Clifftop Encounter

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Clifftop EncounterSunshine, in winter, can be deceptive. It was cold. bloody cold. The admittedly small cliffs at Margate were nevertheless high enough and open enough to suffer the full blast of an Easterly wind coming straight from Siberia.But dog’s need to be walked and like a good and responsible dog owner, I was walking my dog. He was busy investigating the passing of previous quadrupeds with his nose and I stood and looked out over a steel-grey sea. Small waves lapping onto what was left of the sand at high tide.“Excuse me,” a voice said behind me. It was soft and obviously female. I turned and looked at a woman. She was dark haired under the knitted woollen hat and a long scarf was wrapped around her neck. A heavy coat and leggings and boots and beside her, looking plaintively up at me, a dog of indeterminate pedigree.Barnaby raised his head and looked hard at the newcomer before ambling over to say hello in the way all dogs do. Nose to nose followed by nose to…..Well, you get the picture.“How can I help?” I asked, noting the green eyes with their little wrinkles which suggested early middle age.“I’m sorry but, do you know if there’s a loo around here?”I pursed my lips. Loo’s in East Kent were now a rare luxury, the previous ones being frequented for dealing in dubious substances and the target of vandals.“I’m afraid there aren’t any at this time of year.”She was NOT a happy bunny.“I suppose the bloody Council think that no-one needs to piss in winter!”I must confess that this coming from what was obviously an attractive lady was a surprise.“One might almost say that they’re taking the piss,” I said and smiled. She looked at me and grinned.“Or not!” she said. There was silence for a moment before she spoke again. “Oh, God! I’ll never make it home.”“Er, I hesitate to suggest it,” I said. “But there is the sunken garden there.”I indicated a feature of the cliff-tops. It had been there for donkey’s years and was now only used by k**s to play football or smoke or drink. Whatever k**s do nowadays. But it was deserted and out of sight of prying eyes.“You can’t be seen and, if you’ll trust me, I can keep watch for you,” I explained. She looked at it and back at me.“Would you?” she asked. “I’d be giresun escort sooo grateful. I’ll never last.”“Of course not,” I said and we walked down the pathway which led to the secluded garden. A pathway ran around it and was screened off with large bushes. We found the most secluded and I took the lead of what I now new to be Raquel. Barnaby was walking beside her and they seemed to have reached a mutual understanding. I looked around.“All clear,” I said and the woman, after taking a quick confirmatory look as she unbuttoned her coat, and began to raise her skirt. Suddenly she looked at me and stopped. I had been staring. She giggled.“You can watch if you want,” she said. “But I want you to put on a show for me too,”“I’m so sorry,” I said. “I didn’t mean to stare.”She looked at me.“I was just making sure…..I’ll give you some privacy.” I said and went to turn away.“I meant it,” she said. I turned back and we stared at each other for a moment. “Sorry, just a little kink in me.”“You enjoy being watched while you pee?”She nodded. “And watching,” she added.I looked around. Not a soul in sight.“My lucky day,” I said and opened my coat. I unzipped my fly and rummaged inside for what was, despite the cold, a rather stiff cock.“Can you piss when it’s that hard?” she asked. I nodded. “Pity I’ve got tights and knickers on. I have to squat.”“Not necessarily,” I said. She put her head on one side in an enquiring attitude. I fished in my pocket and came out with my little jack-of-all-trades. A multi-tool which has a penknife on it. “I will buy you some new ones.”She grinned nervously and nodded. I didn’t tell her that I had also switched on my Dictaphone to record all that happened.“OK,” she said and stood with her legs wide, her skirt right up around her waist.. I knelt on the ground and reached up, taking the gusset of the thick woollen tights and carefully inserting the knife. I always keep it sharp and it slid easily through the material and I sliced it up to the waistband in the front and back. The material pulled aside to reveal a pair of small briefs.“Now what shall I do with these?” I asked.“Remove them?”“How?”“You have the knife,” she said and I noted the huskiness in her voice. “And I escort giresun have lots of pairs of these at home.”I pulled the waistband out and inserted the knife. It cut easily and the material fell to one side. Another cut on the other side and I pulled the flimsy material out.