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Voltageby TedStv ©Chapter One: Nate’s Condition.Nate watched her enter the store. She had shoulder length red hair and was wearing a tan linen mini-dress. She had wide hips and a round ass that shook under the sheer cloth as she walked. The dress clung to her just enough to see her small waist. In the bright sun it was slightly see through, revealing her G-string panties and bare luscious ass. She grabbed a cart and passed through the automatic doors. He had not planned on picking up much more than a new shirt and was not going to get a basket. That changed when he saw her big ass rocking in the sheer, flowing mini-dress. He grabbed a hand basket to hide what he knew was to come.Nate had a medical condition. When he was aroused, which was quite easy these days, things happen. Whenever he saw a woman that he found even moderately attractive, his cock gets hard, fast. He wore two pairs of compression shorts under loose jeans to conceal what can only be called a monster erection.Nate was once normal, with a modest six inch cock that got hard at a normal rate, but a strange thing happened and now he is over ten inches long and thick. The speed of which he gets hard along with his unusual size is called electrical onset erection. When he gets aroused his brain releases a low voltage current into his nervous system, making him rock hard in just seconds. The condition also had other side effects.His cock slammed into a long fat erection down his left leg when he saw her. He was lightheaded for just a second as blood rushed to fill his expanding member. He used the basket to further conceal what is already mostly hidden by clothes and followed the subject of his interest into the store to do some shopping. He made it a point not to let his condition get in the way of his daily routine.It all began a couple of years before when Nate was in a minor car accident. Neck problems developed and his doctor recommended physical therapy to help fix the problem. He was referred to a ther****t who was also a chiropractor and acupuncturist.The therapy was going well until one summer afternoon when everything changed. It was a hot day. He sat in the office waiting to be called to see Doctor Johns. He was in a pair of light shorts, short sleeved shirt and sandals.Doctor Johns, in her late forties, has a nice build. She was a bit heavy but the weight was in all the right places. Nate had fantasies about her and her capable hands, but he was a decent fellow and kept his behavior with her strictly respectable.“Nate, the doc can see you now,” said Nancy.Nancy was Doctor Johns’ receptionist and Nate had flirted with her many times. She was a svelte thirty-something with black hair a lovely face that really lit up when she smiled. She often talked about her love of kayaking, and her arms and shoulders showed it. She was fit with strong arms and wide shoulders.“Thanks Nancy. Can I see you after?” Nate waggled his eyebrows at her in an exaggerated expression. Nancy thought he was what could be called handsome, but not overly so. He was average height and lean. He exercised often before the accident and a couple of months ago Dr. Johns signed off on him getting back to it, albeit scaled back. He was now well toned but not huge.“Oh Nate, you never stop trying. I thought you had a girl.”“Nah, she left me for an older man. I guess thirty-four is not old enough for her. So how about it? I am about done with my treatments, and I would miss seeing your lovely face two times a week.”“Well maybe coffee sometime. Email me at the office,” she smiled and pointed to the door to the doctor’s single exam room, “Now in and shirt off. The doc will be right with you.”Nate turned and headed to the door. Nancy watched him walk away. She liked Nate and thought he was cute, with his mussed up brown hair and an easy casual attitude. He did have a nice ass, which she admired as he walked away. Yes, she would go out for coffee with him and see where it went. See what other assets he had to offer.Nate walked into the exam room, smiling knowing that Nancy was finally going to see him outside the professional setting. Maybe it was because this was to be one of his last visits and she could drop the professional veneer.He took off his shirt and sat on the exam table and waited patiently. The doc often took a few minutes after he got into the examination room.Doctor Rebecca Johns sat in her office and checked her schedule again, even though she already knew it was Nate Hibbert. She liked Nate a lot; he was handsome and she had caught him trying to look down her lab coat more than once. Her husband was inattentive and she often fantasized about younger men, especially