The very first time i cheated

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The very first time i cheatedAlthough we wasnt married at that point Id been with my husband for about 3 months. We was still in the dating stage but it was the longest relationship id had so it felt pretty serious. Wed spend most of our time at my bedsit but on this occasion id managed to pursuade him to visit one of my old haunts. It was a nightclub in town and was actually where we first met. He wasnt big on these types of places and he didnt really want to go. But i really liked it there if im honest id really done the rounds with the regulars. Id taken a new guy home from that club every weekend for months. But i hadnt been sice wed met. I didnt go there planning to cheat in fact it was the complete opposite. I was willing to put the club lifestyle behind me but i had friends there and i wanted one last night out before i settled down.When we entered the club i couldnt help but notice the huge black guy who was working there as a door supervisor. Id not seen him before. He was HUGE at least 6″5 with massive veiny bulging arms that stretched his t shirt to the limit. I approached him and he began to pat me down. His hands were so big they dwafted my little frame and made me tingle as i discreetly gazed up in awe batting my eye lashes at him in a desperate attempt to get his attension without my husband noticeing as he towered over me.He went about searching me without making eye contact and waved me through without paying any attension. He was clearly used to scantilly clad drunken women and remained professional. I stood waiting admireing him as he searched my husband to be before we both made are way into the club. I i i sat down at a table and shooed my partner away to the bar to get us some drinks. I sat there staring at him pushing my breasts together with the tops of my arms and licking my lips as he walked past. He did look at me briefly but didnt pay me any real attension. I knew it was going to be very risky but he was so sexy and i wanted him so badly i was willing to risk finishing my relationship at that point to have him.As the night went on and my husband got slowly drunker id discreetly glance over at him without my husband noticeing. And we made eye contact a couple of times and each time wed hold our gaze for a few moments longer. Now id got him to notice me i had to figure out how i was going to get away from my husband long enough for him to fuck me. I thought of going to the ladies but decided id never get him to fuck me in there. i zoned out nodding and agreeing as my husband waffled on about the price of the drinks as i secretly wracked my brains for a idea. When it suddenly dawned on me. I took out £20 from my purse and gave it to my husband and sent him to the bar for more drinks. We wasnt living together at this point and it would mean i wouldnt have enough to pay the rent on my one bedroom bedsit but i didnt care. It would be worth it.There was a long cue at the bar so it would buy me enough time to complete my plan. My hands trembled as i franticly searched my handbag and took out a small box of mints. I shook two out onto the table and pushed the pack down the back of the seat cusion. My heart raced as i held the two mints in my hand and stared intensely over at the big guy “cmon big fella look at me cmoooon” and then finally he looked over and i held eye contact and immedietly placed the two mints on my tounge gave him a wink and swallowed them. He instantly approached the table and leant down asking me “what was that you just swallowed madem?”I looked up at him and shrugged “oh come on its a club aint it ? Everybodys taking d**gs !!” the big fella shook his head in disaproval and gestured for me to stand up. He leant down and spoke into my ear in a serious tone “you cant do that in here love .. Bring your bag and step this way please” he took hold of my arm and frog marched me through the club to a door where he quickly typed in a code and usherd me in. Once we was in the room he closed the door behind us. There was a table in the middle with chairs around it and a desk at the end of the room. There was two other guys in there. A slim smartly dressed guy in his 30s sitting on the desk looking at his phone and another quite muscular man sitting on the table talking to him. They both hatay escort looked at us as we walked in and the smartly dressed man asked “whats going on” the big fella that brought me in sighed and told him “ive got reason to believe this one might be in possesion of an i*****l substance”The smartly dressed guy walked over to us closly follwed by the second guy. He looked me up and down as i stood up straight and confidently pushed my breasts out. The corner of his mouth curled into a sarcastic smirk “that true ? You a junky?” I nodded sarcasticly “yeah .. what you gonna do about it”He lifted his phone as if he was getting ready to dial a number “well seeing as we cant search you without your permission i can call the police ?”I smiled back at him and replied “you can search me all you want. well he can anyway” before gazing up at the huge alfa male still holding my arm and deliberately licking my lips in anticipation. The smartly dressed guy stared down disrespectfully at my breasts as he told the guy behind him to “get a form” his lacky rushed to the desk and scambled through the draw before quickly returning and handing him a peice of paper. He agressively slapped the form down onto the table and said “right .. this form states that you consent to a property and a full body search .. “. he looked up at me as he finshed the sentence “that means we are going to look in that handbag and if we dont find what we are looking