College boy gets a Thanksgiving gay massage

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College boy gets a Thanksgiving gay massageHi, my name is Billy and I’m a 19 year old sophomore in college, but this story takes place over Thanksgiving break and as my home is in Seattle but I’m going to college in Virginia and wasn’t able to go home for Thanksgiving this year.I suppose I should describe myself before I get into my story too far. I’m 6 ft tall and weigh 165 lbs – sort of what I think of as lanky. I thought I would be taller than 6 ft, but that’s how far I got and haven’t grown any taller in the last year. I went out for some sports in high school, but nothing in college. I play tennis a lot though and like to go running several miles each day when the weather is nice. I have reddish-brown hair and I’m pretty smooth with a pretty good tan when I’ve been running a lot (I don’t usually wear a shirt when I run). I have a treasure trail from my navel down to a pretty decent bush around my cock. I’m pretty long-legged. I’m not bad looking – actually pretty good in my opinion. If you’ve seen the guy, Ephraim, on Everwood, I sort of look like him, but maybe not as cute.I first got interested in guys shortly into puberty. I started jackin’ about the age of 13 when I found some pictures of young guys wearing loincloths. I thought their bodies were so sexy, particularly their smooth thighs and chests. I actually dreamed about what was under those loincloths and wished I had some better pictures that would show me. I used to cream all over those pictures.And then I found the Internet – and the online chat groups – and more. But I’m getting ahead of myself.Anyhow, I’m a pretty shy guy. I’m very sure I’m gay (or at least bi). I went out with girls in high school and we kissed some, but I never really had the desire to do more. A girl’s body just doesn’t turn me on like a guy’s. I haven’t really done anything with guys. I’ve chatted some with gays online and have been very tempted, but I’m still closeted. I’d just as soon my friends didn’t know I was gay right now. I’ve got too much in the way of studies and other things than to get all involved in gay pride and that sort of stuff for the next year or two. But… and this is a big but… I’m very horny and jackin’ off to pictures just doesn’t do it. And I like to be touched – and I can’t go around asking guys to touch me.So I decided, since I had to stay in dorm by myself this Thanksgiving, I figure I might as well break out of myself a little and try something new. First I did an internet search and found a list of gay guys who do massages, some of them were even escorts. I particularly liked this one:{SEXY MIKE ** TOP escort ** EROTIC MASSAGES ** HANDSOME 31 YO}so I emailed him and 2 hours later he emailed me backBilly,I’d be very happy to see you next Friday. I’ve put you down for 10 in the morning. If this isn’t ok, let me know. I’m very much looking forward to ‘meating’ you.MikePs: I’ve attached a couple of pictures of myself so you’ll know what to expect.—Of course, I eagerly downloaded the pictures. He’s so handsome! And HOT! One of the pictures had him lying naked on his front looking at the camera by a swimming pool. The other just showed a picture of an erect cock. It had me drooling!It was just Sunday night and I had almost a whole week before Friday. I was going to be a nervous wreck by then.But the week went by very fast. I had Thanksgiving at a friend’s house here and of course talked to my parents. I didn’t jo on Thursday. I wanted to be sure I was “well rested” for Friday. I woke early on Friday and couldn’t eat, I was so nervous. After a lot of thought, I decided to dress simply, just jeans, t-shirt and a coat. It’s about 40 degrees outside, so I have to wear something warm. It would only take about 20 minutes to get to where he lives, but I left about 9 ’cause I wanted a chance to scope the place out and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t late because of some fucking car problem.It turned out he lived in a nice residential area in a cul-de-sac. It was a 2 story home, with nice landscaping and a driveway big enough for 4 cars to park in. There weren’t any cars there – his must have been in the garage. I was nervous as hell, but I was half an hour early, so I went back to a McDonalds I’d seen and had a coke.I drove into his driveway at 9:55, parked and rang the doorbell. After a few seconds it opened and there he was. He somehow looked a little bigger than I casino siteleri had thought and had more muscles. He was a couple of inches taller than me. He hade a muscle shirt on and was wearing gym shorts. He was a dream.”Hi, are you Billy?” he asked with a grin.I said, “Uh, yeah.””Well come on in then, it’s cold out there. I’m glad you found the place ok” he said as he closed the door. “Are you doing all right? I just finished my morning exercise and was having some juice, would you like some?”I gulped, “Uh… sure.””It seems I have plenty of time this morning, nothing else scheduled till this afternoon,” he said as he poured the juice.I couldn’t take my eyes off of him while he talked and moved around the kitchen. His movements were so fluid and sexy. And he had the greatest smile. His hair was dark and spiky and looked good on his tanned complexion. I was so caught up in watching him that I missed what he said next.He laughed, “I have to take care of something upstairs. Finish your juice and then go down the hallway to the first door on your right, that’s the massage and exercise room. There’s a bathroom across the hall if you need it. Take off your clothes and get on the table and I’ll be there in a minute or two.”I found the room okay. The massage table was in the middle of the room under a skylight. There was some weight equipment around the room, some mirrors on the walls, a bookcase and pictures all around the room. I didn’t take time to