Nate. His interest in her turned her on. She had the good fortune to have put her hands on his lean back and chest. He was toned, almost ripped, and touching his bare skin made her hot. She stood and slid her panties off and put them in a desk drawer. She had a few minutes before the appointment and decided to put them to good use.The doctor was very demure most of the time, but when she was aroused another side revealed itself. Her appetite, when awakened, could put her into a sexual rampage. Her husband, once lusty, no longer felt the same. She walked around like a sexual booby trap, waiting for someone to set her off. Frequent masturbation helped keep her hunger in check.She sat up on her desk and hiked up her skirt, exposing her neatly trimmed pussy. She slowly rubbed her clitoris and teased her swollen pussy lips.“Oh yes Nate,” she moaned softly, “Lick my clitty, that’s it … ohhh …” Her other hand went inside her lab coat to her massive tits and toyed with her right nipple, which was erect now and the size of the tip of a thumb.“Yes that’s it …” She slid two fingers into her hot wet cunt and began to fuck herself, slowly at first and faster as she got wetter.“Uhh … yes Nate, fuck me … faster … harder. Give me your cock … umm,” she moaned softly and she pumped faster still into her wet pussy. She pinched her nipple hard and shuddered as she came all over her fingers.She dipped her fingers deep, wetting them with her slick juices and slid a thick line along her deep cleavage and on her neck like it was perfume. Smelling like her sex in front of Nate, hoping her musk reached him, aroused her. She then cleaned her pussy and inside of her thick thighs with a towel and washed her hands. She smoothed her skirt with her hands, making sure it was in place and hugging her generous ass.“Hello Mr. Hibbert, how are we feeling today?” Doctor Johns asked as she came in and closed the door.“Feeling great doc. Neck pain is gone and so are the headaches. You do great work.” As Nate spoke her he quickly drank in her appearance.“Glad to hear it.” She had on her usual crisp white lab coat, knee-length skirt and low heels. Her black hair had just a few grey streaks and was always up in a bun. The style emphasized her lovely mature face and elegant neck. Her glasses we dark framed and of a cosmopolitan style, giving her a naughty librarian look. Nate tried hard not to look at her body, but her curves were devastating.He briefly fantasized about her treating him in only the lab coat, open and showing her in all her glory, pussy exposed and big boobs swaying, but immediately buried the thought. He wanted to maintain good behavior. He really did like her and was grateful. He also tried to avoid seeing any woman as object, but he was only human and he did find her very attractive. She was beautiful and smart, with some crazy curves and large full tits hidden in under that lab coat.“As you know we are about done with your therapy, so I want to try something new today. We may be able to get you fixed up with one last session.” She crossed the room and began to gather some equipment. “I want to use acupuncture and a mild DC current on you while I make the usual adjustments to your neck. It is called electroacupuncture. They have been having good success with it in China. I picked up the technique at a conference I was at a couple of weeks ago. I have used it on two other patients and it definitely made a difference.”“Sure, doc, I’m game.” He watched her ass when her back was turned. Her grey skirt flowed from her narrow waist down around her wide hips and big, round ass.“Great, come over here,” she turned and gestured to the massage chair, “and have a seat.”When she turned, the doctor caught Nate looking at her in that way. The look vanished from his face quickly, but for a brief moment he had a look in his eye that she liked very much.He sat on the chair and leaned into it. She began to prep Nate for the needles, sterilizing the area while she talked.“I will need to put just three needles into your back and then I can make the adjustments.”She tapped a needle into the base of his spine and two on either side of the base of Nate’s neck, her fingers lingered just a bit here and there on his smooth flesh. The feel of Nate’s bare skin was having the usual effect on her. She began to get wet all over again under her skirt. While she was behind Nate she undid one button of her lab coat, exposing some of her ample cleavage and freeing more of her own scent. She could smell herself and wondered if Nate had noticed yet.“Okay, this may tingle a bit.”She then put small clips on the needles and turned a dial the connected machine nearby. Nate felt a subtle tingling.