A Professor Is Blackmailed – Chapter 2

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A Professor Is Blackmailed – Chapter 2A PROFESSOR IS BLACKMAILED – CHAPTER TWOBy Dawn1958Email dawnharvey1958@hotmail.comPlease send your comments and suggestions, as the feedback is always appreciated. This story is revised and reposted so hopefully it gives readers a better experience. The story was written at the request of a reader and I hope I do his fantasy justice.CHAPTER TWO – MISTAKEN IDENTITYKerri was 28 years of age and nothing like this had ever happened to her. She lived a sheltered life and devoted much of her time to her teaching duties at the college. The dilemma now facing Kerri started a few weeks ago when one of her students found out about the one unfortunate indiscretion in her life. He was now blackmailing her into doing things that were truly degrading for someone who held a high position of authority.Sky smiled with satisfaction, as his plan to shame and humiliate Kerri was working to perfection. He made Kerri get her nipples and pussy pierced and he now planned to use this to its full advantage. He had to admit that she was a truly beautiful woman and at 5’5″, blonde with stunning boobs, she attracted the eye of every guy in her classes. In fact, her sexy appearance was envied by most of the girls as well. Her conservative attire along with the dark rimmed glasses only added to the alluring facade.The pictures of that dreadful affair in Florida during spring break that showed up in her parent’s mailbox had given Sky the advantage he needed. After trying to explain them to her mother, Kerri was not prepared to let it happen again. It made her shudder to think that she was under the control of a mysterious blackmailer and she didn’t even know who it was. Try as she might, she wasn’t able to ascertain who he was and his motive was still a little unclear.She got a surprise one evening when she logged onto hotmail and checked her email account. “What will you wear?” was the subject line and it sent a chill up her spine. Reluctantly, she opened the mail and slowly read what it said.’Tomorrow, you will wear the blouse I have carefully selected for you and you will find it at your back door,’ she read. ‘Please don’t disappoint me, as I would hate to give your mother the actual movie of spring break. Besides, what would the faculty think if they saw it?’ The note instantly filled her with utter helplessness and she merely stared at it in disbelief.Rushing to the back door, Kerri found a small package stuffed between the screen door and back door. Her hands were shaking when she ripped it open and was confronted with a very sheer, black blouse. A small note was attached and it read, ‘you will wear this blouse tomorrow at school so I hope you have something that goes with it?’ Her eyes filled with tears and she read the last demoralizing line, which punctuated her dilemma. ‘And don’t wear anything under the blouse!’Holding the blouse up, she noticed how sheer it was and her tummy churned realizing it would show almost everything. No, she just couldn’t expose herself in this manner and she just had to find a way out. “How,” she asked herself? “But how?”Kerri fretted and agonized all evening at having to wear the revealing garment. She didn’t sleep all that well either and by morning she was resigned to complying with the humiliating request in the note. Donning the blouse, she looked at herself in the mirror. Her eyes opened wide at the brazen reflection and fear shot through her brain.The two golden rings were very evident and glittered under the shear material. ‘How can I get up in front of the class dressed in this manner,’ she wondered. Time was getting late so she selected a dark suit, which matched the color of the revealing blouse and hurried off to work.Her mind was in a quandary by the time she arrived at the college, as she went over and over the predicament. It really hit home when she noticed a tiny note stuck to her desk. ‘By the way, make sure to remove your jacket!’ She read the note again and again and then realized the severe extent of her dilemma.Kerri reluctantly followed the ominous demand. She tried to hunch her shoulders to make the blouse less revealing, but her intended modesty was pointless. The class started and the hushed silence that came over the crowded classroom was deafening when she stood up to give her customary instructions. Always the ultimate professional teacher, the students were momentarily stunned by Kerri’s outward display of recklessness. The rings shone like nuggets of pure gold and drew the eye of every student, male and female.Jim watched the brave display by Kerri with dreamy admiration and his memory flashed back to his two encounters with her. The first was when he had sex for the first time without paying for it and the second when he took full advantage of the willing teacher. His cock throbbed, as it resembled a steel rod running down his thigh. Jim got hornier and reasoned he would need release of pent up tension after watching Kerri’s big magnificent breasts during class.The first few minutes felt like two hours. Kerri tried her best to conduct a worthwhile class, as she knew the gleaming metal was very obvious. She stammered and stuttered and her face turned every shade of red whenever she caught someone staring at her. There was no doubt in anyone’s mind about the two enlarged nipples being pierced. The ends of her boobs pressed into the sheer material and a person would have to be blind to miss them. The golden rings dangled down and looked absolutely provocative to every male in the room.Kerri fretted about her nipples being rock-hard and she didn’t seem to be able to quiet the growing internal awakening in her stomach. The thought of being even the slightest bit aroused fill her with guilt and shame. It was true. She felt tiny twinges of exhilaration, which she reasoned should have been humiliation because of the students staring at her exposed treasures. Kerri was mortified by what she was forced to do, but for some strange reason the element of risk seemed to build an excitement rather than displeasure. Jim sat at the back of the room and relished overhearing the zealous whispers of the nearby students. He schemed of a way to entice the attractive professor into his clutches so he could have another sexual encounter with her. Two things happened after class that embarrassed Kerri yet to her utter amazement they also inflamed her confused mind.First one of her more courageous students, Ward, stopped by her desk to ask a couple of questions about the subject they had just covered. All the while he stood in front of her, his eyes never left her chest. A wide grin of devilment adorned his masculine face and she felt like slapping his face when he wouldn’t look away. She somehow managed to control the impulse and found a way to answer his questions without lashing out at her student. What bothered her most was the intense quivering in her tummy that wouldn’t seem to go away.Kerri had never acted in such a daring manner and now she sat at her desk, facing a young student who probably thought she was a common slut. She answered his trivial questions and allowed his audacious actions to go unpunished. Ward no sooner departed when a female student approached Kerri under similar circumstances.Wendy was a tomboy type who always maintained good grades and was a model student in Kerri’s eyes. She approached the desk with a timid, apprehensive expression on her pretty face, but the girl quickly overcame her initial fear. “I wanted to see your absolutely gorgeous breasts up close, as they look divine with the piercings.” Her voice was a mere whisper and so quiet that only Kerri could hear. “I’ve wanted to get mine done for a long time, but haven’t worked up the courage to do it,” Wendy admitted, as her expression conveyed intense longing and emotion.Kerri’s secure and flaccid life was about to take another radical twist. She had no inkling that Wendy was privileged to some of the incriminating evidence from Sky, but quickly found out how conniving he really was. Her blackmailer planned to use the girl to administer a humiliation above and beyond anything Kerri imagined. Wendy readily agreed to Jim’s devious proposal once she found out that the one teacher she worshiped and fantasized about was the target of his clever scheme.Kerry merely sat still and stared at the girl. “Sky has informed me of certain things and he wants me to see your other piercing,” she whispered, making sure no one else could hear. Her voice was steady and she appeared very confident. “I know students aren’t allowed in the staff washrooms, but you can take me there just this once,” Wendy said to her bewildered teacher. “Aaah, ah, I can’t…” Kerri whispered, but was instantly cut off by the student.”Well… aren’t you going to show me your desirable pussy or do I inform everyone about the Florida movies,” Wendy asked and then took control before Kerri could recover. She turned and walked a few steps in the direction of the door before facing Kerri again. “I won’t ask again!”Wendy wheeled and left the room. Suddenly Kerri felt a great sense of vulnerability and her feet started moving all by themselves. Slowly she followed the tall slim girl out of the room and noticed her standing several feet down the hallway. When she took a step towards the girl, Wendy quickly headed towards the staff washroom. Kerri followed and noticed that the girl almost looked like a boy from behind, as she was slim without a noticeable waistline and her jeans and blouse looked like any boys’ outfit.Wendy reached the washroom and held the door open. Kerri didn’t dare look at the girl and she was struck by the feeling that she had just been conquered. With a slight wave of her hand, Wendy indicated that her slave enter the dungeon, which spurred a last minute plea. “Please, don’t make me go in there,” Kerri whispered and let out a whimper of desperation. “Please… please.”The girl’s glare revealed no mercy and it was one of total dominance. Wendy held the washroom door open and waved her hand again. Kerri slowly entered and all hope seemed lost when the loud click of the door locking behind her echoed through the small room. “Please, don’t make me do anything,” she pleaded.The domineering student stared at her and took a step in Kerri’s direction. “You walked around all day purposely exposing your pierced nipples to everyone and now it’s time to pay the price,” the girl stated.”No, don’t do anything to me,” Kerri repeated, as there was no forgiving on the girl’s face. Wendy remained stoic, but Kerri tried one more time. “Please, don’t.””Do you know what I think?””No… no.””If a person walks around and acts like a floozy, then I think she should be treated like one.”The girl stepped closer and Kerri felt the hot whiffs of her breathing wash across her flushed cheek. “Please, I… no, I didn’t do it on purpose,” she whispered.”I have wanted to get my nipples pierced, but just haven’t had the courage. Yours look very attractive and I’ve wanted to touch them all day,” Wendy replied, completely ignoring Kerri’s pleas. Then she grabbed Kerri’s chin and held her face so she could stare into the teary eyes. When the fingers of her other hand sneaked to the top button of her see-through blouse, Wendy grinned and moved her fingers.Kerri tried to breathe but found it almost impossible to get enough air. Her muscles seemed frozen and she couldn’t stop the fingers. She allowed the younger woman to undo the buttons one at a time until the last button gave way. Her breathing quickened in anticipation, as the girl opened the blouse and the cool air washed over her bare chest.The entire scene was so daring, so wrong yet Kerri was captivated by the powerful effect. She fought the urge to glance down, as the cool air hit her suddenly exposed flesh, and simply stood motionless waiting for Wendy to act. Kerri remained puzzled by the overpowering assault and she tried to calm the rapidly building emotion and doubt. Wendy was filled with confidence. She held the intimidating stare and moved her fingers to the glorious nipples. Her nails lightly raked the swollen areolas and slyly evaded the already hardened buds. She drew tantalizing circles around the pierced nipples and then she flicked the golden rings in teasing fashion, which resulted in three or four desperate moans escaping Kerri’s throat. The pained expression on the teacher’s pretty face gave the student even more confidence, as she freely m*****ed both tits.When the question came, Kerri was stunned by the damning request. “Do you mind if I kiss them,” the student asked. Without another word, Wendy dropped to the golden riches and eagerly sucked one of the rosebuds into her steamy mouth. She was a young woman with much experience and she rolled the nipple ring with her