Erin and Mike again

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Erin and Mike againErin , the 18 year old student of Mike her Tutor, was only slightly happy with the spanking he had given her when she had been dressed in her NetBall kit, he had brought her off with his hands and Erin felt she had got off too lightly!She sent Mike a message by E-mail to the effect that she did not feel she had been punished severely enough for her spelling, Mike read this with interest and thought for a day as to how to sort her out, also Erin had said that whatever happened she would like to get her own back one way or the other.Picking up the telephone, Mike called Erin ” Hi, Erin, do you want me to redress the occasion of not being spanked enough?” “OOOOH YES!” said Erin, ” Shall I come round tonight?” ” That will be great!” said Mike ” But I want you to stay all night and come in normal clothes, I would like to take you out, is that OK?””Mike I would love that, I just need to borrow a car and will be right over, do you want me to look sexy?” ” Just a bit Girl, use your own imagination!!”Erin turned up at Mike’s, he opened the door she looked ravishing! ” Come in Erin, kırıkkale escort let me have a look at you!” Mike sat down , Erin did a twirl for him in the middle of the room… she was wearing a silky red blouse, very low cut, a short miniskirt and 4″ white high heeled shoes , her hair was down and framed her face beautifully.” Erin you are a picture, over here and sit on my knee!” Erin sat on Mike’s knee, put her arm round his neck, kissed him and asked what punishment she was going to get. ” Well,” said Mike, I have thought about this, I will give you a short spanking like last week…” Erin interrupted ” But I need more than that!!!” Mike continued..” after your spanking I am going to bend you over the back of that easy chair, tie you to it then cane you severely!””OOOH when do we start!” went Erin as Mike twisted her round and laid her across his lap, then SMACKK, SMACKK, SLAP, SLAP on Erin’s skirt!! Mike gave her another 25 smacks, Erin was squealing a bit as they were hard! ” RIGHT!” ” UP HERE!” Mike lifted her, put her across the back of the upholstered chair tied escort kırıkkale her ankles to the back legs, pushed her face down to the seat and tied her wrists behind her back “OOOOH !” went Erin!” I used my hands on you last time, but after this caning I’m using my cock, but only when you start crying !” Mike picked up the thin rattan cane hidden in the corner, walked to Erin and laid it across her miniskirt at the very top of the thighs, it was black, made of knitted jersey and very tight, a perfect target!” Erin, have you ever been caned before?” ” No, Mom used to paddle me that’s all”Mike raised the cane… SWISH! WHACK! ” OW MY GOD !” went Erin! ” You almost asked for this Erin,” Mike hit her sexy bottom 12 more times! ” OOOOOOOHHH! OOOOOOOHH! ” Erin was moving her hips from side to side! ” Keep still Girl or I will stop!”Mike gave her another 60 strokes of the cane, from the middle of her bottom to the joint with the thighs…Erin was moaning softly and trying to squeeze her legs together, then the first tears appeared…” OH IT HURTS SO..!!Her skirt was raised, her kırıkkale escort bayan blue panties ripped off by Mike ( her legs were tied) Mike put his hand carefully on Erin,s pussy, then passed his hand round the seat to her mouth, ” Iwant you to suck and wet my thumb and middle finger please Girl!” Erin complied, made them both wet, Mike took his hand, put the wet thumb into her pussy so that it touched the clit then slid the wet middle finger into Erin,s back passage! ” OOOOOHH!THAT’S EROTIC!” shouted out Erin,.Mike stood back, measured the distance to her bare bottom and legs with the cane, he gave her a severe WHACK across the middle of her bottom which was quite red already, a bright red and white weal appeared! ” OOOOHH DARLING I WISH I COULD SPELL BETTER!!” said Erin, Mike gave her another 24 strokes across her bottom and legs, really hard…Erin was crying out loud ” OH MIKE IT HURTS BUT DON’T STOP!!”He undid his trousers and shorts, popped his cock into Erin and rubbed her bottom, after this session he was nearly ready to cum anyway, Erin twisted and squirmed in extasy then Mike came at the same time as Erin went “OOOOOHHHHMY THAT’S LOVELY!!”Mike said…..”Another spelling test soon, we’ll go out later then come back for the night, OK with you?”” Oh Mike yes of course, I need much much more of this and I still have to get you back Sir!!!”