“I am running a low voltage current through the needles. güvenilir bahis siteleri It is meant to open up your nervous system to the adjustments. You feel okay so far, no unusual sensations?” She had some unusual sensations, mostly focused under her skirt, between her thighs.When she had started the current Nate felt a light tingle deep inside his skull, and also along his cock.“I feel a tingling in my head.” He left out the part about his cock.“Good, that is normal and means it is working. We are ready.” She came up behind him. She admired his back, fully exposed to her.She gently put her hands on his head, gripping him in the way she usually did. She leaned in, putting her mouth next to his ear.“Now relax,” she said softly and so close that Nate felt her hot breath on his ear. She smelled amazing. Between her hot breath, her gentle scent and the current, Nate was worried his shorts and boxers would not conceal the erection he felt building.She gave his head a sharp twist. His neck cracked like thunder in his head. The tingling in his cock increased. She let go and gripped him again in a slightly different place.“And another,” she whispered in his ear.What was that scent?And crack, another loud snap and the tingling in his cock got intense. It went from his glands deep down to his prostate. Nate thought it felt familiar, like touching a nine volt battery to your tongue.“Okay, one more,” again, soft and close to his ear, her gentle sweet musk washing over him.She gripped his head, there was a loud crack and Nate promptly passed out and fell to the floor.“Shit!” the doctor exclaimed, “Nancy, get in here!”When Nate came to he was on the cool floor flat on his back. Nancy was kneeling on one side and Doctor Johns was at the other.“Nate, Nate! Are you alright?” Nancy was asking while the doc was leaning over him listening to his heartbeat with a stethoscope. He was tingling all over, especially deep in his head and his groin area.It was then that he noticed that the doctor’s lab coat had come undone a couple of buttons and he could see down into her deep cleavage. She only had on a black lacey bra under her coat and her wonderful scent was everywhere.That is when it happened. He felt a powerful surge in his cock that felt like an electric shock. He grit his teeth, arched his back so hard only his shoulders and heels remained on the floor and blacked out for a second time.He came around again slowly, keeping his eyes closed. Nancy and the doctor were talking in hushed tones.“Oh my god doc, what did you do? Look at it. It’s huge,” Nancy said.Nancy could not believe what she was seeing. Nate’s cock had escaped his shorts and standing straight up. It was massive.“I must have hit a nerve in the neck that leads to the pituitary gland and stimulated his growth hormones or something. I have heard the process had this effect one other time. I had no idea the effect was so drastic and sudden,” the doc’s voice was distant.As Nate’s head slowly cleared he felt a peculiar sensation in his cock. He was hard, very hard. Like the hard he gets when throbbing except he wasn’t throbbing. It was as if his cock was locked in at the very peak of the throb, a constant rigidity that did not relent like it did with the pulsing pattern when throbbing.“It happened so fast, it almost knocked me over,” Nancy said.“That explains why he blacked out. His blood pressure must have dropped like a stone,” the doc said, “I have never seen one so … so fucking huge …”Nancy was staring at it now, and Doctor Johns saw a look in Nancy’s eye that gave her a pang of jealousy.It was then another sensation came to Nate. The tingling in has cock was intense and steady. He opened his eyes; Nancy was staring at his cock. It was massive and standing almost straight up. It was almost twice its normal size and about as thick as his wrist. It was bright red, the veins thick and standing out, and the fat head was a deep rich purple. Pre-cum was running freely down its length.“Oh god,” Nate exclaimed. The sensation was very intense.Both women looked to his face, looks of shock and something else on their faces. Nancy had a look of pure lust, but Nate could not read Doctor Johns’ look.“Mr. Hibbert are you alright?” The Doctor asked.Nancy had turned back to look at the giant cock standing straight up right in front of her. She was breathing hard now.“Uhg, yeah, light headed, and what the hell did you do, doc?” He began to try and get up, embarrassed by his predicament, but she put a hand on his bare chest. “Easy, you just passed out twice in the course of ten minutes. You had a rare … very rare side effect of the treatment. There was only one other case noted, and not nearly this extreme. The needles touched on a nerve that connects directly with the part of your brain that stimulates growth. When I made the adjustment, the sudden shock combined with the current must have triggered some kind of hormone burst.”Nancy looked at Nate, a look of pure hot lust on her face.