Woman fullfilled as Hucow

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Woman fullfilled as HucowStanding there, exposed and vulnerable with so many strange men critically evaluating her, she felt nothing but eager to please … with a slightly expectant dull ache in her loins.It no longer mattered to her why she was here … a dare gone wrong … a fantasy taken too far … perhaps simple karma. She found herself here, naked, cuffed at the wrists and ankles, gagged tightly and collared. The long line of men walked by her, occasionally slapping her ass or tits or slipping a finger in her pussy or anus. She’d found a place where she belonged, where she could be happy.She’d known many men. She knew they found her attractive, but she never had a relationship that satisfied her need to be wanted … to be needed … to be owned.She remembered the boredom that led her there. She remembered the twinge of excitement she felt as she signed the legal waivers. She remembered the curiosity she felt when they asked her opinion of a new perfume. After her first deep breath, she didn’t remember a thing until she slowly came back to herself being led to this room of quiet serious men.Once the last man had finished touching her, someone grabbed her hair, pulled her head back and held her still. A gentle puff of spray materialized in front of her and and something ice cold touched her labia, causing her to gasp. Her vision began to fade as her knees buckled.Consciousness came slowly, carried by fitful dreams full of discomfort and unease. Before she even opened her eyes, she could tell she was bound. Her arms were stretched behind her, bound tight from her elbows all the way down to her wrists. She was standing bent over at the waist and leaning against a rough wall on her right.As she opened her eyes a few more things became apparent. Around her hips was some kind of leather harness. It was secured incredibly tightly. Attached to each side of the harness right at her hips were cast iron rods. They ran from her hip down to her ankles. Tight leather bindings held the iron firmly to her legs at the upper thigh, knees, calves and ankles. The rods acted like leg braces, completely preventing her form bending her knees more than a fraction of an inch. She could walk awkwardly and maybe kick backwards, but kneeling or even squatting was completely impossible.Her weight was currently supported by the rods as her sleeping body was propped against the wall. She tried to stand and made several more discoveries.She was wearing ludicrously high heels making balance difficult. The straps on her knees connect a third bar between them preventing her from spreading or closing her legs. Her legs were spread enough to make walking even more difficult but gave full access to her pussy. She was wearing some kind of harness on her chest that fit like the straps of a bra without the support of fabric. Her breasts fell out of the harness embarrassingly. A strong rope was attached to the harness right between her breasts and cinched to the bar between her knees.As she tried to stand, the rope between her chest and knees stretched taught preventing her from standing completely upright. The best she could do was a about three quarters of the way. Her breasts still dangled and swayed unsupported, but it was more relaxing than the bent over posture she had been sleeping in. It was still uncomfortable.Unfortunately that was the entirety of what she was wearing. She was completely exposed and vulnerable.Standing there, her arms pulled back mercilessly, slightly bent over with her tits dangling in front of her and legs spread about a foot apart she took notice of her environment. She seemed to be in a stall. There was soft hay on the ground and a metal gate in front of her. She could back up and walk forward about a foot, but there wasn’t enough room for her to turn around without being able to stand up. There was a wall facing her beyond the gate and a window a few feet to her left through which she could make out some trees.She’d seen enough. As fear welled up in great waves she began to struggle and scream “help!” … “HELP!” … “HAAALLLLLPPP!!”. It seems that the binding on her arms behind her back were connected to the tight bra-like harness around her chest, holding them tighly in place. Her struggles to free her arms succeeded only in causing her breasts to sway violently, occasionally slamming painfully into the stall walls. Trying to free her legs met with even less success. She tried to pushing forward and kicking back but her precarious balance on the stiletto heels caused her to pitch over almost immediately. Thumping into the side wall and falling forward, head against the gate bars was the final result each time she tried. From that position it was a painful struggle to regain the more comfortable slightly bent over position. Eventually she stopped trying.Her panick welled anew when she heard a door creak. Someone had heard her. “Hello?” … “Help … please help!” She heard footsteps approach.A man, clearly dressed as a farm hand, came into view. “What’s all this now?” He asked as he approached her stall.”I’ve been k**napped! Please help me?” She realized as she was saying it how unlikely the man was to be ignorant of her presence.Opening the gate he said “Shhh now girl. Everything’s ok.”She tried to sprint for freedom. She lost her balance after the second step. Anticipating the maneuver, the man grabbed her pony tail. Pony tail? It would seem they had braided her hair too. Holding