The Young Stud

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The Young StudI had first met the guy in a local public toilet. He had been playing with himself at the urinals when I entered and I obviously surprised him. He looked very embarrassed and quickly left. I was a little pissed as he looked hot. Anyway I went into the end cubicle which had a glory hole and waited for some action. After about a minute of wanking myself I heard someone enter the next cubicle and took a peek. It was an older guy late fifties and I pushed a note under the partition which simply said “I need some cock”. The response came in the form of him pushing his cock through the hole and I took it in my mouth. I was in the middle of sucking him off when someone else entered. I didn’t really take much notice and continued sucking. I glanced up and there was the younger guy from earlier peering over the partition watching us. The older guy came quickly and I swallowed his load. I motioned to the young guy to come in with me. He pushed open the door and stood in front of me not really knowing what to do. He was pretty good looking young, early twenties, clean shaven and wearing a tight shirt and denim jeans. I took the lead and undid his belt and jeans and pushed then down to his ankles along with his pants. His cock sprung out, a nice 6 inches and uncut. I rolled back his foreskin to fully expose his knob and started sucking him. He came pretty fast and shot his cum into my mouth. I suggested we swap places and he sat down and I stood in front of him. I then wiped my cock on his face and he, getting the idea, opened his mouth and I pushed my cock in. He was pretty new to this so I started face fucking him slowly at first then faster and faster until I was hammering my cock in and out. I told him I was close to cumming and did he want it? He gave canlı bahis a little nod of his head and I came. Not being ready he gagged and spat some of my cum on the floor. The older guy had been watching us and said “Fuck that was hot”. We all got cleaned up and I exchanged phone numbers with both of them.Anyway a couple of days later I send the young guy a text to say I was free the next day and did he want to meet up?In no time a reply came back to say yes he was up for it. My real preference is bondage and light BDSM but as he was young and inexperienced I thought I would mention that a bit later on! I also texted the older guy and told him that I was meeting up with the young stud from the cottage and did he want to make it a 3 some. “Fuck Yeah!” came back the reply so I arranged for both of them to meet me at a local pub at 6pm.I was at the bar getting a drink when the young stud came in looking hotter than ever dressed in black cotton jeans a white Fred Perry polo shirt and a leather biker jacket. I really like guys in polo shirts and especially leather! I waved and he came over. I bought him a pint and we sat down at a table. After about 10 minutes of small talk with my new friend Peter, which was the young studs name, we were joined by the older guy who introduced himself as Alec. Peter was surprised but when I explained what I had planned for later he was really excited. We talked for a while and had another round on Alec. It turned out Alec was married but his wife didn’t know about his liking for cock. We headed back to my place and once through the door I grabbed Peter and stuck my tongue down his throat to which he responded. Not to be left out Alec knelt down and undid Peters belt and jeans and began playing with his already hard cock. I bahis siteleri stripped out of my clothes and pushed Peter down so he could suck me. Alec took some pictures and video on his phone. Alec took out his cock and I pulled mine out so Peter could suck Alec. While he was doing this I took out my handcuffs from the drawer and locked them onto Peters wrists so his hands were behind his back. He was now naked from the waist down but still wearing that hot shirt and leather jacket. Alec and I helped him over to the coffee table and lay him face down on it. I told Alec to help me secure his legs to the legs of the table with the belts I had handy. Peter resisted at first but soon gave into the situation. I knelt on the table so my cock was level with Peters mouth and pushed it in. At the same time I gave him a good dose of poppers. Alec stripped and knelt behind him. I passed him the KY and a rubber and he slipped the rubber over his cock and lubed it up. He also pushed a load of KY up Peters hot fuck hole using 2 fingers. Peter moaned as Alec’s cock slid up him. Peter was now tied to the table with his hands cuffed behind his back getting fucked in the ass by an old married guy whilst gagging on my cock as I fucked his throat. After a few minutes Alec and I both shot our loads. We left Peter where he was while we had another drink and a rest. Peter complained he was getting no action so we changed ends and carried on with Peters spit roast. This time with Alec fucking his mouth and me up his tight ass hole. We came for a second time and released Peter from his bondage. While all 3 of us recovered, we watched a porn film to keep us all in the mood. Peter was very impressed with the size of the black guys cock and announced he wanted to be gang banged by bahis şirketleri a group of black guys like the women in the video. Well I said no BBC tonight young stud but we haven’t finished yet. I went over to the table and lay down on my back telling Peter to sit on my cock and bounce up and down. Alec watched us then came over and straddled me standing up so he could fuck Peters mouth again. We fucked like this for a while then changed positions so it was me riding Peters cock while Alec face fucked me. I was so turned on I forgot to give Peter a rubber so he shot his load up my ass. It was the first time I had done bareback and I found out after it was the first time Peter had fucked a guy.By now it was getting late so Alec got dressed, thanked both Peter and I for a fun evening and went home to his unsuspecting wife. I was still horny as hell and asked Peter to put on his leather jacket and fuck me doggy style.I dosed myself with more poppers and he fucked me for what seemed like ages and eventually came shooting more of his cum up my well shagged hole. To my surprise and without being told he then pulled out his cock and went down on my ass sticking his tongue right in and licking out his own cum. What a fucking slut you are I told him. Peter smiled and lay on top of me sticking his cum covered tongue in my mouth. We lay on the floor swapping cum with our tongues. Peter then said he had to get back as he had told his parents he was just out with some friends. I said he better take a shower first. We showered together, took some mouth wash and Peter got dressed in that hot outfit again. My cock started to stiffen but I had to make do with sticking my tongue down his throat before he left.Needless to say we promised to meet up again and I am looking forward to or next session together. Alec sent us both the pictures and video he shot and Peter wants to post it on line so everyone can see what a hot fuck he is. I expect he will want some black guys to join us next time.