“Nate, it’s so fucking hot … can I touch it … ?” Her hand was in reaching for him … trembling. She really had a thing for big cocks, and Nate’s, right there in front of her, was driving her wild.“Nancy!” Doctor Johns exclaimed.Now Nate’s head was beginning to clear further and he noticed a few things. The doc’s open lab coat again, and both she and Nancy had obviously erect nipples. There was also the smell of cum filling the small room, mixing with the doctor’s sexy musk. His cock was out in the open, huge and rock hard, and he was so goddamn horny.“Sure Nancy, but first open your shirt for me. It’s only fair.”Nancy began to frantically unbutton her blouse and yanked her bra down, exposing her firm tits with hard nipples sticking out. They were not big like the doctor’s but more that Nate could hold in his hands.“Mr. Hibbert …” the Doctor began to protest.“Doc,” Nate cut her off before she could stop Nancy, “aside from the size, is there any other side effects? I feel like there is electricity running through my, my uh penis.”“Not that I have heard of, but this is a rare circumstance.”As they talked Nancy gripped his thick, slippery shaft. Her hand did not make it all the way around. She squeezed it hard with both hands but it barely had any give. “God, it is so fucking hot, and it feels tingly.” She began to stroke his new cock slowly with one hand, lubricated with the pre-cum that flowed freely from his swollen head. She reached up her skirt with the other hand. The look on her face, the intense hunger as she looked at Nate’s now massive pole, was almost scary, but then she started to stroke up and down, and he stopped caring.“Oh God, Nancy …” Nate watched her firm tits sway as she stroked him up and down and played with her pussy under her skirt.Dr. Johns also watched Nancy, and her composure wavered. Her breathing began to get ragged.“It feels electric.” Nancy began to speed up her pace and her tits bounced wildly as she did. The situation was surreal, but Nate was beginning to really lose himself in the sensations.“Oh shit Nancy. That’s so fucking hot.”She was really stroking him hard now as she played with herself. Her skirt had hiked up and both Nate and the doctor could plainly see she was naked beneath and shaved. Her slit was glistening and she was frantically rubbing her swollen clitoris.“Your dick is amazing.” She took her other hand from her pussy and gripped his shaft with both hands again. It still towered over her two fisted grip. “I am going to suck this fucker till you cum.” She went to put it in her mouth.“Nancy, wait!” exclaimed Dr. Johns.Nancy reached her tongue toward Nate’s swollen head and an arc of electricity jumper the two inch gap from his glands to her tongue. Her body went rigid and she was tossed aside.“Shit!” Nate exclaimed. Just as that happened he felt a huge jolt in his dick and a rope of cum spurted out. The single thick gout arced through the air and landed on Doctor Johns’ cleavage. His cock swelled and got even larger and turned a brighter red.“Ugghh …” Nate groaned. His massive member dominated his senses and he felt like it was going to explode.Nancy sat up quickly. “I am okay. That cock is amazing.” She crawled back over on all fours and grabbed it again. This time the sensation was not as intense.“Nancy, you should stop until we know what we are dealing with,” the doctor sounded concerned, “You could get injured.”“Then hurt me, Nate. Hurt me good.” With that she opened her mouth and sucked the top of his hard cock into her mouth. Her body went rigid, her nipples got even harder and she began to shudder and moan, even while she did this she sucked with wild abandon.“Oh shit Nancy, suck it. Suck my electric cock.” Nate leaned his head back and Nancy used her tongue around edge of the swollen purple head of his pole.She took it out of her mouth and looked at the doc. “I’m fine, it is not has bad as it was at first, and I feel it all though my body, my nipples, my pussy, electricity flowing from his cock. It’s so fucking hot. Sucking it makes me feel like I am going to cum over and over.”The doctor, without a word, reached out and gripped his slick cock. “Oh my,” she said softly, “there seems to be a low voltage current flowing from you Nate.” As she gripped it above Nancy’s two hands still a full five inched stood above the three fists. It was slick and hot in her grip.Nate looked at Doctor Johns. The single rope of cum was still youwin giriş on her cleavage and her nipples were huge, hard and strained against her lab coat.