her head by the pony tail gave her just enough leverage to regain her balance. Once stable, he gently stroked her cheek.”This will help for now girl” he said and so doing reached into a pocket and pulled out a ball gag. He inserted it deep into her mouth around her objections with practiced ease.”MMMMMMMMPH!” “MMMRRMMMMMMMMPH!!!””That’s better girl. Now lets take a look at you.” There seemed to be some kind of handle on the back of the bra harness. He held her there as he looked her over.”We need to figure out where you fit in girl.” Standing beside her he cupped and squeezed her breasts then pulled each nipple long and hard until they stood unwillingly errect. “you’d make a wonderful milker. Yes. You would”. He gave them a few more pull-squeezes before moving on.He slapped her ass hard, running his hand down her thigh, “but you have so much strength too. Maybe its the plow for you. Maybe.” Walking behind her he slid a couple fingers into her pussy and fucked her for several minutes in silence. In and out slowly and gently as she stood there unable to resist. Eventually, without her desire or approval, his fingers became wet and slippery. Suddenly rubbing his hot wet fingers on her clit elicited a muffled moan from her as her body betrayed her and her hips press backwards begging for more. “And yet, maybe you really belong with the breeders.””We’ll figure it out girl, don’t worry. We’ll make sure we get it right.”Pushing her slowly back into her stall he sealed the gate and hung what looked like a super sized hamster water bottle on the grate. Patting her gently on the cheek he said “You learn quick and maybe we’ll take that thing out of your mouth.” Reaching in to another pocket he pulled out a bell on a clip which he put on to one of her nipples. It was tight, lightly painful and seemed to have adhesive compound on it. Every time she moved it tinkled gently as her breasts swayed.That night was her first. She learned that she needed to keep completely still if she wanted to keep quiet and she began to learn about real pain as her back and toes and legs began the long scream of unaccustomed use.She did not sleep well. Her back and legs were aching and she had trouble finding a comfortable resting position. Eventually she settled with letting the leg braces take her weight while she leaned against a wall of the stall with her head resting against the gate’s bars. Fortunately, temperature was not an issue. It was warm all night long.When she woke, she was thirsty and hungry. With the ball gag still pushing deep into her mouth she had no hope of using the over sized hamster bottle. Her thirst was furious, likely from the constant drool the gag induced. Her shoulders and back were excruciatingly painful by this time so she decided to try and stretch out. Struggling up on her high heels she began moving back and forth in the stall. She had about two feet of space but it was enough to take a small step or two, back and forth to stretch out her legs. Each movement jingled the bell on her nipple. As she tried to stretch out her shoulders by moving her arms back and forth, her breasts swayed in unison, banging against the stall walls each time and ringing the bell loudly.She found that the easiest way to step forward was to put all her weight on the one foot and sway her hip as far as she could to make room for lifting and moving the other leg forward. She was sure it created an outrageous view from behind as she swayed from hip to hip with her legs slightly parted at all times.Of all her restraints, the one she found the most difficult to endure was the bar between her knees. Who would have thought that not being able to close your legs would have such an impact on the psyche. Every moment held an air of ‘you can have me’ … as if she had been completely stripped of the ability to even think the word ‘no’.Her exercise, such as it was, had another effect. Likely due to the ringing of the bell, she heard the creaking of the door she’d heard the previous evening. He arrived with a large burlap sack full of equipment of some sort and a small pail.”Morning girl!” I announced as he laid the pail and sack down against the wall behind him. “I bet you had a rough night.” Reaching over the gate he pat her gently on the head. “Lets see how you are coming along.” Reaching over the gate with his other hand he loosened the strap holding the ball gag in and pulled it out, sending a long line of spittle running down her chin.The relief of her jaw was the first positive feeling she’d had since her arrival. “Thank you” she sighed. He frowned. Then smiled again.”Not yet ready I guess.” he commented as he began to put the gag back in.”No! Please, I’m sorry” She struggle to avoid having it put back, shaking her head back and forth. He grabbed her pony tail and pulled it hard. Very hard. Her head bent back towards her elbows, her tits dangling out in front, bell ringing as she struggled. He pulled harder and as her mouth opened in distress he jammed the ball gag back in and calmly tied it on, tighter and deeper than before. He patted her cheek. “Maybe tomorrow girl. Maybe tomorrow.” He walked out leaving his equipment behind.She was crestfallen.Thirst and pain became her companions, boredom her enemy. Step back and forth, legs spread, ass swaying. Stretch arms side to side, tits dangling and smashing into the walls. Anything to keep her mind off the thirst and hunger. Her distress was so dire, she didn’t even care when she finally needed to urinate and defecate. She