tongue. Every loving caress brought a mixture of joy and unwillingness to Kerri’s mind, which quickly turned the uncertainty into lust.A virgin to another woman’s caresses, Kerri fought the urge to run, as the rising desire quickly eroded her innocence. “No, no, no,” she mumbled over and over. Her resistance was because she was taught to resist such temptation and not because she wanted Wendy to stop. The sensations were new to her, which overwhelmed any chance she had of fighting off the overbearing student. The humiliation caused her flesh to blush with shame, as she allowed the m*****ation to continue in the school washroom without a meaningful struggle.Wendy felt ultimate power and mastery from forcing the beautiful teacher to succumb to her wishes and demands. She was the consummate dyke, but all of her experiences had been with girls her own age. Tasting a real woman for the first time was extremely rewarding and built an inferno deep inside her belly. The illustrious treasures were nothing like those of the teenage girls she had been with and Kerri’s tits had a soft velvety resilience, which made them erotic and sexy.Dousing the flames was foremost on Wendy’s lust-filled mind. She gave the big titties a tongue-lashing, which likely could be heard in the next county. The obscene gestures by her young student should have angered Kerri, but they aroused her instead. Kerri never understood why she didn’t struggle against the degrading assault, as Wendy backed her up against the washroom wall until she was pinned and unable to move. Her eyes glazed over and she stared straight awaiting the girl’s next move.Wendy brought her head up and stared into Kerri’s eyes. She asked permission with a mere look and then lowered her lips to kiss the timorous teacher. Instantly her tongue darted out and split the lips to find the submissive tongue. The kissed heated up in a teasing manner and then the stronger soon took over. Wendy kissed her teacher and demonstrated how much she lusted for her sexy body.The kiss was like no other and Kerri was quickly overcome by the intensity. She arched her back and spread her legs in a vulgar fashion because it was what the dominating student demanded. Wendy’s hand slithered between the shapely feminine bodies and reached for the bottom hem of Kerri’s skirt. She grabbed the material with an upward motion and pulled the hem all the way up to Kerri’s slim waist.When her lower extremities were exposed in a brazen naughty manner, Kerri almost fainted. The fingers were like a burning poker, as they brushed across her silky skin before resting just above her panties. Wendy pinched the elastic waistband with her fingertips and felt the teacher’s hips jerk violently, but then hold still in perfect compliance.The fingers dipped under the lacy garment and Kerri tightened her stomach muscles, as if giving the student more space. Her breathing stopped in expectation and she realized what the student would do next. Wendy’s face lit up with a satisfied smile when the shapely thighs spread and made room for her hand. Her fingers dipped and suddenly they were covered with a vast wetness that gave her a sense of control.Wendy knew from the conversation with Sky what to expect. She searched and found the dainty ring between the soaked pussy-lips. When she seized the ring with her finger and thumb and used a twisting action, it brought a cry of protest from Kerri. The cry was not so much a protest, but more of dismay that she felt like submitting to the blackmailing student. Tiny spasms deep inside her loins quickly turned into large tremors that threatened to overwhelm any struggle.When the fingers pinched the raw clitoris, the explosion made her beg. “Please, please… oh, please,” Kerri moaned, praying for strength and expecting to tell the student to stop. “Oh please, you’re… oh, you’re touching my clit… oh gawd, my clit… no, no.”Somehow they wound up in the washroom cubicle and there wasn’t much room. Wendy pushed her into a corner and forced one of Kerri’s legs upward so that her foot rested on the toilet seat. “You know what you have to do,” she whispered? “Sky told me what his adorable teacher would do to keep me quiet.”The humiliation and degradation of it all inflamed Kerri’s naïve mind. She realized what it would take to stop Wendy’s blackmail and a shudder rocked her entire body, as she surrendered. The student recaptured her clitty and then finger-fucked her without any hesitation. An orgasm welled deep inside and washed over her body with lightning speed. Kerri knew it was immoral and that she would regret it later, but she couldn’t stop the tidal wave when it flooded her soul.Her mind was totally consumed and Kerri thrust her hips at the demanding fingers with all her might, as the climax soared over the summit. She was oblivious to the fact that she kissed and devoured Wendy’s hot tongue with a passion that amazed her student. Feeling the womanly juices coat her fingers, Wendy was filled with immense satisfaction and punished Kerri’s body with all of her learned lesbian skills.Throughout her whole c***dhood, Kerri wondered what it would be like to be with a woman. All of a sudden she was enlightened. Kerri was still in dreamland when she was awakened by a whisper in her ear. “I want to fuck your little pussy… make your body come alive when I fuck you with my tongue,” Wendy said, making Kerri’s body go rigid in fear. “Have you ever had sex with a woman before?”Kerri was shocked and didn’t know what to do, as the girl stared into her eyes. “No,” she replied timidly. She tried to quell the intense butterflies in her stomach, as the eyes bored into her delicate mind. The prior supremacy displayed by Wendy when she forced her to succumb made Kerri helpless against the overbearing student.Wendy was far too shrewd for the submissive teacher and she planted the seed of doubt in Kerri’s head. “Only a true lesbian would cream like you did when I fingered your cunt,” Wendy stated. “You were better and a lot faster than any of my girlfriends.”Kerri sobbed with the realization that the student was correct and it fueled her mind with guilt. When Wendy started brushing her clothes and trying to make her presentable again, Kerri was relieved. The girl departed so quickly that she really didn’t have a chance to relax. Wendy gave her gorgeous teacher one last admiring glance and then rushed out of the staff washroom.It took Kerri a minute or two before her breathing and heart rate were back to normal. She composed herself enough to face the public, but still didn’t relish walking around the college dressed in such a provocative fashion. Kerri exited and walked down the hallway, drawing the stares of admiration from many boys and even some envious looks from girls. She was well aware the sheer blouse did nothing to hide the beauty of her charms and she was in a constant flustered state of embarrassment.It was with great relief when she got back to her home classroom and into the sanctity of familiar surroundings. Somehow she got through the rest of the day without too many interruptions, but there were lots of little giggles and snickers that she tried to ignore. Whenever there was a break or lull in the class, her mind drifted back to the rendezvous with Wendy. She was mystified by the fact she allowed the washroom incident to happen.Kerri let out a big sigh when the final bell sounded and it was time to go home. As she exited the school, Ward met her at the door and she could tell the student was trouble. His hungry eyes devoured the open space in her suit jacket and Kerri could tell he was trying to ogle her again just like he did in the classroom. She quickly pulled the jacket closed and then tried to squeeze past his tall muscular body.Ward said some very explicit things about her looks and what he wanted to do to her and they made her blush, as she tried to hurry away. Kerri probably looked fairly pathetic when she rushed across the parking lot and frantically fumbled for her car keys. It took several attempts to get the door open and then jump in the car for safety.Kerri slumped behind the steering wheel and thought of what just happened. No one had ever talked to her like Ward had and his threats of using his big hard cock on her were like a Swiss echo running through her mind. She closed her eyes and tried to shut out the awful memory. Her hands vibrated and it was hard getting the key into the ignition, but she finally got the car started. When she caught a glimpse of Ward standing by the school, as she drove away, she was alarmed by the smug confident look on his face.Kerri couldn’t look away. Ward’s smile was more of a grin and almost told her that he intended on having his way with her. She shuddered and felt a colossal shame of wondering what it would feel like to have the student caressing her naked body. Kerri quickly scolded herself for thinking crude impossible things and vowed that it would never happen. A sudden thought sent a shiver up and down her spine. What if Ward was Sky?***It was a quiet night at home and Kerri lounged around all evening trying to relax. She kept wondering what was happening, as she found herself acting so strangely and doing things she never dreamed of doing. What she found most amazing was the scandalous way she acted in the washroom with Wendy. Kerri readily agreed that she wasn’t the most experienced woman when it came to sex, but surely that wasn’t the reason she performed lewd primitive acts with her student. The memory of allowing Wendy to humiliate her to the utmost by making her cream all over her fingers sent shivers through her body.Kerri closed her eyes and recalled the entire washroom episode. She was filled with intense feelings at the time, which she reasoned consumed her sanity. It made her cringe when she realized that she would likely do it all over again if Wendy confronted her. Kerri remembered following her dominating student down the hallway and watching her youthful ass sway as she walked. She actually diverted her eyes at the time because of the embarrassment of ogling another woman’s butt and feeling a bit jealous.She would never forget entering the washroom. Her arms seemed frozen and tied at her sides when Wendy advanced. She offered no resistance and merely stood motionless, as the young student groped her body. Colorful and vivid pictures of Wendy’s skilled fingers working their way down the front of her body filled her head. The girl searched for and found the perfect control button. When Wendy’s strong demanding fingers turned the knob, it opened the floodgates, as Kerri’s juices flowed into the sea of ecstasy.Kerri couldn’t remember reaching a climax in such a short period of time. Her hips had thrashed in tune with Wendy’s skilled fingers and she had been unable to stem the sudden orgasm. The lewd images made Kerri a little sick with guilt, as they showed exactly how submissive and susceptible she really was. The bizarre encounters had to stop, but Kerri just didn’t know how to put an end to the blackmail.The most concerning aspect about the recent occurrences was the fact she still didn’t know who held all of the cards. Kerri pondered the predicament for a while and the only culprit she could think of was Ward. He surely acted with the assurance of someone who was in control and there was always a smile of confidence on his face. Yes, he was likely the blackmailer, Kerri thought.Her troubled mind eventually drifted off to sleep, but the awful dreams didn’t allow for any quality rest. The alarm went off and she was almost like a zombie, as she got ready for work. She fretted about ever finding out the identity of Sky and tried to reassure herself that Ward was the one because he was the obvious choice.So far Sky had managed to persuade her to follow his directions. Kerri feared to disobey because that would mean the faculty would find out about her past indiscretions. She had worked long and hard for her teaching position at the prestigious college and she was well respected by the head of the department. If Sky disclosed the immoral sexual acts, all she worked for would be destroyed and Kerri vowed to do anything to stop the blackmailer.She left for work with a positive outlook and a determination to find out who was turning her life into a living hell. Dressed in her usual conservative attire, Kerri tried to return to normal, which saddened many of her male students who loved the provocative blouse she wore yesterday. The sight of her gorgeous boobs, which were highly visible through the sheer top, had given some erotic thoughts to many students that were hard to forget.All went extremely well through the day and it wasn’t until last class that anything out of the ordinary happened. Ward cornered her near the door of her classroom after all the other students had left and suddenly she felt trapped. He pushed the door closed