A surprise in my own house

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A surprise in my own houseThat long weekend I was home alone again. This time my husband had not flown away for business; but he had gone off fishing with his mates; so, I had all this time to do my own thing.On Saturday I went down to the mall for doing some shopping.I was enjoying Chinese food at the same mall, when I noticed two black young men sitting at the next table, watching at me. I had been always used to young men staring at me, but I noticed they never smiled, just sat there watching me.They were both in their early twenties perhaps, handsome and muscled.I focused on some messages in my phone; so suddenly, both black guys were no longer seen there around.A few hours later, I arrived back home. While I went into the kitchen to make some coffee, I heard the back screen door being slammed.”Sit down you old bitch.” A harsh voice yelled behind me.I turned around, to see that the two black guys who had watched me at the mall had stormed in the house, shouting at me and swearing, while waving big guns in the air.The first man asked for my wallet, which I pointed out to be inside my handbag.. He came back with the wallet in his hand and I could hear a vehicle in the driveway. I hoped it would frighten them off, but I still had no idea what was going to happen. Then to my surprise, the second man opened the front door and let two more men of his gang inside my home.I thought now I was in some serious trouble.The first man demanded to know if there was any more money in the house, I told him there was a few hundred dollars in a desk drawer, which he retrieved and pocketed.Meanwhile, the third and fourth men were searching through the house.“Stand up and take you’re fucking jeans and blouse off, bitch…” The second man shouted at me.”No, no way!” I screamed back in total defiance.The bastard grabbed the front of my blouse and ripped it from my body. Then he pushed me to the floor and took off my jeans with his hard hands.The second man suddenly decided that I ought to make fresh coffee for everybody and dragged me by the hair into the kitchen. He sat down at the kitchen table and watched me as I prepared the coffee maker. He suddenly started to speak softer and asked me some questions.I took this as a good sign until he started asking sexual question.I then knew what was going to happen, He asked me to come and sit close to him. Knowing I would get beaten if I didn’t, I complied.”Do you like sex?” He asked.”Yes, my husband and I have a healthy sex life.” I replied quickly.”Do you like to be drilled in the ass?” He asked.”I have never done that.” I replied with worry in my voice.”Do you like sucking cock? “. He continued.”Yes, I do that for my husband.””Do you like your pussy being destroyed by a hard cock?” He insisted.”Yes, my husband does that.” I replied.”Are your nipples sensitive?’ He asked very attentively.”Yes, they are” I replied.”Is your cunt sensitive?””Yes…” I said hesitantly.The other three men could all hear my answers. The first man seemed to be in charge of the gang and asked the third one to search for some Vaseline in the house. I shivered as I heard him…The second man so far had not touched me, but that changed as he slid his hand down my tiny thong. My body ödemiş escort just froze as he inserted a long finger inside of my pussy lips.”You are completely shaven, bitch, I like that.” He whispered in my ear.Although I was shaking the whole time, I silently prayed that my body would not betray me. I knew that any touch on my clit would get me horny and wet. Fortunately, he withdrew his hand and demanded me to show him my tits; he was pulling my hair with the demand so I had little choice but to open the front fasteners on my bra and hold it open. My eyes were tightly shut as he touched my nipples with his fingers; they got hard at his touch…I nearly screamed in pain as he twisted my nipples very hard.”Stand up and bend over that bar stool.” The first guy commanded.He dragged me over to the bar stool by my hair, made me bent over by my waist and he pulled my thong down to my ankles.I finally knew what he was going to fuck me against my own will.”No! Not there, please!” I cried out, as I felt his finger probing my ass.That got me some stinging slaps on my butt; his finger pushed further in. I then felt the Vaseline being smeared on my anal entrance, his finger spreading it inside me, followed by his cock pushing into my tightness…Some tears began to roll from my eyes more with the indignation I felt rather than the actual pain. The bastard finally managed to get his cock all inside of my very tight anus and he started to pump into me quite slowly at first, which helped me to get used to his tremendous size. It really hurt me…”You can scream if you want, stupid bitch.” He laughed as he pumped me.I was determined not to give him that pleasure, so I kept quiet.With my face buried into the stool seat, after a few minutes the pain had eased and I then squeezed his hard cock with my anal muscles, which of course he loved and spurred him on to pound me harder. However, it did the job, as a few moments later I could feel his cum filling my anus.He pulled out of me, just leaving me there while he went to the bathroom to clean up. I stayed there not daring to move until he came back…I sat in the bathroom after I had a quick shower trying to think of a way out of this dilemma, but could not see one yet. I put a bra on and a jean shorts.I went back to the dining room, and sat back down near the men.I sat there wondering who would be the next to use my body. I could not admit the truth; all the interaction with that nigger bastard fucking me in the ass had made me so horny. I felt truly aroused now.”Take off your shorts and open wide your legs for me, slut…”The second black man grunted at me. And I felt wet again…I looked around the room to see the other guys were watching me as I was being prepared to be again sexually assaulted.I spread my thighs for him and his middle finger was inserted between my labia lips, while the rest of his hand was rubbing my swollen clit.”The bitch’s cunt is really sensitive…” He announced to his mates…He stopped touching me and I thought my ordeal was over. However, the second man stood up again, grabbed me by the hair and dragged me to an armchair by the window. He threw me down into it and hooked my legs over the arms; my pussy was open to anything in ödemiş escort bayan this position.He called the