just pushed her güvenilir bahis ass against the back gate and let go. She barely slept. She cried.When morning finally came she stood shaking her tits smalling them agains the walls of the stall as hard as she could hoping the raucous bell would bring him back.She heard the door creaking, but from the other direction this time. A few moments later she almost passed out when a cold blast of water hit her exposed ass, pussy and thighs, washing away the dried feces and urine. The spray continued all over he body and stall until it was wet and clean. Even the hay had been washed away. She stood there shivering.A few minutes and two creaky door openings later he was standing in front of her again gently petting her head as she docilely submitted to his caress. “There’s a good girl. Lets see how well you are doing today.” Again, reaching behind her head, he removed the ball gag. This time nothing dripped down her chin. She had no moisture to spare. She closed her mouth and did not make a sound or movement afraid she might do something wrong again.”There you go. See? You’re a good girl.” He smiled as he removed the water bottle she’d been unable to use for days. Removing the cap of the bottle he reached into the bag he’d left there yesterday and brought out a small vial. He poured the contents of the vial into the water and replace the cap. Putting the bottle back in place he noted “It may taste a little off girl, but its good for you. Drink it up”.Closing the gate he turned to his sack once more leaving her alone in her stall without a gag and an available source of water. He’d done something to the water, but she knew she had little choice as she lifted her head to the over sized hamster bottle. The water stayed in because of a large ball in end of the tube, held there by water pressure. Pushing with her tongue in as far as she could released a small trickle of water. She found the only way to get an adequate amount was to push the ball then quickly purse her lips and suck noisily at drips of water formed on the spout, lastly cleaning the last few drops of moisture with her tongue, before pushing the ball in again and repeating the process. He was right, the water was a little bitter, but it didn’t matter. After many minutes of tongue thrusting, sucking and sluping, her thirst was finally quenched.She looked up and he was watching her. When he saw she was finished he refilled the bottle, added more from the small vial and came back to her with another clamp with a bell attached. Applying the same adhesive that seemed to work so well already he clamped it tightly and somewhat painfully on her other nipple. Both nipples were now pressed flat together by their clamps and jingled as she moved. “Those will be uncomfortable soon, but it’ll be worth it girl. We’re going to use you well.”He opened the gate and watched her. She didn’t move. “Good girl. Come over here now.” She resumed her painful leg spread, high heeled absurd gait and approached him. “Nicely done. your a fast learner.” He tapped her on the ass and ran his fingers over her pussy as he walked around her admiring her curves.Stopping back in front he showed her what he had in his hands. It was a bit and reins. “This is yours. You open wide when I show it to you so I can harness you properly.” He waited, holding the reins until she got the message. She opened her mouth wide. The bit was oddly made it was a simple tube with two small nubs a couple centimeters long on one side. The reins attached to the end and there was a strap that went around the back of her head and held it in place. The reason for the design became clear when he put it in her mouth.He inserted it with one nub inside her right cheek. he then pushed hard forcing that cheek to bulge out while simultaneously fish hooking her other cheek with his finger so it could stretch wide enough to insert the other nub. Once in, it felt fine unless one of the reins were pulled. Then that cheek would be pulled mercilessly until she turned her head in that direction. If she simply didn’t resist and turned quick when she felt tension, it wasn’t uncomfortable at all.Reaching into his bag he retrieved a riding crop. Walking behind her he grabbed her reins an smacked her on the right ass cheek with the crop. She immediately started to ‘walk’ forward. He made her walk back and forth and turn a couple times in the short hallway that seemed to contain a number of stalls like hers which were all empty.Finally he brought her to the end of the building where there was a trough in the ground with a trickle of running water. “This is where I’ll bring you once a day. you can go here or in your stall, but you will only be washed when I feel like it from now on. This is your chance”. Slowly turning around she straddled the small stream and peed as much as she could. She couldn’t do anything else.He walked her back to her stall. “Once a day girl.” He said as he closed the gate on her. The last thing he did was mercifully hook a small shallow pail onto the inside of the gate. It contained some raw corn and what looked like cooked egg. As soon as he left she ate it all, slowly and meticulously so as not to miss a morsel.For the rest of the day she continue to struggle with her confinement, pain and boredom. She drank the entire bottle before dusk then fell asleep. Sometime in the night the bottle was refilled. She noticed it when she woke the next morning at first light. The other thing she noticed was a new pain. An ache in her breasts, which she