look at much else and started stripping. I got down to my calvins and put my clothes on a chair by the window. I started looking at the pictures, most of them were of Mike, a couple of them nude, but there were some pictures of other nude guys as well. I was standing and looking at them (and starting to get hard) when Mike came in.He smiled – “Enjoying the artwork, Billy?””Uh, yeah, sure… you sure are built.””I try to take care of myself,” he said. “It helps in this business.”He walked around the room, pulling the curtain closed, turning down the lights, lighting some candles, turning on some low music – sort of like ocean sounds.”Take off the briefs if you don’t mind, it’s easier that way and get up on the table face down.”I turned and slipped them off and got on the table, laying down, and watching him. I tried to relax, but I was starting to get turned on. I had to move my cock so it pointed up under me. I closed my eyes as Mike poured some oil on my back and began to rub it in. He worked on my shoulders and my upper arms first. I was very tense and he noticed it.”Just relax, Billy. I promise you’re going to enjoy this or there’s no charge.”I tried to relax and stretched a little moving my hands out from my body to the edges of the table. As he worked down my back, he stood very close to the table and it wasn’t long before I could feel the front of his shorts brushing against my hand. I moved my hand out a little further and he pushed his crotch against it. Wow! I could actually feel him hardening against my fingers!Mike chuckled deep in his throat and moved back from the table. “I see I probably don’t need these.” And he pulled his shirt off revealing a slightly hairy chest and he dropped his shorts too. He had a 7 1/2″ semi-hard cock that looked delicious. He moved back to the table and my back. This time his cock and balls were pressing against my hand. I opened my fingers and his cock filled them. He continued to work on my back with long strokes of his strong hands but moved up to the head of the table to do it. His cock was right in front of my face. I rose up on my elbows and ran my fingers along his shaft. He was fully hard now and leaned forward a little more each time he ran his hands down my back.His cock head touched my lips and I automatically licked the head with my tongue. He tasted of strawberry. He pushed forward a little more and the head entered my mouth. I moved up a little so I could get more of it and he slowly began to fuck my mouth in rhythm to his movements, massaging my back. I closed my eyes and just tasted him as he filled my mouth. The head was very smooth and silky. I couldn’t believe I was doing this – it had only been an idle fantasy – but here I was with a COCK IN MY MOUTH!I moved forward a little, trying to get more and Mike pushed it in further. His hands were still moving up and down my back muscles, stretching them, as I took as much of his canlı casino cock as I could. He started fucking my mouth a little deeper as he continued worked on my back, his shaft sliding over my lips. After a couple minutes of this, he started running his hands through my hair and playing with my ears. This really turned me on. Then he turned my head up, looked into my eyes and moaned, “Man, you’re good.” His cock jerked a couple of times in my mouth and then I could taste his cum. It didn’t cum out in spurts like mine does, his cum just sorta poured into my mouth. I swallowed as much as I could, but some started dripping down my chin. Mike was breathing heavily as he pulled himself out of my mouth. The head of hi cock was bright red and slick with his cum and my saliva mixed.”My god, that was good,” he said. He reached for a towel and wiped off my face and lips and then used the towel to wipe his cock too.”Would you like a drink of water?” he asked, “I could sure use one.”I sat up and grinned at him, “Definitely.”He got the water and sat on a chair next to me and we chatted for a few minutes about school and such.”I take it you’re a virgin, Billy?” he said with a smile.I nodded, “That was the first time I’ve had sex with anyone.””Well you’re off to a good start,” he smiled some more. “That was one of the hottest blow jobs I’ve had in months! Well now, why don’t lie back down and we’ll get on with this.” He switched tapes and got one with a slow beat before he began again. I laid down on my front again, secretly pleased with how things were going and wondering what was going to happen next.Michael put some more oil on his hands and started on my feet. “I love feet,” he said as he worked on my toes.”Go easy on them,” I told him. “They’re ticklish.”He rubbed the arches lightly and stretched the toes. I didn’t know my feet could be an erogenous zone, but I was getting hard again. He worked on them for a few minutes and then moved on up my legs, working on each muscle. It wasn’t long before I felt his hands on my ass, using his fingers deep into the muscles there.”I love a great ass – and you’ve got a beautiful one.”I mumbled, “Thanks.” Not knowing what else to say.I was in heaven. Every few seconds he would trail one of his fingers down my crack. He poured some more oil on it and then spread my cheeks as his hands worked. His fingers were like magic on me. He put a hand on the small of my back and probed until I felt a finger on my asshole. I moaned, encouraging him. I don’t think he needed encouragement though and his finger pushed in some and then squeezed past the ring into me. He moved it in and out, going deeper each time. I moaned louder as he pushed a second finger in. It was tight but getting easier. He pulled his fingers out and got some sort of gel and pushed them in again. They went in so easy now. My asshole relaxed as he probed deeper and deeper until he was massaging my prostate. I was so close to cumming, but he pulled them out and wiped his hands on a towel.”Okay, time to turn over.”I