“It is so wet; the moisture must by adding conductivity,” the doctor continued. She nodded to herself, as if coming to a decision. “Nancy, stop. Let’s get Mr. Hibbert to the table so we can better examine him. We need to make sure he is alright.”Nancy stopped sucking Nate, much to his dismay, and both of them helped him up from the floor. He stood, a bit shaky but steadying quickly. His cock jutted far out in front of him, pointing up at an angle, turgid and unyielding.“Mr. Hibbert, I think it best if you remove your shorts. Nancy, go lock the front door and cancel the rest of my appointments for the day, then go home. I am going to examine Mr. Hibbert. I think a more rational approach is warranted here and I think you need to step away.”“But doc, he’s …” Nancy started to protest.“Now Nancy, Mr. Hibbert is not leaving town. You can ravage him after we decide he will not be harmed in the process. A cooler head is needed here. Now go.” Her firm tone left no room for argument. She wanted Nancy gone.Nate watched as Nancy closed up her blouse and started to leave.She looked over her shoulder, “Call me, Nate. I want to finish what I started.” She licked her lips and turned and left, her ass swaying for his benefit.Nate was sorry to see Nancy go, but when he looked at Doctor Johns, face flushed, with his cum still glistening on the top of her big tits, he was glad to be alone with her. He was naked except for his sandals and his brand new throbbing electric hard-on was the center of her attention.“Up on the table and lie back, Mr. Hibbert.”He got on the table slowly and lay down. His cock was still hard as a rock, hot and coursing with electricity.Once on the table the doctor approached him. He noticed another button open on her lab coat; now she was showing real cleavage and his jizz had tricked into her cleavage and beyond.“First a physical exam,” she put on a pair of latex gloves, “These should shield me from any shock.”Nate watched her face as she probed his abdomen and groin area. She gripped his cock at the base and squeezed. She then slid her gripped hand up its length. A copious stream of pre-cum ran out of his swollen tip and down over her gloved hand. Nate let out a low moan and lifted his hips off the table.“Oh god, doc, you keep that up and I am going to cum. Nancy had me close,” his voice was thick with lust, “Looking at you stroke me is pushing me to the limit. You are so fucking hot.”With that statement she looked up at Nate. “Mr. Hibbert, I had no idea you felt that way,” she gave a slight smirk and continued, “Your penis appears to be healthy and normal, albeit unusually large and sensitive. Open your legs please.”Nate spread his legs and she reached between them and grabbed his balls. Her other hand moved to just below his swollen crown and she absently rubbed her thumb back and forth over the glands. “Oh my, yes. The effect seems to have passed on to your testicles as well as your penis. They are quite large.” She spent some time fondling his big balls and slowly rubbing the base of his swollen head with her thumb.“Ughh … doc, you are going to make me cum …”“Not quite yet, please.” She let go. His cock was so rigid it did not move when she let go. She went to a counter across the room. “I wanted to get you worked up, now I am going to take some measurements.”She came back to the table with a tape measure and a small box. “This is a volt meter. I use it to calibrate my equipment. Now I will use it to measure yours.” She began to get it ready.She was struggling to maintain her professional air. Her inner self, the sex-starved women insider her wanted Nate now. She wanted his hands all over her, his cock inside her and their mouths locked together in a deep kiss as they reveled in their mutual lust.“So tell me, Mr. Hibbert, how long have you had these feelings for me?”“Doc, I thought you were hot from day one. I have fantasies about you … treating me in just a lab coat.”“Really?” she paused what she was doing and stepped back, smiling.She turned her back to Nate and slowly unzipped her skirt and slid it to the floor, bending over and exposing her ass as to him as she did. It was big and round and naked. He could see her cunt and how wet she was on the insides of her thighs. As she was bent over she turned to look at him over her shoulder.“I could say it was too hot today for underwear,” she slid her hands down over her ass as she talked, “but the fact is, Mr. Hibbert, I never wear underwear on the days you come in.” She stood and turned to face him, unbuttoning her lab coat. She opened it, showing a very slight paunch and a bra straining to contain her magnificent tits. She reached behind her, pushing out her big boobs, wiggled around a bit as she unclasped her bra. She rocked her hips back and forth as she pulled her bra out of the sleeves of her lab coat.