Wife dose what ever it takes to keep hubby safe

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Wife dose what ever it takes to keep hubby safeMy wife, Eliza, is 18 years younger than I am and was 22 years old at the time. She is a slim Asian lady, good looking and a good wife. I had been married before and often “swung” during my first marriage. Eliza was shy but to please me, despite going red faced at first, would flash her pussy at me while driving in the car to truckers driving past us. This gave me a thrill and also eventually a thrill to Eliza.Then I introduced another male (A friend of mine named Frank) into our relationship. Eliza just flashed him at first, but after a while went further. It was a dominant male I knew. He wouldn’t take no for an answer; Eliza did not intend it to go all the way but Frank just took over and before long had her stripped naked and adopting pose’s for him. I think she was to scared of him to refuse and when he laid her down and fucked her that first time she was to humiliated to fight him off.We had several encounters afterwards with Frank and with a few other males. It was a turn on for me, seeing another male fuck her, and also seeing her embarrassment by the situation.I wont go in to it too much detail, but I did some thing wrong; I broke a law I shouldn’t have, but thought I’d just get a fine! In court, I got sentenced to one year in jail. I was sent to Maximum-security jail at first, but after three months there, was transferred to an open prison (Prison farm). It was overcrowded and most of the inmates were Black! They seemed to run the jails; the warders never bothered them and were in fact scared of them. The blacks ran protection rings in there and if you fought with one black male all of them would gang up on you.One of my friends (Barton, a white guy) ran afoul of the boss of the blacks, Adabisi was his name, well Barton got such a hiding he was sent to hospital and when he was fit, decided to go back to Maximum security jail rather than go through it again. The warders knew who’d done it, but nothing happened.I was still in the dormitory at the time Adabisi picked on me, he asked for a cigarette, but he took all of my tobacco and papers, I protested and before I knew it was on the ground getting a kicking. A screw turned the corner and saw us, but turned round and walked away!The next day another black, Ramone, started a fight with me for no reason, this time I did give him a good whack, but later that evening a group of them got me in the showers and I ended up with a black eye and bruised balls. Now I was living on the edge with nowhere to go. Visiting was on weekends, open contact visits, people sat in groups or as couples with only one screw watching them, The area was close to three acres so you could have a grope and kiss and somewhat more with no problems. When my wife Eliza saw me, she was shocked; she knew what had happened to my friend Barton. I told her not to worry because I only had a few months to go before parole. After a while I went to get some coffee for us and while I was gone, Adabisi and a couple of other blacks went over to Eliza, he warned her that I could get hurt, really hurt! But if she smuggled in a carton of smokes at the next visit, he would protect me. She agreed and was told to come early and put them in the back of the gardener’s shed on a shelf, the shed was right by the car park visitor’s toilets. Also, he told her not to tell me about it, he said that it was their secret.As I came back with the coffee I saw Adabisi leaving, Eliza told me he had just asked how she was and where she was from. I didn’t think anymore about it at the time, Eliza is a pretty Asian, cute, 5’0 tall, 98-lbs., and attracts a lot of interest from most men.During the week I was moved to the main block and had to share a cell with a black male. That was all right, but I was nearly opposite Khans cell. I was left alone the following week, but I kept as low a profile as possible. I didn’t know it at the time but my personal possessions were not personal, the black that I shared my cell with used to go through my personal stuff while I was away doing my assigned work duty.Eliza was very quiet when she visited me that next weekend. I knew some thing was wrong, She pulled away when I kissed her, but I thought it was just me being in prison that was getting to her. Once she found out that I was okay, she bucked up and was back to her old self again before she left.The next week, we were sitting down on the grass to talk, some distance from any one else. When Adabisi and three blacks came and sat with us, he sat in between Eliza and me, and asked if it was okay if he join us for a while. I couldn’t say no without causing trouble. He’d brought us a couple of cokes and was being friendly. He chatted for a while as if he was my best friend, then he asked me to get some more cokes from the fridge in the canteen. I was not too pleased to be treated like a servant, but thought, anything to keep things from getting ugly in front of my wife!I arrived back with the cokes; Eliza was sitting there, blushing between the blacks. They drank the cokes I’d brought, chatted some more then they left leaving us in peace. Laying beside her and trying not to look too obvious I slide my hand up Eliza’s dress, despite her trying to stop me. I was surprised and pleased to find she had no panties on! I commented about it, thinking she had done it for me. But when I touched her cunt, it was dripping wet. Too wet to be just excitement.She then told me what had been happening over the last two weeks. She told me that Adabisi had told her to hide some cigarettes in the gardener’s shed before visiting time. She had gone there after