Beth – My First mature

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Beth – My First matureBeth – My First MatureI am now retired with the time to relate a lifetime of experiences and all with mature women. All my stories are true in essence and only some dialogue and scenes embellished to improve the story flow. I have spent my life seeking sexual exploits and each of my stories is either a real experience for me or related to me by one of the participants. Fortunately I had a career that allowed me the freedom to explore.I guess I had a very liberal upbringing and a happy one. From the age of ten, my parents practiced naturism (nudism) and belonged to a group which met regularly once a month at a secluded property outside my home city in Australia. Thus I had no misconceptions about the human body and especially that of the female. To this day I believe that most nudists are driven by sexual desires no matter how they may try to disguise those.By the time I was twelve – 50 years ago – I’d seen every shape and size of pussy and prick. I could tell if a woman had recently been fucked purely by looking at her cunt and there were always plenty of those on show because at a naturist gathering modesty is non -existent.By f******n I was enjoying quite a bit of sexual contact with girls my own age – there were about 15 of us boys and girls in our club and we were allowed to roam freely through the secluded bush. We usually gathered at one of the waterholes on the property and would spend most of the day in the water and playing with each other. In the early 60’s pregnancy was the great fear so penetrative sex was minimal and in fact only two of the older girls – Sally 17 and Maryanne 16 would occasionally let us fuck them. It was hardly a fuck and we always had to pull out before cumming (if we could). Most of our sexual experimentation was heavy petting with lots of mutual masturbation because oral sex was still a rarity and anal almost unheard of amongst us k**s. We also had to keep an eye out for roaming parents who wouldn’t have approved even if we were all naked. Thus I knew my way around a cunt pretty well.One of the couples Beth and Carl (Sally’s parents) were regular visitors at our home as Carl needed regular hospitalisation so Beth would stay with us while Carl underwent his treatment usually for a week at a time. My parents would take this opportunity to get away at the weekend and leave Beth to care for me and my young brother. It was on one of these occasions just before my 15th birthday I recall that I was sitting in our lounge listening to music with Beth – no TV at our house in the early 60’s. My brother had gone to bed and I was brushing Beth’s hair which I always enjoyed – she’d showered and I loved tugging at I to get the knots out. On this night I was on the edge of the couch dressed only in my sleep shorts with Beth on the floor in front of me with her head between my legs, her back to me and dressed in a pair of baby doll pyjamas.As I pulled the comb through her hair it would catch on a knot and pull her head into my crotch and, of course, at my age any attention there would arouse me. I got myself a nice hard-on and really thought nothing of it except I’d have a nice wank when I got to bed. Strangely I was also aroused by looking over Beth’s shoulder and down the front of her very loose pyjamas at her tits. Its not as if I’d never seen them before – I was very familiar with them – full and pendulous but nipples still pointing out darıca escort not down and very large aureolae. Pretty good for a woman in her mid forties and they were turning me on probably because they were so close and I felt as if I could touch them. Fifteen minutes of combing and Beth eventually asked “is that a hard-on I can feel”. I tried to laugh it off saying it always happens when I’m “being touched there and I’m perving on your tits as well”. Beth couldn’t believe she was turning me on and asked if I had had sex with anyone. I admitted I had but was unsure if I should reveal what us k**s got up to at the naturist club. Beth was pretty switched on and asked if I was one of the boys playing with her Sally at the club. I asked if she knew about that and she said that Sally tells her everything so I admitted I had fingered Sally quite a few times and even had my cock in her pussy but never really felt that I’d fucked her properly. This really didn’t sound like the type of conversation I should be having with one of the club mothers especially using the crude language but Beth encouraged it. Beth then just leant her head back and lifted her hand over her shoulder and slid it up my loose shorts leg immediately gabbing my cock and started stroking gently. She asked “ will you finish brushing my hair and I’ll just keep you hard because I’ve not finished with you”. She then asked if I enjoyed having my cock sucked. “I’ve not really tried that “ I admitted though I have had it in a couple of the girls mouths for a short time including Sallys. I finished my brushing and told her so she very casually let go my cock , turned to face me pulled her baby doll top off, “here you are sweetheart , enjoy a real set of boobs”. I reached out and started to pull on her nipples while she just sat back on her haunches and slid both hands up my shorts and held my cock in both hands. She closed her eyes and just made short murmurings telling me how good that felt. I loved it as her nipples grew in my fingers – they got to about the size of my little fingers last joint and then Beth started to perform. I wasn’t surprised as I’d seen a number of the girls at the club have orgasms and they all reacted noisily and some with a lot of action. Beth started giving instructions but her main cry was to “hurt them baby’. I squeezed as hard as I could until eventually Beth ordered me to bite her nipples. I wasn’t sure but it was easy enough to lean forward and lift both beautiful pendulous breasts to my mouth and nibble on each nipple . This wasn’t enough as she approached orgasm – her legs were spread wide apart now and she was pushing her crotch to the floor and rubbing it on the carpet then told me to “bite hard you bastard till you make them bleed”I did as I was told and was actually quite concerned but I rubbed them back and forth between my teeth until her breathing increased intensity and with a very loud “fuuuuuucccckkk” she fell forward and lay with her head in my lap and I gently went back to stroking her nipples.She must have spent just a few minutes resting when she lifted her head and just said “your turn now dear boy”. I lay back in the lounge and lifted my bum as she pulled my shorts off – my cock sprang forth and stood proudly to attention right in front of her eyes. She reached forward with both hands complimenting me on my “beautiful healthy young cock” and simply slid her mouth over the escort darıca end. She would then pull off it and lick