A Night to Remember.

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A Night to Remember.I get a call from a fiend telling me he’s getting married and the bachelor party is in a couple of days and he want s me to fly in for the party. I’ve known him for 20 plus year. I tell him I wouldn’t miss it. We get to a local bar and the drinks start to flow. In walks a group of women and one catches my eye. You are ware in your jean jacket, and white dress with a black belt. An hour goes by and both groups are feeling their drinks. I can’t stop thinking of how hot you look. Our groups meet at the bar and we start to talk and laugh. After awhile you and one of your friends say you are ready to leave but the rest of your group wants to stay. Seeing my chance I offer to share a cab and see you both home. Because there are two of you and one of me you decide its safe and we leave. We hale a cab and all get in the back. Your friend leans against me and starts run her hand up and down my leg. I feel my cock start to stir. She looks at you and winks as she starts to rub my cock harder. She leans closer and whispers I bet you would like to fuck us both wouldn’t you. All I can do is moan as she squeezes my cock. She takes my hand and places it on your tit and tells me to play with them for her. I’m in a state of shock as I feel your nipples getting harder. I feel my zipper being pulled down as I hear a soft moan escape your mouth. I look up and see the cab driver smile at us as I feel her mouth sink over my cock. I move one hand to the back of her head as she starts to suck my cock, the other moves down your body and under your dress. To my delight I find your not wearing panties. I slowly start to rub your clit and run my fingers between your pussy lips. You start to grind on my hand and I feel you getting wetter. I feel the tip of my cock hit the back of her throat. All to soon we pull up in front of your friends home. She grabs my hand and pulls my from the cab, I try and pay the driver but he waves me off with a smile as you both pull me to the door. Once in side we waste no time striping and going to the bed room. You both lay me on the bed and climb in next to me. You say its your turn to have my cock as you move down and close your mouth around my cock. Your friend move up my body and presses her tits to my mouth. I part my lips as her nipple enters my mouth. I start to suck her nipples as I work my hands to your pussies and start to slide my fingers in and out fucking you both. I press my thumb against you asshole and feel you press back as I hear you gag on my cock. Your friend moves over me and lowers her pussy to my face. I can smell her and see how wet she is as her pussy comes in contact with my mouth. She starts to grind on my face as I lick her pussy tasting her and hearing her moan. I feel your mouth leave my cock and something by my feet but have other thing on my mind so I don’t care. You start to suck my again as your güvenilir bahis şirketleri friend rises off me I close my eyes and enjoy your cock sucking skills. She grabs my arms and move them over my head. Suddenly I feel and hear the click of hand cuffs around my wrists. I look up in time to see my and cuffed to the head board, looking down I see my feet tied to the other end of the bed. I look at you as you smile and say you are going to be our fuck toy for the night. I try not to look to happy as I fake a try at escaping. You two play rock, paper, scissors. You win. Looking at me you say you get my cock first. Climbing over me your friend lowers her pussy to my face again and grinds it down on my face. I feel your tight wet pussy slid down my cock. We both moan as you sink all the way down. You start to fuck move your hips grinding on my cock. I feel your juices leak from around my cock. Your friend leans forward and starts to suck your clit as I suck hers. Out of nowhere she cums covering my face as she shacks riding out her orgasm. She keeps grinding her cunt into my face as she leans forward and suck on your tits. I manage to get my hands free but pretend to stay tied up. I feel your pussy twitch around my cock as you use me as a living dildo. I work my feet free but keep them where they are. Your getting tighter and tighter as you get closer to cumming. Your pussy grabs my cock like a fist as you cum. You slam your self down on my cock as you keep fucking your self with my cock. You collapse on the bed next to me as your friends goes to get some water. When she comes back she hands you a bottle of water and tip one to my lips. Thankfully she doesn’t see that I’m free. Time to switch she says as she grabs my cock and makes sure I’m hard for her. She climbs on top of my and I watch as she lowers she wet pussy down on my cock.As she starts to ride my you kneel over my head and lower your just fucked pussy to my face. I can taste your cum as I bury my tongue into your pussy. It takes all of my will power not to grab you and pull your pussy closer to my face.I can hear you both moan as you use my as your fuck toy. You start to grind your pussy on my face covering it with your juices. Your friends pussy is twitching around my cock like its trying to milk the cum from me.She leans forward and sucks on your tits as she slams her cunt on my cock. I can feel your pussy twitching as my tongue works its way as far into you as I can make it. I find your clit and suck and lick it as hard as I can making you push your pussy harder into my face.I feel your friends pussy tighten as she gets closer to cumming. She scream out as she cums on my cock covering it with her cum. She falls to the bed drained. You rub your pussy across my mouth making my fuck your pussy with my tongue.I can feel your pussy squeeze my tongue as you start to cum. Your tipobet güvenilir mi juices fill my mouth as I swallow as fast as I