The sunbed shop chapter 1

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Ariel Rebel

The sunbed shop chapter 1This story is made by inspiration from lovegirlswhosuck’s gallery about him owning a sunbed shop. Can you guess which girl it is? The sunbed shopChapter 1What should I do this weekend? I thought to myself, while sitting at a local cafe. I take a sip at my cold drink trying not to stare to much at the hot girl sitting a couple of tables from me. I love blondes especially those with big tits like she has. Her tiny top is super tight and gives a nice view of her cleavage too. Unfortunately she is not alone. Across from her is what appears to be her boyfriend, so no way I can ask her out. Not that she was likely to say yes anyway. She is an obvious attention slut and flirting obnoxiously with her boyfriend. Obnoxiously because I am jealous of him of course. Well at least I am sitting so I get a great view of her tits every time she leans forward to tease her boyfriend. Damn, she looks right at me, catching me staring at her tits. She giggles a little but other than that seems like she don’t really care and continues chatting with her boyfriend. I quickly look away and turn my attention to the street trying to seem like it was a total ataşehir escort coincidence. I close my eyes and enjoy the sun’s warm beam on my face.”Your sweater is getting dirty!”I open my eyes and I am staring right into the bare suntanned stomach of the blonde girl. My eyes wonders up from her fit stomach to the small top where her big tits almost feel like they are about to hit me in the face. I wish! “Your sweater is on the ground, it is going to get dirty” she says as I fight my lust to keep staring at her tremendous tits and move my sight towards her face. She is having a big smile on her face, almost a laugh, as I meet her eyes. “You are having trouble with eye contact” she jokes and winks at me. “I am sorry, you just surprised me” I stutter while nervously moving around in my seat. “I didn’t mean to, I hope it wasn’t to much of a shock” she says and lays her hand on my shoulder as an apologetic gesture. “It’s fine, thanks for noticing my sweater” I say as I make a move towards the ground to pick it up. “Let me get that for you” she says holding me back with her hand that is on my shoulder. She moves her body down extremely ataşehir escort bayan slowly across me. As she bends down I can see straight down her deep cleavage, her tits being only centimetres from my face. They are as tanned as her stomach and her bra pushes them together to look even bigger. As she moves down to reach my sweater, her hand moves from my shoulder across my chest. My cock is starting to notice this too and I can feel the blood is starting to go south. Shit and I am wearing very loose shorts. She reaches my sweater on the ground, but seems to lose her balance a little bit as has to stretch her body to get to it. Her hand ends on my thigh as she takes a hard grip to keep herself from falling. I take the opportunity and quickly gets my arms around her hips to help her from falling. Her body turns as she straightens up again, but she can’t seem to find her balance and sits down my lap. She is holding my sweater up in he air “I got it” she says, but all I can think of is her ass squeezing up against my crutch while I have my hands on both sides of her hips. “A thanks would be nice, I saved your dirty sweater after all” escort ataşehir she says, looking at my face with a huge teasing smile. I am paralysed as my cock is now hard pushing straight into her jeans, my shorts not really giving me any kind of help. “No? Well a standing salute is thanks enough for me” she says and cracks up laughing. She stands up as her boyfriends comes back from the toilet. “I have to get back to my date, but you should stop by the sunbed shop I work in. It’s the one two blocks away. You could use a little colour and I am sure you would enjoy the service” she says to me with a smile, before walking back to her table. “I will” I say, getting my legs under the table to hide my still raging boner, while watching her walk away. Her ass is swaying from side to side in her skimpy tight denim shorts as she walks toward her boyfriend in her high heels. He points to me saying something I can’t here. She just laughs and kisses him. He pays their bill and they walk together out of the cafe. Just before walking out the blonde turns her head around. She catches my eyes and licks her lips before sending me a kiss. Damn that sexy little slut just can’t get enough attention. They leave the cafe and I sitting there trying to calm my dick a bit making it possible for me to leave. I need to stop by that sunbed shop she told me she worked at. What I wouldn’t give to get even more contact with her.To be continued