found odd as she wasn’t ‘due’ for another three weeks.Days passed with only one walk a day. She became accustomed to how her body was being treated and didn’t feel the lower back or shoulder pain hardly at all. Unfortunately, the dull ache in her breasts only got worse with each passing day.On the fourth day after he’d harnessed her he asked “How you doing girl” By now she knew not to speak. She smiled and swayed her ass back and forth for him. “and these?” He asked as the reached forward cupping her left breast. She groaned. The ache had been building and now she realized that her breasts had grown as well. “That’s what I though. Keep up the good behavior girl and you’ll be ready in a few days I’m sure. Any change here?” As he asked he began rubbing her pussy lips. It was the first time she’d received attention there in days. Immediately, without thinking she tried to sit down on whatever was touching her. Her leg braces stopped her before shed dropped an inch.He began inserting a finger every now and then as he played with her lips. She closed her eyes. She was sure she’d never felt this horny before. She certainly never felt this unable to do anything about it. He continued playing for a few minutes and she almost started to beg, but didn’t. She was so close to cumming that all she needed was one more finger, or maybe a hard slap on her ass … or even … just as she was about to release, he backed off. She continued to rock and hump one inch up and down hoping … hoping… but nothing.”Yes, I see. Soon girl. Soon.”Two days later she couldn’t move. Her breasts had grown huge. She began to understand why the nipple clamps were never taken off and were glued in place so securely. Every movement during her walks was agony … every sway, tear educing.As she was being put away that night he asked “Would you like to be milked girl?” All she did was put her head as low as she could and sway her open pussy like a flag of surrender.”Good girl. Tomorrow then.”She didn’t sleep much that night. Too much pain. too much excitement.The night was long. None of the positions that she’d become accustomed to over the last few nights seemed to afford any comfort. Each movement renewed the ache in her breasts. If they accidentally brushed the walls of her stall, with her unused voice she would moan sleepily. Morning found her standing with her head leaning against the bars of her gate as motionless as she could be.When she finally heard the familiar creak of the opening door she lifted her head and backed away from the gate, gently ringing the bells on her nipples and renewing the ache. Looking down, she was shocked to see how large her breasts had grown. They were at least three times their normal size. The nipples, pinched tight, had also grown larger and taken on a distinct purplish hue.”Good morning girl.” he greeted her as he opened the gate. She stood still waiting for instructions. He had what looked like a leather hood in his hand.The hood had a hole in it.Reaching forward he bent her over and grabbed her pony tail. He slid the pony tail through the hole in the hood and secured the hood firmly on her head. It covered her eyes and ears completely, but stopped just short of her nostrils. The sides of the hood seemed padded. As he secured the hood in place with a buckle on the back and chin strap, she understood why. The padding on the side virtually eliminated all sound. She was completely blind and deaf.When she felt him release her, she returned to her normal three quarters standing state. She felt the cold touch of the bit on her lips and opened her mouth as he stretched her lips wide to accept it. She felt him toss the reins over her head and they landed gently on her ass. She stood there docile and obedient for several minutes, trying to stay as still as possible to reduce the discomfort of her swaying tits.After some time she felt him grab her pony tail and tug her forward. She walked out of the stall. There was no point trying to prevent the swaying of her hips as she walked. The heels and leg braces prevented any normal movement and as usual, her hips and tits swung side to side with each exaggerated step. Once she was out, he let go of her hair and she immediately stopped moving. Again, docile and meek.She felt him grab her reins and then she felt a brief sting on her ass as he encouraged her with the riding crop. She began her ponderous gait forward as he tugged on one of the reins, pulling the side of her mouth and forcing her to turn her head. She adjusted her course turning to the direction he wanted. He steered her straight for a while before she felt him pull straight back. She stopped and waited as he let go of the reins for a minute. A sharp crack of the crop a few minutes later and she resumed. With the next few steps something changed. She felt the sun on her body. She was outside the barn. She could not see or hear. She had no idea where she was. She could be walking down the middle of main street and had no way of knowing.Her shame returned for the first time in days and she absentmindedly tried to pull an arm out of its bondage and stand up straight. The attempt succeeded only in the typical rocking from side to side, sending intense aching throbs of pain through her breasts. She immediately stopped moving to let them settle. An abnormally painful slap on her exposed ass followed quickly by two more reminded her to keep walking.He ‘rode’ her türkçe bahis around severals turn and at one point the feeling of the sun on her skin