making sure no one had seen her. But as she went inside Adabisi kuşadası escort bayan had followed her and locked the door behind him.Adabisi was a big man 6’9 tall and broad. He calmly told Eliza to undo her top, that he wanted to see her plump D-cup tits. Fearing him she did as he commanded. He stepped up to her and felt her tits and kissed them, which only made him hornier. Next he ordered her to raise her dress, she hesitated, but Adabisi threatened to hurt me if she didn’t do as she was told.She lifted her dress, and he ripped off her panties. Pushing her up against the wall of the shed he fingered her. That’s all he did at first, but soon he had his cock out. Eliza was pushed down onto the floor and had to suck his huge 10-inch cock. Then he held her down and fucked her. When he was finished he told her to go and not to say a word to me if she wanted me to keep on living. He wouldn’t return her panties to her no matter how she pleaded with him. Much the same thing had happened before this visit, but this time she had to strip naked for him in the shed. She had to given him a blowjob and then he fucked her again. Afterward he had wiped her cunt with her panties and took them as a trophy.Eliza said that when Adabisi had came over to us during the visit, while I was getting the cokes he had made her show her cunt to the other blacks that were with him. Then let one of them finger her. She said it was only because they saw me coming back that he’d stopped the other two from touching her.She pleaded with me, not to tell Adabisi that she had told me what had happened to her. She said he had told her that he knew her address from the letters she’d send me, and that he might have her hurt if she told me.I was so angry by what had happen to my baby, but at the same time I found myself strangely turned on by it all. I noticed that Eliza was handling it very well. I asked how she felt?She told me the first time she had been really frightened and very humiliated, but once she found out he was not going to beat her up, she was still shocked, humiliated and embarrassed but she felt that she could take his advances. Just before she left, again she asked me gain, not to say anything to Adabisi. I remember thinking how helpless I felt, but at the same time the more I thought about my little woman being taken by that huge black man the more turned on I got. At dinner that night, I looked at Adabisi while we were queuing up, trying to imagine him fucking my little Eliza. That night it was all I could think about. I know that I must have kept my cellmate awake with all the jacking off I did during the night.Over the next few days, the men who hung out with Adabisi made sly remarks about Eliza (Things like, “Has she got a nice bush?” “Is she as tight as she looks?” and “I bet you can’t wait to get home and fuck her brains out, I bet she’s a good fuck.”) Most of them said that to all the crims, but I knew that they were aware that Adabisi had fucked my wife and she had been made to flash her cunt to each of them. They were taunting me. One of the bastard’s was the one I whacked; a fucking little prick aged about 18 years who’s name was Ramone. I was seething and decided to see Adabisi when he was on his own.I had it all planed out; I thought if he found out that I knew, he would stop! I told him that what he’d done to my wife was ****, but if it stopped now I’d keep my mouth shut. He just laughed at me, then said that he hadn’t **** her, that she’d done it willingly. He said that she was the one who went to the shed knowing she’d be getting fucked! In desperation I asked him if he would keep the others out of it, that I didn’t want my pretty little wife gangbanged. He looked me in the eye and grinned, “No,” he said, “we share what we got around here! You can watch them finger her cunt and watch her take it. If you’re a good boy I might let you finger her after the others are done. Now fuck off and don’t bother me again fuck face.”When I left, I realized I should have kept quiet. I knew he would go out of his way to humiliate us. Now I knew what was going to happen I could only think about my sweet wife and what I’d done.Later that evening, he called me over to his cell, his friends were there watching his TV, he held out Eliza’s panties with his cum stains on them. “Do you recognize these?” he asked. He threw them to me, “Keep em, I have these, he held up another pair of her panties,” also cum-stained. Fucking black little shit Ramone asked him if he could have my wife’s panties. Adabisi told me to give him the ones that he’d thrown to me. The shitass held them up to his nose, laughing and said, “Fuck man I sure hope she’s early next week.”I think if I’d a gun right then I would have shot all of them.I was dreading my wife’s next visit; I hoped that she wouldn’t turn up. As much as I wanted to see her I didn’t think that I could take much more of this. On the day, I had mixed feelings, I knew Adabisi would fuck her before I got to see her, but strangely I was turned on by the thought of it. It discussed me that I had these feelings, but I did, and I waited in breathless anticipation. When at last Eliza and I were able to talk, she said Adabisi had yelled at her for telling me, then said he’d really hurt me bad if she said anything more to anyone. She had promised him that she would do anything he told her to do. She had worn a dress that buttoned down the front, no bra and now after seeing Adabisi, no panties. Her faced was flushed, I could tell that she’d had climax. I could always tell by the flush on her cheeks. She gave me the news from home, but within twenty minutes Adabisi and his friends turned up to put escort kuşadası a damper on things. Eliza went bright red