“I always thought you were an attractive young man, and I too had fantasies.” As she spoke she held her black lacy bra at arm’s length by her fingertips. She opened her hand, releasing it and it fell to the tile floor.She now faced him, naked except for her lab coat and a pair of low heels. Her bush was neatly trimmed and her massive tits spilled out, pushing her coat open. Her nipples were as large as a thumb tip surrounded by half dollar sized areolas. As she walked over her massive breasts swayed opposite the sway of her hips.Nate almost passed out as his cock expanded again.“Now that we are in agreement about our state of dress, I will finish the exam.” She took the tape measure and held it up to his cock.“Over eleven inches now, and it seems to be still getting larger. It appears that arousal causes it to grow.” She toyed with one of her fat nipples as she spoke, rolling it between thumb and forefinger.“Now for girth.” She let go of her nipple and wrapped the tape measure around his thick shaft just below the head. “Just under eight inches in circumference.” She set the tape measure aside and picked up the meter.“Now for the current.” She pressed the probes of the meter to his glands just below the head where her thumb had been earlier. He was soaked and sticky from pre-cum now from head to balls.“Well right now you are at seven volts and very low amps,” the doctor set the meter aside, “Interesting. Let do some sensation tests.”She gripped his big cock with both hand and began to stroke. Her tits moved as she stroked, swaying with the motion.“Tell me Mr. Hibbert, did you think about me stroking you like this? Did you imagine me holding your cock while my tits bounced and shook?” her speech came out breathy and thick as she stroked him. Her composure was slipping. Her inner slut was howling inside her head for release.“Oh god yes … call me Nate, and uhhmm … faster …”Nate’s head was back now, his eyes rolled back in his head. She continued to stroke him with one hand and now fondled his new golf ball sized balls in the other. They were very heavy in her hands.“Oh Nate, yes. Your cock is amazing. I’m Rebecca, but you should call me Becky.” She paused and pulled her gloves off. “I need to feel you.” She grabbed his shaft hard with both hands. Her inner slut kicked open the door of her psyche. “Oh, it tingles. Play with my titties Nate, maul them, pinch my fat nipples, oh god this cock …”She reached her tongue to it, but she was ready. An arc jumped the distance and the shock jolted her, but she did not let go of his fuck pole.Nate grabbed a big soft tit with the hand that could reach and mauled it like she asked. “Suck me, Becky. Put it in your mouth.”She gripped even harder and slid his fat hard-on into her mouth. She felt the current immediately and began to writhe and moan even as she stroked him even faster.“Oh god Becky, I am going to explode,” Ted said through gritted teeth.She released Nate from her mouth and stroked even faster. “Oh yes Nate, cum all over me, on my big tits, on my face. Empty your big heavy balls.” She began to jerk him like mad, her big breasts bounding wildly with the effort.And then it happened, Nate’s eyes rolled back and he came in great ropey gouts. The first few shot high and hit the overhead lamp, then Becky aimed his cock at her tits and sprayed cum all over her massive globes and lab coat.“Oh god yes Nate, even your cum tingles, it is so hot and … umm,” some hit her in the mouth and she clamped her lips over the still spraying cock and took as much as she could. “So fucking good,” she gasped around a mouthful of his cum. She kept right on stroking and Nate kept cumming; it was everywhere.At last it stopped. Nate was panting and Becky was covered in his cum.“Come with me,” she said and took his hand.He rose from the table and she led him by the hand to a bathroom off to one side with a large open shower with rails for handicap access. She turned on the water and turned to Nate. Looking him in the eye she slid off her shoes and dropped her lab coat to the floor. Then she fondled her giant tits and teased her stiff nipples, rubbing his sticky cum all over the soft globes.“You like my titties, Nate? They are not too big for you?” She cupped each breast and lifted them to him, pressing them together; her nipples were turgid and pointing right at him. She backed into the shower as she still faced him. Water flowed down her youwin güvenilir mi body, and she began to wash herself using Nate’s cum like soap.She was lost in her own body now as Nate watched. She turned and bent over, showing Nate her big round ass. She reached down rubbed her pussy so he could watch.