Anita describes her business trip to me

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Bailey Brooke

Anita describes her business trip to meMy sweet Ana had gone for some days out of town. The company had sent her on a boring business trip, just to host some new clients and associates.But this time she returned home very excited about what a good time she had.That same night, after driving her home from the airport, I asked her to tell me all about it.Ana starting to describe that there were several unmarried women in the group, mostly of them in their late thirties. One of those nights, the dinner went well and the ladies were invited to a party in one of the hotel conference rooms. All people there started having drinks and dancing. My sexy wife declined several requests to dance until she had enough margaritas to loosen up her will.Ana described how two younger guys kept asking her to dance and she finally agreed, first one, then the other. Dean and Matt had never met before; but they had a lot in common: both wanted to fuck my sweet sensual wife…The room was getting warmer as Anita was dancing. She finally unbuttoned her blouse a bit to cool off, much to the delight of her two young studs. She was telling them that she was old enough to be their mother. Of course they insisted that she was hotter than trabzon escort their mothers…Dean started getting a little more aggressive on the dance floor and Anita finally told him to stop. Then he wandered off, leaving my wife alone with Matt. The young guy persuaded her to go out at the back patio with him. As they stood together in the dark, Matt confided that he found himself very turned on.Ana told me she could not believe a young guy in his early twenties would find her so attractive, until Matt took her hand and placed it on his crotch. Then my also horny wife found herself getting wet between her thighs. She kept her hand on Matt’s cock just long enough for him to grow bolder and he begged her to go up to his room with her. As turned on as she was, she fought the urge to go all the way, but sympathetic to his state of arousal.But before they moved away, he asked my wife if she would like to touch his bare cock. As she nodded her head, he just unzipped his pants and Anita took it in her hand. She slowly went down on her knees in a dark corner of the patio and took this hard dick into her warm mouth. She started sucking for all she was worth. He was running his hands through her hair when he started escort trabzon to grunt and moan that he was coming. Ana started sucking harder and faster. He came, filling her mouth.After cleaning her mouth with her own damp thong, they both returned to the party. Ana told me she was looking a mess… As they made their way back to the table, they found Dean there.He apologized for his previous behavior; inviting Ana to dance.My wife took a sip from her drink and then she kissed Dean’s lips.Then she took his hand and led him to the dance floor.A slow piece was playing and Dean took her close to his body.She immediately noticed the bulge in his trousers. Then she whispered in his ear that she was so wet…The young guy nearly stumbled and Anita asked him to join her at the back patio. Once outside, Anita wasted no time. She kissed again the guy, as he dared to feel her tits through the thin material of her blouse.Ana unbuttoned it and Dean started tweaking her hardened nipples with his fingers. She told me that her pussy was flowing with juices. She moaned in Dean’s ear that she wanted to suck his cock.Again she dropped to her knees and anxiously fumbled with his fly. She freed Dean’s dick and was rewarded trabzon escort bayan with a very hard piece.Later, my sensual wife told me she had felt like a wanton slut. Dean lasted much longer than Matt.After he came in her wet mouth, he pushed Ana away and went down to his knees, lifting her skirt and mashing his face into her dripping labia.Soon his wet tongue found its way into her hot, horny cunt…Then she described that she felt someone cupping her tits from behind. It was Matt, that had been watching from the shadows.Ana closed her eyes, moaned with pleasure and begged them to fuck her. Matt soon got his hard dick out. My wife dropped to all fours and Matt grabbed her waist from behind.Dean stood up and he pushed his hard cock into Ana’s throat, while his new friend took a turn inside of my wife’s cunt.Matt was too excited and he soon came into Ana’s womb.He pulled out and sat in the darkness, watching Dean making Ana lay on her back and pulling her spread legs over his shoulders.Dean entered her and Ana told me she came three times before this young lucky bastard finally grunted and came, filling her womb.After my sweet wife stopped convulsing in the aftermath of such a fine fucking, both guys gently helped her to clean up. As she rested for a while, they finally went to Matt’s room.But then my sweet Ana told me it was enough…She would not describe what those young lucky bastards had done to her once inside of the darkened hotel room…