“Wow!” I said looking at the smooth skin of a perfectly bald pussy.“Mmmmm. That is so cool on my cunt.”I stood and looked watched. Her feet were wide apart and her knees bent, She was thrusting her hips forward so I could get a good look as her fingers pulled her pussy lips open. Gently I was massaging my erect cock and knew she was looking at it.“When you piss,” she said. “I’d like it to hit me just about – here!”Her forefinger was indicating her clit and gently massaging it.“You want me to piss on you?”She nodded.“I do love that warm, golden stream on me.”“Then I have a problem,” I said. “I want to watch you piss but I also want to be kissing that sweet cunt while you’re doing it.”She giggled.“I can stop the flow half way through,” she said. “So you can do both.”As she spoke, I watched the first spurt. A short arc which splashed on the floor. Then a small dribble and finally a gusher which arced from her and landed between my legs. It suddenly stopped and I looked into her eyes.“Quickly,” she said. “If you want to kiss it while I go.”I fell onto my knees and grabbed her buttocks as I thrust my mouth to her wet gash. Just in time. He flood started again and I was swallowing it as hard and fast as I could. Still I couldn’t take it all and felt my shirt hot against my skin and then chilling as the cold air cooled her pee. My tongue worked furiously at her open cunt and found her hole. Her hard clit responded and her flow faltered and died. Still I kept licking. I heard her voice above me.“Oh! Oh! Yes! Oh that is so lovely.” she was saying, her hands holding my head as I licked her. I felt her hips twitching and her writhing as I worked on her and her moans grow louder. She tasted delicious. Warm pee had given way to hot juice and she was flooding.“Oh Fuck!” she said. “Here I come. Here I fucking……Oooooooowwwwwwwaaaaaaggggghhhhhhh! FUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKK!”A final buck of her body and she pushed me back, standing giresun escort bayan holding my shoulders and panting as she came back down to Earth.We stared at each other for a while and then she grinned.“My turn,” she said pulling me to my feet. She was on her knees on the grass and had my cock in her mouth. Her fingers worked on the waistband of my trousers and soon they were falling around my knees. My underpants were yanked down and cold hands found my balls. I know a cold shower is supposed to remove the urge but I’ve always found that cold of any kind on my balls and cock has quite the reverse effect. Now I was rock hard and she had it right down her throat, her lips against my pubic bone. An icy finger probed into my arsehole.Suddenly she pulled back.“I thought you wanted to piss,” she said.“You ok with that?”“Fucking do it!” she ordered and took me back. I concentrated and believe me it did need concentration. Finally it yielded and I felt the first flow and then the flood. I looked down and despite her lips being clamped around my cock and her desperate swallowing, pee was flooding from her mouth and dropping on her coat.Finally I finished and she pulled back, licking her lips.“Now let’s have that spunk!” she said and began a blow-job like I’ve never experienced before. Her tongue was like an eel as it wove and wound it’s way over my swollen glans. She swallowed me down and pulled me out and licked my shaft and nibbled my foreskin and then pumped her head back and forth and I lasted about four minutes before blasting a load into her mouth.She stood up and opened wide for me to see the load and we kissed, swapping it between our mouths before she swallowed the lot.We looked nervously at each other as we finally adjusted our clothes.“I’m afraid you’ll be cold down there,” I said, indicating her groin where her tights were split and her knickers were in half in my pocket.” She giggled.“Don’t worry, You’ve warmed it up for me.”“I’d like to warm it with a fuck,” I said. She smiled.“I’ll be here tomorrow,” she said. “And I’m sure I’ll need a piss again and – well – a fuck is a nice way to finish off.”I grinned and she gave me a peck on the cheek. We looked down at Barnaby and Raquel. Barnaby had availed himself of her while we had been otherwise engaged.With a smile she blew a kiss and turned to leave. After about ten yards she turned.“By the way, what’s your name?”“Robert,” I said. “Call me Bob.”“Janet,” she said. “Call me slut!”