Would YOU make this lunch date rendezvous?

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Would YOU make this lunch date rendezvous?I want this fantasy to come to life.  Who wants to be the woman sitting across from me for dinner?  Any Buckeye ladies up for it?Guys, would you risk it all to meet a stranger, share a meal, give her a gift… to get just this thrill?Tell me what YOU think, please!!!  He slid the paper sack across the table and smiled at her before looking around the crowded restaurant.  “I think I would wait until there were fewer people around before I took what is in there out.”  He smiled a wicked little smile For over a year they had shared intimate secrets, thoughts, dreams and goals, but this was their first meeting.  She had built it all up into such a big thing in her own mind.  He had half expected him to ride in on a white charger full of chivalry, wisdom and bravado.  She had equally feared he would come in ugly, fat, drunk and belligerent.  When you met online, talked on a prn site and explored kinky ideas and fetishes with a person older than your mother…. She had been surprised when he looked so… normal.  Nice striped Oxford button down shirt, khaki pant.  Yeah, he had some extra weight, but there was also a confidence and self-assuredness canlı bahis şirketleri that had set her at ease, moments after he sat down in the booth across from her. But she had not anticipated him bringing anything as a present.  It was too big a bag for jewelry.  It was not the right shape for a bottle of wine….  Curiosity caused her mind to race as she pulled the bag down onto the bench beside her.  He looked at her.  There was a mischievous glint there.  “I hope it fits.”  His smile was that of a 9 year old boy giving his mother a frog! With the sack discretely situated between her hip and the wall she looked and then she reached in and tipped it so she could get a better look….”Oh my God!!” His smile grew as she looked up at him.  “The crystal is an imitation ruby.  Since you seem to enjoy talking about anal sex so much, I thought it appropriate!”  “I can’t believe you got me a butt plug!!  And gave it to me the first time we met!!  You are a trip!”  She shook her head and her blonde highlights shone beautifully as they caught the light.  She slid the bag into her purse and laughed as she began to playfully rebuff him for being so canlı kaçak iddaa forward.  He offered to take it back and she immediately declined.  A few minutes later the waitress returned with his change and the lunch was over.  She asked him to wait for her while she visited the little girl’s room.  He gladly agreed.  It gave him the opportunity to pop in the Listerine breath strip and watch her bottom move so seductively in her tight black skirt. “She may not feel comfortable in those heels, but she looks like a woman that knows her stuff in them!” He thought to himselfHe walked her out to her car and she said, “Hang on; I do have something for you.”  She sat down in the front seat of her car and looked around.  He did also, though he was not certain why.  Then, without any further warning, she raised the hem of her skirt high enough to hook the band on her dark red thong underwear and before he had time to really take in what he was seeing, she had pulled her panties down to her knees and replaced her skirt.  She smiled a wicked smile up at him wile.  “You like?” When he found his voice it was so strained it broke and she laughed as she pushed her knickers canlı kaçak bahis down to her ankles and over her shoes.  She then stood back up and they were now, a scant few inches apart.  “Thank you for being so patient and kind.  The least I can do for you is to give you my panties since you had them wet from the moment I saw you walk in!” She leaned up into him and they kissed a passionate, full and heated kiss left them both breathless.  She handed her panties to him and turned to get back into the car without looking into his eyes again.  “If I look into those eyes I’m a goner!” He stepped back from the car, feeling the silky softness of her delicate dainty in his fingers.  She was almost seated in the driver’s seat when she stopped, look back at him over her shoulder and said, “It fits perfectly!! Before he could puzzle out what she was talking about, she bent forward into the car.  He skirt rose up over the swell of her hips and there, nestled above a perfect split peach of a bare pussy and in the cleft of a strong flat ass was a round ruby stone, fitted into a silver setting.  She laughed as she quickly covered her bottom, looked back at him one more time, dropped into the driver’s cockpit and pulled out of the parking lot. He did not even remember walking back to his own car a few minutes later as inhaled the fragrance of her scent on the red triangle of cloth she had given him.  “Indeed, it was worth every penny!”