disappeared. After much maneuvering and waiting and more waiting she felt him take the bit out of her mouth. She had the sense that she’d been steered into another stall, but wasn’t certain. He disappeared for a minute. When he returned, he put something on her neck. Some collar or leash … she wasn’t sure until she felt herself being tugged by it down to a fully bent over position, just at the limit of her ability to stay standing. When he let go of her and she tried to stand back up, she found that she couldn’t. The collar seemed to have been fixed to something. She could not lift her head nor bend over any further. She couldn’t even move side to side. All she could do was move her blinded eyes.Minutes later, she let out a gasp when cold metal brushed against her right tit. Then left. It happened a couple more times. Eventually she realized that he was testin different sized metal pails, looking for the right one for her breast size. When he found them, she felt him hook each of them to her bra-harness above and below her breasts. She could imagine how she looked standing in her absurdly high heels, legs spread, arms secured tightly behind her back, bent over, held in place with a pail hanging below each of her huge breasts clipped tight over swollen nipples with bells dangling.Then there were hands were on her breasts stroking and gently squeezing. The ache was too intense. “UUUNNNNNNNHHHHHHH” she mewled in discomfort, knowing better than to speak. “UUUNNNNNNNHHHHHH”. The hands began applying something cold to her nipples. The clamps stayed firmly in place, but she felt them slip a bit. Perhaps the cream removed the adhesive. More stroking and gentle squeezing “UUUUUNNNNNNHHHHHH….. UUUUNNNNNHHHHHH”. Unable to move, she coped as best should could as the bells were removed, but clamps left on “UUUUUUNNNNNNHHHH” … finally the hands seemed to be tying a string to each clamp and testing the knot, tugging on the clamped ripe nipples … “UH UH UH UUUUUUUNNNNNNHHHHH”.Finally it was over. She panted and moaned for several minutes. The manipulation of her breasts seemed to have awakened them somehow and the pain was now a constant ache.She became aware of someone behind her. He (?) was reaching between her legs, brushing her thighs, pussy and belly. She clenched in anticipation. She felt him grab the stings tied to her clamped nipples and pulled the strings back between her legs. Once fully behind her again he tugged on the strings. They were running down either side of her pussy. Each tug brought the pleasure of pressure and friction on her labia as well a intense pain as they pulled on the nipple clamps, causing her tits and attached pails to swing back and forth “UUUUUUNNNNNNHHHH … UNNNHHH … UNNNHHH…. UNHHHH … UNHHHH”. The a****l grunts were vaguely reminiscent of a cow and they were her only outlet.He played with the strings for several minutes tugging one then the other then both, each movement bringing a combination of pleasure and pain. At one point she felt a hand on her, pulling at her pussy lips. He began sliding them against each other and between his finger and thumb, occasionally giving them a gentle tug. The strings were being held tight enough that each time he pulled on her pussy lips, her nipples felt a small vibration … just enough to renew the aching.Soon he had a rhythm going which caused her to try and spread her legs more to give him access. The pole between her knees prevented it of course. He started occasionally sliding a finger between her lips caressing her clit with each thrust. Her moans took on a different pitch “uunnnnhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaahhh”.When he finally started pushing a finger into her hole, she was certain she was going to cum, but he deftly teased her, lingering only long enough to excite. Soon she realized how wet she truly was as she could feel every minor air movement caressing the wet lips of her cunt.He began sinking a single finger in deep pulling out and rubbing her moisture back towards her anus. More and more often he moved his finger towards her other hole, eventually inserting two fingers and a seemingly endless amount of vaginal mucus deep into her ass hole. The anal play didn’t bring her any closer to orgasm. It seemed to engage a deeper craving.Then it all stopped. She felt gentle tugs on her nipples as if he was doing something with the strings. Then she felt the strings pull tight against her lips and simultaneously something larger began working its way into her ass. It filled her completely and created an incredible need to have her other hole feel just as tightly filled. As the plug was inserted into her ass the tension on the strings diminished. The strings must have been tied to the butt plug. When it was fully inserted and stable, the strings were just tight enough against her pussy that if she clenched her ass, the plug would move slightly, tightening the strings against her pussy. Each clench brought a tingle to her cunt and an ache both breasts.He’d stopped touching her. She was spread wide, dripping wet and aching. She began rhythmically clenching trying desperately to get over the plateau and release the orgasm that was so close. The pressure in her anus, the tugging on her pussy lips, the ache in her nipples and breast weren’t enough. She needed more.