The neighbour’s argument

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The neighbour’s argumentAs I was out washing the car, an Asian neighbour who lived across from our little cul-de-sac, her k**s were running up and down making a lot of noise, her husband came out and shouted at them in a violent manner, I was smiling as they were only playing. Then the adults started to argue, and as she shouted at him he bundled the k**s into their car and took off.Soon as I’d finished with the car I was in our kitchen when there was a knock on the door. The Asian lady from over the road stood there, I said “Come in”, as she came in she said “I’m really sorry about the noise”, I said “What noise the k**s were only playing”, she said “Our next door neighbour doesn’t like the noise”, I replied “They’re only playing”.As she came in I motioned for her to sit down and said “Tea”, she nodded, she looked really upset. “My husband and I are always arguing about the k**s” she said, and with that she proceeded to tell me, she works as a teacher, he looks after the k**s, then he goes out at night to see his friends, while she does the housework.As she sipped her tea I sat down next to her and put my arm around her to console her, she smiled and thanked me. As she talked more she started to cry, I got some tissue and was wiping her tears away when she said illegal bahis siteleri “You’re so kind”, with that I looked and saw she’d slightly parted her legs as she sat, I could see her bare thigh from where her sari had come apart.She wiped away her tears and as I reached over to take the tissues from her her eyes met mine, she smiled as I tipped up her chin and leaned forward and kissed her gently, she said “It’s been a long time but I’m married”, I said “So, so am I”, I leaned in to kiss her again and as I did she closed her eyes.I slipped my hand from her cheek onto the inside of her thigh, she opened her eyes and smiled at me, as I touched her bare flesh. As I gently rubbed her thigh she placed her hand on my cheek, leaning forward I kissed her again as I moved my hand further up her leg. I could feel myself getting hard. She said “I’ve only ever known my husband”.As I kissed her I untied her sari, it was attached like a cape and she had it buttoned up at the front. She said “Where” and I stood up and led her into the front room, as she followed me in I sat her on the sofa facing me, she looked at me with an anxious face, as I leaned in to kiss her again, this time she kissed me back.She had her hand round on my neck as I unbuttoned the perabet giriş front of her sari, as it came away I pulled it off her, she was wearing a red bra and red knickers. As I kissed her neck I unclipped her bra and I slipped it down her shoulders, kissing her shoulders at the same time, she gasped when it came off. Leaning her back slightly I kissed and licked one nipple then the other.As she moaned her nipples soon got hard, she had her hand on my thigh and was gently rubbing it. I moved her into the sofa as I ran my hand up the inside of her thigh onto the front of her knickers, she said “I’m wet”, as I ran my finger up her slit I said “Yes you are”, she said “It’s been a long time for me”.I continued to rub her through her knickers as I kissed her nipples. Suddenly she gasped, and said “I’m coming”, as I rubbed her frantically, she exploded on my fingers, falling back she was moaning and gasping, her nipples were rock hard, in fact I’ve never seen nipples that hard before. I stood in front of her and she looked at me.Unbuckling my jeans and dropping them to the floor, she reached out and touched my cock, it twitched, as I took my undies off my 6″ stood up proudly, she reached and ran her finger up my stem, as I bent down I put my fingers perabet güvenilir mi in the waisband of her knickers and pulled them down, she gasped, I ran my finger up her wet crack and she moaned.Pulling her onto the floor I spread her thighs and teased her by running my cock up her clit, then as she gasped I pushed it in, she moaned as I continued to slowly shag her. As we were rocking I licked her nipples as she ran her nails over my shoulders, moaning and gasping after only a few minutes she said she was coming.I pulled out and went down, licked her clit and finger fucked her cunt to another big orgasm. When that had slightly subsided I pushed my chunky cock back into her and continued to fuck her, faster than I had done earlier, as I built up a steady rhythm she was clawing my back, shaking her head from side to side, moaning and groaning.I knew I was close so I slowed down, “No no don’t slow down I’m coming again” she said. So I went faster and harded, she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth as I knew she was on the edge, as I pulled out and licked her off again, liquid trickled out of her delicious wet cunt as she screamed another climax.Grabbing hold of my cock I ran it over her lips, she grabbed me and plummeted me into her mouth, licking and wanking me, I knew I was so close. As I cried out she carried on and my hot sticky spunk shot into her mouth, she emptied me out and sucked me until I was limp. As we got dressed she said “Please don’t tell anyone”, I said “Of course not”, she said “That was amazing”.