as Adabisi sat down. “Sit down there,” he told the others, “You can see a lot better that way.”I was sitting next to Eliza. Adabisi told me to move opposite her and him. I hesitated, but knew that he was in charge so I did as he said.”Pull your knees up,” he told her, “and spread your thighs!”She did as he said.”Wider!”I could see the cum running out of her gaping cunt. I knew that she’d cum too, that Adabisi had cum in her and had brought her off at the same time. I was sick inside, and somehow more excited than I can remember being in a long time.Eliza was red faced; the other blacks had a good look at her cum-soaked pussy. That fuckhead Ramone moved to her side, then smiling at me calmly started to finger her cunt in front of everyone. His fingers were soon covered in cum, he wiped them on her dress, the other blacks then had a turn at fingering her while I watched. Adabisi told us all to move closer in a group, and then told me to finger my wife! Then Ramone sat down next to her, Adabisi told Eliza to move closer to him and get his cock out, she did as she was told and played with it. Adabisi watched them for a while then he told one of the others to keep a look out. He told me to lie next to Ramone to block the view of anyone who might look our way. It was like I was in a dream, it was unreal, I was sitting there watching them play with my pretty little wife and I couldn’t do a thing about it.Then Ramone had her big tits out on show and was kissing them. He gave her love bites around her nipples, while fingering her. Eliza was still stroking his cock as she had been told. I jumped when that fucker Ramone pushed my wife’s head down to his erect cock. Adabisi gripped me and looked threateningly into my eyes. He smiled and pushed me down closer to them so I was only inches from the action.Eliza was nearly choking as he pushed her head hard down on his fat black 9-incher. He was moving her head in his hands, almost masturbating with her, and when he came he held her head there for what seemed like ages, pulling her down hard to his groin sinking deep into her throat. The fucker smiled at me and asked if I was jealous?Finally he released her hair and as she got up I could see that her lips and chin was smeared with his cum.Adabisi laughed and said, “I told you she gave good head.” Ramone looked at me and laughed.Time was getting on, so Eliza fixed herself up the best she could and I walked her to the gate. When I kissed her good bye, we both hesitated then kissed hard and long. All the time I was thinking about Ramone’s cock cumming in her mouth only ten minutes before. After dinner, Adabisi, sent one of the blacks to bring me to his cell, they were all there. He told me what he had made Eliza do in the shed and that she had cum, “She likes black cock don’t she? Did you see the way she sucked Ramone’s cock. And she swallowed every bit of it. Good thing we’re looking after her sex life for you. Ramone gave me two packets of smokes for that blowjob! Well worth it I’d say,” Adabisi said.They were trying to humiliate me. And they were, but also the visions that went through my mind were turning me on at the same time! All week, they stirred me about, telling me what was going to happen during the next visit. Each one of his men had asked Adabisi if they could get a blowjob from my wife. And Ramone now wanted to fuck her too. He said he would be willing to pay Adabisi anything.When Eliza went to the shed during the next visit, Adabisi and Ramone were there waiting for her. Again she had to strip naked, and while Adabisi fucked her, she sucked Ramone’s big cock.When Adabisi finished with my wife it was Ramone’s turn to fucked her. After he’d cum in her she dressed then met me in the visitor’s yard. She told me what Ramone had done and how he had fucked her really hard and rough. She didn’t like him because he took great delight in humiliating her.She said she still had bite marks on her breasts from last weeks visit, caused by Ramone. He wanted to fuck her ass, but Adabisi had stopped him. He said that would cost another carton of smokes, which Ramone didn’t have.This time they left Eliza and I alone for about forty minutes before they all turned up. They sat down with us and Adabisi said, “Okay Eliza, do your thing!”Eliza, with no hesitation spread her legs wide exposing herself, Adabisi told me to have a feel of her cunt, and said she was so wet when she saw both of them there, that his cock just slipped in! “I think she was happy to see us!”I fingered her as ordered; she was very wet and full of cum. It even ran down my hand. “Clean her up!” Adabisi demanded. I used my hankie to wipe at her cunt, Adabisi who was sitting on the other side of us, felt her. “Okay! Now move away and let the others have a go at her. Sit over there, so you can see your wife perform better then.”I did as I was told.They were getting bolder with each visit, her dress was open at the front down to her waist, her tits on display. As luck would have it, most of the people were a long way away and too busy with there visiting to worry about us.The other two blacks got a blowjob from my wife that day while we all huddled round her. Ramone was horny at the sight of all this (as I was) and also got a blowjob from her. I decided to ask Adabisi, if I could get some head too. Would they cover for me?He thought that was funny. Me asking. “Yeah, okay,” he said after pausing for a minute to think about the irony. “Gather round boys… let hubby get his.”I tried to get beside Eliza, but he pointed to her exposed cunt. Get down kuşadası escort bayan there! You wanted a head job, right? Do it then.”I refused, I just couldn’t lick her cunt with all their black cum running out of it.”Do it fucker, lick