can. I keep sucking trying to get every drop from your pussy. You fall to the bed breathing hard. You look at your friend and smile as you close your eyes and fall to sleep for a few minutes.This is my chance, I move quickly as I can as I cuff you to the bed and tie your feet were mine had been. Your friend and you come to just as I finish. I grab her and say now its my turn. I bend her over the bed so her face is right at your pussy I tell her to start licking as I ram my cock into her cunt. You try to get free but I’m better with the cuffs then you and your friend. The power of me fucking her drives her face into your wet pussy. I hear her moan into between lick of your pussy. I see you start to try and grind your cunt into her face as moans escape you. I pull my cock from her pussy and tell her to sit on your face as I grab a pillow and wedge it under your ass lifting it off the bed. She lowers her sloppy wet pussy to your mouth. I see you rise your head up and suck on her lips as she starts to grind on your face. She reaches down and pulls your nipples as she says suck my cunt you little whore. I line my cock up with your pussy and slam it into you. I hear you moan into you friends cunt as I start to fuck you as hard as I can. I feel you getting wetter and tighter as you get closer to cumming but this is my time. I hear your moans as your about to cum, so I pullout of you and keep you from cumming. I line my cock up with your asshole and start to push forward. I feel it start to sink in as I keep up the pressure. I hear you moan as I sink farther into you. I feel your ass twitch as my cock reaches as far into you as it will go. I grab your friends head and tell her to lick your pussy as I fuck you tight little ass. I can hear the sounds of both of you lick the others pussy as I start to move in and out of your ass. I pull out of you and make your friend suck my cock saying your not wet enough. I pull my cock from her mouth and tell her to lick your ass and make it nice and wet for me. I move to your head and feed my cock into your mouth. I lean forward and start to fuck you mouth as your friend eats your ass. I can feel your moans vibrate my cock in your throat. You start to gag as my cock goes deeper and deeper into your throat. I look over and see a night stand and open it to find a strapless strap-on. I grab it and place it on the bed.I pull her off of you and can hear a moan of frustration from you. I untie your legs and flip you over. I tell you to get on your knees. And move your friend under you.I insert on end in to her and move it in and out a few times to get her moaning. I move your pussy over the other end and give you a lick tasting your sweat pussy. I push you down on it as I tipobet giriş hear a moan from both of you as you sink farther onto it.When you are all the way on it I move behind you and line my cock up with your nicely lubed ass. I push into you and feel the dildo in your pussy move as your friend moves. You both moan as I start to fuck your ass again. This makes the dildo start to move in both of you.Your friend starts to move her hips fucking you. It is hitting both of our g-spots and your moans are getting loader with every thrust. I feel it moving against my cock as I fuck your ass. Your ass is twitching wildly as we fuck you as hard as we can.Your nipples are rubbing against each other making them harder then they have ever been. You lift up and her lips latch on to your nipple sucking on it as hard as she can. I grab your hips and pull you back onto my cock as hard as I can making it sink into you deeper and deeper.I can tell by your moans that we are all close to cumming. Your friend is first to cum. I feel her squirt as she screams out in lust. I keep fucking you as she cums making the dildo work her g-spot and keep her cumming.Not wanting to be left out you start to fuck back into me. Driving both cock and dildo as far into you as they will go. This drives me ever closer to cumming. I reach up and grab your hair pulling your head back.I look into your face and say that’s a good little whore make my cum with that tight little ass of yours. I let go and slap your ass causing you to clinch your ass and leaving a hand print. OH FUCK ME!!!! you scream as your orgasm closes in on you.As we keep fucking your friend pulls the dildo from her pussy she can take no more. I look at her and tell her to keep fucking you with it till we finish. She grabs it and starts to fuck you as we keep going. I can feel the cum start to rise in my balls as thy slap your pussy.OH FUCK I’M GOING TO FILL YOUR ASS WITH MY CUM!! I yell as my orgasm starts overtake me. I feel your ass twitching and hear your moans as your orgasm crashes into you. Your ass clamps down on my cock causing me to cum.I keep fucking you as we cum together. I feel rope after rope of cum shot into your tight ass as you scream from the fucking. You fall forward making my cock pull free from your ass as the last of my cum shots on to your back. I fall back to my heals as you just say Holy Fuck over and over again. I look at the clock and see its almost time for my friends wedding. Thanks for the fuck ladies we will have to do this again the next time I’m in town I say as I grab my clothes.I grab your friends panties and push them into your pussy. They soak up your juices as I work them around in you. I pull them out and bring them to my nose. I inhale deeply as I tell you I’m keeping them to remember this night. I give your ass one last slap as I head out the room. As the front door closes behind me, I hear you yell where the fuck are the key. I smile as I feel them in my pocket knowing I will be getting a call from you when your friend finds the note telling her I have the keys. I flag down a cab knowing that in a couple of hours I will be back to let you free and continue the fun.