Allison’s inescapable charms story two

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Allison’s inescapable charms story twoAfter our day on the rock at the reservoir I picked up Allison as usual the next morning to bring her to class, she said she could not keep her mind off of me and needed to be with me again soon, but this time in a bed! I told her to tell me when she could work that out and by the end of the day I had a text from her saying she would be available all day Friday. She had one early class and was telling her parents she was going away for the weekend with friends although all she was doing was staying a friends house. So that meant we had from around 10 am Friday till I had to be home for us to be alone. I told work I was going to a meeting out of state, which I did a lot, and that was that, now I just had to get thru the day Thursday, not an easy thing given the anticipation.Friday morning came, I picked her up at her Dads shop as usual and as soon as she got in the car she told me no way she was going to class that day, it was our day. I didn’t argue of course lol. I drove to the hotel I had planned and went in to check in, sent her a text when I got the room number and met her outside the door. I remember being a little intimidated by this small young college girl with the perfect ass, even though I was always sure of my abilities. We started by just laying on the king sized bed, kissing and touching over clothes, after a couple minutes I said lets just get this part out of the way and get undressed, we climbed under the covers and took off our clothes. We began to kiss again and she asked if I thought her body could feel the same things as last time? I assured her we would get her there and more, I uncovered her, she looked so small and firm and perfect, I put my hand around and on her lower back and traced her spine all the way up to her neck, I laid her down on pendik escort her back and kissed down to her breasts, they were fairly small but stood straight and firm with nipples that were hard and thick between my fingers. After sucking on them both and stopping to admire how large they had become I licked down her stomach until I reached her pussy. Her labia were slightly curled and darker than her slit which was shut tight and waiting. I sucked on each lip until they were both swollen an dripping wet and pushed them both back with my tongue to create the “butterfly” effect I had seen on the rock in our first encounter.I admired the beauty of the bright pink hole and dark labia fanned out before me and noticed the bottom of her shining clit was peaking out from under its hood. It was just waiting to be found again, knowing what was coming, but first I stuck my tongue, which is very long and built and well trained for all oral sex acts, into that pink pussy so I could see that tiny hole open, it stayed open after I exited it, and it was dripping. I slowly worked my way up to that clit and with just the tip of my tongue I pushed up on it, lifting the hood right off the top and then lowering my mouth completely over it engulfing it and putting pressure on my tongue as it slowly swirled on that clit. It began to swell and after a minute it stuck straight in the air like a ship’s sail, I held Allison’s pussy open with two fingers in a “peace sign” and told her to look down and see her hard clit, that it gets hard like my cock. She looked down and shivered, I told her to reach down and touch it, she shivered again as her fingertips rubbed it. She looked right in my eyes and said she’d never seen it before and didn’t know it could get that big and hard.I said nothing, I just lowered my mouth back over escort pendik it never taking my eyes off of hers, she then threw her head back and began to ride my mouth again, it was second nature already and she pulled a pillow over her face and screamed into it as she came and came and came again. Her cum literally shooting down my throat on my chin and down my neck and chest. I pulled back and with my mouth and lips covered in her cum I went back up and kissed her deeply, her licking the cum off my face and neck as well. I told her that I was going to go down and play with her ass now, I was going to lick it, tongue it, finger it and fuck it in that order, all she said was please be gentle I’ve never done any of that before.I turned her onto her stomach and crawled down between her legs on the king sized bed, she had her arms up under her and was clearly nervous. I began by reaching up and taking each one of those perfect apple bottom cheeks in my hands and spreading her open. Allison’s pussy was still drenched and her vagina was open and waiting and wanting to be entered. But I was there for something else, something I had been watching for months and I was not disappointed. Her ass was perfect, her hole was tiny and pink and a little puckered but in that perfect ass-hole way. I let go her right cheek and ran my hand from under her pussy all the way up over her ass hole. I slid it back and forth, it was so tiny, so perfect I could hardly believe my eyes.Without waiting any longer I took both hands and spread her ass open, and slid my tongue inside for the first time. It was so tight it made the sides of my tongue feel like they were cramping but I did not stop. I tongue fucked that ass like it was the greatest tasting thing on the planet, and it was right at that moment. She moaned and I pendik escort bayan took one hand and reached up and grabbed her right arm and said for her to put it under her and between her legs and to rub her clit as I worked on her ass. She did what she was told and loved it.I immediately put my right forefinger in her pussy and then slowly slipped my right thumb into that tight ass for the first time. It was heaven to be the first in that ass in any way with my hand looking twice the size of her bottom. She continued to rub her clit and I added my middle finger into her pussy and finger fucked that pussy and thumb fucked that ass until she made her self cum and cum a second time.I was rock hard after feeling that and watching her cum, I came up on the side of her and as she laid there catching her breath I spread her ass cheeks again and stuck my rock hard head into that tiny ass. I let it sit there because it looked so perfect, then I pushed it in slowly inch by inch. She had two pillows grasped in each hand and said it feels so intense like her body is sending shock waves up her spine and into her brain, it wasn’t pain, or pleasure yet, more like shock. Then I started to move and after a half dozen thrusts she said it was insane and I could fuck her ass, please could I fuck her ass. And I did.It was the most engulfed feeling my cock has ever had, like it impaled her, it was total bliss like I hadn’t ever felt before and even though I fucked her many times after, never felt again, with anyone. I was ready to cum and I pulled out and her ass was gaped, it was perfect I stuck the head of my cock down to that gaping hole and put it in and shot at least a half dozen ropes of cum into it, didn’t miss a drop, she buckled her knees and dropped down on her stomach.I laid besides her and told her to be still, caught my breath and then told her to reach around and feel how open and wet her ass was, just like it was her pussy. I told her to put a finger in and see if she could taste my cum, and she did.And our day was only half over. more to cum..