Another true story of my adventures… to spea

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Another true story of my adventures… to speaSorry it has been so long for another story. About 7 years ago I had met this woman through a mutual friend. One evening she called and we talked about just about everything for over 3 hours. She invited me out one weekend to her place(70 miles away) so I went being curious as to what she had in mind. After dinner and two bottles of wine she let me to her bedroom and the next thing I knew she was on her knees sucking my cock and then I put her on the bed and undressed her while she was still sucking. When I pulled off her panties she was so wet it was running down her legs….and that only made me hotter so I just started to lick and suck her darıca escort clit while she moaned and squirmed when she finally said please stick your cock in me. She was so hot and whispered in my ear that she wanted me to fuck her everyway I knew so after missionary I turned her over and fucked her doggy for a while and then put her over the arm of the sofa in her room and fucked her that way for what seemed like forever as she just kept saying don’t stop. And the tits on this woman were just so firm even being at the time 5 years old and gave birth to 3 k**s. Finally not being able to hold it any longer I pulled out and she said wait and dropped to her knees and I shot it all over her face…….then escort darıca we just lie there for about 20 minutes just talking and regaining our strength when she reached down and starting stroking my soft cock and after a few minutes it started getting hard again so to put it blank we fucked somemore. To make a long story short we sort of drifted apart and finally after a couple years she got married and moved to West Virginia where the story starts again. It has been 7 years since our last encounter and somehow she found me on Facebook and we started this affair again although this time she comes to my house which is only about 45 minutes away on Wednesdays as it’s my only darıca escort bayan day off and we fuck each other like there is no tomorrow and we film and take pics which you can see here. Now the surprising part I am going to be 69 and she is now 60 and we both still fuck like we are in our 30’s. Normally we fuck 2-3 times that day and shower after each time… another surprising thing. Last Wednesday she asked me to fuck her in the ass as I had tried before but she always said NO but said she had read about it and wanted to try it so after massaging her ass for a couple minutes and putting lotion on my cock it finally went in and she had one of the most intense orgasms she ever had. And next wednesday we will do the same and if I can talk her into it I will post the films on here for everyones viewing enjoyment……and again this is a true story……thanks for reading and if you want to comment feel free to do so.