to shut out the outside world and then backed her up against güvenilir bahis the wall.She was about to say something to the daring student when he put his forefinger to her mouth and told her to shush. “Don’t make a sound… or else,” he said in the most threatening manner.With a sudden fright, Kerri guessed that Ward was her tormentor, Sky. She reasoned that the only way to get out from under his control was to follow his orders. Troubled and confused, Kerri remained motionless when the student presented a formidable force in front of her trembling body. Her passive demeanor thrilled Ward and gave him confidence to be more aggressive than he might have imagined.Kerri couldn’t think straight and merely allowed the bully to have his own way with her. She gasped out loud when the student abruptly reached down and grabbed the hem of her skirt. Ward treated his teacher like a street-corner hooker and he quickly pulled the skirt up to her slim waist. Then he thrust his hand between her velvety thighs and grabbed her crotch.No sound, not even a whimper came from her throat when Ward’s vulgar groping happened. His hand pressed firmly over the thin strip of panty and he deliberately pushed his finger into the wetness. Ward didn’t get any resistance, other than a worried expression on the teacher’s pretty face, so he curled his finger around the elastic seam. He slipped the tip into the moistened ‘V’ and pried the puffy labia apart.Kerri felt totally helpless and she let her offensive student m***** her body while they stood in her very own classroom. Suddenly she came fully upright on her tiptoes, as his long finger pierced the very heart of her being. Ward put one arm around Kerri and forced her lithe body up against his hard muscles in a tight embrace. “What’s that I feel in your cunt, my little miss prissy? My, my, Huuummm, I like and it’s very sexy,” he whispered with the widest grin on his chiseled face.The humiliation was burning and Kerri had a hard time breathing. Ward sounded like he was familiar with her being pierced, which gave credence to her mistaken identity of Sky. His finger pressed hard on her throbbing nub and all she did was utter a few pathetic whimpers of defeat, as several spasms shot through her core. It seemed the ruder Ward acted the more aroused she became, rather than angry. Kerri knew that under normal circumstances she would have slapped his unruly face and reported him to the office.Ward realized the classroom wasn’t the place to fuck his adorable teacher so he reluctantly released his powerful grip. “Let’s go somewhere. A place more private so you can get satisfied by a real man,” he boasted. “I want a closer look at those gorgeous tits… and see Lu’s great handiwork!”That was it! Kerri literally vibrated when she assumed she was in the arms of her blackmailer. He knew; Ward knew that Lu had pierced her nipples and clit. The only person in the world who would know that was Sky. She had no idea that Ward’s clever disclosure was actually the result of Jim’s shrewd scheming. The intern had been sitting in his usual position at the back of the class yesterday and he had taken advantage of Ward sitting close by.Jim had no idea that his witty revelation would come in so handy. When Kerri had shocked the entire class with her unexpected revealing attire, Jim told the students sitting near him that he had seen Kerri’s car at Lu’s tattoo parlor. He lied and whispered how he had quizzed Lu and found out that the man had given Kerri some piercings. All of a sudden Ward’s shocking disclosure pounded the final nail into the teacher’s coffin.Kerri’s heart was still pounding from the awful realization that she was in Sky’s arms. Then she got another big shock when he grabbed her tiny hand with his damp hand now coated with womanly juices. Ward forced her hand into the waistband of his loose fitting jeans and down on top of his length of hardened steel. Kerri flinched wildly, as if struck by many volts of electricity, but he held her hand firmly. Things were out of hand and Kerri began to plead. “Please, please not here,” she begged Ward, as she was deathly afraid of getting caught.Ward looked directly into her frightened eyes. “Where do you want me to fuck you,” he asked?”Please, not here. Someone will see us,” she pleaded for his mercy.”You tell me where and I will stop right away,” he promised.Kerri was getting deeper and deeper without even the slightest awareness of her dire predicament. “We… we can’t… not here,” she moaned.”Well, where do we go,” he asked and waited for her answer?Kerri felt the burning rod singe her dainty hand and his insistence made her panic. “Please, we can’t,” she pleaded and the look in his eye demanded more. “We can go out to my car,” she whispered and suddenly realized she had just invited him out. A big sigh of relief washed over her when he released her hand from the inferno and she quickly regained her composure.Ward quickly grabbed Kerri by the elbow and escorted her from the room. They proceeded down the deserted hallway and she was thankful there were no students or staff around. Ward pushed and prodded her out of the building and into the parking lot. As they neared Kerri’s car, her heart started beating faster, as the dilemma worsened and the pressure built.It suddenly dawned on Kerri that her troubles were just beginning. She had escaped the dreadful m*****ing inside the school, but now she had invited him to her car. She wondered how to prevent Ward from joining her in a supposed affair? Then the most terrifying thought hit her. ‘What if this boy isn’t Sky,’ she wondered?Before Kerri had time to think of a plausible solution, Ward took over. “That’s a good teacher, now get in and drive. We can discuss the things you can do for me,” he ordered. His voice was stern and very strict, as Kerri automatically opened the door and got in behind the wheel. She merely wondered what her blackmailer’s next request would be and tried to retain a measure of sanity. Kerri hesitated for a brief moment and then noticed the student waiting at the passenger door for her to unlock the door.Why she obeyed the silent command was a mystery to Kerri. The click of the door unlocking sent a knife into her chest, which made it extremely hard to breathe. “Drive us to your place and I’ll show you the time of your life,” Ward said.The promise made her stomach do a million summersaults. ‘This can’t be happening,’ she thought. Kerri started the car and proceeded to drive, as she acted like a zombie. When they neared her house, she started to feel panic set in and wondered how she would ever get rid of Ward. Without a good solution forthcoming, Kerri shivered with nervousness when she arrived in her driveway.Kerri glanced over at the tyrant and set her jaw in determination. “I’m sorry but it isn’t right for you to come into my home, as students aren’t allowed to fraternize with teachers,” she said in the steadiest tone she could muster.Ward never said a word. He simply got out of the car and walked around to open Kerri’s door. He stood with the door open and waited. After what seemed like an eternity, Kerri shrugged her shoulders and got out. When Ward slammed the door after her exit, Kerri jumped and her passive nature put a wide grin across the student’s face.”Come on, you said we can’t fuck in the school, but now there is no excuse,” he said. “I can hardly wait to get that gorgeous ass of yours in bed and fuck your wet pussy until you beg me to make you come.”Kerri was dumbfounded and she allowed Ward to lead her into the house. They had no sooner entered and he stripped off his shirt. The brazen display of his muscular chest and masculine body sort of took Kerri by surprise and she wilted under his intense stare. Kerri stood motionless, as if waiting for him to take charge.Ward never dreamed of even getting to first base with his desirable teacher and now that he had her on the run, he was determined to keep on the offense. He had found out as much as he could about Kerri and knew she was from a sheltered background. He also knew she was single so that meant he didn’t have to worry about a man showing up to spoil his fun, which put him at ease. Ward wanted to show little miss prissy that he meant business so he pushed Kerri into the living room.Kerri stumbled in an effort to regain her balance. She watched the student approach and noticed his bulging muscles and the evil grin on his face. “No, don’t or I’ll report you to the authorities,” she said, as she could see he was going to touch her. The threat sounded so corny that under different circumstances it would have made her laugh. Then she cowered away from Ward’s advance until she came up against the sofa, which halted her retreat.Kerri shuddered as he grabbed her by the blouse and boldly forced her into an upright position on her tiptoes. “Have you ever sucked a man’s cock, Teach,” he asked in a threatening tone? Then he suddenly pushed her down to her knees in front of his widespread legs. “Now get to work and undo my pants so you can release ‘ole woody’ into the outside world.”He said it in a jokingly manner, but Kerri knew he wasn’t k**ding. Ward grabbed her shaking hands and placed her palms on the front of his jeans. Then he unbuckled his belt and helped her dainty hands follow through with his vile demands. Once his pants were loosened, Ward quickly shoved them to the floor.Her student was standing mere inches away and Kerri could see the obvious evidence of his excitement, as there was a huge bulge in the front of his shorts. She was afraid to move a muscle and stared in utter amazement when Ward lowered the last remaining obstacle. His ramrod sprang into the open, bouncing wildly in front of her bewildered eyes and she drifted into oblivion.Kerri was stunned by his bold maneuver and she was speechless. “That’s it, Teach. Now suck my cock, as it is fucking throbbing for your lips,” he declared. “Put it in your hot mouth and suck it, baby.”A wicked smile covered his face, as Ward rammed the head of his monster against her tightly closed lips. Ward grabbed handfuls of Kerri’s hair and indicated his intense desire for an immediate blowjob. The rough treatment took her by surprise and she opened her mouth to protest, which gave him the window of opportunity he needed.Ward rammed his hard cock into Kerri’s open mouth and made her choke, as she tried to keep breathing. “That’s it baby, suck my cock with your hot, steamy mouth. Your mouth feels so good on my pecker that I just might shoot my cummy bears down your throat,” he said and kept up the constant stream of dirty talk.Instead of the vulgar talk repulsing her, it was quite the opposite. Kerri blushed with embarrassment, as he rammed his rod deeper, and she desperately grabbed for the thick shaft. Her fingers surrounded the burning hardness and attempted to keep it from being rammed down her throat.”Suck, Teach… suck! Yes, do that,” Ward voiced his approval. “Suck it hard, Teach. Use that hot mouth of yours, as I can feel my cum almost ready to fill your bitchin’ mouth.” Ward kept spewing a constant barrage. “Get ready! Your steamy mouth is sucking my cock like a mad woman and I can’t last much longer,” he uttered and tried hard to prolong the orgasm. The filthy words only incensed her confused mind and Kerri held his potent cock in her delicate hands while he fucked her mouth.Kerri tasted the pre-cum, as it leaked down her throat, and she knew Ward was getting ready to fill her stomach with his burning seed. She tried her best to get his vulgar penis out of her mouth, but it was to no avail, as he was far too strong and determined.”Fuck, Teach, fuck my cock with your lips. Suck it down your fucking throat,” he said, as he blasted the first shot of boiling lava. “Swallow my cum and you best get that little pussy of yours ready for my big cock. I’m going to fuck you,” he informed her and she shuddered from his threat. “I am going to fuck that cunt like never before so you get it nice and wet for me, do you hear?” The warning was merely a forecast of his intentions, as he wasn’t going to give her a choice.Kerri was intent on staying alive and not suffocating, which meant the vile words didn’t fully register. She could feel the thick shaft throbbing like mad and knew her blackmailer was going to use her to fulfill his perverted needs. It came so fast and furious that she couldn’t swallow fast enough and the thick, white cream trickled from the corners of her mouth. The scene would have gotten rave reviews in any triple-X movie, as her willing mouth milked the big cock until Ward was satisfied.Ward was naked and saw no reason that Kerri shouldn’t be so as well. His cock softened just slightly after the wonderful climax and he released his strong hold of Kerri’s hair. Then he grabbed her by the shoulders and brought her to a standing position, looking directing into her