for we are going to take your clothes off …. all of them … understood?” I nodded and my voice trembled slightly as i agreed “yeah alright then i dont care” The big guy realeased my arm as the other threw a pen on the table and chuckled sarcasticly “ok sign it then” i bent over the desk my hands shaking as i signed the form as the big guy picked up my handbag and tipped it upside down and the contents rattled out loudly onto the table.I stood up straight wringing my fingers eagerly in front of me as they all just looked down at the lipstick .. purse .. mobile phone .. keys and tampax in a few moments of awkward silence before looking at each with knowing smiles. None of them even looked through the pile. The smart guy stared at me intensely and sternly said “well .. no d**gs here .. you must be hiding them somewhere under that little dress” i wrinkled my nose sarcasticly and sterched my neck out towards him and replied “i guess i must be”He smiled and shook his head “last chance .. why dont you shake that sexy ass out of here before you get stripped naked” i chuckled at him before fading my smile into a serious espression and said softly “oh im not going anywhere darling”He nodded at the others and suddenly grabbed my wrists and held them as the other two men stretched my dress down over my shoulders and began pulling it down my arms as i half heartedly objected “Really .. it takes all three of you to search me ?” He dropped my wrists as they yanked my dress down around my waist and then yanked it again until it fell down around my ankles. He stepped closer to me and gazed down at my breasts pushed up proud in my black wonder bra. The other guys took hold of a arm each as he watched them rise and fall as i breathed heavilly with excitement. “you little tart your loving this arnt you?”I tipped my head to the side and looked him in the face wide eyed as if to call his bluff “youve been staring at my fucking tits since i walked in. you wanna see em so bad dont you?”my cocky exspression was wiped off my face as he suddenly grabbed my at the front of my bra and lifted each of my breasts out of the cups. I stood there gasping with my tits out wantingly stirring my hips towards him slack mouthed and tounge out as the two hunks either side of me restrained my advance. I turned my head and pressed my mouth into the arm of the big guy next to me and moaned loudly as he greedily sucked my left tit spitefully sucking on my nipple and stretching it out until it pinged from his lips and stood up solid and proud. I squirmed against there grip and hissed through my gritted teeth “oh you dirty bastard” as he gave my right tit the same direspectfull treatment I reached each of my hands out and fumbled both of the guys legs next to me until i managed to get a handfull of both of there cocks and massage escort hatay them up and down through their trousers. The big guy reached around behind me and grabbed a handfull of my arse and fondled it. It felt like his huge hand covered my entire arse cheek. The smartly dressed guy lapped his tounge at my swollen red nipples as he gently slipped his hand down the front of my little black thong knickers and rubbed a single finger back and forth over my clit as the guy to my left placed his hand on my chin and turned my head to face him. He tounge kissed me and i moaned into his mouth as the man in front of me pushed his finger right up my fanny. He taunted me as he finger fucked me “shes fucking soaked .. listen”  he jerked his finger in and out of me to demonstrate the sound of my juices squishing.”Get her over here” i stumbled over my dress on the floor as they all pushed and pulled me over to the table. The smart guy stood opposite me on the other side of the table and grabbed the back of my head and pulled it towards him bending me right over the table as his friend positioned himself behind me. “You wanna get fucked dont you bitch ? .. fucking slut” before i could reply his boss gathered my hair into a make shift pony tail high on the back of my head and pushed his cock into my mouth right down to the balls and held it there.I looked sideways and held eye contact with the big guy as he just stood watching. I closed my eyes briefly as his other mates cock glided easilly up my acheing wet pussy. We looked at each other right in the eyes as both his colleuges cocks spitefully plundered my mouth and cunt. They didnt hold back the guy behind me was slamming into me hard and fast and the guy in front of me was holding my head still while he pistoned his long cock hard into my mouth bumping the back of my throat with each thrust causing me to gargle on his helmet.I rested on my elbows and kept staring right at the big fella as my tits swang violently to the chorus of slapping and squelching noises and the two men berating me “ARGGH CMON .. TAKE IT .. TAKE IT YOU LITTLE SLAG”The man behind me painfully bumped against me three times slow and hard before holding his shaft deep inside me. his tip pushed past the very top of my cervix and fired a long constant jet of boiling hot cum into me as he groaned “arggh yeah cum right up you .. you no good blonde bitch”His boss continued to piston my mouth until he suddenly dunked down my throat and held me on his cock growling at me through his gritted teeth “SWALLOW IT .. SWALLOW IT ALL”. I retched as he came and it hit my tonsils and stuck to the back of my throat triggering my gag reflex. A second jet of spunk involentarilly made me swallow it down as i gasped and coughed trying to clear the sticky spunk from my throat. He slapped my lips with his cock and demanded i clean it up and i sucked him up and down three or four times until he was clean before slapping my lips and pushing myself up. I