Gaga Doll comes to life

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Gaga Doll comes to lifeSaying that I was a Little Monster, or a Lady Gaga fan, would probably be an understatement. I’ve listened to all her cd’s and I have a major crush on her. I’ve always had numerous fantasies about what it would be like to have sex with her. I finally thought I would get that opportunity. I was browsing through Youtube when I saw a video about the making of a life size doll of Lady Gaga. After watching it I thought to myself, “Wow, this is pretty awesome. A life size version of Lady Gaga? Oh, the things I could do with that” I noticed that it was only available in Japan so I waited and waited until it was finally available in North America, I ordered one and when it arrived at my door I said “Yes! Finally! it’s here!” I took it out of it’s packaging and stared in amazement as the shimmering look of Lady Gaga was standing there in front of me. She had long blonde flowing hair and she wore a long white button up shirt, White dress pants, round sunglasses and 8 inch platform shoes”Hello, Stef!” I said to the figure, even though I knew it couldn’t hear me. “You are so fucking hot” I ran my hand down her left arm feeling the softness of her shirt. I kissed the figure on the lips and hugged it. Suddenly the doll started playing “Applause” “That’s right my princess” I said happily, “Sing for me” I listen to the doll sing “Applause” and then picked it up and took it to my bedroom. I laid the doll down ready to do whatever I wanted with it. I slowly took off the doll’s sunglasses and said “This is gonna be fun” “Yes…It….Will” The doll said with a smile. Suddenly I hopped canlı bahis şirketleri up as the doll started blinking at me. I had a shocked and perplexed look on my face as to why this doll just talked to me like that. The doll sat up and said” Hi there cutie, I know you’ve always wanted to have sex with me, now’s your chance big boy, come here” “Y-y-y You CAN TALK!? YOU’RE ALIVE?!” I shouted. “B-b-b but that’s impossible” “No it’s not” Gaga responded “The people who programmed me in Japan input a chip that after someone hugs me and I play applause, I come to life”. “Um….. OK” I said “I’m a little confused but I guess i’m ok with it”. “Good, are you ready to have some fun now? I want to play with your disco stick.” “Alright” I said. Gaga slowly pulled down my pants and underwear revealing my throbbing cock in front of her. “Mmmmm… Just the way I like it” said Gaga. She slowly got her mouth around my 7 inch dick started sucking it nice and slow. “God yes that feels so good” I said. Gaga then started gradually sucking faster and faster “Oh God Stefani, you’re so fucking good at this. You may just make me cum right now” Gaga then stopped sucking, took my penis out of her mouth and said” Oh… I wouldn’t that to happen yet.” She then licked my dick up and down once “I want you to last” She then smiled and winked at me. “So can I ride your disco stick now? Pwetty pwease?” She then started giving me butterfly kisses on my cock and pouted her lips begging to ride me. “Alright babe” I said,” let’s do it” “”Yay!” Gaga said with excitement in her voice. She slowly took off canlı poker oyna her shirt and pants but keeping her heels on giving a strip tease showing off her tattoos and her tits and ass “you can do whatever you want to my body honey” said Gaga as she smacked her ass a few times with her left hand.”Oh this is gonna be great” I said. I laid down flat on my back waiting for Stef to get on top of me. Her nice round ass was wiggling in my face “Eat me out first baby” Stef said “I want to be nice and wet for your big cock”. “With pleasure” I said. I spent the next ten minutes eating out Lady Gaga’s nice tight pussy. It tasted so good like a nice big piece of cake. “Ok Now I can ride you” Stef said now that her pussy was moist from me licking it for so long. She planted her nice tight pussy on my dick. She started going up and down slowly from the bottom to the top of my cock “God you’re big” Gaga exclaimed “I love a man with a huge disco stick that I can ride” “i’m lovin’ this” I said” She continued to ride me for another 10 minutes, with her tits bouncing in front of my face, until she said “Oh god hun, I’m gonna cum so fucking badly I want to cum on your dick, would you want that babe? “OH YES! DO IT GAGA!” I said ” OHHHHHH FUCKKK!” Gaga screamed and her cum came gushing out of her tight pussy making my dick wet. Gaga let out a big sigh and said “how’d you like that? You wanna fuck me in my nice big ass now?” She said. “Yes I do!” I said with glee. Gaga bent over and said ” fuck me hard and slap my ass you bad boy” ” Oh I will Stefani” I said as i then gave her right ass cheek internet casino a nice hard slap. Gaga smiled at me. I fucked Gaga for another good 5 minutes pushing my dick in and out of her beautiful ass thinking that this is a day I never would’ve imagined of getting…. to fuck the woman of my dreams. I slowed down as I fell my cum rising…. ready to explode! “Oh fuck Stef, I’m gonna cum.” Gaga replied “Mmmm… You are? Give it to me then babe” “Alright Gaga” I saidI pulled out of her ass and Gaga turned around on her hands and knees just waiting for me cum. ” I want it, you sexy guy” ” “You’ll have to beg for it first” I said “Mmm… baby I want you to cum all over me. Make me yours hun, I want it all over my face and in my hair. C’MON! Do what you want to this pretty face of mine. I’ll be your girl. I know you’ve had numerous sex dreams about me, so give me what I deserve. MAKE YOUR ARTPOP PRINCESS HAPPY!” That was enough as a huge stream of cum came flying out of my dick and landed on the top of her forehead and stretched down to her chin another squirt landed on her right cheek and two more landed on her forehead and in her hair. ” Wow that was a lot, and it’s exactly what I wanted. Thanks.” Gaga said as she then sucked the last bit of cum form my cock and swallowed it. She then had me lower my head so she could kiss me on the lips. “Well you were pretty amazing” I said. Gaga smiled at me. I then said “I can’t wait to have fun with you again” but there was no response from her. “Huh? What’s going on?” I snapped my fingers at her but no response at all. “Huh I guess she goes back to being a doll after sex. Wow” I then got some kleenex, cleaned her pretty face up, put her clothes back on and placed her standing next to my bed so that I can always look at her, dream about her, and always be ready when I want to fuck her again.THE END.