“Mmm … oh yes Nate. I like to play with my pussy like this after one of our sessions … imagining my fingers are your hot cock … but now you are so big …” She looked over her shoulder at him. “Come in here and fuck me. I want to feel that monster up in my cunt.” She shook her fat ass back and forth as she spoke.She turned and reached out, grabbing Nate by his raging hard on and pulled him into the shower. She wrapped her arms around him, kissing him hard, sharing the taste of his own cum as she pressed her big tits against his chest. When they kissed electricity arced and crackled between their dueling tongues. She reached around gripped his tight ass with both hands. The kiss broke.“Shit Becky, you are fucking hot.”She reached over and got some liquid soap and began to clean the both of them. Nate watched then helped as she washed her massive tits, rubbing soap all over them and twisting and tweaking her fat nipples as he weighed them in his hands. Nate’s hands felt incredible on Becky’s tits. He was strong and not afraid to handle he massive breasts with just the right amount of force.“Ooh yes, Nate. Pinch them hard.” She arched her back, presenting her tits to him.He tweaked her hard nipples. After a while he pulled her to him, pressing against her and reaching around, soaping up her big juicy ass. He pulled her close, her hard nipples digging into his chest. Nothing was between them except his hard cock.“Fuck me, Nate, take me from behind. I want it in me now.” She turned around and presented her beautiful ass once again.“Let me get you ready first, Becky.” He pressed his cock to the crack of her ass and he reached around and played with her giant tits some more. He cock slid up and down in the soapy crack of her ass.Nate dropped to his knees behind her. Her pussy was neatly trimmed and he could see her lips were engorged and red and her clit swollen. He touched her clitoris with his thumb and slid two fingers inside her. She was wet, hot and tight. That was when he caught the scent. It was that same scent. She had been wearing juices from her wet pussy as perfume.“Oh yes Nate, play with my pussy. I have wanted you to touch me down there for so long.” She pushed her ass back even farther, presenting for him to explore her wet heat. He slid his fingers in and out, and her cunt made slurping noises and he fucked her with his fingers. He leaned in and touched his tongue to her clit, there was a small spark and she squealed and shuddered, cumming suddenly.“Oh god, your tongue too … fuck, lick my clitty … uhh … yesss …” She shuddered and writhed as he licked and sucked her clit with his nose buried in the slippery sweet musk of her dripping cunt. “Oh god yes, Nate, eat me.”And he did, as he caressed her ass.“Uh uh uh oh Nate, eat it, yes there … there.”He was licking and sucking her clit now as I teased her asshole with the fingers of one hand and massaged her big cheeks with the other.“Oh yeah, Nate, just like that … ugh uh uh I um gonna cumm … uahh.” She shuddered and bucked, her tits flailing wildly and she drove her ass back into him as she came. At that Moment he stood, gripped his still throbbing and now wet member and pressed it against her dripping pussy. The effect was immediate and intense.“Ahhhyesss …” Becky screamed and went rigid as the electric current flowed into her.Nate shuddered and gripped her ass as he slid into her and began to fuck. Her pussy was clenching and unclenching around his cock. With a grunt he slid as much of his dick as would go into her hot cunt. Her walls gripped him and he could feel her spasms. He began to slide in and out. He gripped her generous hips as he fucked her.She grabbed her tits to still them and mauled them, brutally twisting her own nipples. “Ugh … ugh, uh yeah Nate, give me that fucking cock, pound me, ohhh … so fucking good.” She let go of her tits, freeing them to sway with the fury of Nate’s thrusts, and gripped the shower stall bar so she could push against his pounding.She could not believe the feeling of him inside her. He stretched her to her limits. She could feel the ridge of his head as he slid in and out, and when he paused she could feel every contour and vein of his pulsing cock, as if the current heightened the sensitivity of the nerve endings in her cunt.Nate slid in deep and stopped, reveling in being inside her. He pulled her up and reached around, fondling her tits as he let his cock soak in her pussy. Her body was rigid and trembling and she was whimpering and moaning. Nate could feel a light current, his current, coming from her nipples and he toyed with them.