frightened eyes.She knew he was about to give her more orders, but decided to give it one more try. “Please, don’t do any more. It isn’t right,” she whined in an attempt to raise sympathy. The odd thing that struck Ward was the fact Kerri kept her right hand closed over the long shaft dangling from his loins. He wondered about it and his corrupt mind reasoned that she lusted for his manhood. He attributed her protests as pleas for him to continue. How differently the male mind worked!”Let’s get you undressed so I can see that sexy body. Your tits are so big and delicious and I’ve wanted to get my mouth on them for months,” he said and began unbuttoning her blouse. Kerri merely looked down to his nimble fingers and watched her tender flesh become exposed to his hungry eyes. Like earlier, she didn’t put up much of a struggle, as he bared her treasures.Watching him admire her nudity, she decided to make one last attempt to get him to reconsider. “Please, Sky, don’t do this to me,” she whispered and cast her eyes down with guilt. The mistaken identity didn’t bother Ward and he simply plunged ahead with his plan. He really didn’t give a damn who this Sky was and just wanted to expose the rest of Kerri’s raw assets.He stripped the blouse from her body with one swift move and threw it into the far corner of the room. Why she watched the garment fly was a mystery and Kerri tried to remain calm, as the student stripped her dignity. His hands went immediately to her golden globes and within seconds they were bared, which brought a loud moan of delight from Ward’s lips. Again he merely threw the lacy bra and his eyes devoured the two gorgeous breasts. The dangling rings drew his stare like powerful magnets.”Geez, woman those are the nicest tits I’ve seen and I bet they taste just as good,” he told Kerri without stopping his assault. He began undoing the skirt and soon it was hanging loosely around her waist, waiting for a tiny assist before the garment fell. The striptease happened in slow-motion, as Kerri watched the woolen fabric d**** around her flared hips and then slowly slide down the silky path to the floor.Kerri couldn’t believe she had worn a garter belt and stockings today of all days because they made her appear sexier. She reasoned it was a practical way to dress, as she could wear nylons and still not have the tight constraints of pantyhose. Ward took a pace back to admire the most adorable sight and he marveled at how erotic the garters made his teach look. His pause was brief. “You are the sexiest professor in the college… in any college. How would you like for this student to fuck your little pussy,” he asked?Kerri felt her stomach twist and churn, as the student tortured her with his crude comments. She listened intently to his rambling and for some strange reason yearned for his expected touch. Her emotions headed on an upward spiral because his rough caresses seemed to build an expectation she had trouble controlling. The feeling was foreign to her and Kerri found her body alive and aroused.All of a sudden Ward reached around her torso and grabbed her firm ass-cheeks. He pulled her into his hard muscular body in a tight embrace and kissed her on the mouth. The kiss was a brutal assault and he demonstrated a dire need for her womanly body. Ward conveyed his rising desire and Kerri displayed a willing obedience by opening her mouth, as if returning the mushy kiss with her tongue.Ward boldly attacked with such power and strength that Kerri quickly succumbed to his urgency. She thought the only way to stop the blackmail was to obey Sky’s demands. He moved one hand around her flared hip and onto her flat tummy just below her bellybutton. Kerri acted like a faithful puppet and spread her legs, which resulted in a wild fury of action.The hand slithered downward and closed over the growing wetness between Kerri’s thighs. Ward violated her soul by pushing his big finger on the bull’s-eye. He pressed the shear material into the crevice and the panty crotch turned transparent from the vast pussy juices. Feeling the throbbing clitoris and knowing the drastic effects it would bring, he mashed the bud into the bony pelvis.Kerri jumped and thrust as if she had been jolted by electricity when the cunning student expertly caressed the control button. “No, no… no,” she moaned over and over. Her protest was not so much that she wanted him to stop, but more so because she felt betrayal by her own body.”That’s it, baby. Fuck my finger, slut. You want it… don’t you,” he asked?Her lustful actions caused a total devastation. Kerri realized her hips were rocking back and forth and using the dirty finger to fuel the fire building deep inside. “No, no, I can’t… don’t,” she pleaded.”Yes, you can keep feeling my cock like that and it will grow even bigger,” Ward whispered.Kerri shuddered when she realized her hand was holding Sky’s pecker. She had never acted with such wanton recklessness in her life; yet here she was getting a male aroused with desire by pumping his iron. The shaft was hot and thick and her mind went into a dreamlike state, as she imagined him using it on her. Kerri couldn’t go back in time and use her past experiences to retain control of her rising passions, as her insides grew fiery and hot. The volcano was new and completely alien to anything she had experienced.True, she reasoned, the two times with Jim had been hot and intense, but they had been filled with loving and tenderness. This was a****listic. Kerri stroked the long thick shaft with fervor so strong that her mind was delirious. She was totally unfocused and inflamed with lust and desperately pulled his hips forward until the cock-head touched her crotch. Her fingers worked the thin strip of panty out of the way so that the burning pecker grazed her labia, which brought a loud naughty moan from her throat.Kerri gave a little thrust of her hips and she split the soaked lips with the wide head of Sky’s cock. The instant reward was heard, as a high-pitched whimper sounded. A spectator would have a hard time telling who was being forced into the evil act, as Kerri was the one who appeared more desperate. With both of them standing, it would be impossible to fulfill Ward’s fantasy and he moved to exploit Kerri’s sudden insistence for satisfaction.The initial heat of her burning inferno spurred Ward to wrestle Kerri’s slender body to the carpet. No instruction was needed, as she landed spread-eagled on the floor. Kerri’s eyes were dazed and it appeared she looked upward for the student’s help. When her gaze fixed on his manhood, which stood proudly for her perusal, she uttered a string of non-coherent pleas trying to stop the attack.What Kerri was doing wasn’t right but for some unexplained reason she couldn’t quell the rising tide of desire inside her body. She wanted him to stop yet she also wanted him to strip the remaining bits of clothing still adorning her sweaty torso. It sounded silly, but Kerri reasoned the removal of all of her clothes would give the impending lustful act some decency. Being partially dressed made it seem like she was too wanton and desperate to spare the time to fully disrobe.Ward ogled Kerri’s sexy scantily clad body that was immorally displayed and his profound urgency and desire were ready to burst into flames. He reasoned that a woman in control of her moral fiber would close her legs to protect her modesty. Not so with Kerri. Her legs remained obscenely open, framing her open slit in a way to give a clear sexual invitation to her young student. Ward’s lust for his lovely teacher soared even higher.He stared at the big boobs that were almost begging for his attention and then complied with the imaginary wish from his teacher. Ward was on his knees and he quickly sucked a hardened nipple into his scorching mouth. The ring gave the bud an erotic effect and his tongue swirled it around and around, bringing a reaction from Kerri every time he did. His fingers pinched the other rose colored petal and his caress gave Kerri a sinking feeling, as he rolled the nipple between his fingertips.Her nipples seemed more easily aroused since the piercing and they throbbed under his touch. Ward was in heaven and he m*****ed the gorgeous tits with the zeal of a r****t, not heeding any of Kerri’s protests. He lost all hesitation and jiggled the big breasts with his hands and his damning mouth moved from tip to tip. Each time he devoured a bud, his teeth raked over the hardness bringing a deep moan from the teacher’s lips. Ward slowly ran his teeth over the raw nipple and Kerri suffered every time he bit down just hard enough to bring a mixture of pain and lust.The foreplay had Ward fully erect and he deemed it was time to consummate the union. With haste, he slipped his naked body between the rudely splayed thighs and then grabbed the narrow panty crotch. Ward tugged on the soaked material and buried the thin strip in the immense wetness. Kerri’s body jerked wildly and her mind struggled over whether things could get any worse.Kerri glanced down the front of her nakedness and watched Sky aim the tip of his cock at the intended target. “Oh jeezus… oh no, no, Sky… please,” she whispered and then held her breath in anticipation.Ward simply assumed his teacher was delirious. With the material rolled into a thin strip and running between the crudely displayed pussy lips, there was just enough room to squeeze his swollen cock into the heated passageway. Ward embedded his big cock with one powerful shove and held briefly to take pleasure in the most memorable moment. Any remaining dignity was robbed when Ward suddenly began pumping in and out of Kerri’s tight cunt. Her body went into severe convulsions and her mind was corrupted by the sin of succumbing to what she allowed her young student to do. The spasms were so strong, so overpowering that they shook Kerri to the core and she thrust unwittingly to meet his demands. She thought the student held all of the cards and there was no choice but to comply with his blackmail demands. Her parents must not see the incriminating pictures and the only way out was this sexual encounter with Sky.Ward was thoroughly amazed at the fury Kerri displayed. The dream of fucking his sexy teacher was realized and it was far beyond any of his expectations. He assumed complete control by pounding his cock into Kerri so hard that it brought b**stlike noises. Both drifted into their own fantasy worlds and it was total self-gratification for each. The movie of the teacher having sex with her student would sell a thousand copies, as the erotic scenes were spellbinding. a****l sounds echoed throughout the room and bare skin slapping against bare skin could be heard, as Kerri clung to his masculine body.Ward had dated many girls, but this was his first taste of an older woman. He had to admit that sex with Kerri far surpassed any with his younger girlfriends. She seemed to lose all inhibitions and her constant pleas for him to stop were taken as token cries to ease her guilty mind. Hearing her whisper the protests only inflamed his lust-filled brain to the nth degree.Kerri fucked him with an equal passion. She matched his intensity and the melting pot inside her epicenter gathered beaucoup quantity of juices as both climaxed. Kerri balanced on the mountaintop when her orgasm took all her decency away and she gave her womanly body to the young student. Explosions rocked her lithe frame and she rolled her head from side to side. “No, Sky no, this isn’t right,” she moaned aloud before turning to a whisper. “Oh, I can’t stop… please don’t’. Don’t do that with your thingie… it’s so deep inside… oh gawd, so deep.””Baby, oh baby, fuck me… fuck me,” Ward said, not caring what Kerri called him.She remained lost in the immoral lust, as her subconscious mind continued. “No, your co… your coooo, oh Sky, please don’t,” she pleaded, but couldn’t bring herself to say the dirty words even when they sounded erotic coming from his mouth.The orgasm consumed her soul and Ward showed no mercy, as he fucked her with unbridled passion. He rammed his cock to the hilt with every thrust and Kerri’s muscles gripped the thickness with all her might. “Fuck me, baby! Fuck me with your tight cunt, Teach. Yes! Yes, fuck yes,” he said and the filthy words echoed in her brain.”Aaah, aaah.””Fuck, push that cunt up. Let me sink my hard cock in your belly,” Ward demanded.Kerri obeyed despite the shame. “Ooohhh, ooohhh.””Can you feel my cum shooting into your cunt. I can feel your juices coating my prick,” Ward whispered. “You fuck like a real whore. Do you know that?”His words destroyed any self-respect Kerri may have had left. She felt dirty and used, but her hips thrust madly trying to aid in Sky’s fulfillment. Her hips bucked like a wild bronco and Ward rode her to the end. Sweat covered güvenilir bahis their tired bodies and Ward felt a pang of