At work….

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At work….I waited until my last employee left my office, with hopefully, the last piece of anything that needed my signature for the day. I watched as he closed my door, then leaned back in my office chair and kicked off my heels then leaned back so far in my chair I could hear the spring pop, along with the satisfying pop of my upper back. I looked at the clock and made sure I had enough time for a quick phone call. After a day like today, I needed to hear my lover’s voice. I dialed the number I knew by heart. One ring. I tapped my pen impatiently on my desk, the sound of it echoed in my quiet office. Two rings. I stilled all movement and frowned. She usually answers by now. Three rings. Just as I was about to scream in frustration, toss the phone down and rush over there, the ringing stopped.”‘Lo” Her voice was soft, muffled, and sleepy. I smiled as I pictured my girl, green eyes struggling to open, soft warm skin, and her soft brown hair all mussed from sleep. “Morning, sweetie. Did I wake you?””Hey, Baby. No, well, yeah, but that’s okay. I don’t mind. I’m glad you called. Sorry I conked out on you yesterday. Sometimes work really drains me.””It’s right. I’m just glad you’re better this morning. Say, sweetie, I have a question for you. I’m getting out of here a lot earlier than I thought. Probably in the next hour or so. Would you like to go out to dinner or catch a movie or something? If you like, I can come over to your place, bring the food and wine and I’ll cook for you. What do you think?””I think hell yes! So, um, are you in your office? Better yet are you alone in your office?”I was a bit confused, but answered her question anyway. “Yeah, that’s where I am. Why?””Is your door shut?” I immediately glanced up and saw that, yes, Chuck had closed the door on his way out. It just wasn’t locked.”It’s closed. What’s on your mind sweetheart?””Oh not much. I was just lying here wishing you were with me. You know I don’t wear anything to bed. All warm and naked here.” batman escort Mandy moaned softly and I heard the whisper of the sheets as she stretched. My mouth fell open. I couldn’t believe what she apparently had in mind. Unfortunately my clit had tossed her vote in and was already starting to throb and tingle.”AMANDA Are you insane? I have no intention of having phone sex with you while I’m sitting at my desk at work. It’s out of the question! It’s not going to happen Mandy!” And although my words and voice was stern, my right hand had a mind of it’s own. It began to gently caress it’s way down my neck to my right breast, softly tracing my hardening nipple through my white button down blouse.Mandy giggled softly, a sound that shot through my body and landed in my clit, causing it to throb harder. “That’s okay baby. You don’t have to do anything. I just woke up this morning all warm and wet from the memory of a lovely dream of you. You don’t have to do anything, just talk to me while I do.”I moaned softly, my brown eyes slid to my unlocked door and I shivered with the thrill that ran through me. I let my hand continue to slide down to my short skirt, already hiked high up around my thighs. I spread my legs and let my finger run up and down the wet cotton crotch of my pink panties before I pressed my fingertip firmly against my clit. “What do you want me to say?” My voice was breathless from the intense pleasurable throbbing.”Tell me what you want, Shi.” Mandy whispered, breathless. “Tell me what you want me to do. Where do you want me to touch myself?”‘Oh my GOD!’ Suddenly, I had the image of one of my employees walking into my office while I was having phone sex with my girlfriend. The excitement of being caught thrilled me. I thought about what I would do as I began rubbing my clit faster through my panties. Would I blush and hide myself? Or would I be brave enough to let him stand in the doorway and watch as I sat in my office chair…my slender thighs escort batman spread, one leg hooked over the arm of my office chair, my skirt hiked up around my waist. Would I let him watch me as I spread my pussy open and fingered my clit while moaning and whimpering at the delicious naughty things my girlfriend whispered in my ear? Another thrill of excitement rushed through me, causing my body to tremble as my fingers continued to explore. I pulled the wet crotch of my panties to the side, feeling the cool office air against my wet lips. Slowly I slid my finger between them, softly caressing my own opening as brain floated in a fog and I tried to comply with Mandy’s request. “Suck your middle finger, make it nice and wet for me and run it around your nipple. Imagine that’s my tongue. Imagine I’m there, licking, sucking those gorgeous little pink nipples of yours.” My soft husky voice was just above a whisper as I slipped my fingertip inside.Mandy gasped. I heard her suck her finger before letting it slip out of her mouth with a soft pop. I could hear her as she moaned softly, doing exactly as I said.”Now run your finger down your breast; lightly trace your stomach all the way down until you reach your clit.” I widened my legs and scooted my hips downward a bit in my chair. I gasped as I slipped another finger in, feeling my pussy stretching a bit. As I worked my fingers in and out, I heard the breathing on the other end become quicker, more shallow.”Tell me about your clit baby. Is it swollen?” “Swollen and throbbing.” She whispered. “Tell me. Tell me what you want me to do now.”“Flick your finger back and forth then squeeze your clit gently for me. That’s my mouth, my tongue, flicking, licking, sucking your clit. Mmmmmmmm I love sucking that clit nice and deep baby.”Mandy moaned louder. “Oh, God, yes.” “Push your fingers inside that tight pussy of yours Mandy. Tell me how wet you are.”“So tight. So wet. God, I’m so wet for you Shi.” She panted. I could hear batman escort bayan the soft, wet sloshing sounds of her fingers quickly thrusting in and out of her body. I moaned louder, pushing my own fingers inside myself even deeper. “God yes Mandy. It’s my finger you feel baby. Tell me what you want. What do you want me to do?”I throbbed almost painfully. I wanted Mandy’s lips back where they belonged. I wanted to rush over there. I wanted the clit she was rubbing to be grinding against mine.”Deeper. Shi, Faster. I wanna ride your hand baby. Let me ride your fingers.””Do it baby. Push your fingers in deeper. Move them faster for me. Faster. Deeper baby. Push them all the way in, all the way up to those gorgeous little knuckles.”I heard Mandy moan, pant, and softly cry out my name. I could hear how wet she was and I pictured her kneeling on her bed, her fingers pushed deep inside her and the image of her riding her own hand drove me mad. Finally I heard her let out a muffled scream as she came, as if she sunk her teeth into her pillow.The mental visual of my girl, naked, wet, her hips bucking against her palm as if they were bucking against me, cumming just from hearing my voice sent me throbbing against my fingers, my juices running down my fingers, pooling in my palm before running down my wrist and onto the floor.I laid the receiver of the phone down on the desk while I rode out the aftershocks of the naughty phone sex with my girlfriend. I closed my eyes and let the wonderful waves of passion flush through me.When my juices stopped flowing and when I didn’t look like I was peeking through a haze of cotton anymore, I quickly fumbled to clean myself up and re-adjust my panties and my skirt. I could NOT believe I had just done that.”Shi Baby? Hey, you still there?”Snatching the phone up, I panted, “Yes I’m here. That could have been very embarrassing! What if we had been caught?””Oh, you know damn well that thought excited you, baby. You love thinking you could get caught doing something naughty. Besides, we weren’t. You worry too much. Give me thirty minutes to shower and I’m ready for you. I can’t wait to see you. Bye baby.”I stared at the dead phone and sighed. “Brat!” I chuckled and hung it up.