Time with my wife and no chastity on me for now

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Time with my wife and no chastity on me for nowI spent one night, over the weekend, with my key holder. Just her and I. She said she was proud of me still in chastity. A lesser man would of cut t off she said. So today was my day of treats.She had me stand naked before her and I watched as she removed the key from around her neck and inserted the key into the lock on my chastity. I looked down at her, with her on her knees before me. She looked up and said hands behind your back. And keep them there until I tell you different.I clasped my hands behind my back and watched as she unlocked and removed my chastity cage. She checked them over. Inspected my cock and balls. Then she opened her mouth and inserted my cock. It felt so good and she knew this was torture for me. After a minute or so my now hard cock was straining to cum. I could not help it. I started bucking my hips as she sucked my cock. Then she grabbed hold of my cock and pulled it out of her mouth. I looked down at her as she had a vise like grip on my cock. I wanted to see it spurt but she was bending my cock in such a way that no way would it cum. No matter how hard I tried.No yet. I want you to cum. Just not yet. I want you to cum in my mouth, in my ass and up inside my pussy. How does that sound she asked me.You’re the boss. I’ll do whatever you say I replied.Then she twisted my cock even more causing me some intense pain. That’s right. I’m the boss. Now don’t forget it she was saying as she stood up before me and without letting go of her grip on my cock.Then she kissed me and said you will get your turn. But right now it’s mine. Then she twisted my cock even more until I opened my mouth to verbally express my painful displeasure. As the sound of pain escaped my lips she pressed her open mouth against my open mouth. Then she let go of my cock and wrapped her two arms around my body and pulled me in close to her. We stood there about one minute. It felt so good to have her hugging me. I wanted to grab hold and hug her back but felt I should not. Then I could not hold back and returned the hug. As my arms went from behind my back to behind her back, I felt passion until I felt her lift her knee into my balls and cock. Not a gentle knee. Instead one that showed she meant business. She held the back of my head and held her face against mine as the pain shot up from my just kneed balls.I told you no hands. And I meant it. Next time I’ll slip on the handcuffs and you will remained handcuffed all night. Do I make myself clear she asked. Yes maam. You’re the boss I said. Then she kneed me in the balls again. This time even harder than last. You asked me to own you. You offered me the key. Your cock and balls are mine to do as I wish. Remember that. Then she lifted kaçak iddaa her knee one more time and hit my ball sac so hard that I fell down to my knees. Then she lifted my chin up as I was kneeling before her. I’m not done yet. Your manhood belongs to me. For moving your hands. You need to be punished before I allow you to have sex with me. I looked at her through my painful eyes. Yes punishment and sex. Before I send you back to your wife. You get both. I hope you enjoy it I know I will.Then she had me stand naked before her as she sat on the couch and watched TV. I stood there stark naked. No chastity cage. No collar. And not one stitch of clothing on. She sat on the couch and after awhile she began to remove her blouse and then her bra. I stood there watching and yes, I was getting excited. I wanted too stay cool and collected but my growing cock said bring it on. My cock was growing and I knew it. She knew it too. I wanted to turn away from her and crawl in a corner and hide. Instead she made me even more uncomfortable as she proceeded to further undress and fondle her breast in front of me.My cock was standing up right. So hard you could hang a hat on. Instead she took one of her shoes and hung it over my cock. Don’t drop it she said as she went back to playing with herself on the couch.After a slow, painful show she gave me she said I want you know. I want you to fuck my pussy. I want you to fuck me hard and shoot your juices deep inside me. Fuck me so hard that I scream out your name. You think you can do that slave she asked.If that is what you want I replied.Then she kicked the shoe off my cock. Then she spread her legs and opened her pussy with her fingers. Do you think your little manhood is worthy to fuck my gorgeous pussy.No Maam. I’m not worthy I replied.That’s right. Your manhood is gone. I own it now. No sex for you, unless I say so. Now I want you to take that cock hanging between your legs and shove it up my pussy. Pump me so hard that you hurt me. I want your juices inside me. Make me scream over and over again. If you do good, I’ll let you stay out of chastity for two days. If not, I’ll slap you back in and kick your balls while doing it.Now get in the bedroom. I want you in bed with me.I walked into her bedroom and she followed. Then in the room she picked up a set f handcuffs and told me to put these on. No hands. I just want your cock. As I slipped into the handcuffs and locked them behind my back. She crawled into bed and laid her pussy near the edge of the bed. Then she raised her legs and spread them wide. She held onto her ankles and ordered me to fuck her take me know. And don’t hold anything back. I want it rough.I slipped my cock into her pussy. It was hard to do with no hands but I canlı bahis finally worked it