sadness when his emotions started rolling down the far side. He didn’t want the intercourse to end so he reluctantly paused his pumping and just held onto Kerri’s exhausted body.As her temperature slowly declined and her heart rate reached a relatively normal level, Kerri had to know for sure. “Ward? Are you Sky,” she asked tentatively.Ward rose up slightly and looked directly into her bewildered eyes. “What the hell are you talking about? Sky? You mentioned that name earlier, but I just brushed it off, as a mistake,” he stated. “I thought he was some old boyfriend.”Her world crumbled. Obviously the student wasn’t Sky and now she compounded her problem with a huge blunder. If he wasn’t Sky, then who was, she wondered? Suddenly she was no closer to the truth and felt like kicking herself because Ward wasn’t the blackmailer who held the pictures and tapes. Kerri shook with fear, as the fatal error seemed overwhelming, and she realized one more student surprisingly controlled her destiny. At first it was only Sky who had made her surrender. Now Kerri was under the spell and control of Ward, Wendy, Jim and Sky. Sobs raked her body and tears filled her eyes, as the realization hit. “No, no, I’m sorry, it’s just… it’s only… I was…,” she sobbed and tired to apologize for her tears and sadness.Ward put his arm around Kerri and he tried to comfort her by making light of the situation. “Hey, it wasn’t that bad… was it,” he asked? He kept the tone cheerful and hugged her closer. “My girlfriends don’t usually cry after we make love.”Her motherly instincts took over right away. “No, it’s not you. I’m sorry for being a baby,” Kerri replied, trying to excuse her sadness. “I feel bad for taking advantage… being a teacher and fraternizing.” The tender embrace gave her a warm feeling, at least momentarily.”You know that no one ever needs to find out about this. I’ll certainly hold our affair in confidence,” Ward told her. “It’s just that I’ve fantasized about making love to you for months. You’re such a beautiful woman.””Thanks… thank you,” she responded.Ward wasn’t the sensitive type, but realized that using some of it on Kerri would cement a better relationship with his sexy teacher. “I watch you stand up in front of the class and dream about you the rest of the day,” he informed the startled woman. His disclosure wasn’t exactly true, as any dreams he had were ones of raunchy unrefined sex. When familiar rumbling deep down in his groin happened, he knew it wasn’t time to go home yet.Kerri allowed Ward to lay over her and thought he was merely satisfying his dying needs, as she didn’t know how to get rid of him. Ward relished in his accomplishment of conquering his adorable teacher. He not only had sex with Kerri, but he was planning to show her his perverted side. With no expected interruptions, Ward felt secure being in Kerri’s home and he pressed forward.Ward felt his cock soften and shrink after the powerful orgasm and he needed rejuvenation. “You suck cock real good, Teach. It’s time to get me hard again,” he said, as he pinned Kerri’s arms down. Ward loved using her title often because he deemed the humiliation would enslave her under his devious control.Kerri’s stomach did a flip-flop. ‘Surely he can’t be serious,’ she thought. Then Ward rolled upward and shoved his crotch at her. He grabbed his cock and held it in Kerri’s face, as he rubbed the wet knob across her cheek. Kerri held her lips tightly sealed and was determined to regain a measure of control over the sordid affair. “Nooonoo… nooo, no more,” she pleaded. Ward grabbed her by the hair, twisting and turning her head to the side until her eyes begged him to be gentle. Then he jerked the handful of her long blonde tresses and grinned when he forced her lips to open. Keeping her face turned sideways, Ward relished the look of anguish on Kerri’s face when he stuffed the head of his cock into her mouth.Kerri’s arms flailed out to the sides, as the softened cock filled her mouth. She choked back tears and reluctantly decided the only recourse and way out was to obey. The pungent smell of raw sex drifted up her nostrils and she shuddered with the realization that the odor was pussy juices. It was extremely humiliating knowing she was now sucking the cock that had been buried inside her vagina. Kerri was at a loss for words to describe how degraded she felt. Suddenly the meat, which was bent and twisted, started to jerk and pulse. She couldn’t really see his cock and the fear of him suffocating her made her react. Kerri brought her hands up and she fumbled, as she grabbed the base of his cock and pushed the swollen balls to the side. She gasped many times trying to breathe and tried to retain some control over what Ward did to her.Jolts of energy shot through the monster and she felt Ward jerking his pelvic muscles in an effort to renew his virility. The lengthy shaft slowly began to harden and Kerri had to put her small hand around it so Ward wouldn’t ram the head down her throat. In an effort to stop the assault, she inadvertently massaged his cock with one hand and brushed against his bag with the other, which Ward deciphered as romantic caresses.Kerri was amazed by how quickly Ward’s cock came alive. She thought furiously about ways to get away from his attack, but deep inside she knew nothing would work. When Ward watched the beautiful teacher suck his cock, his evil mind filled with dreams of humiliating her even more. His muscular hips quivered and thrust wildly, as he used Kerri’s mouth to renew his passion. The scene was overly erotic with her tight grip on his penis and his balls swinging freely back and forth just below her chin.The excitement climbed steadily upward and Ward’s big ramrod got harder by the minute, as he kept the bulbous head buried in Kerri’s hot mouth. She wrapped her tiny fist around the first few inches of the long shaft but that gave double action to his cock, inflaming his mind even higher. Ward looked down and watched the long, blonde lochs flow down Kerri’s naked back. He brushed the hair off her face so he could watch her humiliation, as she performed the demanded blowjob.Ward held her hair behind her head and fucked her mouth like it was his very own, prized possession. “Suck it, baby. Yeah, you suck cock like a real pro,” he whispered. “Grab my balls and feel the load of cum I’m going to blast all over your petty face.”Kerri could only shake her head, as the cock-head threatened to go down her throat, and mumble some sounds. “Mmmmm… mmmm.””You’re going to suck me off and I’m going to watch you rub my cum all over your smutty body, Teach,” Ward said.Kerri felt helpless against the powerful young man. He held her head firmly over his cock and pumped his hips like he was fucking a cunt. She could feel his temperature rise and knew he was getting close to a dreaded climax. Her mind was already made up and Kerri determined that the best way out was to satisfy the man’s wishes. Then she tasted the awful precum and realized the end was near.”I’m getting ready to cum. When I tell you… pull my cock out of your hot mouth,” Ward hissed through clinched teeth, as he tried prolonging the wonderful sensations. “When I shoot my load… I want you to fire the white shit all over your face… your hair… your tits.”Kerri tried to comprehend what the man was saying, but before she had time to react, Ward’s orgasm exploded with a fury. It was pure instinct to pull the pulsating cock out of her mouth and Ward let it happen. Once her lips were free, the sticky cum shot far and wide, much to his vulgar elation. Ward tightened the muscles at the base of his pecker every couple of seconds and then jettisoned blasts of thick white cream into the air.The first blast made her choke and the only thing she worried about was breathing. Kerri felt the slimy blobs of cum coat her body exactly as Ward had promised, but she wasn’t able to evade any of it. She sobbed from being made to sink to the lowest levels and remained in a submissive kneeling position, allowing Ward to fulfill his perverted fantasy.Kerri closed her eyes and wished she wasn’t there. Surely she must look like a whore who just satisfied a customer and Ward added to her final insult by coating his finger with semen; then wiping it into her mouth. The humiliation was complete and Kerri remained obedient, as she let her student scoop the remaining thick gobs between her open lips.”I think you swallow cum better than any woman I have been with,” Ward said and smiled with satisfaction. “We will have to do this many more times, my beautiful Teach, as you have one hell of a sexy body.”Further shame washed over the guilt-ridden teacher. “No, no… no.””It may take a week to get another hardon,” Ward said and laughed out loud. Without any regard for Kerri’s feelings, he moved away and allowed her to slump onto the carpet.Kerri watched the student gather his discarded clothes and she felt more pangs of guilt for not turning away. The one obvious fact she had to admit was that Ward had a very muscular body, but she almost giggled when she noticed the soft noodle swinging back and forth between his thighs. She never really heard his parting words, as the relief of him going was too great.Kerri acted out of politeness and followed him to the door like the perfect hostess. Ward departed and she let out a big sigh of relief when the door closed. She collapsed with her back against the door and stood still with her eyes closed, as if trying to make the horrible nightmare go away. ‘Oh, why did I assume he was Sky,’ she asked.Then she remained motionless, as the waves of regret for the past couple of hours flashed through her head. It had been enough that she succumbed to his trickery, but then she pictured the extreme orgasm brought on by the clever student. Kerri readily agreed that Ward now held the cards, which would force her to submit to any future blackmail just to keep the incriminating evidence from becoming public knowledge.Suddenly Kerri recalled what happened when news reporters got wind of this type of forbidden affair. There had been recent stories on television about a female teacher who seduced one of her innocent young male students. Shivers went up and down her back when she realized that people always believed the teacher was guilty even before any of the facts were revealed. The one troubling detail was that most men fantasized of having an affair with their beautiful teacher, which frightened her a lot.***Kerri tossed and turned all night and didn’t sleep well at all. She reluctantly got out of bed in the morning and went through the motions of getting ready for school. Her distraught mind kept retracing events of the night before and every time she remembered an erotic detail, she blushed with embarrassment. Kerri jumped into the shower and when she rubbed soap all over her burning flesh, she imagined Ward doing the same thing. She seemed possessed by a demon and the demon wasn’t satisfied until she became sexually aroused.When it came time to depart for work, Kerri was relieved to get out of the house. She did her best to push the distasteful actions to the back of her mind, which enabled the time to pass fairly easily. Once she got to the college, it was much easier to forget. She got immersed in her classroom and so involved in lessons that she forgot about Ward, at least temporarily.It wasn’t until third class that Ward came into her classroom. The student boldly walked straight up to the desk at the front of the room and confronted his teacher. “You are one hot teacher. I had a fantastic time last night,” he whispered very softly so no one else could hear.Kerri was positive her face turned every shade of red and she was infuriated. “Don’t say anything here… in school. People may hear,” she replied with a deadly serious expression.Ward simply looked at her with a devilish grin on his face and said nothing more. He turned and strolled straight to his assigned seat and Kerri was positive everyone noticed her blushing face. She felt her temperature rise drastically because of her anger and she didn’t look away from the departed student until he sat down. Strange as it seemed, Kerri actually wished the student was ‘Sky’ so she only had one man to deal with instead of two.Somehow she got through the rest of the day without any more distressing things happening, but that changed when she left the college. Kerri half expected to see Ward after classes, yet she was surprised when it was Wendy who approached her. The tall slim student came right up to her, as Kerri neared her car, and the girl’s dark steely eyes shattered her delicate confidence.Kerri was stunned and she listened passively, as the girl spoke. “Tomorrow evening my sorority is conducting an initiation. You are going to be there,” Wendy informed the startled teacher. “It starts at 7 o’clock and you and Robin W. are going to be initiated.”Kerri stood in utter silence when Wendy went on to inform her about the small sorority. The girl explained how she wanted Kerri inducted into the exclusive alliance. Wendy tried to calm any fears by telling her that it was a mere ritual that was so simple and basic that it was no big deal. Then she made it perfectly clear to Kerri that she wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer.Just the hint of Wendy using the incriminating evidence against Kerri was enough to convince her. She listened, as the girl explained how she would pick her up at fifteen minutes to seven and drive to the sorority house. Kerri was speechless when Wendy turned and walked away and she felt powerless against the dominating girl. A strange sensation started swirling around in her tummy and then Kerri remembered being in the staff washroom with Wendy.The incident answered some lifelong questions for Kerri. She often wondered what she would do if another woman touched her or if a situation arose where someone seduced her. What probably bothered Kerri most was hearing the girl tell her that she was a ‘true lesbian.’ More guilt filled her mind when she thought of what it would be like if Wendy did kiss her down there like she promised.Then Kerri vowed that something so drastic could never happen to her even with the threat of blackmail. She was alone with her thoughts. The drive home was somber and she was all wrapped up in a dreamland fantasy that got her more confused by the minute.***Kerri did her best to keep her mind off the scheduled rendezvous with her young students. The night was the longest ever and by morning it was impossible to get the dreaded initiation out of her head. She assumed nothing too drastic should happen because there would be many others around and secondly there were two being initiated so that made her feel a little better.Kerri dressed for work and images of the young student kept flashing into her head. The thought of going through the ceremony did scare her, as a person just didn’t know what young people would do these days. She pictured the other victim, Robin, and felt a little better knowing that the girl was shy and timid. Kerri concluded she was stronger and more capable of withstanding the ritual than the weaker Robin.The daily routine at the college was a welcome relief and Kerri got completely engrossed in her classes, which eased the turmoil to some degree. Everything went smoothly and before she knew it, the day was over. The drive home was good and it wasn’t until she got inside the house that the frightening thoughts returned. She must have looked at her watch every two minutes and the time seemed to go slow until the witching hour neared. About 6:30 Kerri dressed in her most conservative gray suit, which she hoped would indicate that she was acting in a purely professional manner.When Wendy came to the door to pick her up, Kerri watched and marveled at the girl’s youthful beauty. She had a boyish silhouette, but it was quite evident that she was a girl. Her eyes were the darkest brown and they made Kerri’s knees weak every time the girl stared at her. Wendy had a gorgeous girlish face and her breasts were not large, but they were definitely highlighted by enlarged nipples most of the time.For some undaunted reason, Kerri felt overpowered by the young student. She was at a loss to understand why the girl’s blackmail scheme made her agree to become part of the planned initiation. Her days of that sort of thing were long gone and Kerri was perplexed that these young girls wanted an older teacher in join their sorority?Kerri opened the door, just as Wendy approached, and they proceeded to the car without a word. She shuddered when the passenger door was held open for her and it felt like she was out on a date. Wendy closed the door and smiled with the knowledge that her innocent teacher was a sacrificial lamb being led to slaughter.They chatted casually on the way to the destination. When they arrived, the dominating Wendy repeated the dating protocol and escorted the well-dressed teacher into the dorm house. They entered a dimly lit room, which was full of girls, and suddenly everything came to a standstill. All of the excited girls stared at the supposed submissive teacher and their intimidating leader.Wendy had not instructed Kerri on the proper clothes for the evening, but she knew full well what the teacher would wear. She loved the attire, as the suit made Kerri look like the perfect professor who was more mature than the rest of the girls. Wendy knew that by Kerri giving the impression of being in total control would merely fill the group with a desire to bring a superior down to their level.Wendy grinned when she watched the frightened teacher fidget from being uncomfortable in the strange surroundings. Her heart fluttered, as she imagined the conservatively dressed woman being made to undress and act like a slut. The rendezvous had been well planned by Wendy and all of the girls in the sorority, except the two lambs, Kerri and Robin.Kerri quickly glanced around the room. She noted that most of the girls were students at the college, as she either had them in class or seen them around the school. Wendy held her by the arm and guided her to one of the two easy chairs, which were on one side of the room. Robin was already sitting in one and Kerri was told to sit in the other.Kerri gave a sigh of relief to be sitting and she studied the room to get more familiar with the surroundings. All of the girls had seated themselves around the room in sort of a horseshoe pattern off of the two easy chairs. Robin and Kerri seemed to be center stage and it made them apprehensive and alone. Robin was one of the shyest girls in the school and she wanted desperately to belong. She didn’t have any close friends and had made up her mind to do anything so the sorority girls would accept her into their closely-knit group.Wendy had seen the small-town girl type before and she knew they were susceptible to being persuaded into doing almost anything to fit into a girl alliance. She noticed Robin the first day of classes, as the girl had the perfect cheerleader type body. Robin’s roommate just happened to be one of the girls in their sorority and she testified to the fact that Robin was truly well built.Being as shy as she was, Robin never allowed herself to be seen naked, but glimpses of her beauty were proof enough. Robin would never admit it, but she had fooled around with both girls and boys during high school. None of the affairs were real serious, but there were a few camping expeditions that turned into small orgies. It was typical peer pressure that forced Robin into those adventures. Although they made her feel guilty at the time, she had to admit they were enjoyable in a physical sense.Robin thought back to last week when she finally got up enough courage to approach Wendy about joining their select group. She was extremely thrilled to be initiated into the sorority, but she was still apprehensive about the upcoming seduction. Wendy outlined a devious plan that she said was the only way Robin would be allowed to join their group. The plan was for Robin to seduce the sacrificial virgin into the fold and then she would become a full-fledge member of the sorority.Wendy explained everything in great detail. The victim was to be Kerri and that the teacher would appear not to be a willing participant. Wendy told Robin that the rest of the girls wanted to see an apparent ****, but one that was in reality just a staged production. She said that Kerri would pretend to act reluctant and non-cooperative so the episode would be more realistic. Wendy stressed that Robin was not to worry about offending Kerri, as the teacher was in on the ruse.Robin’s success would be judged by the membership and Wendy told her that the telling sign would be Kerri experiencing an orgasm. Wendy assured the timid girl that her induction was certain if she took the sexy teacher into the land of make believe. She reminded the girl that she would have to be aggressive and domineering if the others were going to believe the fantasy.The fabled initiation scheme came together one evening during a heavy night of drinking. Many of the girls had fantasies about forced sex, nonconsensual sex and even ****, but they all didn’t want to live through the real experience. Wendy was the one who came up with the plan yet everyone jumped on board because the bizarre fantasy about forced sex was too hard to resist.Wendy was actually looking forward to gaining Robin’s confidence, as she had dreamed of possessing the girl’s sexy body. Robin had her hair cut in a pageboy styling and her pale complexion compared to the jet-black hair gave the girl a most attractive appearance. She was about 5’7” and the same height as Wendy, but that’s where the similarity stopped. Robin’s shape had all of the curves in the right places and the 36C’s could easily be D’s if one were to measure. She had a tiny waist, but her hips flared to perfect proportions, which gave her the most desirable butt.Wendy often pictured the meek Robin in the nude and she visualized ravishing the poor girl once she became one of the group. She thought initiation night would be the most enjoyable one of her life and one where she would turn two sexy women into slaves. Most of the girls in the fraternity were bi and really didn’t practice the lesbian thing that much, except for initiation dates. On the other hand, Wendy stuck exclusively with girls. Her lone experience with an older woman was with Kerri. The washroom affair gave her many sleepless nights, as she couldn’t get the memory of the sexy teacher being forced to submit out of her head.Wendy reasoned that by humiliating the woman who most of the girls considered a role model, she would become Kerri’s master. A shiver ran through her slender body every time the vision of Kerri’s orgasm flashed into her head. Seeing it happen again during the upcoming ritual with Robin forcing herself on the submissive woman was going to be immensely rewarding.The failure to mention all of the proceeding to Robin was done on purpose. Wendy didn’t tell the girl that Kerri would be forced to consummate the union into the select society by performing the same ritual on her. All of the other girls agreed that seeing their teacher m***** one of her students would be the highlight of the evening. Wendy deduced the final chapter would complete Kerri’s humiliation and she would forever have the upper hand with the evidence of teacher-student fraternization.Wendy’s imagination ran wild, as she envisioned the sexy Robin going through the throes of an intense orgasm under the lips of the innocent teacher. She could almost taste the sweet nectar of both girls and was determined to realize her fantasies in full. Wendy was smart. She knew Robin wasn’t going to refuse the teacher’s seduction because it was the only way to successfully complete the initiation.All of the girls formed the customary arc in front of the King and Queen who sat in the comfortable easy chairs. Kerri and Robin sat quietly and waited. Wendy stood directly behind the space between the chairs of the two and brought the meeting to order. There was no need for formalities or any discussion other than what was going to happen.Wendy introduced the two. “On my right is our King for tonight, Mr. Robin. He will be asked to perform cunnilingus on our Queen for the night, Miss. Kerri who is on my left,” she told the group of enthusiastic members.All eyes were on the frightened pair. Robin and Kerri sat in the spotlight and briefly looked at each other to see if anyone would chick out. The names given out were a surprise, but not nearly as much as the shock of the term that was given for what was going to happen.Kerri twisted in her chair and tried to rise up, but a firm hand on her shoulder indicated that she was to remain seated. With a little shrug of her shoulders, she sank back into the soft chair. Her mind raced ahead and vividly thought of what it would be like to perform a sexual act in front of so many people. The hand squeezing her right shoulder was enough of a sign for her to realize who was in-charge and that she should remain motionless.”We will get the ceremony underway by asking our King to remove all her clothes so that her Queen can feast on her raving beauty,” Wendy stated and ignored the frantic struggles from the older woman. Robin wasn’t comfortable with the request, but she was determined to comply with all and every wish of her suitors. Slowly she rose and began removing her garments much to the dismay of her fellow captive.A hush came over the room, as the heavenly treasures bahis siteleri were exposed to all of the hungry eyes. Even Robin’s roommate was amazed at just how gorgeous her breasts were and how distinguished the areole’s were, as they molded