sat on the table and span to face the big guy squeezing my spunk filled fanny in my hand and gestured with my head for him to come closerHe looked at me and smiled as he shook his head “theres only two on the floor i better get back out there” .. his boss told the other guy to go back to work saying “nah fuck that .. its cool .. jake you go” the other guy nodded and walked out the room but the big fella was still refusing to fuck me. He laughed awkwardly to his boss and said “i got a girl at home im good” as he walked towards the door.I tried to persuade him by spreading my legs and rubbing my clit and tits for him “hey nooo come here .. dont leave me” but he wasnt lisening and continued towards the door telling me “go back to your husband .. your drunk”I couldnt help but feel offended and i spoke without thinking and shouted after him as he left “fuck you then you black bastard” He pauced at the door before sighing and pushing it shut. He turned to face me with a intimidating scowl “what did you fucking call me”I instantly regretted it as my confidence abandoned me and i stuttered a pathetic attempt at back peddleing “no … i didnt mean black .. i just..”He gestured to his boss and said “do you mind” his boss laughed and told him “knock yourself out” before he walked out the hatay escort bayan room leaving us alone together.I sat on the desk nervously swinging my feet looking up at him as i tried to defuse the situation. “Just let me make you feel better ok ? i only came in here becauce of you babes” He towered over me as he calmly said “spread your fucking legs” my whole body was visibly trembling as i gazed up slack mouthed at the magnificent monster in front of me and i parted my thighs as wide as i could. He stared right through me as he pushed his shorts and trousers down. I gasped in suprise at the sight of his huge cock as it hung at half mast. He was massive. It must of been as thick as a arasol can and a good 7 inches long with a huge swollen uncut head. His huge hands dwafted my legs as he grabbed the back of my thighs and pushed me onto my back. He lifted my knees up to my chest before telling me “hold your legs up” I obeyed him and wrapped my arms around my legs pulling them tight into my chest. I turned my head to one side. Closed my eys and hummed through my sealed lips as he rubbed his large swollen head up and down between my clean shaven cunt lips until i felt the last guys sperm ozze out and run down my slit. I yelped as he slapped my clit with his heavy member before pushing it down betwewn my arse cheeks. I open my eyes in shock and gasped loudly as he started to push against my arsehole “babe i cant … i cant !!!” He continued to push as i started to gasp for breath telling me “shhhh you can and you will” i felt his tip spread my hole and he pushed harder nudging my body along the table. He grabbed my legs and slid me back towards him. I gritted my teeth and groaned as his cock gradually stretched me apart and he inched down into my hot arsehole until he was completely inside me. I laid there whimpering and panting as he started to slowly fuck it in and out. My tunnel buzzed in objection and my tummy felt like it turned inside out as he slid in and out slowly gathering speed.I began to moan and wail uncontrolerbly as he plundered me harder .. faster .. until his balls were slapping loudly against me. “Yeeeah fuck that white ass bitch.. you like that ?? Huh ?? Call me a black bastard again .. say it again bitch”I bit down on my bottom lip and squeesed my eyes tightly shut as my whole body was jarred up and down. Little streaks of pain danced through my pelvis as he reached down and waggled his tounge against my thong panties which were still around the tops of my knees.i felt the cool air inside my destroyed gaping arsehole as he pulled his huge cock all the way out and then dunked all the way back down into me. He repeated this over and over as i wailed loudly in protest until he finally pauced deep inside me leaning forwards and cacooning me in his massive arms. I sucked on his huge shoulder as he bear hugged me and his big cock leaped around and his thick warm spunk soothed my aching arse. He pulled out and i felt my asshole gape and slowly wink before gradually sealing his cum inside.I sat up and  quickly took hold of his cock before he could put it away. I held it in my hand smeared his heavy precum covered head all around my lips before i stretched my mouth around it and sucked it half way down. I looked up at him franticly sucking air into my nostrils as i squashed it down my throat. I reached down and stirred my cum covered clit with my fingers as i eagally sucked it up and down.I franticly rubbed my clit as i rested his huge dong against the side of my face and lapped my tounge at his tight balls. I slid off the table and knelt underneath him. He groaned at me “you dirty little cow” as I just about managed to wiggle the tip of my tounge into his arsehole. i banged my fingers into my spunk filled fanny as i licked and kissed the inside of his thigh as i orgasmed hard on my fingers before i collapsed into a heap on the floor.He reached down and pulled me to my feet. “Get your stuff together” i pulled my knickers up and sighed “can i use the loo ? I need to clean up” he responded firmly “NO”. i felt a pang of guilt as i gathered my things and put them back into my handbag. As soon i zipped my bag he grabbed my arm “RIGHT CMON OUT” he marched me towards the door .. shoved me out and slammed it behind me.I felt bad bad for a while after but there was no getting away from the fact that i really enjoyed being used like a cheap slut. And i knew at that point i was going to do it again. And i made a conscious decision to cheat again.