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ForeplayI had been seeing Julie for 2 weeks. Things had been going pretty slow sexually between us. Julie has a tremendous body with a perky set of C-cups. I tried everything I could to get her jump started but she always stopped it short. Julie had rushed in on many other relationships with disastrous results. She wanted to wait for the right romantic moment. So I decided to give it my best try at romance.One night I had Julie over for dinner. I cooked a light meal to save room for what I had planned. I excused myself and went to the bathroom to get everything ready. When I returned to Julie, I asked how she enjoyed the dinner and if she was finished. She said she was, and knelt next to her and said that she deserves to relax and be pampered. I took her hand and led her to the bathroom. When I opened the door, the room was lit by candle light; there was soft music playing and a hot bubble bath drawn for her. I looked into her eyes, touched her cheek lightly, and told her to trust me. I start to unbutton her blouse slowly. She hesitates and stops my hand. I say, “ Shhh, please allow me to pamper you”. She lets my hands go and I continue to undue her blouse. She is wearing a loose fitting black knee length skirt. I kneel down again, slide my hands around the sides of her waist to the small of her back, and unzip her skirt to let it fall to the floor. She covers her stomach with her hands and arms. I put a hand on each arm, separate them and slide my hands softly up to her shoulders as I rise up. I then move behind her while moving my hands across her collar bones and back until they are on the opposite shoulders. I then slide them down the middle of her back and release her bra. Then I gently lower the straps down and remove it. I kneel again and slide my index and middle fingers of both of my hands into the band of her panties and slide them around her waist to the front. I then insert the rest of my fingers and move my hands to either side of her hips. I then slowly pull her panties down and remove them. I am looking directly at that wonderful ass of hers that I have been dreaming about. However I turn her around and there is that spectacular kaçak iddaa pussy right in my face. It has just the right about of bush to drive me crazy, but this night is for her. My hands softly caress her hips and sides while I rise up from kneeling. I take her hand and help her into the tub.I ask her if the water is too hot or cold, she just moans softly and says it is wonderful. I make sure she is comfortable then I take my leave. I go to the kitchen and start preparing the next part of my plan. I start cutting up apples, strawberries, bananas, and plucking g****s. I while doing this I have chocolate melting on the stove. When I have the fruit and chocolate dip ready I get the chilled champaign and iced glasses together on a tray. I take this into the bathroom where she has her eyes closed and looks at peace. I set the tray next to the tub, and offer her some champaign. She reaches for the glass, but I say, “Allow me.” I raise the glass to her lips and tip a small sip into her waiting mouth. I do the same with the fruit and chocolate at her request. After a moment I put the tray and glass down, pick up a bath sponge, and move to the end of the tub where her feet are. I sit on the tub with my back to her, and raise her foot out of the water. I dipped my sponge into the water to get it wet and bubbly, then gently moved the sponge around her foot. I use the sponge over the top of her toes and bring it to the bottom of her heal. I then go around the heel to the calf and gently scrub there. It then moves around to the knee and down the shin back to the foot. I lower the foot back into the water and raise the other foot to repeat the process. When that is finished, I move up on the tub to where her hips are. My back is still to her, so I cannot see facial expressions, but I hear every soft breath and moan. At her hips I take the sponge under the water and start at the outside of her hip. I take the sponge down the length of her thigh to the knee. I go back up the inner top of the thigh to the pelvis where I go across the pelvis to the inner top of the other thigh. I then take it down the inner top of the thigh to the knee, and back canlı bahis up the outer thigh. I use the sponge on the hip going up the side of the waist and bring it back across just under the swell of her breasts. I then go back down the other side to the outer hip. The sponge then travels across the top of her waist and goes back and forth across her stomach back to the swell of her breasts. I then use the sponge to clean between her wonderful breasts going up the breast bone to the collar bone towards the arm then down again to the waist. I then go back up the breast bone towards the other collar bone and arm to go down the other side if the waist. At this point I turn around to face her, and take one of her arms out of the water. I hold her hand in mine and use the sponge. I start at the underside of her wrist and slowly scrub the down her arm to her arm hollow. I then move the sponge back around to her shoulder and back up to the hand. I gently replace her arm and repeat the process on the other one. When I am finished I take her hair and proceed to rinse it. I pour water all over it and massage it into her long hair. I take some shampoo I know she likes and begin to wash her hair. I gently massage her scalp and mead the soap in to her hair. I then rinse the soap out. I let her soak for a few more moment and leave the room to set up the next plan. When I return I ask her if she enjoyed herself, and if she is finished with her bath. She says yes, and I get the soft towel ready. I help her out of the tub, and proceed to dry her off. This is something I do a little speedier because I don’t want her getting cold. I then wrap the towel around her and lead her to another room that I have set up with candles, rose peddles, and some blankets and cushions. I help her lay down flat on her stomach on the cushions, and remove the towel. I bring over a selection of lotions over to her to choose from ( already knowing which one she will choose), a proceed to give her a full body massage. I position myself at her head so I am looking down her body to her feet. I start at her neck and shoulder area with my fingers on her shoulder blades and bahis siteleri my thumbs on the back of her neck. I slowly draw my hands to her shoulders and back in a sliding motion. I then bring my hands next to her spine and glide them down to the end of her rib cage and fan them out to her sides. I bring them back and slowly continue this motion back up to her shoulders. I them precede to one arm and start to mead the bi-sep muscle down to the elbow. I then start to mead the tri-sep muscle the same way. When I get to her hand I hold it in both of mine. I work on the palm and wrist, and then go to each individual finger. I of course repeat this on the other arm and hand. I then move to her side and glide my hands across her body from left to right. I do this all down her back. When I get to the small of her back I place both hand on either side with my thumbs along the spine, and my fingers toward her sides. I then pull my thumbs toward the sides , stretching the skin and muscles as I go. I do this all the way down to the rise of her ass. I then pull my hand back to the top of the lower back and lay them flat along either side of her spine. Then I gently push down and slowly move them towards that luscious ass. I hear a moan, and when I get to her ass I let my 2 index fingers go into the middle of her ass and slide over as my hands move over and caress her ass. I feel her tighten when I do this, but I know it is not a bad tightening. I move my hands to the sides of her hips and bring them back to the middle of her back. I do the same thing but this time instead of cupping her ass, my hands slide all the way down to the top of her thighs. I have my hands slide down her thighs with my fingers on the inside of her thighs and my thumbs on the outside. I get to the knees and reverse the hold so the thumbs are on the inside and the fingers are on the outside and come back up.If you have ever had a massage ( at least a good one) you know this can go on for a while( which it did). Using these techniques and others I know I had Julie in-between a state of sleep and arousal. After a while I told her to turn over, which she readily did. While she was laying there naked in front of me, I kissed her forehead. I then took a rose I had set aside, started at the spot I kissed, and traced every inch of her beautiful body with it.So do you think that was enough romance and foreplay for her?