Wes Checks Out Our Toys

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Wes Checks Out Our ToysIt was such a warm evening Suk and I decided to sit out on the patio and have our tea out there. We had been there about ten minutes when Wes, her neighbor and one of the guys in our group, yelled over the fence at us. We had found out that before my hubby met him with the intent of introducing him to Suk, he had been spying on us for a while. Most of the time she and I would be completely naked. Tonight, in our panties, we invited him over to share some tea with us. Aside from our weekly meetings with him, Scott and my hubby, Suk and I, together and alone, met with each of them on the side. With our work schedule it is difficult for both of us to be off at same time. We enjoy the time alone we had, just to relax, eat and watch Korean videos. But we tried to spend as much time with our guys as we could. Wes came over about fifteen minutes later wearing shorts. Showing a little bulge in his shorts, we began to talk. Wes had seen Suk and I together in the group and when we were with him. He loved seeing us eating each other’s pussies edremit escort and using strapons. He asked if we had other toys and we told him about the vibrators and dildos. He had not seen them so we brought out two of them, including the double headed ones. The longer ones we could insert one end into our pussy and the other into our ass. Then we could use it to fuck the other one with. The shorter one? The twelve incher? Suk giggled a little when I told Wes we would put one end in her pussy and the other in mine then rub our pussies together. He naturally wanted to see that sometime. There was not time like the present. Suk went into the house and brought out a blanket to cover the picnic table with. We decided to show him exactly what we do with it. And let him assist. Facing each other, we took the dildo in out hands and began to stroke it. We lifted it higher and brought it to our lips and began licking the head, then sucking on it. I told Wes to come closer to us and rub our pussies through our panties. Of course he did not stop there. escort edremit His hands slid inside out panties and he was touching our hot pussies. We were getting wetter. We moved onto the bench and Wes removed our panties. Still sucking on the dildo, we turned toward him enough for him to be able to kiss and lick our pussies. Laying on the table, her head at one end and mine at the other, our legs open. Our pussies close to each other, We handed the dildo to Wes. He knew what to do with it. Holding it between us, he began to rub the heads around our pussies then inside us. With still some space between us, he began working both ends in us, fucking us with it. The more he fucked us with it the closer our pussies got. Soon they were touching and we ground them together.Wes watched for a few minutes then removed his shorts and came to Suk’s end of the table. Her mouth willingly accepted his cock, his eyes fixed on our crotches. He reached down to feel us as we fucked ourselves. Then he came to my end. From her mouth to mine I continued sucking edremit escort bayan his cock. Twice more he swapped from one mouth to the other, rubbing our pussies and fondling our tits.He pleaded for some pussy. I had a better idea. I told him to help Suk get up and lean over me, our cunts still joined by the dildo. As we looked each other in the eyes, his cock came closer and between us our mouths licked and sucked on his dick. He said he needed to cum. Suk, being on top, told him to use her. He wasted no time in climbing on the table and kneeling behind her. The head of his cock touched her asshole and he pushed forward. She felt the head of his cock slipped inside her ass then the rest. His body was pressed against hers, his cock fully embedded in her butt. A slow ass fuck quickly turned into a hard and fast assault on her butt. With his balls hitting the dildo and us still doing out best to fuck each other. Suk and I came about the same time then Wes rammed his cock deep inside her and his balls emptied. Her ass became filled with his cum. It took several minutes for us to separate.We never did finish the tea. Darkness had fallen and the only light we had came through the patio doors. Exhausted, Wed headed home while we went in to clean up. Two more days and he will have us again.