Wife fucks the black office handy man. Interracial

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Wife fucks the black office handy man. Interracial“We’ve got a new handy man at work”, Jane told me. “About our age (mid 40’s) and as fit as a fiddle. He’s going to be the one that fits and takes down all our signage and generally maintain and clean the office. Seems like a nice chap.” Within a week of him starting work my gorgeous wife had stayed on late at work as he cleaned the office and let him fuck her on her desk before she came home to tell me about it.“Guess what” she said to me on getting home at about eight in the evening. “You’ve been working late to get a sale through” I guessed. “Not quite” Jane said. “You know that new handy man I told you about who started last week.” I replied that I remembered. “Well he’s got the most gorgeous cock and he simply loved fucking me up the arse on my desk this evening.” Well, I nearly spat my tea out, but that was my wife for you!It turns out that Kenny, the new handy man, is in his late fifties despite Jane thinking him to be younger. He’s black too! Tall, lean with hands like a professional goalkeeper according to Jane, “He just couldn’t keep them to himself” she said. Jane had already decided that she fancied him and, when she was the only one left in the office with him as he went about his work, she began making small talk. “I sat on the edge of my desk and he stood afyon escort in front of me chatting about his family. He has the most gorgeous smile but he also has bad body odour and his breath stinks. I could see his chest as his overalls were unbuttoned and he looked quite hot and sweaty. As we talked I let him know by body language that I wanted him. It’s so easy. A tilt of the head to look interested, I let my hair down saying that was better and I parted my legs a little to show off my stockings.”Before long, Kenny was standing between my gorgeous wife’s legs kissing her full on the mouth whilst fondling her large breasts through her blouse. “His mouth tasted rancid but was so fucking horny. I love dirty” she said. She in turn pulled at his cock through his overalls before going to her knees and taking him in her mouth. “His cock was really dirty, quite vulgar and thick, It was like sucking sweat. It’s really got character and I loved the smell of it.” Apparently Kenny’s personal hygiene leaves a bit to be desired but this seemed to turn Jane on all the more! She loved the sweet, sickly taste of his cock as she tried to take as much of it in her mouth and throat as she could while she pulled at his hairy balls. Kenny pulled at her dark hair as she sucked him and he called her a filthy bitch. “Quite ironic afyon escort bayan considering he stinks” Jane told me.Jane then bent over her desk, hitching her skirt around her waist as she did so. Kenny pulled her knickers down and away from her heeled feet before spreading her legs and then burying his face between her legs. She was expecting him to fuck her but instead she got a good tongue over her pussy and arse before he stood up and slid his thick, engorged member into her pussy. Jane told me she hadn’t felt so full since she fucked the young lads at the house some weeks earlier.“He pushed be against the desk as he fucked me hard. I was being well and truly used and I loved it. He leaned over me and I could smell his breath against my face. He chewed on my ear and told me again what a filthy slut I was and how he was going to tell his friends about me. I was pinned against the desk. I then stood up, pushed him away from me and laid back on my desk. He stood between my legs and pushed his cock into me. I held his shaft, withdrew him and guided it into my arse. I needed cock up my bum and he loved it. He was grinning like an idiot as he fucked me and began chewing on my tits. God, I felt so slutty as this old black man in his overalls who smelled of body odour and bad breath fucked me up the arse while escort afyon looking me in the eye and calling me a filthy bitch.“I have friends who would love to fuck your arse.” he told my wife. Jane told him that she looked forward to meeting them but in the meantime, just get on with fucking her! “He was balls deep in my arse” Jane told me. “I had my stockinged legs spread as wide as I could and he just kept on fucking me. I thought he would shoot his load soon but he just kept on fucking me. He then turned me over again and slid back into my arse fucking me from behind as he squeezed my tits and called me all the dirty names under the sun. I came so good, it was gorgeous. He then pulled out and told me to kneel in front of him. He pulled on his cock for a few seconds and then came in my mouth. Thick, hot cum, not fountains like the young lads, but he came quite a lot for an old boy and I swallowed the lot. He then wiped his dirty, slimy cock all over my face as it went limp and he put it away in his overalls.”Jane stood up and puled herself together. “Kenny said I was the dirtiest white bitch he had fucked in a long time, and that he would tell his friends but as far as the office was concerned, it was our secret as he would want more of the same again. I kissed his stinking mouth and told him I already looked forward to fucking him again with his friends or not. The rest is history love” she told me.And so began another affair for my lovely wife and this as she was looking forward to the party back at the young black lad’s house in two weeks’ time.