’t get time to meet. But we used to do sexting at night. One night we causally started sexting. He got horny and said we wants to have sex.Jay: I need sex [ naku nitho sex cheyalani undi]Me: its impossible now. [ ippudu kastam ]Jay; nuvu e dress lo unnav. [ which dress your wearing now]Me: camisole and shortJay: then what about inside.Me: bra and panty of courseJay: what colors?Me: red and pinkJay: I want to see you nude [ ninnu nude ga chudalani undi].Me: no wayJay: atleast with bra dear.Me: noI want to tease him.So I said no to him.Me: ippudu kadu [ not now ]Jay: nenu mi hostel ki vastha [ I will come to your hostel]Me: niku antha ledu. Vasthe chestha [ we you come then I will do ]Jay: nijamga chesthava [will you do it for real]Me: yes with naughty smileI thought he wont come at this time as it was too late. Then he sent smiling smiley and told me to open the door. I was shocked to see him at my room. I pulled him inside and closed the door. I again opened the door and peeped outside to see if anyone was there and locked the door. Meanwhile he started caressing me. I pushed him away and shouted on him.Me: are you mad? What if anyone caught us?Jay: venakala nunchi vacha ra. [ I jumped back side wall dear].Jay: cool avvu first em kadu. [ dont worry. Cool down first]Me: ayina intha thondaraga ela vachav [ how did you come so quickly]Jay; nenu mi hostel abayte unna [i was outside of your hostel]I sat on bed and slowly osmaniye escort I settled down. Meanwhile jay was caressing my shoulder. Later I asked him to go. He said he risked this much to meet me. He requested to have at least little bit of romance. I said ok and started with kissing. While kissing started caressing my body. In no time, I forgot about everything and got into romantic mood. He came on top of me and with one hand he is pressing my boobs and kissing me. Slowly, he slipped my camisole string from shoulders along with my bra and started sucking my boobs.Now we both are horny. He stood up and removed his short and tshirt.Again he came on top me and started caressing me. I was caressing his back. He pulled my short and panty down and started licking it. After 5 mins I cummed. Now he asked me to the favour. I removed his underwear and started hand job. Meanwhile he is pressing my boobs. Later even he cummed.We both slept on single bed and its very congested. He didnt stop and caressing me. He took a condom from his short. He came on top of me. I guided his tool into my pussy.I crossed my legs around him. He slowly started the stroking. I can feel my boobs bouncing for every stroke. I closed my eyes and enjoying each stroke. As he was giving me slow strokes he didnt cum yet but I already cummed 2 times. Finally he cummed and slept on me.I asked him to leave as it is already 3 am. He said he wasnt satisfied yet. Then I asked him what you want. He walked to my closet and picked up a dress which we bought recently. And asked me to wear it. Coming to dress, it a shoulder less dress and till my knees. It has elastic on top my dress and till my boobs to support as it dont have shoulder support. I as searching of a strapless bra and panty to wear but he stopped and asked me to wear without bra and panty. He asked me to catwalk in front of me.Now I got it why he dont want me to wear inners. While walking my boobs are bouncing he sat on bed and enjoying the view. When I rotate he got a nice glimpse of my ass. He pulled me back on to bed and looked into my eyes romantically. We kissed and he said love u. Now its my responsibility to satisfy him. I stood up and pulled my top down seductively. I took his head and dumped on my boobs. He started sucking my nipples and he slowly rubbing my pussy under my dress. I hold his hair tight due to excitement.He tripped me on to bed and he came on top me started smooching me. After 2 mins he got hard on and took another condom on his penis. He again inserted into me and fucked me. Later we both got tired escort osmaniye and we had small nap. But it was not a nap we slept all nigh in the same position. In morning someone knocked the door, when woke I was naked and clothes all over. I quickly woke my bf and if you want to know what happened next stay tuned.My boyfriend came to my hostel room at night 2AM to surprise me. Eventually, we ended up having sex all night. We got tired after our sex encounters and slept without knowing the time. Suddenly, someone knocked my door.I woke up and got tensed .Its 10 AM in the morning. Me and my boyfriend both are nude on my bed. Even my bf woke up and got afraid of the situation. I quickly wore my t shirt and short and asked my bf to