*clench* … *clench* … *clench* … *clench* … pantShe felt something brush against her mouth.Hoping, she opened her lips and felt a large soft cock slide in. Unable to move her head at all, she tried her best to please him with her tongue, lips and throat. At some points he would leave just the tip inside her lips and she would run her tongue all over the rim, occasionally flicking it, occasionally trying to push her tongue into his hole. Sometimes he would stroke in and out and she would purse her lips as best she could, squeezing his cock as is slid into her. Soon he was very hard and he started pushing his cock head straight to the back of her mouth demanding entry to her throat. She would relax an allow him in as far as he wanted. She’d try to swallow while he was deep hoping to add to his pleasure. Often she would gag. Once she threw up a bit. Never did she stop trying to please him, nor did she stop clenching the invader in her ass.His rock hard excitement and her rhythmic clenching were doing what she couldn’t do on her own. Her orgasm was building. She was very very close.Like before, he sensed her mood and before she could finish he withdrew his cock. The disappointment quenched her fire enough to bring her back from the edge, but that didn’t last long.A few seconds later she felt his large cock head press up right against her cunt hole. “unnngggngngg”. She tried to push back onto it, to no avail. He withdrew. for a second then placed his cock back against her entrance, pushing it in the slightest amount. She almost came on the spot, but he pulled back too quickly. Next he rubbed the hot swollen head up and down her lips making her ache, while at the same time he was pushing at the butt plug, the attached strings awakened her breasts. “uuuhhhhnnngng”.His cock was back at her hole “uh uh … uhhhh… sob … uhhnnn”. He reached down and began tugging hard on both strings … the pain was incredible”AHHHHHH!” …He pushed his cock in a tiny bit then out. Then in again and out. Once again she felt an orgasm coming. In … Out … In .. out…. It was buiding … “unh unh unh”… almost there … ‘unh uNH UNH” … in an inch, out an inch … and finally, here it came, she knew he’d gone to far and there was no stopping it now her whole body flexed “UUUUUNNNNNGGGGGGG!!!!!”Just as the first wave was about to hit her, he thrust his cock all the way into her for the first time, hitting bottom, while simultaneously pulling hard on the strings, ripping the clamps off her nipples releasing a spray of milk into each pail “AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!”, he pulled out and thrust again deep.”AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!”The orgasm crashed over her as the ache in her breasts was released. Wave after wave took her mind away completely. She was making noises she’d never made. Strange mewling strangled gasps. The cock continued to pump her hard and deep and just as the waves began to fade, she felt two pairs of hands squeezed her tits, tugging down and pinching her nipples. The milk was pouring out her breasts with each stroke spraying all over the insides of the pails. The feeling of being milked so firmly and adeptly coupled with the huge cock slamming into her pussy, made artificially tight by the anal plug summoned another orgasm, stronger than the first. Her mind blanked as the hands continued to squeeze then pull then pinch back and forth in unison and the cock continued to bury itself straight to the bottom of her, stretching her deeper with each stroke.She lost track of time as her body shook over and over.Just as her second orgasm was slowing she felt him push deep and hold. As his cock twitched and his load began to fill her, she felt a sharp sting on her ass as his hand slapped her ass brutally over and over while his orgasm spent itself. Her orgasm slowly faded as he pulled out, but her sexual excitement stayed with her as she continued to be milked. “UUnnnnhhh” She stood timid and submissive as they drained her “uunnnnhhh”, stroking and pinching the last few drops from her sagging tits.She felt the pail removed as was somewhat surprised at their weight. Minutes later, she felt the plug in her ass pulled out “Ungh” followed soon thereafter by the spray of a hose wetting her completely. Then there were hands rubbing soap all over her, exploring every nook and cranny, soapy fingers explored her anus and her vagina. After a final rinse, she was toweled dry and some cream was kneaded into her breasts. Extra cream was put on both nipples. Her collar was removed and the bit reinstated as she was driven back to her stall.Once there, her hood was removed and he was standing across the gate from her as if nothing had happened. He looked exactly the same. Perhaps nothing had happened with him, she had no idea who’s cock she had serviced. He patted her on the head, “You did good girl. You did good”. He filled her water bottle (with additives), hung her feed and walked out without another word.Looking down at herself she was shocked to see how large stretched and saggy her breasts were. The nipples were still inflamed, but no longer was there any pain. She was insatiably thirsty and spend most of an hour working on the water bottle. The memory of the milking washed away her misgivings. As she stood there, legs parted, bent over, eating her pail of corn and egg, the small trickle of semen dribbling down her leg kept her mind focused back on the events of the day.She needed more. She needed more, now.That night she fell asleep with a smile on her face for the first time in many many güvenilir bahis siteleri years. When she awoke the next morning, she immediately noted that her breasts were no longer flaccid. Overnight, they