its full length – up and down each side then to my balls, sucking each one. Back to the head and engulfing it in her very moist mouth. She asked if I’d been deep a girls throat and I said I had not (this was pre Linda Lovelace days) so she took me deep, really deep with my whole cock disappearing down her throat and she massaged my balls as she did so. This did it for me and I couldn’t hold back. I grunted that I was about to cum so she pulled off and let the tip rest on her tongue as my cock started to spurt cum – first shot in her mouth then the rest sprayed around her face. I saw her swallow what was on her tongue then she immediately reached for my head and pulled me to her and kissed me hard using her tongue. A first for me as I tasted sperm – my own- for the first time. A lesson in life I learned was how many women love to share a sperm laden kiss especially after an orgasm.We rested with her head in my lap as she asked how I felt “was this your first real blow job” to which I admitted it was. I’d emptied quite a bit of sperm into willing hands and on tits but not been swallowed or given a facial. I laughed and said that “I’d have something to show the girls next time at the club” and she just replied to be careful as some may not like it..Then after a rest she just stood up and as cool as ever just dropped her pyjama bottoms and said “ you wanna fuck me now”. I just smiled and said “ give me a minute while I recover then you’ll have to get me hard”. She placed one leg on the couch next to me and spread her outer labia with two fingers then with her other hand commenced to pull her inner lips until they hung outside her outer ones. Like a beautiful piece of meat on display. “You ever seen a cunt this close” she asked to which I admitted I had. I seen all the girls in our club group and many of the ladies often had open cunts especially if they’d been fucked the night before,. However I’d never been able to explore a well used mature cunt and so she proceeded to explain in detail what everything was. Her clit was first to be explained and she asked me to touch it then lick it which I willingly did. She guided my two fingers inside and asked me to feel up behind her clit inside her cunt at the different little raised area about the size of a penny (in those days). That, she explained was her “hot spot’ (now known as ‘g ’spot) and if I squeezed with her clit under my thumb and two fingers on her g spot that was especially arousing for her. I quickly did this and she almost immediately had a small quick orgasm which made her sit down. After she recovered she lay back on the floor and showed me all around her cunt and her arsehole – it was an unbelievable tour for a young man of 14 – one I didn’t ever forget and I learned where all her especially sensitive areas and points were which over the years I put to good use with her and others. I was hard again by now and I just sat and looked at her laying back on the floor – so totally abandoned to sex and I never thought until that day how sensual an older woman could be but it started me on a lifetime of enjoyment of mature women. She just spread her legs and said ‘you know where it goes now, please just fuck me darling boy”. I climbed off the couch and knelt between her legs leaning forward to momentarily lick at her darıca escort bayan clit and cunt lips. Then sliding forward I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her glistening slit. I knew I was teasing her and she was becoming impatient “ for God sake just fuck me Lew” she screamed so I did. I entered so easily but the warmth and succulent muscle contractions were just heaven. I moved easily and lazily with Beth thrusting up to meet every forward thrust of mine. It was so different to the tight pussies of her daughter and Maryanne. They were great but didn’t seem to fuck with the same enthusiasm as Beth did. She admitted she hadn’t had a cock for months due to her husband’s illness and was really trying to figure out which of the club members she would be able to seduce. I had no answer to that except to say that she had me now and I was willing to be her lover as long as we kept it a secret. I wasn’t sure if my mates would understand me fucking an older woman and my parents certainly wouldn’t. I found her highly arousing and sexually attractive. She had big tits with pendulous boobs but she had a very female body with narrowed waist and broad arse carried on a set of strong legs. A little bit of weight around the middle but there aren’t many women of that age who don’t have that and I find it very sexy to hang onto and pull hard when doggy fucking.Anyway we kept slow fucking and talking for at least an hour – we didn’t set a clock on it when she asked if I would like to cum in her then we must sleep. I increased the pace and intensity as she used her cunt muscles tighten up. She started to use her crude language urging me to fuck her and cum in her. I only had to tell her when I was about to spurt and she released with me nearly ripping the skin off my back in the process. We were both breathing hard and slowly regained our composure as I rolled off her. She sat up and grabbed her pj’s to mop up her cunt which was full of my cum and she had obviously released a lot of fluid as well – there was a large wet stain on the carpet which she said we’d have to clean tomorrow. She didn’t ask but just led me to her bed and we climbed in and both dropped off to sleep immediately. During the night I nestled in close behind her and just as the morning light started to flood through the curtains so too did my erection return. I didn’t ask her but just pushed it up her very willing cunt from behind while laying on our sides. I fucked her slowly like that until she woke properly then she got on her knees and with her head on a pillow I rutted her hard like an a****l. That was fantastic with her shouting into the pillow so as not to wake my brother and I again emptied my load of spunk right deep in her cunt. That weekend we fucked as often and in interesting places as much as we could. My brother went to play next door all day so Beth and I strode naked around the house all day. She sucked me and fucked me until I couldn’t produce any more juice but could still get a hard on. She asked if I would like to give her a “bum fuck” which I was a little taken aback at until she explained how and where and that we needed to use a lubricant. She told me that her and her husband did it often when they were young to avoid pregnancy and she learned to love it. So did I – so tight and hot and a completely new experience. That weekend started a whole new period of my life. I fucked Beth for four years until I left home chasing my career. I experienced every sexual dimension I could under her guidance and the stories I can share about her ( and her daughter Sally who she shared with me) are yet to be told but I will continue to write.