The Swallow

27 Haziran 2020 0 Yazar: admin


The SwallowI’ve been at my job for a few years and everything has been good. I have heard rumors of lay offs coming and that the boss has been randomly calling people into his office but none of my co-workers is willing to share what was discussed. I finally got the call and as I approached the office I began to get really nervous. About 3/4 of my co-workers have been laid off right after their meetings. As I went in I noticed the lights were dimmed a bit but not to the point you couldn’t see. I thought it was strange but continued in. He told me to sit down so we can talk. After 15 minutes of talking about performance and telling me that I was a good employee but he wasn’t sure he can keep me, he said there is something that may save my job. Of course I asked what? He said “I’m glad you asked” and told me to stand up and come over to him. I obviously thought this was weird bit did it. As I walked over I noticed he was wearing a kilt. As I rounded around his desk he lifted up the kilt and exposed his cock. He wasn’t hard but it looked about 4 inches and fat and he had shaved balls. As I looked at it, he said didim escort “I’ve watching you awhile and if you’re willing to give me a blow job, I may be able to save your job.”What he didn’t know is that I had always had fantasies about sucking cock but never had enough nerve to go to a club or meet anyone. My boss is 55, about 5-10 and looks in good shape. I know he works since I’ve seen him at the gym. I thought that this was as good opportunity as I would get so I went for it. I immediately dropped to my knees in front of him and grabbed his cock. I starting stroking it nice and slow, and he began moaning in a low tone and leaned back a little in his chair. I went down and started licking and sucking his balls. He then said to me “yeah, suck those balls, just like that.” I continued until his cock was hard. He was about 8 inches hard and thick. I licked up his shaft until I got to his head. At this point pre-cum started oozing out. I gently ran circles around the head with tongue and then wrapped my lips around sucking the pre-cum into my mouth. He tasted good! At this point I felt his hand on the back escort didim of my head pushing me down, I knew what he wanted, we both wanted it, his cock buried into my mouth. I obliged and let it slide in. I was able to handle about 5 inches of it which I thought was great. Between my spit an his pre-cum, which kept coming out, his cock shined. With one hand I rubbed his balls and the other I stroked his cock as I sucked. My head bounced up and down for what seemed only seconds but was actually had been 10 minutes. I was so into it I lost all sense of time. He kept telling me how good I sucked cock, that he would’ve known he would’ve had his cock in my mouth long ago. This seemed to make my cock harder.At this point he stood up front of me and told me I’m earning my job. He then started to jerk his cock a little, then lift it up and feed me his balls which were wet with a mix of semen and saliva. He continued stroking while I sucked his balls. His balls were low hangers and big. They were very hot! He then said enough of this and put his cock back into my mouth. He then told me “no hands,” put both of didim escort bayan his hands on my head and began pumping his hips fucking my mouth. He started slow then increased the pace. As he got faster his balls started slapping my chin. This was so hot! He was moaning a lot and began saying “yeah, take that cock!” It was so wet that slurping sounds echoed the room. Then he told me “I’m going to cum in your mouth and I want you to swallow it.” I moaned “ok.” He continued fucking my mouth a few more minutes and he stopped and began moaning loudly. He then said “yes, yes, here I cum.” I grabbed his balls which had tightened up, gently squeezing, and then the first shot hit the back of my throat as he had thrusted into my mouth. I naturally swallowed it as another shot came which I swallowed again. I pulled him out of my mouth and at this point he had shot 4 more spurts of cum. I continued sucking and stroking his cock until he finished. I had cum on my shirt, hands and face besides what I swallowed. It reminded me of the Peter North movies I’ve seen. I kept sucking a little more then licked the cum from my hands. He tasted great, salty but not overly salty. His cum creamy white and thick. I never thought this would happen. He helped me clean up and told he would see me first thing in the morning that he can’t such a talent as myself go.