outward into hard nipples. Not an eye blinked for fear of missing one glimpse and in a couple of minutes the King was naked, standing before the hushed throng.Robin felt a little more comfortable even though she was nude, as the rest of the girls mumbled praises and compliments. She reluctantly realized taking off her clothes in front of everyone was not as bad as she thought. Robin reasoned it was likely because she was a girl just like everyone else, yet that didn’t prevent her being filled with embarrassment. For some ungodly reason, she considered her body as being too fat or too babyish, which made her blush.No one else thought there was anything wrong with Robins’ body, as her nudity inflamed their minds. Wendy stared at the girl. “Now that our precious King is naked… we would ask that the Queen be introduced to the wonderment of sex. As we all know, it is the duty of the King to seduce the lovely Queen and show her that she is loved by her subjects,” Wendy said.The sordid details filled Kerri with fear. She looked around the room and didn’t notice any empathy or tolerance, as the leader continued. “We ask that our King strip the clothes off our Queen and once her genitals are exposed, to demonstrate the love we all feel for her royal status,” Wendy stated in a clear concise tone.Kerri panicked when she noted the hush that came over the room. Her head swirled around in circles and she felt dizzy and confused. “When our illustrious King is finished and our beautiful Queen has climaxed, she will then perform the same ritual on our King,” Wendy said and shocked the two royals. “When our King has climaxed from the love shown by our Queen, all the servants will adorn both royalty with love and devotion!”Kerri and Robin gasped, but the rest in the heated room grew anxious and sweaty. Any casual observer would have correctly concluded that the upcoming initiation ritual was purely and simply an outright lesbian orgy. All the member girls felt their passions heighten and soar towards an emotional peak.Robin had a sudden twinge of regret for wanting to join the select society, but she quickly ignored any warning signs, as the need to be accepted was too great. Kerri frantically looked for an avenue of escape, but one wasn’t apparent to her confused mind.All eyes were on the expectant newbies. Robin was well aware of what she was required to do and she had rehearsed it over and over in her mind. With Wendy as a mentor, she was given many suggestions and ideas on how to fulfill the initiation requirements. Robin slowly moved towards the cowering teacher and felt pangs of sympathy for the frightened woman.Kerri’s arms came up to protect herself and she paused when she felt Wendy’s fingers dig into her shoulders. Robin tenderly brushed the hands to the sides and gingerly reached for the jacket buttons. Her hands were shaking like a leaf, but Robin managed to undo the buttons one at a time. Every time Kerri moved to protest, either Robin pushed her hands away or Wendy put more pressure on her shoulder.Wendy had stressed the need to be aggressive and domineering and Robin did her best to obey the orders. She found the teacher’s apparent struggle and protest to be exactly what Wendy described and assumed it was because Kerri possessed a great acting ability. When the jacket was completely undone, Robin quickly stripped the garment to reveal a designer silk blouse. It took her less than a minute to unbutton the blouse and virtually rip it off the bewildered teacher.Robin’s confidence soared. Everyone held their breath, as the King ripped the lacy bra from Queen’s chest with a fierce jerk and exposed the luscious titties. The swift attack startled Kerri so much that she merely sat in the easy chair and permitted free reign to the naked girl. Kerri stared straight ahead and couldn’t help but notice Robin’s enlarged breasts, as they swayed enticingly when the girl moved.All of a sudden Robin sat square in Kerri’s lap and spread her legs around the teacher’s shapely hips. Kerri’s protests were silent and merely motions trying to stop the abrupt assault. Her hips twisted and moved, but there was no verbal objection because she was fearful of causing a scene in front of all the girls. Kerri’s eyes opened wide when she mouthed some words of protest. “Don’t, please don’t. Oh, please don’t,” she whispered and gave the girl a pleading look.It was the most helpless feeling in the world for Kerri, as the enraged young student took over. Robin swooped in like a killer shark and startled the teacher with a demanding kiss. The fervor left little doubt as to what was coming. Kerri simply submitted to the assault and Robin tongued her like a true professional. Their tongues met midstream and the most demanding one quickly conquered the meek.Robin’s dainty hand dipped to Kerri’s exposed breast and she found the feel of the golden charm extremely enticing. She had never seen or felt a pierced nipple before and she relished the opportunity to fondle the teacher’s. The sexual encounter would surprise and amaze everyone in the room, even Wendy who thought she knew Robin. The planned initiation took an enthralling twist. It would become evident that the girl was very different than most women when it came to forced or nonconsensual sex.After being in a heightened aroused state for many minutes, Robin unexpectedly lost all of her inhibitions. She was relaxed in front of the strange girls and being naked for so long didn’t feel odd anymore. The thought of being accepted by the fraternity girls and especially Wendy gave her the conviction to break out of her shell.With the abruptness of a r****t, she stood up in front of the whimpering woman and ordered her to stand. Kerri had to look away from the commanding girl and she kept her eyes cast downward when she complied with the order. Her lithe body was shaking from both fear and sobbing and she was powerless to prevent Robin from stripping her skirt. In scant seconds the skirt was removed and tossed across the room. Then the girl had no problem stripping the remaining lace and silk garments to leave the teacher totally naked.Robin was in total control. She almost threw the helpless teacher onto a plush makeshift platform that was setup to be a bed. Kerri put her arms up to protect herself, but the girl was on her instantly. Robin was a tiger. She grabbed one wrist and twisted it behind Kerri’s back, which caused enough pain to make the teacher cry out loud. Then she twisted the other wrist behind her own hip so she had an unobstructed view of the lush tits.A cry of protest came from Kerri when Robin’s hungry lips closed over a hardened nipple. Sucking the stiff bud deep into her mouth, the girl caressed it with her tongue, rolling it around while paying special attention to the most sensitive tip. Robin toyed with the gold trinket, using the end of her tongue to pull the ring out from the big boob. The result was breathtaking for everyone, as the teacher arched her back as if offering herself to the overbearing girl.It was all new to Robin, but she willingly demonstrated her absolute control. Her sharp teeth bit down hard on the tender bud and brought instant tears. The pain was unbearable and without letup, as Robin shifted her razor-like teeth from one enlarge nipple to the other. A louder cry sounded and all of the girls marveled at the possibility of the nibbling drawing some blood. Then Robin released the captive wrists and seized the two rings with her thumbs and forefingers.Kerri stared through tears at her aching tits, as her nipples appeared twice their normal size. “No, no, please! It hurts… don’t hurt me, please,” she begged the King.”Shut up Queenie! I’m going to fuck you right in front of all these girls,” Robin said, as her pretty face twisted with great pleasure. “As you can tell… I like my sex rough!”Kerri felt absolutely vulnerable against the overly aggressive student. Robin’s dominating actions seemed out of character, but then again no one knew what she was really like. The girl favored being treated rough and dominated during affairs and sexual encounters, as that went along with her timid demeanor. Surprisingly no one knew that she also enjoyed being the dominator once in awhile, as that was when Robin lost all inhibitions and restraint.It gave Robin the ultimate feeling of power to be master over her teacher and she became greatly aroused when watching the feeble woman squirm under her touch. The loud cry of pain was mistaken for lust and Robin forced Kerri to continue her cries of protest. The breast and nipple m*****ation had Kerri’s buds throbbing madly with a combination of pain and arousal, but that was only the beginning.All the girls were spellbound, as they watched the once shy student overpower the older woman. They couldn’t take their eyes off the naked bodies rolling around on the makeshift bed. Wendy was shocked by Robin’s sudden display of supremacy and she was as turned on as the rest of the group, watching the beautiful teacher submit to the humiliation. “Yes, this is the best initiation yet,” she whispered to no one in particular. “They will make a wonderful addition to our sorority.”Robin’s demanding fingers snaked down the front of Kerri’s naked torso and quickly found the desired region. With just a mere tap of her fingertips on the milky thighs, Kerri obeyed the silent command by spreading her legs. The fingers immediately went into the wetness and renewed cries for mercy were heard.”Oh, please don’t touch me… not there,” Kerri pleaded and struggled, as the young student pinned her down. “Not that, no, don’t do that,” she begged, as Robin performed magic.”Oh my… oh my, you have such a beautiful pussy,” Robin whispered.”No, no, your fingers are pinching my clit. You don’t know what that does to me,” Kerri whispered.The young student knew what she was doing. Robin spread the swollen pussy lips with one hand and totally exposed the key to the city. Her mouth dropped to Kerri’s crotch and instantly closed over the top portion of puffy labia. The instant heat of the girl’s volcanic mouth brought an urgent objection from Kerri, as the golden ring was sucked deep into the fiery pit.Robin put her fingers on the soft silky thighs and spread them wider, which allowed her to devour the tender clitoris. She used her teeth to caress the elongated bud ever so lightly and the nibbling quickly became very skilled. Robin had to grab the wildly jerking hips and her fingers dug into the lush ass cheeks.Kerri felt the girl’s tongue start flicking her clit with furious strokes and the tiny ring only added to the punishment. “Please, don’t do that… not here,” Kerri begged. Suddenly a long thin finger entered her dripping cunt and curled up to put great pressure on the vulnerable G-spot. The explosion was immediate and powerful spasms rocked Kerri’s slender body, as the young student turned her teacher into a wanton slut.Robin sensed the beginning of an orgasm and milked the pussy with her mouth while pumping her finger in and out of the soaked canal. She curled her body into a fully crouched position between Kerri’s splayed legs and sucked the clitoris with all her might. Instead of pushing the girl away, Kerri entwined her fingers into the short black hair and guided the mouth to glory. Her body shuddered violently and the skillful mouth robbed her of the last ounce of dignity.Robin waited… and waited… and waited until the precise moment when she knew Kerri was the most vulnerable. Then she closed her teeth on the raw clit and jammed her tongue against the tiny portion of the reddened clitoris, which was deep inside her mouth. She pressed the throbbing bud against the backside of her teeth and a loud cry filled the room. The atomic bomb exploded deep inside Kerri’s womanhood and she released her juices into the demanding mouth.The girl sucked as hard as she could and tasted the sweetness of a woman for the very first time, as she drank the cream of ecstasy. Kerri could not believe she had succumbed to the sinister passion with an audience in the room, but she was unable to prevent the violent convulsions rushing through her loins. She needed fulfillment and held onto the young student with all her strength when the untimely orgasm washed over her.A camera caught all of the sordid details of the top-secret initiation and the evidence would be saved in the fraternity’s private library. Anyone reviewing the scenes would hear loud uncontrolled cries coming from the distraught teacher, as she went through the throes of a fierce climax. The naked hips thrust wildly at the demanding perpetrator and there was no letup in the shameless assault.Robin licked the pussy like a crazed woman and felt her own desire reaching a heightened plateau. All of the onlookers watched the intense orgasm in awe. Everyone was oblivious to an occasional finger of a nearby spectator who was