hesitated, knowing he was going to see my hard cock, but this is what I came here for and turned onto my back – my 7-inches laying hard on my stomach.”Very nice, very,” he admired.He stood back and looked at me, smiling slightly. He then put some more oil on his hands and started on my pecs. He rubbed them some, then started playing with my nipples, rubbing and pinching them until they were almost as hard as my cock. I moaned some more and he leaned over and sucked on them. It was so hot! I was in ecstasy! As he sucked on them and flicked them with his tongue, his hand moved down my stomach into my pubes, his fingers lightly running over my cock. He played with my balls and then my cockhead as he continued to suck my tits.He kissed on down my stomach, his hand stroking my cock slowly. He held it up and his lips engulfed the head. I groaned and tried to lift into his mouth, but his hands held me down. His fingers played with my balls as he licked around the head, then kissed up and down the shaft. His fingers probed at my hole again and he inserted one part way. He held his finger in my ass while he kissed and sucked on my balls, first one and then the other. He kissed back up my shaft and took my cockhead into his mouth again.His warm lips slid all the way down my shaft and I felt my cock hit the back of his throat. He held my kaçak casino cock deep in his mouth and I felt his finger push deep into my ass. He pushed in another finger and then began sucking my cock in earnest, sliding his warm lips up and down my shaft over and over. I was shaking on the table, I was so overcome with feeling. I knew I couldn’t take much more. His fingers were pushing in and out of my hole too. Oh God, I didn’t know how good this could feel. He deep throated me and his other hand began rubbing my balls. I put my hands on his head in place and pumped into his mouth and came almost immediately.I yelled as my cock jerked and started shooting cum into his throat. My body went on automatic as my cock shot spurt after spurt into his mouth. He kept his mouth tight around my cock as he swallowed over and over. Finally I was done. He let my cock fall from his mouth, wiping his lips with his hands.I felt like a limp noodle after that!”That was quite a load, Billy,” he said as he rubbed my chest lightly and ran his fingers over my slick and sensitive cock.I told him, “I hope you liked it, I sure did!””I could tell that,” he replied as he moved to the foot of the table. He leaned over me and licked my sticky shaft again and then kissed up my chest to my nipples. I ran my fingers through his hair, loving the feel of his lips on my skin.His hands grasped my legs under my knees and pulled me down until my ass was at the edge of the table. He leaned over further and pulled my head up and kissed my lips, his tongue probing. I kissed him back, his body pressed against mine. I could taste my cum in his mouth!I lifted my legs up around him and slid down even more. I could feel his cock against my ass and I badly wanted what I thought was going to happen. We kissed some more. He reached down and moved his cock so that it was pressed against my hole while he kept kissing me. His tongue was fucking my mouth as I felt him push his cock against my hole. I tried to relax and spread my legs wider and he pushed the head into me. It was tight and hurt some, but he had loosened me up and lubed my hole quite a bit before. I raised my legs up to his shoulders and felt him slide in deeper. It felt so fuckin’ hot! He pulled out a little and then back in. Each time he did it, he went in further. I pushed back each time he pushed in and it wasn’t long before I felt his pubes rubbing against my balls. I gave out a long moan and he held his cock deep inside me while he kissed my lips, my neck and cheeks.He rose up and held my legs and watched himself as he began fucking me slowly. I found if I turned my head, I could see what was happening in the mirror nearby, his cock going slowly in and out of me. He sped up some and then reached down and started jacking my now hard again cock as he fucked my ass. It was the hottest thing I’ve ever seen, this slick cock sliding in and out of me – and the feelings! I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life!He moved his hips faster and faster, plunging into me each time as far as he could go. My ass was bouncing on the table from his pounding his dick into me. Just as I began to shoot again, he froze and I could feel his warm cum filling my hole. He held it there and his hot cum shot deep inside me as his body jerked a couple times. Sweat was pouring down his face and chest as he lowered my legs back onto the table. Then he leaned over and kissed my lips softly, pulling himself close, our sweat-covered bodies mashing against each other. His cock slid out after a minute or so and he stood up. He grabbed a couple towels and threw me one.Needless to say, I was completely spent!Mike moved around the table and gave me another towel. “There’s a shower around the corner with soap, shampoo and towels Billy, if you want to use it. When you’re done, come on into the living room and we’ll settle up.”He left me alone then. I showered, put my clothes on, making sure I wasn’t forgetting anything.When I went in the living room, he was standing by the TV. “I hope you had a good time, Billy?” he smiled. “I know I did.”I grinned back at him, “Yeah it was great!! I had no idea it’d feel this good.” “Here’s your money, your internet ad said half price for students.””Yeah, that’s right. I wish I got more students, especially hot ones like you,” he smiled. “Feel free to give me a call anytime.”With that, I left. I felt good about myself, knowing that I’d passed a milestone in my life. And knowing that I’d jack off thinking about what happened here many, many times. And also knowing I’d be back here again probably during the next holiday – if not sooner!