Unforgetably Crazy

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Unforgetably CrazyA few months ago my neighbors Daughter, Carly, came to see her Mom. Apparently there was a history of problems. I did my best to stay clear other than general politeness. I was also warned by her sister, who I’d been fucking when she came for visits. One afternoon Carly was sitting in the sun doing crafts wearing a tiny bikini top and Daisy Dukes. The top was one of those tiny triangles that barly cover the nipples. Her breasts were 36DD and I could tell she had small quarter sized areolas but nice perky 1/2″ nipples. Then it caught my eyes, her labia was out of her shorts. My cock was just about to get hard so I decided I ought to leave and not start something.A few weeks later, I could hear a big argument. I got a text asking if Carly could stay with me for a little while until she could catch a flight out. I guess so… A couple of hours past,, and Carly asked if she could take a shower then asked for a Razor. I didn’t think much about it. About 30 minutes later she walked back in stark burdur escort naked, squatted beside to her suit case and began rummaging, her legs wide open exposing her pussy as much as possible right in front of me. Kinda shocked and at a loss of words, I finally said, “Carly, you have a beautiful Pussy”. She replied immediately,” You think so?” and pulled her beefy labia wide open and said “ I think my lips are too big” “No hell no, I like that” I replied. Then she asked “Did I do a good job shaving?” while rubbing her Pussy. “Pretty good but I think you missed a little” She jumped up retrieved the razor handing it to me and sat in front of me on the coffee table and spread wide open. I felt her snatch, rolling her labia and clit while removing a few stray hairs.. In about 2 minutes she moaned and creamy white cum began to ooze. I put down the razor and finger fucked her bringing her to multiple shattering orgasms. It wasn’t long and she closed her legs, “I really needed that, you don’t know whats escort burdur it’s been like. Maybe I’ll return the favor later.She postponed her flight with a bogus excuse and asked if she could spend the night. About 11pm, I got up to shower and go to bed. As I exited the bathroom, there was Carly on my bed. She looked at my naked body and exclaimed, “Damn you have a nice body, and a fucking big dick. And hairless too, I fucking love it!. Come here, I have a debt to repay.”I laid down as she positioned herself between my legs, one had on each legs, be began to message me and apply gentle kisses. My cock began to grow as she caressed by balls, gently sucking and licking. She slid one hand to my cock and began to stroke it. I liften my ass to met her hand and as I did she stuck her tongue firmly in my asshole. Holy fuck that felt good! I eased back down and she began to lick and suck the head of my throbbing cock. “Damn, I’m gonna cum soon” I said. Carly licker her finger and gently stuck it in my ass burdur escort bayan and began to massage my prostate. My god that was wonderful. My normally 8 inch man meat expanded and grew to proportions I’d never experienced to a ball busting 10 inches and so think it barely fit in her mouth. She gave the the sloppiest BJ ever, with drool running down to her finger providing lubrication to my ass hole. I could feel it opening up as she slid in another finger and fucked my ass as I thrusted back and forth in pure joy. I could feel the sperm rizing to levels I’d never experienced, then suddenly, I felt a rush of cum explode thru my massively engorged cock. Again and again and again, I was shooting streaming rivers of cum, it was squirting out of her mouth as she tried to swallow. She backed off and another jet of cum shot into her hair, another across her face as she stroked my cock and licking the tip, deflecting the shots of cum in all direction. Then she deep throated me. I must have cum 6 or 7 more times as she swallowed and ravished all my sticky juices. My orgasms finally subsided. What a fucking mess! Cum everywhere as I laughed. Carly said “WOW, If I’d known this, I’d have been here every day” as she collapsed on my limp wet sticky body.