seeking momentary bliss to her pent up lust by fondling herself. Kerri sobbed in defeat, as her ecstasy soared over the crest and her cream flowed into the hungry mouth with no holding back.The flames of desire slowly diminished inside Kerri’s lust riddled mind, but there was no relief. Robin was determined to finalize the ceremony just as Wendy had described in her preliminary speech. Her face was covered with the remnants of Kerri’s demise and she got out of the crouched position so she could be face to face with her servant. “Now you are going to suck my twat. Lick the King’s ransom,” she whispered to the exhausted teacher.Robin savored the newfound glory and power. She knew exactly how to satisfy Wendy’s wishes and also those of all the sorority girls. All of sudden she was in control and wanted to take complete advantage of the situation. She leaned forward and kissed the Queen’s frightened face, moving to Kerri’s ear for a final peck. “Put your hand between my legs and feel my pussy,” she commanded the startled woman.When the girl sneakily reached down and captured the tiny golden, clit ring, Kerri realized Robin was serious. Her mouth opened to protest, but no sound came out when the ring was given a definite tug. It seemed Robin had demonstrated her authority and the teacher realized all escape routes were gone. Kerri felt like a little girl caught in the act of doing something wrong and all she could do was utter a few pathetic whimpers, as the dilemma proved overwhelming.The King smiled at the shivering Queen. “You heard our leader say that the Queen was required to worship the King,” Robin informed her subject. “I’m so wet… I feel like creaming on your finger right now. I need you.”Kerri was filled with shame when her arm moved. She wasn’t sure how her hand got between the widely spread legs, but somehow her fingers brushed across the soaked honey-hole. One brief moment Kerri looked to one side and straight into the eyes of the devil. Then her fingers moved despite knowing it was wrong and she couldn’t look away from Wendy’s demanding stare. First she inserted one finger into the steamy hole and then a second when the girl begged for more.Robin’s hips thrashed madly in an effort to complete the ritual. The teacher/student finger-fucking pleased all of the onlookers and in just a few seconds it was obvious the King was losing control. Kerri sensed that the impending orgasm was extremely close and she looked around the room in a fit of panic, but there was no imminent help close by. Many lust-filled faces greeted her gaze and then her eyes returned to the dark, seductive eyes of the she-devil.Wendy’s knowing smile didn’t make Kerri feel any better, as the embarrassment from being forced to fondle Robin was too great. Their eyes remained locked and Kerri’s tummy churned with the realization of no longer being in control of her own destiny. She was the teacher and the person in-charge while in the classroom, but that meant nothing to the scheming young mistress who demanded complete submission.Suddenly the sounds of a woman overtaken by desire once again filled the small room and Kerri’s dainty hand was coated with womanly juices. “Fuck me, fuck me hard… harder,” Robin demanded, as the passion increased in her body.Kerri complied with the girl’s wishes and thrust her fingers with all the force she could muster. Then she held her fingers inserted as deep as possible and moved her hand vigorously, while holding her thumb over the throbbing clitoris. Kerri’s female instincts told her where to caress Robin and she quickly took the girl to the passion peak. Every muscle in Robin’s body tensed. The orgasm washed over her core and she was oblivious of being in a room full of girls, as she was taken into never, never-land.The two naked bodies cuddled on the makeshift bed with Robin hugging the soft curves of Kerri’s body in a most tender caress. There was a rustle and sounds of people scurrying around the room, as the next chapter was about to unfold. Before either girl could protest, six other girls overwhelmed them. Wendy had secretly issued her instructions and the group obeyed without hesitation.With the desperation of someone having to prolong an orgasm for hours, the girls attacked the royal pair. Three beset upon Kerri and in no time each sucked the rewards like true lesbians. Kerri franticly looked for a way out, but all seemed lost. When she looked to the side, there were naked bodies everywhere. Robin and one of the other girls were locked in erotic pleasure while two others were intimately embracing in a passionate kiss.Suddenly, a hot open mouth closed over hers and Kerri felt an insistent probing. A tongue darted out and pressed into her tightly closed lips, demanding she cooperate with the intruder. Wendy easily overcame the feeble protest and her tongue quickly intertwined with Kerri’s, as she lay beside her slave.Things happened fast. Everything was a blur to Kerri, as the three girls took advantage of her inaction. The kiss was hot and wet when Wendy demonstrated her affection and Kerri merely closed her eyes tightly, as she tried to survive the assault. She could see a pinwheel of flashing colors in her darkened eyes and the hungry mouths turned her body into a sea of desire.One mouth toyed with the nipple ring on her left breast while Wendy caressed the other with her skillful fingers. Suddenly the mouth that was raining kisses over her flattened tummy struck a vital blow. All hope was lost when the burning inferno closed over her puffy labia and her mind short-circuited. A tingling sensation rushed through her used body and overwhelmed her mind, as the girls welcomed her into their exclusive club.***Following another untimely orgasm, Kerri was too distraught to struggle. Her body remained in a constant state of arousal throughout the entire evening and she was simply amazed by how many times the young students made her experience earth-shattering orgasms. The fact she was older, more mature and an upstanding faculty member of the college meant nothing, as the girls turned their teacher into their personal slut. Wendy’s plan of gaining full control over her idol was achieved and she now had a lover who would submit to her cruel demands.A final climax punctuated Kerri’s frustration, as the king for the evening returned for one last degrading act. She attacked like the king of the jungle and purred when she kissed and licked Kerri’s amorous zones. Kerri was oblivious as to who was caressing her tired body until a slender finger entered forbidden territory. She tried to sit up or even roll away from the attacker, but many hands held her captive on her back with her legs spread wide.Kerri tilted her head up and glanced down the front of her naked torso to see Robin’s face buried in her crotch. What she couldn’t see were the girl’s fingers, which were boldly taking unapproved liberties. Kerri cried out loud when the one girl she trusted violated her in the worst way possible. She had heard about anal sex and even dreamed about extreme sexual acts, but she never imagined them happening to her.Robin brusquely sucked the coveted flesh into her fiery mouth and Kerri was unable to stop her hips from matching the girl’s passion. “No, no, don’t do that, please Robin, no,” Kerri pleaded, but to no avail. The fingers of one hand caressed familiar territory, but it was the girl’s right hand, which caused the humiliation. Robin’s long middle finger, lubricated by the abundant juices, pressed into the backdoor and Kerri’s ass was assaulted for the first time in her life.Kerri sobbed and pleaded with Robin to have mercy, but that only intensified the girl’s caresses. The other sorority girls spurred her on and Robin didn’t disappoint them, as she fingered the helpless prisoner. Kerri felt her stomach churn and quiver when the girl sucked her tender clit and teased the bud with her tongue. Her body belonged to the demanding Robin and Kerri felt disgusted and dishonored because she succumbed to a sex act that was supposed to be immoral. Anal sex was supposed to be painful, but it wasn’t.Kerri didn’t think there was any more passion or desire left in her exhausted body, but she was proven wrong. Robin was in complete control and she relished the sudden approval and praise from her sorority sisters because she was taking the initiative with the teacher. She too had been used and abused all of her life, but the deep-rooted thrill of possessing a prohibited fortune spurred her onward.Once again Robin demonstrated her worth to the fraternity and all of the other members paused to watch her overcome Kerri’s determined resistance. More than one of the girls fantasized about Robin using their body in a similar fashion. Wendy was shocked by the dramatic show of aggression and she made a mental note to use caution when dealing with the new inductee.Robin was fully occupied with the succulent womanly treasures and one of the other girls joined the fray. The girl quickly coated the areolas of Kerri’s unguarded tits with wet saliva and fondled the boobs like a sex-hungry teenager. She squeezed and milked the big firm titties and marveled at the swollen nipples that were raw and about twice their normal size from the earlier abuse.Kerri actually cried, as it felt like a thousand demons were attacking her body all at once, and she uttered bestial sounds when the sexual encounter reached a heightened pitch. More of the royal subjects paid homage to their gorgeous Queen, but not one girl interfered with Robin, as she worshiped the treasures between the splayed legs. The finger-fucking of both holes grew feverish and Robin’s fingers were like two small cocks. She clamped her mouth over the top portion of the gushing slit and devoured the throbbing clitoris while pumping her fingers in and out of Kerri’s cunt and ass.The sucking and fucking resulted in loud crude sounds that echoed around the room. Robin ate her teacher with a profound skill, which was the envy of those watching. The combination of cunnilingus, finger-fucking and anal sex all at the same time turned Kerri into a wild woman filled with perverted passion. Every muscle in her abused body tensed in an attempt to stop the impending orgasm, but her student felt no pity and never slowed down or letup.Robin rolled the clit around and around and she tried to slap the bud with her tongue. She kept jamming her fingers into the tight holes and ramming her hard knuckles into the soaked crotch until Kerri’s body jerked out of control. When Kerri heard the loud cheers, she realized the end was near. An extreme spasm rocked her body and then the rest of the royal membership sensed the Grande Finale. Others wanted to taste the rewards of the newly inducted teacher and they took Kerri into a land she would dream about for years. Sometimes the dreams would haunt her and give her moments of shameful guilt from surrendering to the demands of the many students. Kerri wasn’t aware of who was m*****ing her body other than being conscious of Robin quenching her sexual appetite. Someone kissed her on the lips and she reluctantly responded to the girl’s animated tongue. Another nibbled on an extended nipple while her friend used her white ivories on the other to display her need for fulfillment. One girl left red marks all over Kerri’s burning flesh and yet another thrust their tongue in and out of her bellybutton.Robin could not remember tasting anything so sweet and enticing. Her mind was a blaze of fiery images, as she was filled with power and glory. The tidal wave flowed from the pit of Kerri’s stomach and into the waiting mouth of her King. Kerri uttered several desperate moans, which were swallowed by a kiss, and the sea of desire flooded any remaining sanity, as she reached new heights of ecstasy.Robin sucked her cunt like a woman-gone-wild and she relished bringing a climax to the newly crowned sorority slut. Red welts and bite marks would be a reminder of initiation night and Kerri would forever be a loyal member of the very secret society. The quiet and peaceful minutes following the long ritual were welcomed and Kerri curled into a ball in an attempt to calm her shattered nerves. Each girl transgressed into a world of their own and dreamed of the future, which would hopefully include their beautiful teacher.Kerri felt tired and totally exhausted, but the parting words from Wendy struck a vital nerve, as she realized her future was in the young girl’s hands. Wendy reminded her that she was a chartered member of their sorority and required to attend all upcoming functions. “You will be our Queen… now and in the future,” the girl whispered. “You will be our faithful Queen for all initiations and it will be your job to service each and every one of the members.”THE ENDPlease email me any suggestions or comments as I appreciate what readers have to say about my stories.