seemed to have almost refilled themselves. Again, she was incredibly thirsty and spent the early morning hours tonguing and sucking on her bottle.Her thirst seemed endless. She was taken out and ridden around blindfolded. Her expectation of another milking was dashed as she was put back in her stall after an hour of parading around in the sun. Her return was followed by another long session with her water bottle. By evening her breasts were swollen again to their previous level, but they had not re-applied the clamps. Occasionally a stray memory would excite her and she would feel the milk coming down, followed by some leakage at her nipples. The cool wetness on her breasts excited her.The next day, swollen and leaking, she was milked again. Like before, she was blindfolded and her head was immobilized. Unlike before, a different cock was in her mouth. She did not mind. Unlike before, an unfathomably huge cock was inserted into her pussy while she was sucking on the new cock in her mouth. Like before, she came over and over as she was milked. She came when her pussy was over-filled with semen. She came as her mouth was filled with semen. She came as she swallowed, one load down her throat and another running down her thighs.And on it went. Exercise day. Milking day. Exercise … Milking…How long? Weeks for certain, perhaps months. She loved it and soon stopped thinking about her old life. When she wasn’t being used, she ate and drank and drank and tried to remember the taste and feel of every cock that she’d serviced.Then, one morning, without warning, the Milk Days ended.The man who she’d come to identify as her owner showed up as usual on milking day and rode her out, but did not follow the familiar route to the milking pen. She walked a long time. When he reigned her in, she sensed she was still outside. She stood there waiting. She felt him push up against her thigh, pushing her a little off balance. As her foot came off the ground, she felt him reach down and remove her high heeled shoe. He deftly replaced it with some form of sandal. Even though it was incredibly comfortable, it felt odd and wrong. He repeated the process on the other side and she stood there, solid on the ground for the first time in months.He then replaced each of the rods holding her legs straight. The new rods ended at her knees. She still couldn’t close her legs or stand up, but now she could bend her knees and walk somewhat normally, albeit stooped over.”Walk around girl. Get the feel for it.” As she began to get the hang of her new configuration he called from a few yards away. Over here girl. Still blind, she walked toward the voice. A hand grabbed her by the handle on the back of her chest harness and held her still as her blindfold was removed.She was standing in a field beside a gate in a long fence. On the other side of the fence, for the first time she saw others in her plight. Three men, two women, naked, hands and elbows tied behind them, chest harnesses in place and iron rods restricting movement wearing sandals. None of them looked at her. They were paired up. Each pair stood side by side with a wooden plank attached to their harness establishing a firm distance between them. The wooden planks were connected one to the next and finally attached to a plough. A six horse plough team … with one spot vacant.Man woman, woman man, man woman. She was secured to the empty spot in the team. She had a large man beside her and a short, muscular man in front. Once securely in place, all she could see was his buttocks and balls dangling close, but not close enough that she might bump him. He had a large cock. The site of him, combined with her aching full breasts ready for milking made it difficult for her.”CRACK!” The deafening sound close to her hear startled her. She immediately tried to run away, succeeding only in lending her efforts to the team as they began to pull the large heavy plough through the earth.The work was difficult for her, mostly due to the incredible and rising ache in her breasts. There were frequent water breaks. The water still tasted of additives and she could never get enough, but she survived the day aching and wishing that someone would bring her back to the milking pen. The real surprise happened at the end of the day when the plow was removed and the team was driven to a gated coral. One by one, they were taken off the tackle and set free in the coral.She went in last. She was terrified. The other cattle said nothing and simply watched her. Nothing happened until the plow driver had left the team of six alone. Once he had left, the two cows with her came over to her. They did not say a word and silence had been so driven into her that she didn’t even think of trying to communicate with words. She stood still in fright as the two cows swayed over to her. Both were similar to her in build and identical in their restraints, but they seemed to be much more familiar with the current dynamic.She realized as they approached with their arms behind and in the air and their tits swaying with their awkward gait that this was exactly what she looked like. The first cow walked straight at her and put her head right beside hers, ear to ear. She stood there for a few minutes letting the tension drain. Then the strange cow turned her head and so did she. Looking into this strange woman’s face, she saw her smile then the strange cow pushed herself closer and kissed her on the lips. The kiss was returned and grew passionately. A sign of