Turned Into a Bitch For Black Guy

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Turned Into a Bitch For Black GuyI show up at his place and the door is unlocked. I push it open and he’s there on the couch stroking his giant black cock. Since I’m new to this, he tells me to come over and kneel in front of him. He immediately sticks two fingers in my mouth and moves them over my tongue. He tells me to suck his fingers while he asks me some questions: Have I ever been a slut for someone before(No), Do I want him to turn me out(Yes), Do I like his dick(Yes) Am I going to moan like a bitch for him when he puts that dick inside of me (Yes). I look down at his dick and I could see the head is already dripping and I am so turned on by his approach that I am ready for him to take me. He tells me to start licking and sucking his nipples, which I do hungrily. He’s moaning a little while he tells me how much I’m going to enjoy being his girlfriend, really sexy talk about how when he’s done w/ me I’m going to feel my titties grow and how I’m gonna dress real sexy for him. After a while, he grabs the back of my head firmly w/ one hand and holds the base of his big dick w/ the other and tells me to open my mouth and stick out my tongue. He pulls my face onto his dick, feeding me the length, or what I think is the length. I try to breathe thru my nose but my throat is being invaded. He pushes firmly and it hits the back of my throat filling my mouth and I can feel myself starting to drool. Although I’m wincing, he tells güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri me to look up into his eyes, which I do between some tears, and hold his meat deep in my mouth. He tells me to start moaning and when I think I can’t take any more cock he pushes it into my throat. He tells me I look surprised that all that dick fits in my face and I try to moan but the dick is filling my mouth and throat. He encourages me w/ nasty talk about how he’s gonna fuck my face and ass and make me wish I could come over dressed like a bitch every day for dick. I’m deep throating, gagging and drooling all over his cock and balls and he tells me to wet his balls some more w/ my tongue. I’m totally excited as I realize that he has broken me down and turned me into his bitch in ten minutes. While he fucks my face, I slowly and instinctively unbutton my pants and expose my ass for him to slap. He pulls up my shirt and exposes my chest and then pinches my nipples and smacks my ass while feeding me the length of his dick repeatedly, telling me to stick out my tongue and lick his balls on the deep stroke. He stands up and pushes me face down on the floor w/ my ass in the air and stands over me while he’s wetting and stroking his dick. He wipes the drool from my chin and rubs it on my asshole and also spits on my hole and I can feel the head of his dick start to push against my open asshole. He starts to perabet work the full length of his big cock in slowly. I feel my asshole start to fill more and more and his cock feels really tight as he buries the length in my ass. He holds the dick in balls-deep without moving and tells me to squeeze my asshole on his big dick but I’m so stretched it barely moves. I try to move away and he pushes me on my stomach and pins my legs open w/ his and now I can feel his entire weight on my back as he fucks my ass firmly while holding my hair tightly, using my asshole for the full length of his cock. He’s pulling my hair and making me say his name over and over, all while running his big dick in deep and slow, making his name sound like grunts. He does this on purpose because the sound of his bitch will make him want to cum, he tells me. While pinning me to the floor w/ his big dick, he asks me some more questions: Do I feel like a bitch now, Is this what I came for, Do I like taking his dick in my ass, Do I want him to breed my hole? Of course he digs in deeper when I try to answer his questions making draw out all of my yes responses. While he is fucking me, I feel his body getting warmer behind me and he starts to have a glaze of sweat on his muscles, which makes me moan at the thought of licking his sweaty nipples. I want to turn over but he won’t allow it and holds me down by my hair and waist making me feel every perabet giriş deep stroke of his. When he’s ready to cum, he tells me to pull my ass open which I do but he demands I open it more, and buries inside of me balls deep and I feel a big warm rush in my ass along w/ a lot of pulsating spasms from that dick. He pulls out and has me kneel so I can show him the cream pie leaking out of my ass. My asshole is stretched and gaping open and his cum falls out easily, and I definitely feel used as he gives me instructions on how to arch my back to show off my just fucked ass. He smacks my ass a few more times, then he gets cleaned up and sits back on the couch and tells me to go get cleaned up. When I return, he’s stroking his dick again and tells me to get down between his legs to suck on his dick some more. This time his tone is firm but encouraging, while again he pushes his dick straight to the back of my throat, telling me to “Thank Daddy” for the big dick he’s given me. I try to speak but it comes out a mumble w/ that cock stuffed in my mouth. He’s telling me what a good fuck I’ve been and how he wants me to come over dressed as his bitch regularly for similar treatment and asks if I liked it. I’m moaning my answers as he feeds me that big dick back and forth til it fills my mouth. He tells me he’s going to cum in my mouth and that I’m to noisily gulp down every drop. As I nod my understanding, he cums forcefully in my mouth and I feel the warm blasts shoot directly down my throat. He pulls out slightly and I get to taste his cum and I try swallowing the last few shots and some of it drools out. After that he wants me to dress and leave cause his wife will be home from work soon.