“You did this to me, Becky,” he whispered in her ear, barely audible over her breathing and the sound of the shower. “You gave me this giant cock. From now on you are mine. I want you. You are beautiful and I want to keep fucking you.” On the last word he rammed the rest of his fat pole all the way inside her.“Uhhh … Nate. Yes … yours … fuck me harder. Give me that cock … yours. Whatever you want … just fuck me!”He pounded her from behind, sliding almost all the way out and ramming back in.After a few minutes of this she slid off him and turned around to face him and leaned against the wall, spreading her legs. “Now fuck the shit out of me, Nate. Fill me with your hot cum.” She toyed with her swollen clit as she spoke.Nate looked at her. Her face was flushed with lust, her giant tits heaved, her strong thick legs were spread and she was rubbing her pussy with abandon. “I am yours. Do it … do me!” she breathed.He approached her. He gripped his cock by the base and guided it towards her pussy lips. When he got within an inch, an arc of electricity jumped from his cock to her clit, crackling and playing over her clit and outer lips. He paused, watching and reveling in the sensation. The effect on the doctor was profound. She howled and began to spasm … “Oh god fuck … I’m cumming … you’re not even touching me and I am cumming.” She shook violently as the arc played on her swollen clit.When she could not take it anymore she gripped him. “In me … put that fucking thing in my cunt.” Her voice was thick.He touched his purple head to her cunt and slid it up and down along her entrance.“Ughhh …” she moaned from the current coursing through her pussy. “Nate, give it to me … please fuck me,” she begged.Nate slid back into her and pounded in and out, driving her into the wall of the shower.“Oh god Becky, You’re so hot … so tight. I am about to cum.” The immense pressure Nate felt building was like nothing he had ever felt before.Becky was shuddering and spamsoming from the current from his cock.”Ohyyes N.N.N.Nate … give it to … oo … mee …” she was barely coherent, her speech stuttering from the current flowing from the cock deep into her slippery, quivering cunt. “Ahrghh.”Nate slid all they way in and exploded deep inside her.She screamed as he filled her pussy with his hot cum. “Ohgodyess … Nate. Pump your cum into me … uuhh … .fill me up …” Becky yowled and Nate buried his cock all the way in her.Then Nate blacked out.Becky caught him and guided him gently onto his back on the floor, then continued to ride him in silence, her hands on his chest and her breast heaving as he finished the biggest orgasm Becky had ever had inside her. Then she collapsed, gasping, onto his chest. “Oh Nate, my love.” She sighed as she settled on him, feeling him slowly shrink inside her.When Nate came to, Becky was kneeling over him, washing his body and cleaning his now flaccid cock.“Hello, handsome.” She was washing his balls now.“Uh … Becky, how long was I out?”“Just a few minutes. That orgasm hit you almost as hard as you hit me. Now get up and help me wash.” She helped him up and they both rose and stood in the still hot shower. “That was amazing. I meant what I said, Nate. I am yours, as much as you want.” She reached out and caressed his flaccid cock, gripping it gently. “I love this cock Nate.” She looked him in the eyes. “I love you.”“Becky, I have never met a woman like you. I am yours, but I want Nancy too, and maybe others. I hope you understand that?” As he spoke his cock began to tingle in her grasp and slammed back into a huge erection in the span of three heartbeats. “Now clean us up. I want you to fuck me on top so I can suck those big titties.”“Oh yes, Nate, and yes.” She lathered up his now hard cock. If she had to share him, she would. There was plenty to go around, and who knows, maybe Nancy liked women too.***Nate followed the woman into the store, not really intending to do more that sneak a peek and see what she looked like from the front. She was in the food section of the super-center when he got a look. Her little summer dress hugged her curves, and she had some awesome curves. He decided he wanted to do more than look. He walked up to the produce section. She was at the cucumbers, looking for a healthy one. The irony was not lost on Nate.“Hi, looking for a good one?” Nate asked. Up close he saw she had a pretty face, clear green eyes, and about half her ample cleavage was showing. In the chill by the produce case her nipples were stiff and poking through her tin summer dress. She had the body style he loved, and he thought Becky might agree.She looked at him. “Really, that’s your opener? What, am I supposed to say something like ‘Why yes, a nice firm one. Do you have one?’ something like that?” She eyed him dubiously.“Yes, something like that.”