Amazing Visit From Friend with Benefits

2 Temmuz 2020 0 Yazar: admin


Amazing Visit From Friend with BenefitsThis is the first time I have ever submitted a story to X-Hamster but I think everyone will love this story.This story took place yesterday. It had started out a pretty crappy day. My wife and I almost missed her doctor’s appointment. While there, she was bitching about her girlfriend (my friend with benefits) coming over after the appointment. Well, needless to say, my wife finally agreed to have her over. We picked her up from the local library and brought her back to our apartment.Once in our apartment, my wife and her girlfriend are laying next to each other on the bed teasing each other very horribly. I am on the couch playing a PS3 game and watching this all go on which is very arousing. Next thing I know, my wife and her girlfriend are naked and teasing internet casino each other even worse. My wife happens to mention that her girlfriend’s pussy is soaking wet (which I can vouch for since I found out later).All of a sudden, her girlfriend is turning herself on the bed and my wife is bent over the bed licking her pussy causing her girlfriend to go utterly insane with pleasure. It gets to be too much for me. I strip down out of all my clothing and get behind my wife. Nothing hotter than a woman eating another woman’s pussy. With my cock hard as a rock, I proceed to pound the hell out of my wife’s pussy while she is continuing to eat her girlfriend’s pussy. After about 5 minutes of this going on, my wife gives me a turn to eat her girlfriend’s pussy. It was shaved, tasted great güvenilir casino and damn can she make a guy just want to bust a nut with the noises she makes. That honestly was not the best part of the visit though. The best part happened after probably another 5 minutes of me eating her pussy. I get told to pound my wife’s girlfriend’s pussy.I will never argue with my wife when she tells me that it is okay to go to town on her girlfriend. The whole time I am pounding her pussy, I am having to concentrate so I do not cum too fast since she has the tightest pussy I have ever fucked. Let alone the fact that she orgasms constantly when I am deep inside her. At the same time, my wife is kissing on her girlfriend and fingering her clit while I finger my wife’s clit and pussy. My wife interrupts casino firmalari us after a good 10-15 minutes of fucking telling me to get inside her, which I gladly obliged.Apparently everyone was quite turned on because dildos and vibrators started getting used on my wife’s girlfriend while I was making love to my wife. I have seen my wife’s girlfriend play with herself on cam, but never seen toys used on her in person. Now that is a hot thing to see. It was so hot that I couldn’t help but shoot my hot cum deep inside my wife’s pussy.Normally, this marks the end of the visit between the three of us, but today was completely different. After pulling out of my wife, I go back to playing my game and the two ladies continue teasing each other. Once again, very hot of course. After they tease each other for about 15 minutes, I get told to come over and give her girlfriend my cock again. I usually cannot go a second time but hey I got very aroused watching them and was able to fuck her girlfriend without an issue and give her a load of my hot cum also.