Discovering watersports ch5

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Discovering watersports ch5I stared in horror out of the window. Andy took the opportunity to shove his willy all the way into my fanny. I was not amused. “For fuck’s sake, Andy”, I said, pushing out his embrace and rushing out of the room. I grabbed my bath robe and put it on. Going past the office I told him “Don’t do anything. I’m planning to come back to bed”What is wrong with me? I’m 38, I have a good figure, I’m in my sexual prime (seems to be I always have been), I run my own business and earn my own money, I have two quite nice teenage k**s. I’m just fucking my husband and doing stuff in my own home and here I am terrified of my mother knowing what I’ve been doing. I’m still wearing that stupid open bra that Andy likes so much. It is so uncomfortable. The house is full of damp clothes and must smell like Sunday morning in a brothel. My hair looks like I’ve been dragged through a hedge. My hair and whole body are salty with dried piss and I can feel the stretch of dried cum on my back. My mouth feels like leather. I’ve got Chinese takeaway breath, why do I always have those spring onions?At the bottom of the stairs I grabbed the pile of damp clothes we took off coming back from the restaurant, bundled them into the dining room. What’s that pink ribbon doing there? With Paula’s hair brush I restored my long dark hair to something like the £120 shape it’s meant to have. It is too long. It needs to be blonde again.“Mum, you’re early. Lovely to see you! Come in,” I lied and smiled as I opened the door. Why does she always do this to me?“Anna, sorry to be early. Roger would like to go to Lincoln to record some music for his project. Paula and I will go shopping. Is it ok if I take them? We thought perhaps you and Andy could come over and we could have lunch together. My treat”.My mum Teresa is 54. My dad died when I was 11, and since then she has run the medical engineering company they started together, and made a fortune doing it. She’s been a great mum, almost an older sister. She had me when she was 18, after meeting my dad in a whirlwind kütahya escort romance. She is annoyingly energetic and assertive, and has a habit of making the world fit in with her plans. Like me she’s tall. She’s kept her figure well, and is blonde at the moment. She’s had a succession of lovers since dad died, but nothing’s ever lasted for more than a few months. She lives about thirty minutes drive from our home near Sheffield. The up side of all this is that she was available to mind the k**s when they were younger, and good for sleepovers which they do once a month. The bad news is that she thinks our house is an extension of hers. And our lives, for that matter.“Lincoln seems a great idea, it’s ages since we went. Not sure Andy has that in mind, he’s a bit hung-over I think. Listen, how about I call you about noon and let you know?”“That would be great. Maybe we girls can go to a movie, I know there’s a football game”.Why does she do this? “I’ll see what Andy feels like. I thought Paula was meeting her friends later?” I asked, determined not to fall into her plans. “We’ll be back in time. Roger needs his camera and his recorder. Shall I get them?”“No mum, you wait there. I’ll get them”So I went upstairs and found the camera and audio cases. Roger is very organised, everything in black fabric cases. As I was coming back downstairs with the gear, my bath robe drifted open. Mum glanced up. “Don’t you find those bras uncomfortable?” she asked. “There’s a Janet Reger one that is much better”.Sometimes I feel like I’m thirteen again. I angled her towards the door, doing up my bathrobe. “Andy likes it” is all I could find to say. “Here you are mum. I’ll phone you”. I closed the door on her.I put all the damp clothes from around the house in the washer, and brought in the clothes off the decking where we’d got naked last night. I put my wet ballet pumps in the bin, and Andy’s soaking trainers outside the door. I got crosser and crosser. The open bra, now – obviously – simply the best one in the world, was scratching me on escort kütahya the inside of my arms, just to make me even more annoyed and angry. Andy was lying on our bed, with that cross little boy look men get when they thought they were going to come and don’t. I didn’t say a word. I threw the quilt onto the floor and got four ties from his cupboard. I tied him spreadeagle to the bed, not roughly or securely, just symbolic really. A message. I wanted to do the fucking. I needed to, to get rid of the tension.Andy is quite good at the submissive thing too, and, for a man, surprisingly sensitive to my moods. What he didn’t know was that, after our first taste of pee games a few weeks back, I’d bought a gore-tex mattress protector It was going to be tested now.I knelt over Andy’s face, looking at his willy. “Lick me.” He did, gently at first, his tongue running up the inside of my lips, and probing my fanny. Then he moved to my clitty, just occasionally, with a firm tongue. He focused on putting his tongue inside me, it was just what I needed. I could feel the tension leaving me, and I came a little, just a small tingley orgasm. Andy was hard now, and I leant forward and took his willy in my mouth. It felt bigger than usual, and I sucked hard making the head even bigger. I chewed behind the head, gently, began to fuck him with my mouth. When he was rock hard and not far off coming, big veins blue on his willy and precum in my mouth, I stopped.I stood over his penis, so that he could see me, and let all my piss and irritation go, flooding over his willy and stomach. The release was fantastic and I orgasmed just pissing. A bigger one this time, in my belly. Amazing. I knelt down and licked Andy’s willy clean, then I climbed onto it. I can’t do that reverse cowgirl thing, it hurts. I can’t usually get off through penetration, but this time was going to be different. I fucked him hard, slamming him into me, smashing away my anger. I heard him and felt him come but I carried on. I fucked him through that ticklish bit men wriggle kütahya escort bayan at, ignoring him going softer, carrying on till I orgasmed again, grinding my clitty against his pubic bone. I’d have asked him to touch me to help get me off, but his hands were tied. So Idid it myself, reached down to rub my clitty. I know watching me bring myself off is a big turn on for Andy. When it came, my orgasm was deep inside me, made the roots of my hair tingle. My fanny juices were mixed with his cum, running out onto his balls and tummy. I let him slide out, in a pool of sex fluid. “Can you piss for me?” I asked, anger out of the way now, just love, lust and a bit of revenge I guess. He was panting and smiling. “Whenever you’re ready”I took his lovely, slimy, soft willy in my hand and pointed it at my cunny, leaning back on his legs so he could see. “Come on, my darling, wash me clean”His piss poured out, and I sprayed it all over my fanny, washing his cum out. I stopped the flow by squeezing – so much easier for men – we have to use our muscles to stop the flow – and moved my tits over his willy. “Can you wash these too, please?” I asked releasing the flow and feeling the lovely warmth over my nipples and soaking into the bra. When the last drops had stopped I took him back in my mouth. I lay there with my head in his lap looking up at him. He smiled and said simply “Wow. Terry should come more often!”I bit him quite hard for this. He began to swell. I sucked and bit, rolling my tongue around, not bothering to move my head. He was bigger now. I wanked him with my right hand, just lying in his lap with the end of his willy in my mouth, gently biting occasionally, watching him with my eyes and smiling as he got ready to come. When I felt the pulsing begin, I took him out, resting him on my cheek with my mouth open. There was no power behind his ejaculation, he just dribbled cum onto my cheek, but his whole body bucked in spasms and his eyes were shining. His cum ran down into my mouth and my neck. I lay there happy but exhausted, and closed my eyes, nearly falling asleep. Andy pulled his arms free, and gently stroked my face.Andy disturbed me by moving. “Let me run a bath for you, you sexy woman. You’ve been asleep for twenty minutes, and I’m getting pins and needles. Then you can tell me what Terry said”.