hide under the bed.Also i pushed all clothes on floor under the bed.when i opened the door, it was my friend anitha. She came to show her dress which she order on myntra. I was unable to concentrate on what she was telling because it was in huge tension. After sometime i came to senses.She was concerning about the length of the dress. She wanted go to pub with his boy friend and wanted to surprise her boy friend by wearing a hot frock. she wanted my advice on how to feel confident about wearing such dress as she didnt wear anything like it that till that day.Without saying anything she removed her night dress and wore the new dress. I was stunned as my boy friend was under the bed. I knew my bf might be enjoying the view of her. She has avg figure with small assets. The dress was frock type and it is till her knees. She was too shy to wear such short dress in public. He wore the dress and showing it me. Meanwhile one of my friend ramya also entered my room. She too joined the discussion about the dress. She really liked the dress and wanted to try it.As we are all girls, we wont be shy to change dress in front of each other that to in hostel. I was really worried that my boy friend might be watch them.I was dumb and dont know what to do. I can’t tell them that my bf was here. Anitha removed her dress and standing in her panty as she was not wearing bra. Ramya also removed her dress and anitha handed the frock to ramya. Ramya has a good figure just like me and also she taller than me.She wore the dress and the dress was very tight and hugging her body. Her boobs are bouncing out of dress. Seeing her anitha got little jealous and said why i got small ones.We both laughed at her. Anitha asked how to cover the thighs as the dress and do i need to wear shorts under it. I gave her skin colored tights to feel the confidence. osmaniye escort bayan Later they both got dressed and I asked them leave the room so that i can study. I closed the door then my boyfriend stood and laughed naughtily. He said today was the wonderful day. I felt pity on both the girls.Later, He wanted to got to bathroom. Luckily the washrooms are just beside my room. I peeped out the door and the hallway is empty and went to washroom and checked if there are anyone. Even its empty.then i took him to washroom and I locked the toilet with him inside. So that no one will doubt me.I saw him peeped and later he saw me peeped.Again we came back to room and locked the door.He laughed and hard as it was like an adventure.He sat on bed and pulled his shorts down. I thought he wanted to started again. Instead he took his mobile. He recorded my friends video and started masturbating on see them. I felt disgusting and asked him to delete it. He was not even listening to me. After all boys are boys. After masturbation he dressed up and came near to me and started convincing me. After convincing for almost an hour, I was cooled down and asked him to delete it.We thought it would be safe to leave at night. Now me alone with my boy friend in a single room. Obviously, the climate will change more romantically with a boy and girl in the same room. He pushed me on the bed and came over me. He slowly started smooching me. In no time we got undressed and he inserted his erected penis and started drilling me. It was a quicky he finished it off in 5 mins. We did 2 times more that day.So we have waited till midnight of course i brought him lunch and dinner. So as a last one he asked me for our last adventure i.e. to have sex on terrace. I think it is a big adventure having sex on girl’s hostel terrace. I need was erotic and did think for 5 mins and decided to do it. We was very hard for us in reaching the terrace. I checked the terrace it was clear. We wasted on time and started smooching wildly.The romance in open and natural air breeze was making us more romantic. I locked the terrace door to make sure no one interrupt us. As there was no moonlight no one from other buildings can see us clearly. So this got us courage to make ourselves nude on terrace. we parted and stripped each piece of cloth romantically.We came close and started smooching and my bf spotted a guy from other building across the road. As he cannot see us, we wanted him to enjoy our act. We placed ourselves visible to him and started our act. The thing that a person watching us made me so hornier. We cuddled on floor and started the act. We were doing it so slow so that the guy can enjoy it. After 15 mins we are done and left from there after getting dressed. I securely helped my bf to get out of the hostel. During that we sexted a lot about the scene.