other two men who had not fucked me yet.”Check to see if her cunt likes being licked” He suggested.The third man wasted no time in kneeling down in between my thighs; I tried to push his head away, but his tongue in my cunt soon made me get crazy.Within two minutes, I noticed my hands were not pushing the head away, but pulling it into my swollen pussy. The way I was slumped forward in the chair with my ass cheeks near the edge, made him to have his finger up my asshole.My breathing was getting faster as my orgasm came.The third man stood up saying.”Come on bitch… open your mouth and start sucking my cock”.He dropped his jeans to the floor together with his underwear, I hesitated after seeing the size of it, because it was bigger than average. The black man slapped my face hard and pulled my hair until much to the delight of the others, I gave in and opened my mouth and it was rammed full of his cock. He had no mercy; he pushed his cock inside my throat until I choked on it.I choked a bit but managed to swallow all his cum, when he pumped my mouth… Pulling me up from the chair, he ordered me to clean up, in case he later wanted more…I was still in the bathroom when the last fourth man came over to me, pulled me up by my hair and dragged me to the main bedroom; he threw me on the marital bed and he then dropped down his trousers.”Get on your knees and start sucking bitch, and make it a good one…” I got off the bed and he pushed me down to my knees in front of him.His black cock was not hard yet; but it was a tremendous piece of meat.The bastard made me say that I wanted to suck his dick. Before I could even say a word; he pushed his black onto my face and then into my open red lips. I sucked him for a long while, until he threw me back on the bed and he shoved a couple fingers up my wet cunt…”You are ready for my black dick…” He said laughing.He lay across me with his arm supporting his weight with his cock poking at me in an effort to find my entrance; so I put my hand down between us, took hold of his cock, rubbed his cock head up and down my slit and finally I guided him into my wet gushing cunt.I could feel every ridge and vein on his cock as he at first entered me slowly until he was fully inside me. My juices were lubricating his whole dick, as he went in and out of me two more times before he suddenly started to quicken the pace and slamming into me with fury and anger…He brought his weight down on me and mauled my breasts, biting them. My nipples were being sucked, licked and bitten, causing me great pain. His pounding was hard; he slowed one time and nearly came out of me.”Don’t you dare to stop, bastard, keep it in.” I yelled at him.He looked at me and smiled. He then sped up again…Even through the pain, my orgasms were coming at a fast rate. My legs had involuntarily encircled his waist, pulling him into me.Suddenly, he started to breathe heavier and his cum began to jet inside of me, I squeezed his cock with my internal muscles and drained every drop from him.”Well! You are a great nice slut.” He stood up and went to the bathroom.I just lay there, escort ödemiş enjoying the feelings of sexual relief; realizing I had just been hurt, beaten, used and abused so badly by those fucking niggers…The guy came out of the bathroom and let me have a warm shower. I stood in front of the mirror. My boobs were covered in bite marks, my pussy was puffy from the pounding and my nipples were sore from the sucking, but there was still elation inside of me, I returned to the bedroom where he sat waiting for me, fully dressed.I was sure I was going to be abused again, but he told me to get some rest.I laid my head back on the pillow wondering if I would be able to rest…”Wake up, slut; you have to make the coffee, get into the kitchen.”I sat up and looked at the clock.It was still dark outside; I had passed out for three hours.I put on my night gown and he took the opportunity to feel my ass again.I made coffee for the whole gang.”Time for some more action, bitch, come here” The first man called out.”No, please, I am very sore now” I replied, almost sobbing my tears.But he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the bedroom.I sat on the edge of my bed wondering what was going to happen now.The second man came in and sat in the chair by the bed, staring at me.”Do you want to be well shagged again, slut?” The first man asked.”It doesn’t matter what I want, you will do what you want anyway.” I replied.The second man, who was already naked jumped on the bed and lay on his back, with his erect cock standing straight up. I straddled him and guided his hard cock into me as I slowly lowered myself on him.I felt him getting up my bottom and I started to move back and forth…His hands went over my boobs and tortured my hardened nipples, with his pulling and twisting, but I felt just and orgasmic pleasure. I leant forward to allow him to suck my nipples and then I felt other hands on my ass.The Vaseline soon followed, as a finger smeared it around my tight anal entrance. This first man was going to fill my ass for the second time.It suddenly dawned on me that I was going to have two big cocks inside of me at the same time, but the pleasure I was getting from the first one was overriding all other thoughts, as I continued to set the pace for my pleasure. The first man finally fed his cock into my ass quite slowly, keeping up with the rocking motion I was in.It seemed to go in easier than the first time and it certainly felt more comfortable, squeezing all my anal muscles.I managed to make both of them feel my body gripping them. I increased my pace as I felt the man below me was getting ready to unload inside of me.With many grunts from him he let out, jet after jet fired inside of me.I fell forward resting on his chest as the other black man came with an equal amount of cum pouring deep inside my poor ruined anus.The sweat was pouring from all of us, as I rolled off and lay there panting.Both niggers were doing the same. A new thought crossed my mind, how was I going to go back to a normal, occasional sex life with my husband after this. I was ordered to clean up first and went into the bathroom; a quick shower and I came out to find the room empty.I looked out of the door and saw into the dining room, but nobody was there.Was just a dream? My pussy and ass were both very sore…Now it was a nice clear dawn and I went to the kitchen to make some coffee, when my loving Victor came inside, finding me fully naked…and still horny…