Christine 6 – Christmas party

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Christine 6 – Christmas partyIn the previous part of this story, my mom had confided some pretty hot stuff about aunt Christine at my mom’s wedding. Which left me in an uncomfortable state, if I might put it that way. But life is not a never ending sex fiesta. Life normally is, err normal (having a slow day here people but stay with me). Just to put you back in context, this is around the holiday period and we’re planning our own, intimate family Christmas party. Just our own closely knit family. My mom, my dad, 2 sisters, my brother and I with spouses. A pretty nice happening. My mom is an excellent cook and she’s prepared this roast beef with the veggies and everything. My brother and I got the wine, the girls brought desert. We’re a pretty fortunate family, if not money wise, certainly from a loving, close group. Dinner ends and I know that a lot of people are going to sleep over because we’ve all had too much to drink. When my siblings moved away, my parents decided to keep the house for a number of reasons. So when these events happen, everyone has their own bedroom back – very comfortable. So it’s around 8:00, we’re in the downstairs family room, the fireplace is going, some music and we start a game of pool, winners stay, losers give up their spot. I’m sitting there with dad by the fireplace, both nursing our proverbial Johnny Walker red label and we’re chatting away. Being a little drunk, I venture into never visited territory, with dad anyway. “Dad you know mom talked to me about being careful with aunt Christine don’t you”“Yes she told me about it but I didn’t agree. I don’t think we’ve got any business meddling in your affairs – if you pardon the bad pun.”“Well I appreciate that dad, thanks for saying so. But she did anyway and I must say it was a very nice talk. Nothing threatening, just a mom to son talk and I understand where she’s coming from really.”“What did she say?”So in a minute or so, I proceed to summarize our talk. When I mentioned the fact that mom had told me that dad had come back to the table with a hard on after his dance with Christine, I thought he would have a heart attack. “She told you THAT?”“Sure, nothing to be ashamed off dad, we’re boys right? And she did say that you had told here it was because you wanted to get her back to the room and fuck her.” Of course I’m whispering all of this. “But that’s not something a son should hear about his parents.”“Oh come on dad, don’t you think I’ve eryaman escort got a bit of a clue as to how we all got here. Plus mom is still a good looking broad right, I’m sure you must still “do it” tight dad, wink wink nudge nudge”. Since we’re both Monthy Python fans he started laughing, just about spilling his drink. “What’s so funny”, my mom says, coming over a little tipsy herself. “Mark and I were just having boy talk that’s all.”“”And what was it about?” she asksDad says: “Wouldn’t be boy talks if some broad was invited in now would it?” and with that my mom slapped his leg. “You dirty rat”, she says smiling at him, “make me some room willya, let me sit on your lap you old unpleasant man.” So she sits on him, gives him a kiss and puts his arms around her waist. I must say, she’s a good-looking woman. Just turned fifty, she takes real good care of herself, in fact dad does too. They both play golf and run together. I’m very lucky to have parents that still enjoy each other’s company, and it shows, nothing fake here. Did I imagine or did he just cop a feel of mom’s tit? And did my mom just wiggle her bum on him? I love these parties where the alcohol flows just enough to loosen everybody’s inhibitions. You know me by now, my sex radar is always “on” and I’m looking for sexual signs and actions everywhere and tonight is no exception. “So tell me boys, what was it that you were talking about?”“Mark was telling me about you little talk and the fact that you had told him, I still can’t believe it, about the fact that I wanted to fuck you so bad at our wedding night.”“Is that all he told you?”“No in fact, and this is worse still, he told me that you had seen me come back at the table with a hard on after dancing with your sister. Now even I had forgotten about that. Man that’s ages ago.” “A woman doesn’t forget these things. I also told him about Christine in the parking lot and the fact that you thought it was funny that uncle Harry had gotten a blow job from her.”“You DID? Geez honey, Mark doesn’t need to know all of that.”“I think he does, Christine is weaving her web around your son and I just wanted him to know it.” “You know how I feel about it dear, it’s none of our business.”