Water Bed Sex 1969

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Water Bed Sex 1969Athena’s place was hopping with loud rock music, a mixed bag of stoned, wild and naked hippies.Athena had two roommates and each one of them had a water bed.. Conveniently, both of them were away for the summer and the naked Hippies wanted to have some experimental sex…It was a hot and humid night in Mobile Alabama and Daphne Street was a bit conservative .Jack, a tall lean kind of guy, had a huge cock and as he was dancing, it swung around every which way in the air..MIchelle, a petite blonde, with a kewpie face, was eyeing Jack’s cock…She looked like butter could have melted in her mouth…Michelle got on her knees, while Jack was dancing with her and was trying to catch his cock in the air with her mouth… She was a pretty amasya escort thing, with perky , well rounded tits and a nice ass… Her accent was as sweet as sugar too…I wanted to eat her pink, luscious pussy out, but she kept trying to get Jack’s cock in her mouth.Michelle was a delight to look at with her Southern, peachy, flawless skin…I suggested that we all lie down on one of the empty and available water beds..”Sure, Regina,” Jack replied…Michelle jumped up and =was in the room before we could catch our breath.Michelle was stoned and hot; she spread her legs far apart and signaled to me that she wanted to kiss..Jack’s cock was now straight up and hard; I didn’t know which one to suck first,,Michelle looked so good and hot, while amasya escort bayan Jack’s cock was very tempting..MIchelle began to mount on Jack’s cock with her lovely ass up in the air and I proceeded to suck her pussy from behind; it tasted as sweet as her accent…As I was tongue fucking her wet cunt, she was sucking Jack’s cock harder and harder… The bed was rolling round and I shoved an anal plug lying on the night stand, up Michelle’s asshole…She loved that and began to suck Jack’s balls, as we were all sucking and moaning.Jack wanted to suck the juice right out me so, I sat on his face with my legs spread, as he was tongue fucking me… The bed was waving wildly… It was a trip …I wanted Jack’s huge cock up my ass.. Michelle escort amasya got off Jack’s cock and laid down on the waving bed.I got on my knees and began sucking Michelle’s hot fucking pussy, while Jack was fucking me up the ass..The party outside the room was deafening our moans and screams. Michelle, Jack and I were in fucking bliss, fucking and sucking each other… The door was ajar just a bit and a newcomer, Regis, came into the room with his huge, fat cock..He went over to Michelle and started mouth fucking her.. She was sucking hard, as I was eating her out… My ass was burning hot too..I didn’t want Jack to cum and Regis’s cock was looking good up my ass.I didn’t want to be selfish, but Michelle was fucking hot as Regis was mouth fucking her..The sucking and fucking lasted as long as the cock’s stayed hard… Michelle and I continued to 69, until, we came in each other’s mouth… It was sure a wild sucking and fucking, hippie night in 1969, on a wavy, hot and sexy water bed…