The Mail Lady and Me

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The Mail Lady and MeIt was a lazy Saturday afternoon and I had absolutely nothing to do that day. On days like this I typically get up in the morning, take a shower and then relax around the house nude. That day was one of those days. It was late afternoon and I had my large windows on the front of my house wide open as I lay nude on my recliner alternating between watching TV and playing video games. I was in full view of anyone passing by either on the sidewalk or their car. I cared nothing about that and just enjoyed my day.All of a sudden out of the corner of my eye I could see the mail truck slowly making its way around the block. Now if you’ve read about my other experiences I have fantasized about having a moment with my mail lady. She is not really a great looking woman or in that great of shape. I have just always wanted to say that I fucked my mail lady. I have tried on numerous occasions to bait her into it, I even had sex with Jose right in the doorway as she watched from the porch but still no interaction with her. At this point the truck is about 4 houses away and my cock is starting to get hard. Hoping to just give her a show I spit in my hand and begin to stroke my cock. I grabbed the remote and I went to my DVR on my satellite box and started playing one of the cheesy movie channel porns that I keep saved. I turned up the volume so that it could be heard from my mailbox and I continued to stroke. By the time the truck pulls up to my neighbor’s house I am rock hard and beating my cock like no one’s business. I hear the mailbox close and the engine rev as she makes the 50 foot trip between mine and my neighbor’s house. I jump out of the chair and stand at the window facing out so that she can clearly see me. When she comes to a stop at my box I can tell immediately that she can hear the porn. She looks up and sees me jacking off in the window. She is so used to this at this point that I no longer get a startled look; I just get a smile and a nod. She pulls her car forward a couple feet right to the edge of my driveway and turns off the engine. She turns around and fidgets with someone in the back of the mail truck and then opens the door. She gets out and proceeds to walk up my driveway and then to my front door not taking her eyes off me for one second. In one hand she is carrying my mail and in the other is a dark red backpack. I stood there until she is out of sight and on my porch.She rings my doorbell and I yell “Who is it?” with a laugh. She yells back “Postal Service!” I go over to the door and open my front door and then unlock the outer door and open it. I just stood there stroking my cock and she says “This is for you” as she hands me my mail. I smile and take the mail and thank her for bringing it to me. She just smiles back and says “My pleasure”. I didn’t know what to say for some reason so we sat there in silence for a few seconds before she speaks up and asks “Do you have anything for me?” I was floored. My dick jumped with excitement as I know this little game and where it ends up. So coyly I reply “I believe I do. Come on in and I will get it for you.”She reaches out her hand and illegal bahis I grab it and guide her into the house. I walk her over to my dinner table and she turns around to face me. I ask her what is in the bag and she says that I will find out shortly. I wanted to know but I figured I would play along so I grab her by the hips and I lift her onto the table so that she is sitting on the edge. I tell her to lay back and she does but not letting go of the bag. I undo her belt and then undo the button and zipper on her uniform slacks. I pull off the slacks and fling them to the floor. She has on these big white panties which were anything but sexy but for some reason drove me wild. I’ve had sex with a grandma before (my neighbor is a grandmother but she looks and acts nothing like one) but she was all the bit the grandma role and I was digging it.I pulled the panties off and to my surprise she was as bald as an eagle. I was expecting somewhat of a jungle down there but it was nowhere near that. Not wanting to waste time as I knew she probably didn’t have that much of it I got on my knees and dove right in. Her pussy was for the most part what you would expect from an older lady who has seen and done a lot but it wasn’t as bad as I expected. She kept herself clean and groomed and it made it all the better. I went straight for her clit and was doing all the tricks I knew and they were working. She was letting off little whimpers and she began massaging her breasts through her shirt. She eventually worked her shirt up above her head and then pulled her fairly massive breasts out of her bra. She continued to massage them and then sucking on her own nipples every now and then. The surprising thing about all of it was that her pussy juices tasted phenomenal and boy was there a lot of it. She was so wet that I almost thought she was squirting for a second but she was just extremely aroused. I continued to lap up her juices and play with her clit and I even stuck a couple fingers in her ass for good measure. I was easily able to get them all the way in and I added a third finger for good measure. She definitely liked that as I probed her ass with my fingers while sucking on her clit. All of a sudden in the middle of it all she sits up and asks me to stand back. I did so and she jumped off the table and then almost pushed me to the floor. I took the hint and sat down on the ground and then she told me to lay flat. I again followed her directions and laid back. Once I was settled she walked towards my head and positioned her feet on either side of my head and stood directly over me. She then lowered down until she was completely smothering me with her body. I was having trouble breathing but I figured I would go with it until I was out of breath. She leaned forward so that her arms could reach the floor and then she began grinding her pussy on my face. I took the cue and I began licking as she smashed herself into my face. This wasn’t