An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 3

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An 18 year old and his baseball coach. Part 3A recap. I am an 18 year old high school student on the school’s baseball team. Coach H, my baseball coach, is in his late 50’s, has a hairy athletic body, and a large veiny cock. Coach H caught me masturbating in the locker room after a late Friday practice. He told me that masturbation was natural before he joined me. We ended up in his office where he fucked me in the ass after tongue fucking my hole. Afterwards Coach H told me that that if I felt like masturbating with him again to just ask. I asked him the next Friday. Coach H eventually fucked me in the ass again. He told me it was natural to cum in your partner’s ass just before he did.Two weeks go by before we had another late Friday baseball practice. I delayed showering and leaving the locker room so I could ask Coach H if the two of us could masturbate again. Coach H was waiting at his office door and invites me in. Coach H tells me to not wait for him. I am really excited and take my clothes off in seconds. I sit down on the sofa in the office and start to masturbate. Coach H half sits on his desk fully clothed and watches me. As I masturbate I watch kıbrıs escort Coach H rub his hands over his groin. I can tell even through his pants that he has a hard on. Coach H takes off his shirt revealing his hairy chest and stomach. It is a nice. He pauses his undressing to watch me masturbate some more. Coach H stands up and removes his pants revealing his hairy legs before he sits back down on his desk in his underwear. As I continue to masturbate Coach H rubs his cock through his underwear. He reaches under his shorts and plays with his cock’s head a little. After a little bit Coach H stands up and removes his underwear revealing his large hard cock. As Coach H approaches the sofa he pushes his pants toward it with one of his feet. He sits to the left of me. I am masturbating with my right hand. Coach H begins to masturbate with his left hand. The two of us have uninterrupted view of each other’s cocks as we masturbate. (Visual: naked hairy 58 year old man sitting next to a naked hairless 18 year old boy and both are masturbating) Coach H reaches over with his right hand and starts to masturbate my cock. After 5 minutes Coach H gets up, kneels escort kıbrıs between my legs, and starts to suck on my cock. Coach H occasionally licks my ass hole. I feel Coach H start to finger my hole as he sucks on my cock. I feel his finger enter my hole and press up against my prostrate. It is like he is giving me a prostrate exam. It is enjoyable having my cock sucked with a finger up my ass. At some point Coach H removes his finger and pushes something else up my ass. I do not really notice until whatever it was starts to vibrate. I sit up a little and ask “woe what is that you put in me.” Coach H pulls the object out and shows me. It looks like a little arched cock with a large head and thin shaft. “This is a vibrating dildo designed to stimulate the prostrate.” Coach H tells me. “Do you want me to put it back in” he asks. “Sure” I reply. Coach H first puts the device in his mouth before sliding it back up my ass. Coach H tells me “Tell me when it feels the best” as he adjusts the vibration. After a few tries he hits the sweet spot. It is a marvelous feeling. Pre-cum starts to leak out of my cock all on its own. When he sees the pre-cum Coach kıbrıs escort bayan H starts to suck on my cock again. It does not take long before I reach orgasm. I try to pull away but Coach H keeps my cock in his mouth as he moves his mouth up and down my cock. When my orgasm is over Coach H pulls way and spits my cum into his cupped hand. “My turn” Coach H says as he wipes my cum on to his cock. He pulls the dildo out of my ass and slides his cock in. I did not expect it but my cum is a good lubricant. As he thrusts Coach H moves my legs up so my feet are next to his shoulders. His arms are wrapped around my legs to keep them next to his hairy chest as his hips thrust his cock back and forth in my ass. After a while Coach H starts to thrust faster and harder. He leans in pushing my legs toward my chest. I watch his face as it changes from concentrated to blissful. I feel extra lubrication as his cock moves in my ass. He did not say anything but I am guessing that he just cummed. I smile at the thought that a man 3 times my age just cummed in my ass. As we shower (Visual: hairy old man showering next to hairless 18 year old both are soapy) Coach H asks me if bringing the vibrator was a good idea. “It was. Bring it again” I tell him. Coach H reaches over and gives my cock and balls a squeeze and say “I might just do that”. We finish our shower, dress, and go our respective ways.More to cum.