A conferece in Miami

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A conferece in MiamiAs a young man I often attended professional conferences all over the world. There is nothing like being away from home to loosen you up. I remember attending a conference in Miami. After settling into the room, I joined the rest of the delegates for a pre-dinner drink. A mature but well developed lady delegate in the bar who I later found out was called Carol. She was wearing a short black cocktail dress, high heels and made it quite obvious that she sported sheer stockings a garter belt and no knickers. Her tits, 38 DD stood proud and bulged out of the top of her dress. Around her neck she wore a pearl necklace, she had heard of my reputation: a reputation for what I asked. The penchant for older women she replied. Well by now my cock was throbbing and pre-cum leaked from its slit end. We talked some more with lots of flirting taking place. Carol suggested that we move to her room in the hotel and get something sent to us in the way of dinner. No sooner had we entered the flat Carol threw me against the bedroom door and started to kiss me with her tongue and her arms wrapped around my neck. Both of my hands grabbed her bottom. Her breasts pressed hard against aliağa escort my chest. She lifted one leg and wrapped it around my waist followed by the other leg.So there we were, pressed against the bedroom door and I could see in a mirror opposite the full view of her bare ass, stockings and suspender belt. I unzipped her little black number and it dropped to the floor. She responded immediately and caressed my chest and her fingers fumbled for the buttons on my shirt. She finally found them and undid them. She hugged me closer and kissed me again. We smiled at each other. I led her to the bed.I looked directly at her face then and said clearly, “Your tits…I want to see your tits.” She smiled and lowered her hands. Her tits were awesome. She had the most incredible hard nipples which were pointing right at me. She cupped her breasts and said that her husband loved to suck her nipples. He says my nips are always so hard and standing up like little thumbs. Would you like to suck my nipples?” I did not disappoint her. I wanted to titty fuck her from the start but held my time, remembering the last occasion when I had tried this process on a small titted woman. She had enjoyed escort aliağa it more than I had.Then she undid my shirt and trousers and my cock was bulging against my boxers. Carol rubbed the bulge of my boxers and knelt down to her knees. She pulled my boxers off and gasped in pleasure at the sight of my seven inch cock ! That’s bigger than my husband’s she said and its wider as well – with more girth and I really love your helmet. My helmet tends to grow my cock an extra half inch when I am with a hot woman.She pulled the foreskin down, put my cock in her mouth and after sucking my helmet she licked and kissed my entire cock! Her head moved up and down on my cock shaft for at least 10 minutes. I always like women to play with my erection for as long as possible given we have the time. She squeezed my balls and that always turns me on as it produces a thicker load of sperm at the appropriate moment.I let my hands wander to her ass, rubbing it and grabbing the naked flesh as I pushed my cock into her pelvis watching the excitement grow in her eyes as it grew harder still against her body. My cock was already very big and hard, moving between her naked breasts. I quickly moved aliağa escort bayan my hands up to cup her tits while she replaced her hand on my cock and continued massaging it. She moaned as her nipples became alive under my touch and begged to be sucked again and again. Our lips locked as we massaged each other with growing eagerness. She offered me her left nipple first. I put my lips around it and sucked on it hard. “Such enthusiasm” She caressed my head while I sucked then said her other nipple was jealous. I sucked on that nipple for quite a while. She whispered, “My cunt is very wet. Would you like to see it?I concentrated on fingering as deep inside Carol’s cunt as I could get. She was so wet I thought I had burst an artery – but it was her dripping cunt juices. She was like a peach. Soft and wet on the outside – but boy was her clit hard. I remember that I had once fucked a woman who was like a coconut – hard on the outside and very creamy inside. Once I was through the outer shell it was heaven. Both styles are delightful.Carol ran her hands over my smooth chest as my cock pistoned in and out of her juicy cunt. Finally the moment came. I made short staccato blasts of air from my mouth as my semen spurted inside her cunt. I moved and ploughed her until there was no more cum left to shoot into her.We never had dinner but spent that night together and made love another four times before breakfast.