true story drunk wife

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true story drunk wifeOK , this story was relayed to me by someone i know very well,we had a few drinks one night and he shared it with me, I also know his wife, Ill do my best to describe it as acurately as I can, obviously Im changing the namesJim and his wife May were well into there 40.s, been married a long time and never had c***dren, now May was the smartest woman, you would say a bit of a ditz, but she was in amazing shape, 5-6 very toned, flat tummy, she had a very high metabolism so she never gained weight ,she was just lucky in the gene pool, she knew she looked god but wasnt something she really cared much about, she was also blessed witha dd cup size which also hadnt shown its years yet,she would dress sexy but not sleazy and spent a lot of time in her bibkini in the back yard, Jim had always wanted to see her with another man but never even brought it up to her because he knew she wouldnt have anything to do with it, one saturday they decided to havea bottle of wine and watch a few movies, well with Mays fast motabalism she got drunk quickly and easily and he knew from past expeiances she would soon pass out until morning, he told me he enjoyed that because hecould play with her body as he pleased and the next morning she had no recolection ödemiş escort bayan of it, so after dinner he suggested she put on her pjs and houde coat and join him on the sofa as he kept filling her wine glass, eventually she was slurring her words and finally true to form was fast asleep under the influence of the alchohol, he told me he opened her house coat to see what she was wearing, it was a whitetank top, tigtly over her boobs enough to outline her nipples, and a pair of french cut panties, she looked very sexy, of course he had to play with her tits, he was getting horny when he noticed headlights outside the fron window, and he had an ideahe went to the door and as he thought it was the neigbors son returning home”hey John, can you give me a hand”he was a nice k**, still in high school and a bit of a nerd but he came right over” look I fucked up my back and can hardly move, we had a few drinks and May is passed out, can you help me drag her to the bedroom”he was a bit shocked at the request but he agreedJim bent to help him and pretended he was in to much pain, he noticed John staring at May, her housecoat lightly closed, one of her tanned legs exposed”Look John I cant help you can you, take her in there for me, Id really appreciate ödemiş escort it” John bent to lift her, he struggled a bit but eventually had her standing and his arm around her wiast and he stumbled with her towards the bedroom, he seemed to be taking a bit longer to come back but fianlly walked back down the hall, in the mean tim Jim, layed on the couch, pretending to be passed out as well with the occasinal fake snoreJohn went to leave and then stopped, came over to John and shook his shoulder”ok shse there, Im leaving now”with no reaction from Jim he turned to leave again, then turned and went back down the hall,Jim waited a minute and he couldnt wait, he snuck down the hall, the door was still partly open so he stood back in the shadows so he wouldnt be seenthis is what he sawMay was laying on her back, legs apart and her arms strait out from her side ,her housecoat was completely open, John was leaning over her playing with her tits,Jim could see her erect nipple through the materisal, John looked back at the door and slowly lifted her top, exposing her tits,,with one hand he continued to feel her up and the other slid down her tummy,into the waistband of her panties, he began rubbing and it appeared sliding a finger in her, she never moved, escort ödemiş John looked back at the door again, then removed his jeans, pulled out his cock and started rubbing himself, he was already very hard, he moved onto the bed and rubbed his cock on her nipplesthis was driving jim crazy but he was loving what he sawJohn was getting braver, he pulled down Mays panties and atrted rubbing her pussy again,he looked to the door again and moved over top of her, he atarted rubbing his cock on her pussy,then pushed himself inside, he started fucking her, Mays body reacted with a few moans, John paused when she did, but started fucking again, he fucked her for about 5 minutes and from the look on his face started to cum at the same time squeezing one of her tits hard, he got off her and looked paniked, he went to the hamper grabbed something and quickly wiped her pussy, put her panties back on, and pulled down her top,then he paused, and slid both hands up under her top,playing with her tits some more and it appeared very rough,after a minute he was done and as he went to pull her robe over her Jim quiclkly went back to the sofa, John snuck out with out a wordJim was so turnedon he immediatly went and fucked his wifeas usual May had no idea the next day whe happened, JIm admitted he fucked her which wasnt un ussual,but she was curious about the bruises on her boobs, which was easily explained by her fallinghe told me now hes looking for other ways to do something simialrany suggestions