Wifey finally tries ANAL after years of resisting.

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Wifey finally tries ANAL after years of resisting.(From Dec 30 2016)After all these years I have FINALLY popped my wifes ANAL cherry and it was totally fucking amazing !!!! We are having a night away and after a relaxed afternoon sex session and a couple bottles of wine later and she was up for indulging me in my anal fantasy. What was most surprising was how fast we went from a finger, thumb then straight into having my cock balls deep in her little virgin ass and me pumping for all I was worth and filling her ass tube with my sour ball cream! Surprisingly she’s a born natural and came almost the same time as me ! She bloody loved it and wants me to fuck her ass again in the morning, I can’t believe my luck…. who knew !!! I must be dreaming…….. or I’ve died and gone to heaven :-*Then the morning after…No2Our 2nd ANAL just the morning after was even better than orhanlı escort I could have possibly dreamed !We agreed to dress up for breakfast, me in my suit and wifey in her oh so sexy stockings and heels with her slinky navy dress from the night before. We looked like the bridal couple in the hotel restaurant but she so loves me smart and trendy and I could see so clearly what was on her mind as she was eyeing me up all morning.Back to the room she was on her knees almost before the door was closed behind me and sucking me and rubbing my quickly hard cock between her luscious tits almost pleading me to cum in her arse again, but this time with my fingers also fucking her pussy at the same time. Like she had to beg, the night before loosing her ANAL cherry to me was all I had thought about for the past 12hrs. Now slumped on the armchair with her heels aydınlı escort right over my shoulders wearing now only her sexy nylons and garter my thumb buried in her slimy hot cunt I gladly slid effortlessly into her tight little tube once more with the juices of her streaming wet pussy. A little slowly at first but in less than a minute I was feeling the ridges of my cock slide fully in and out of her through her slippery pussy walls. I have never hear her moan like it ! Like some dirty mouthed whore on heat she was totally exhilarated with being skewered by my big cock so totally and filthily ! Gently rocking to ensure every inch was in, then harder and harder until truly fucking both her cunt and ass she came over and over practically screaming with lust and ecstasy before I finally blasted yet another full ball load up her practically virginal tuzla escort bayan backside. Really one of the very best nights ever away with my wife. And that’s saying something. She is outwardly quiet seemingly shy but behind locked doors she has always been a cock sucking little tiger but I still cant quite believe how much she wanted and adored her ass fucked and how much she moaned. And after all those years of protesting and resisting who would have imagined it came to her so easily ? No lubing, no easing in a finger bit by bit or small anal plug to stretch her the first time. Her pussy was just so so wet it was all the lube I needed to slide in. From never having had ‘anything’ up her arse to having my cock balls deep and absolutely pumping her in less than a few minutes ! What a totally amazing woman. Now I am not huge but I am no shrinking little cock-violet either. But she took every smooth inch and wanted more !It really seems I have not only opened Pandora’s box ……. but gaped it, fucked it raw and cum in it. Now there is no turning back ! 2017 is going to be a very very very interesting year 🙂