“Oh well, doesn’t matter, we just agree to disagree on that. No big deal.”And as she’s talking and turning to look at dad, then at me, her skirt rises up, showing her nylons. She doesn’t wear those clingy things like Christine does eryaman escort bayan but she’s got killer legs anyway. When she turns to put her arm around dad’s neck, her blouse opens up and I’m looking at a transparent bra with lace all around the edge. No nipple, shit. I’m fucking mesmerized by that. Dad hugs her real tight and now he cops a feel for sure, there’s no mistaking it, he’s got her tit in his hand and mom grunts a little. She kisses his neck, her skirt raises up a little more – panties – oh fuck, I’m looking at my mom’s panties and I’m getting a semi hard on. Shit, this has got to stop, I can’t be walking around my house with a hard on. I get up to go to the washroom and put to this in its place.“Anybody want more drinks?” I ask. I feel like a fucking waiter now but anything’s better than sitting there, looking at my parents groping each other and getting a hard on. People need a few refills, dad hands me his glass and wants another drink. “Thanks son, you’re the man.”“Here, let me help you Mark, you’ve got too many drinks to take down, you’ll make a mess” my mom says as she gets up. Oh no, shit please don’t come up to the kitchen with me mom, oh no, please, let me die with my hard on safely in its place. But of course, this pleading is only happening in my head, she gets up, straightens her skirt, and arranges her white satin blouse and starts to go up. I’m picking up glasses and follow her up the stairs, looking straight at her ass. Oh shit, I’ll need to go take care of this little problem over her and beat it (pardon the pun) into submission. Mom stumbles on the way up and almost falls. My hands are full, I can’t do anything, dad runs up. “Are you OK, are you hurt?” he worries. “I’m OK, I’m ok really, I just missed the tip of the step over here. These high heels are not good for balance when you’re a little drunk,” mom says to both of us. She gets up and continues up the stairs. “Wow, I was worried there too mom, it looked like you really crashed.”“Thank you son, I just missed the step by an inch, nothing hurts but my pride. I AM a little drunk I suppose, I should stop.”“Oh come on mom, you’re in your own home with your family, not going anywhere. We know you mom. You’re the best mom a family could have, you can let yourself go for one night.”“I don’t think I can Mark, oh no, I really don’t think I can let myself go.” “By the way mom, thanks for telling me about aunt Christine, I know you escort eryaman mean well and I really appreciate it.”“That little bitch isn’t gonna get my baby son as a lover – over my dead body she is.”“MOM, come on. Relax it’s OK.”But then mom started crying. “Mom,” I said taking her in my arms, “what is it? What’s going on?”“Mark, I’m just jealous. As god-awful as it is, I’m just jealous. I have to tell you that I’ve pictured her with you and I want to scream. I know how attractive she is. I tell you, if she ever does this with you I’m going to have my revenge and fuck her oldest son. You’re MY son, and you’re MINE even though there can never be THAT relationship between us.”Holly shit, this had just taken a 90 degree turn. “Mom, I love you and I will never do anything to hurt you.” I took her in my arms and she clung to me. Stroking her back, I feel her bra and she’s not moving, except getting closer to me if that’s possible. My hard on shows up at this most inopportune moment. “Mark, is this me?” “Yes mom, this is you. You’re so desirable; I love the feel of your body on mine. I know we can’t go further but I think you’re the sexiest 50 year old girl alive.”“Oh Mark, that’s so nice.” She looks at me in the eyes and I can’t help but kiss her. “Humm”, she says grinding her pelvis into my dick. I grab her ass and make a move to feel her tit but she moves back.“Oh no Mark, we can’t have that. I’m sorry son, I’m so sorry but we can’t have that.” I’ll have none of it and kiss her again. This time she lets me slip my tongue in her mouth and really gives in. I grab her tit with my right hand, my hard on is raging, I want to fuck her so bad. I lift her skirt, grab her ass and move to the front; start stroking her clit through her nylons and panties. In a flash, I’ve got my hand down her panties and I’m feeling her bush when she opens her legs and moves back a little. She’s looking at me with glazed eyes, her nipples are hard and she’s letting me play with her clit. I know this cannot go further and I let her hang, horny and panting. “Oh Mark, this was so not right. Please don’t ever do that to me again.”“Didn’t like it mom?”“I can’t say I didn’t, it’s just so not right,” and she turns around, puts everything back in its place and starts preparing drinks. We make our way back downstairs with drinks, sit back down in front of dad and resume our little conversation as if nothing happened. Except, mom frowns when she sees me lick my middle finger, the very same that was up her cunt 2 minutes before. But we both know it did.That night I heard mom and dad fuck while I was jerking off in my room. I could not help but think that maybe my mom was thinking this was me fucking her