The night before XXXmas

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The night before XXXmasI suppose before I go any further I should apologise to Clement Clarke Moore :-)’Twas the night before Christmas when in a house quite,Little Mary and parents settled down for the nightInsuring doors were closed tightly to muffle any soundNaughty thoughts came upon those all aroundIn Mary’s room she uncovered a giant hidden toySomething to fill up her pussy with joyIn a room cross the hall mamma pulled on leather and lace,Giving daddy thoughts of where he could bury his face.In less than five minutes from Mary’s room came a loud dinFollowed by moaning and groining leaving dad with a shit eating grin.Across to Mary’s room both flew in a flash Mamma’s crotchless panties revealing her gash.Next Daddy came bounding burdur escort not too far behindInterested to see what sights he might findThen to both horny partners what should appear,But Mary buck naked surrounded by some wondrous gear.Internet open showing kinky reindeer doing thing to a woman who’s enjoyment was clear.This distraction unnoticed Mary moaned loudly and cameSpreading her legs wide as she screamed out reindeer names.CUM DASHER! CUM DANCER CUM PRANCER CUM VIXENCUM COMET! CUM CUPID CUM DONNER AND BLITZEN.At the top of her voice Mary started to callNow cum away! cum away! cum away all!After which from her pussy juices began to spurt,Fingering herself deeper her nipples grew harder and pert.Mary’s body escort burdur convulsing her legs shook and wildly flew,Mom smiled noticing Dad’s balls were about to turn blue.Even at this point Mary didn’t notice a thingAs Mom bent Dad over and began to finger his ringShe tugged on his cock to his very great pleasure,After a few seconds he spewed forth cum in unknowable measure.Dad blew on the carpet and all over the floor,As Mom kept on jerking some shot out the doorShooting up to the ceiling it went in her hairHe came on some panties and over Teddy-BearHis eyes how they twinkled! As he fell on his knees,He knew that his wife he now had to please.Going down on her cunt he knew his technique had to vary, Mouth full of pussy burdur escort bayan he moved to her cherryMary’s head only now turned at the sound of licking and slurping.Of sucking and gulping of spiting and jerking Recovering from orgasm Mary’s body lay heavyAs she pinched her nipples and caressed her belly.Lazily she lay watching the two interact.By now Mom was pushing dads head deep into her crackLooking up briefly Dad gave Mary a wink,Sinking back down on Moms pussy he began to drink.He spoke not a word but went straight to his workit was only mere moments before her body began to lurch and jerkThen expertly laying a finger on her clit either sideHe drew out long moaning from his glorious bride.Having now had time to recover he was once again sprungAnd looking at Mary’s tight body his thoughts they began wildly to run.He closed the door over to keep things from sightTurning back to say, “HAPPY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL, WE’RE ALL GOING TO HAVE A WONDERFUL NIGHT!