Caught Taking Candids Turns into Gay BJs

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Caught Taking Candids Turns into Gay BJsI love taking candid photos of sexy teens, and I was always sneaky enough to not be caught. One day my luck ran out.I was eating dinner at the meal hall in my university one night. When I saw the sexiest piece of ass I had ever seen. I was getting a second helping when I noticed her at the buffet. She was wearing white vans, black leggings and a light blue crop top style hoodie. She was about 5’4” and had the best damn ass I had ever seen. It was so thick and disproportionately large compared to her tiny waist. Her thighs were just as thick and she carried it well. My cock tried to get hard in my track pants, but fear of people seeing made it stay down. I sat a ways away from her, careful to not be caught staring. We she got up to go, I got up just after, put my dishes away and followed her out. There weren’t many people around and I followed her down the hallway until no one was near. I pulled out my phone and began to film her. Now my cock was rock hard, tenting my pants. I followed düzce escort her up some stairs, heading back towards the residence building. We were almost back and it was almost time to put away my phone, but I got greedy and kept going. All of a sudden she stopped and turned around, a look of disgust on her face. It was too late, she saw my reflection in the glass door that led into another hallway. Before I could think of what to say she confronted me “were you filming me?” She asked in a demanding tone. I nodded my face beat red. She stood with one hip stuck out to the side and her hand resting on it. With her head tilted slightly. I was so ashamed, yet so turned on. What happened next blew me away, she said “I’ll let you keep the video on one condition…” “whats that” I said. “You suck a cock for me!” I had always fantasized about a hot girl making me suck cock, I agreed enthusiastically, which she thought was quite humorous. We went into a men’s bathroom she told me “first guy that walks in you blow” I agreed, escort düzce now extremely nervous, but the sight of her ass gave me courage. After 10 minutes or so the door opened. I was glad to see a complete stranger. He was an average guy, about 5’10” and slightly chubby. I explained that I would give him a blowjob and that this sexy girl would watch. He agreed, pulling out a 6” uncircumcised cock. I sucked him off for 15 minutes. The sexy girl ordered I swallow his cum. I obeyed, the guy left, and the girl told me “keep the video fag boy, and I’ll keep mine” I noticed her phone had been propped up on the sink to film me. She began to leave, “wait don’t go” I begged “I’ll do more” she seemed interested and agreed to stay. “I never got your name” I said lamely. “Sam” she said. I blew four more strangers for her, each one filmed, each load swallowed. The next guy that came in was black, tall and muscular. I asked him if he wanted a bj, he politely declined. However when he noticed Sam he said “unless its from you sexy” düzce escort bayan without a word more she was on her knees, slobbering all over his 11” bbc. I was blown away by how sexy it was, I pulled out my cock and jerked off to them. He bust a huge nut all over Sams face, got her number, and just as quick as he appeared he was gone. Sam, obviously very turned on let me lick the cum off her face, and spit it in her mouth. Another guy came in, I blew him, but this time spitting the cum into Sams mouth for her to swallow. After a few more guys like this, she joined me on my knees and we blew the guy together. She kissed me with his cum after. Each guy we blew we removed clothing, until we were fully naked on the bathroom floor. In between guys she would ball bust me, face sit me and even work fingers into my ass. We stayed there blowing guys until no one else came in. She worked all the way up to a full fist in my ass, using cum as lube. I made her orgasm countless times by eating her pussy and ass. Eventually after hours of edging I came hands free, while she fisted my ass and lightly slapped my balls. We were exhausted, she gave me her number and we went home. I jerked off for the rest of the night, until I came watching the video I took of her.