that pussy it now!” Adabisi yelled.I hesitated. Adabisi grabbed my head by the hair and pushed my face down in to her sloppy cunt. “Now fucking lick it. Don’t you want it any more, now that it’s had some black cock?”I could smell their cum and her sweet scent as I licked her; she was looking down at me and I knew that she was getting hot; she pushed her cunt to me. The whole situation was so depraved, I just kept thinking about her and the massive black pricks fucking her, and of both our humiliation at their hands.The next few visits, were much the same. I tried to talk Eliza out of coming any more, but she just said that she was afraid not to. Each time she came Adabisi and Ramone fucked her in the shed, then the other blacks fucked her in the visitor’s compound and they received blowjobs from her, too.That motherfucker Adabisi even had her the last day I was there. Eliza had come to pick me up at noon just before lunch. But she had to meet him and Ramone in the shed before seeing me. They’d told her that she had to do it or they’d send someone around to our place to get even. This time she had to take it in the cunt and ass. Adabisi in the cunt and Ramone in the ass, both at the same time. Ramone gave her ‘love bites’ on her tits and around her cunt area, “Just to remind him,” he told her. She told me later on the drive home what they had done to her. As soon as I got her home, I took her straight to bed, stripped her naked and just looked at her body. Her cunt and ass were still dripping with cum. I couldn’t wait any longer, I just plunged my cock in to the slimy mess and thought of Adabisi and Ramone who had been fucking her cunt and ass an hour before and all the blowjobs she given over the last few month’s. With my frantic pounding Eliza climaxed immediately, and pushed me off and moved down and sucked me dry. I was amazed at how good of a cocksucker she’d become. I had never been able to fuck her in the ass before, but now after what Adabisi and Ramone had done to her she was quiet willing to let me do it to her.For the next, few months that was all we talked about in bed, with Eliza going over the events in the shed in minuet detail. It was a real turn on for her, and me. Having a dominant black male taking advantage of the situation, then displaying her to his friends for their use and enjoyment.It became a fixation with us; we talked about recreating the situation with another black male and finally decided to advertise in the local swinger magazine. We even got a few replies, but Eliza always backed out each time with an excuse of some kind.Then one-day fate took a hand. I was still on parole and attending session. Eliza had decided to wait outside of the building. To her shock, Adabisi walked out after having had his meeting and talked to her like an old friend! Once again Adabisi just took control of the situation. By the time I was done with my meeting with the parole officer he had told Eliza that he would come home with us for a while. I told him, that we had things to do, maybe another time, maybe? But he insisted, and got into the car beside my wife. Again the fear came flooding back. I went cold. Eliza was very quiet too. Reluctantly, we agreed to take him home with us. I felt humiliated by the fact that Adabisi had again scared me into letting him use my wife again. As we entered our house I had a cold sensation come over me. I knew what was going to happen and I knew I couldn’t stop it! Eliza was red faced and breathing hard with fear, she too knew the situation was out of our control. I sat at the kitchen table, but Adabisi just asked where the bedroom was, and told Eliza to show him. I followed quietly feeling like I was the intruder here.He sat on the bed, “I want you to strip off, slowly for me Eliza,” he said, “no rush, take your time.”Eliza looked at me.”Don’t worry about him,” Adabisi said.She removed her blouse and skirt, then, hesitated. She just had her bra and panties on and was about to undo her bra, when Adabisi told her to stop! “Let him do it,” he said. “Get behind her and remove her bra for me.”I felt totally humiliated. But I undid her bra, exposing her tits to his view. “Play with them,” he told me; “I want her nice and ready for me.”I fondled her plump breast, “Okay, now her panties.”I slid her panties down her smooth legs, and then removed them.”Finger her,” he said.I did.”Pull her open,” he said, “is she wet?” he asked?I replied numbly, “Yes she is.”He called her over to him. Then started fingered her. “Mmmm yes, very wet,” he laughed. He stood up, and then told her to undress him. “You can go and get me a beer,” he said to me.I left the bedroom, just as Eliza was removing his trousers. When I returned, he was sitting on the edge of the bed and Eliza was kneeling down between his legs sucking his big black cock. “Don’t you knock?” He said.I said nothing, but I could see he was trying to humiliate me some more.He gulped down the beer, then, stood up, Eliza stopped sucking his huge cock. “Get on that bed and spread your legs wide for me,” he told her. His cock was as black as coal even blacker than he was.Eliza did not make eye contact with me; she lay on her back and opened her legs wide for Adabisi. Just looking at her there, totally exposed and waiting for him to fuck her I got an erection.He finished his beer, threw the can on the floor. Then told me to get another one for after he was done with my wife.This time when I returned I stood at the door (my door) and knocked!”Come.”I entered, he was on top of Eliza, fucking her. I put the beer down. “Okay,” he said, “you can go now.”I hesitated.”Fuck off asshole, I’ll call you when I want something,” growled dangerously at me.I closed the door behind me as I left.