need, loneliness and desperation. Her state wouldn’t be denied. The kiss awoke her desire and send her breasts to leaking.As she shared a moment with her herd mate, she almost feinted when she felt something hot and soft push against her pussy hole. The other cow was tonguing her. Her initial resistance to the thought was almost immediately overcome by her mounting need. She continued the kiss, slipping her tongue between the strange cow’s lips, playing it along her teeth. A moan escaped her as the other cow’s hot tongue found its way into her heat, pushing deeper than seemed reasonable. She felt the first signs of orgasm and knew it wouldn’t be long.They stopped.She was shocked and desperately wanted to finish. The tow cows left her and that was when she noticed the three men stooped over, standing a few feet away. They did not seem gentle or happy. They looked … hungry.The short muscular one walked over to her. The other two watched. Putting the back of his head under her chin, he pushed, forcing her to stand as upright as the harness would allow. She could almost almost stand, but not quite. Nevertheless, her elevated position was enough for him to do what he wanted. Looking up he took one of her nipples in his mouth and began to suckle. A wave of near orgasmic delight overwhelmed her as he drained her milk greedily. Within seconds of swallowing the first drops of her milk, his cock began to grow. By the time he was done, his hard on was raging. Larger and stiffer than she’d ever seen and his face looked hot. Hot and angry. Clearly the hormones in her water had some kind of effect when drunk from her milk. Perhaps that was why she had been milked for so many months.Red faced and powerful, he let her drained left breast drop from his lips and walked around behind her. He lifted up and put his full weight on her back causing her to collapse to her knees. The iron rods prevented her from going prone, so she fell with her face in the dirt, knees spread and ass high. He wasted no time and drove his entire cock into her. She screamed. Her vagina wasn’t big enough to hold it all, so he kept forcing himself deeper, stretching her inside. After six or seven thrusts his balls began to slap her pussy lips and clit. Two thrusts later he was cumming. Then so was she. Her orgasm went on and on. His ended. She was full of cum and wet. He didn’t stop fucking. Each forceful thrust squeezed semen out of her and dribbled down her pussy, over her clit and down her belly. He kept fucking for a couple minutes before he started cumming again. Again, she came with him.He kept fucking. He kept cuming. She forgot who she was. Her whole life was this huge cock filling her up and fucking her till his load splashed out before filling her up again.Roughly an hour later, he started showing signs of slowing down. His orgasms were shorter and his cock no longer felt as turgid. Eventually he pulled out and walked off.As soon as he’d gone far enough the other two men rushed forward. One of them knocked her over onto her side. Unable to right or protect herself, she lied there mostly on her back with her legs in the air and spread the same exact distance they had been spread since she’d arrived. Wide open.Once helpless on her back, the tow steer got on their knees and greedily fought over the right to suck her remaining full breast. The winner took his fill as the other tried to suck what remained out of her left breast. Once the winner was complete, he moved himself around so he could slip his fully erect cock into her exposed cunt. He wasn’t nearly as big as the short man. He was clearly disappointed at her stretched wet cunt so he pulled out and slipped his semen and pussy juice covered cock into her ass. The repeated use of butt plugs while milking had stretcher her enough that she felt no pain as he began drilling her deep in the ass.The least powerful of the steer finally gave up on her breasts and even though he had not gotten the full dose the other two had, he was completely hard, red faced and ready to unload. Maneuvering around, he straddled her face and tried to get his cock into her mouth. Just then the other steer began dumping his first load into her ass causing her to open her mouth and moan. That was all he needed. He jammed his cock deep in her throat so fast that she gagged. He pulled out a bit and began pumping. She obliged by rubbing her tongue on the underside of his cock with every thrust. Seconds later, he was cumming and she was swallowing. A load in her ass squishing out with every thrust. One in her mouth, gulping in self defense, then another in her ass and another and another in her mouth.It went on for a long time. She had at least one more orgasm in her but nothing inside her cunt to allow it to happen. Cocks in two holes kept her excited and in need and when they finally finished she lay there unfulfilled, with no way of getting up.A minute or two after the final steers had finished with her, the sows returned. The one who kissed her, knelt between her legs and sucked on her lips and clit while occasionally slipping her tongue into her hole. The other cow knelt over her, smiled warmly and began kissing her passionately. Minutes later she came one final mind blowing time, helpless and happy.Afterwards, using their bodies and heads, they helped her get upright again. As night settled in, they led her back to the three steer. The six of them leaned gently up against each other and slept comfortably, warm and secure.Her water still tasted funny.