A good weekend fuck session

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A good weekend fuck sessionDaryl had left school to go visit his family, I was stuck here for lack of money, I could not even go to one of the nearby towns for the weekend and get my freak on. I was looking out the dorm window when I spotted Eric heading back inside.I hurried down the stairs and intercepted him as he entered the main floor, out of breath and trying to look calm I asked Eric ‘what are getting into tonight. Eric thought for a second and smiled whispering ‘I think I’ll get into your tight ass tonight.’ We went up the stairs to our floor I asked ‘do you want to come to my room or should I come to yours.’Eric smiled and said we start in your room and finish in mine, no body will disturb us then.’ I led the way to my dorm room, we entered, Eric began to get undress I could only smile at how well Eric’s complexion was. He was light skinned, but not to light more of a paper sack tanned sorta guy. Not well muscled, like Daryl, but he had a natural six pack, with well defined biceps and triceps.His penis was nearly eleven inches long and three inches around with an elongated head kıbrıs escort that was at least two and a half inches from tip to the cock ridge, his penile ridged is flared as though to hold itself inside of you. Especially when his cock was really hard I could feel it as he worked his man meat in and out of my rectum. Sometimes it would catch my anal muscle ring and stretch it to it’s maximum, it would drive me crazy.Eric turned to see me staring and asked ‘we gonna fuck or are you gonna stare all night. I stripped out of my clothes and retired to the bed, I retrieved the tube of lube from the bed stand and applied a generous amount to my bung hole. Eric moved between my raised legs, I reached down and coated his man meat with some of the lube and wiped my hands on a towel near the bed.Embracing Eric’s thigh’s, with the heels of my feet, and stroking his chest with one hand and guiding his rigid cock to my anticipating anus with the other. When Eric’s cock head breached my outer anal opening I gave a small sigh and braced for what I thought Eric would do.To my surprise Eric was escort kıbrıs very gentle and worked his cock into my anus slowly and gentle. When the tip of his penile head was almost in I could feel the flared penis ridge. With a quick thrust Eric seated his cock into my anal cavity and slowly fucked back and forth into me.I squeezed Eric’s arms with my hands and moaned softly as he worked my butt with his penis. Eric lifted my legs and placed them on his shoulders. He lowered his face to my chest and begin to kiss/suck each nipple one at a time. Eric knew how to drive me wild with lust, he sucked gently as we fucked each other.Eric was being very passionate and gentle, as we fucked, for the first ten minutes. Then without warning, Eric must have felt my anal muscles relax, he plunged deeply into my raised butt and begin to plow my butt rapidly.All I could do was to force my face into Eric’s neck to muffle my cries of pain and passion. I reached up and grabbed my feet and pulled them as wide as I could. Eric lifted his self from my chest and placed his hands on the back of my thighs. kıbrıs escort bayan Holding my legs down like that, I was defenseless to abate his onslaught.Eric alternately pounded and grinned deeply into my bowels, My head was tossing to and from as Eric plowed into my behind. I could only moan softly as to not be heard by any one in the hall.Eric grind into me so forcefully that I begin to gasp for air in between the pummeling I was receiving. The pain and lust with lack of air turned me into a babbling idiot. Eric seemed to enjoy having sex with me when this happen.I was enthralled with Eric so masterly plowing into my butt for almost an hour with out breaking pace. He had came in my butt twice already and was working on the third load when I blacked out.When I came too, Eric had turned me to my side and had one leg up over his shoulder and the other stretched down between his legs. His massively huge penis was lunging into my anal cavity very rapidly, causing sloshing sounds from the flood of baby making fluid that he had filled my rectum with.Eric was in my butt for nearly three hours before he finally shoot his last load of spunk into my bowels. We laid in each others arms and slept for a couple of hours. When Eric woke he said to me ‘now it’s time to go to my room and take up where we left off.TO BE CONTINUED…