in. then I began to fuck her. After a couple minutes I told her I’m going to cum. Oh no you’re not she said. You don’t cum until I say so. Do we understand each other she asked.Yes Maam. I replied. But I got to cum I said. Too bad she said. I have to cum too. And my desires come before yours. Do you agree she asked. Yes Maam I said. Then she wrapped her legs around my waist. As she was fondling her breasts and playing with her nipples she hollered fuck me now. Make me cum. Fuck me so hard I can’t walk the rest of the night. You do that and I’ll let you cum and let you remain free of the chastity cage.She finally came but as she came, so did I. I tried to hold back but I failed. She held me for awhile and rode out her orgasm. Then she looked at me and asked, did you cum? I hung my head in shame and said yes, Maam. You know what that means she asked. Yes, Maam. I get punished. That’s right she said. Now get the rope. I’m going to tie you up to the ceiling. I returned and she unlocked the handcuffs from behind my back and secured them over my head. Them she strung up the rope and pulled my arms tight. It hurt as she stretched my arms but I refused to admit it hurt.Then she attached a spreader bar between my ankles and grabbed hold of my belt. She began to slap my cock and balls with the belt. It hurt but I hung on and took it. Then the pain was so bad I blurted out the words, that hurt. She stopped slapping my manhood and went to her clothes hamper. She pulled out one of her dirty panties and shoved them in my mouth. You think that hurts. You just wait. I’m going to punish you. Then she grabbed hold of a flogger and proceeded to flog my cock and balls. She was right. The pain before was nothing compared to the pain now. I tried to beg for mercy but the panties stuffed in my mouth prevented me from saying much of anything.After she felt I was punished enough she untied me from the ceiling and relocked my hands behind my back. She climbed back in bed with her head on her pillow. Then she spread her legs and made me crawl between them. Then she ordered my face to lay on her pussy and to get her off using my tongue. Two hours she said. Two hours of you sucking my pussy. You better make me cum and do it often. Don’t stop for two hours or I’ll hang you back you from the ceiling and next time I’ll really punish you.So for two plus hours I remained. Like in the picture.My face buried in her crotch and my tongue inside her pussy. She came like she wanted. I only wish I could of too.After the time was up she offered me to sleep with her. In the same bed I asked. Yes, Now. Get you ass up here. Rest your head next to mine. Get some rest. bahis siteleri Tomorrow I want your tongue back in my pussy.I crawled in bed as best as I could with the handcuffs still behind my back.In the morning, she got up. Went to the bathroom. And when she came back she had me lie on my back and she sat on my face. I had to use my tongue to bring her to multiple orgasm again. After she tired she went into the kitchen and made breakfast. I stood there and watched. My hands still locked behind my back. She sat at the table and ate and placed a plate on the floor for me to eat doggy style. As we ate she said I did good but she is sorry I did not get the fucking she promised me. So after breakfast she brought me to the area where she has her cocks and strap on harnesses. Pick one she said. I chose the one I felt would be comfortable. Then as she slipped into her harness she grabbed a different cock. One that was not only longer but wider. I’ll let you cum. One more time. But you have to cum while I’m fucking you.Then she slipped me over the table and entered me from behind. It hurt going in. I told her so. I don’t care she said. I like it rough. You had your chance last night. Now let me show you what rough is. She grabbed hold of my neck and pulled back. Then as she was choking me, she proceeded to painfully fuck me. The brutal abuse she was inflicting, mixed with the dirty way she was talking and she came a few more times even before I could.At least my key holder kept her word. She kept the cage off and for the next two days my cock and balls hang free. This morning I returned home and showed my wife. She said I will take her out to lunch. Then to a movie. Afterwards I’ll book us a hotel suite and she will make love to me like she has never done before.Two days I told her. All I have is two days before the chastity cage returns. Well than make that suite for two days. I want to ride your cock like a wild women. I’m going to cum all over you and you will love it. And you better believe you are going to cum inside me. I want you in my pussy. Down my throat. And your cum all over my face.My wife is taking a bubble bath right now as I write this. Then she will pack a bag with whatever she feels we need for the two days at the hotel.It is a good feeling to not have that heavy chastity cage hanging from between my legs right now. I know it will return. But until then, my wife wants sex, sex and more sex with me. She wants a husband who will fuck her brains out or so she says. Tonight my hands are free. My legs are free. And my manhood is free. I plan to fuck my wife good and hard. She will scream my name like I have listened to her scream the names of some of her lovers. Time for me to get ready. We have lunch in a few hours and then off to a movie. Hope they do not throw us out of the movie for making out in the back row. Then I’ll find a hotel for much more intimate moments.Good by for now. No need for Viagra this time. I’m staying in all night long.