the most comfortable position I had ever been in but I was so turned on it didn’t matter. She would lift up every now and then as she grinded in order to give me a little air and that illegal bahis siteleri was all I needed to keep it going. She then at one point moved up a little and told me to eat her ass and she began grinding her ass on my mouth and nose. Again I did as directed. After about a minute or so of this she put her pussy back on my mouth and I began to go to town again on that. This time she was grinding on me very hard and fast. I took my right hand and attempted to locate her ass. It took a few seconds but I was finally able to find it and I jammed my fingers back into her ass. I was beginning to work my way toward getting my pinky in there too when I could feel that her motions were changing and she was getting ready to cum. I did as best as I could to keep her clit in my mouth sucking on it but she was trashing around so hard that it was difficult to do so. She began to cum and she even squirted a little. I felt like I was going to drown. The lack of air due to her smothering and then mix in a fair amount of squirting was starting to spell disaster. I gave her ass a little slap and pinch and she got the message and lifted up to give me some air. Once she felt I had had enough she slammed back down and finished out her orgasm grinding my face. She collapsed forward onto her forearms thus lifting her ass in the air. I leaned up and finished licking all her juices off her pussy until it was clean. She laid there for a minute or so and now that I had my hands back I went back to jacking off thinking that I was going to have to finish myself off. I continued to lick her pussy and ass while I jacked off until she stood up and exclaimed “Your turn!”I got excited as I had figured we were done and apparently we were not. So I laid there playing with myself as she stood up and walked back over to the table. I can’t see what she is doing but I hear the zipper on the backpack and she removed two items. She turns around and in one hand is a bottle of lube and in the other is the biggest strap on I had ever seen in person. This b**st was about 12″ long and had to be about 2” across. She had watched Jose and I have sex before but she saw that Jose was average at best. So she looks at me and asks “I know your friend wasn’t that big, so can you handle this?” She doesn’t know about Miguel and I so even though it was longer than Miguel, he was thicker so I was sure I could handle it. I nodded yes and she began to put the strap on together.She fought it for a few seconds but she was finally able to get it all constructed and got into it. She reached over to the couch and grabbed a couple of pillows. I knew what she was doing so I lifted my ass in the air and she placed them under me lifting my ass up towards her. She got down on her knees and began the process of lubing up the monster. I told her to lube it all the way down the base because it was going all the way in. She just smiled at me and kept on lubing.She was finally satisfied with the amount of lube and scooted towards me. She placed the tip at my ass and asked if I was ready. I reached back for my cock, began stroking again and gave her a nod yes. She slowly canlı bahis siteleri pushed her hips forward until the head of the cock was in my ass. She went very slow at first and I could tell that she was being careful not wanting to hurt me. I reassured her that she wouldn’t hurt me and told her that she could go all the way in and go faster as well. She was still a little hesitant at first but she eventually felt comfortable and within no time the dildo was already past the halfway point. I told her to go deeper and she inched her way further into my ass. It was starting to feel great and I finally told her to get it all the way in there. She stopped thrusting and spent the next 30 seconds or so just pushing deeper and deeper until finally she was all the way in. She looked up at me as to confirm that I was still ok and I was just stroking and smiling and I told her I was good. She slowly began to pull out and when she got half way out she pushed all the way back in. I told her just like that but faster. She did what I asked and she pulled halfway out and then thrust it back in again but at a much quicker pace. As she kept doing this she slowly but surely went faster and faster. I have to admit that even though it wasn’t as thick as Miguel it felt just as good as she pounded that strapon against my prostate.She was finally feeling really comfortable and she grabbed my legs with both of her arms and began fucking hard and deep. She was even to the point where she was almost pulling the full dildo out of my ass before jamming it back in. I was being jackhammered by my old mail lady on the floor of my house like a porn star. I loved every minute of it as she was getting harder and harder and I was getting ever so close to cumming.I was jerking my cock and while doing so she leaned over and spit on it giving me more lube. This began to send me over the edge and I began to blow load after load of my cum all over my chest and face. She didn’t let up at all and just kept hammering me with the strapon. I finally stopped cumming and lay there and she began to let up. She gave me a few final pull outs and then jam back ins and then finally pulled out for good. I laid there on the floor exhausted from the pounding I just received and she stood up and began to take off the strapon and place it back in the bag. She picked up her clothes and began to get dressed and I thanked her and told her that I had been fantasizing about this for a long time. She tells me that she knows and that she could tell by the fact that I would show her my cock every chance I got. I kind of apologized for that and explained to her that the first time was an accident really and then I noticed that she didn’t have a negative reaction to it so I kept pushing it further and further as it was a real turn on. She told me that she didn’t mind and that she enjoyed herself.As she was getting ready to leave she told me that it was a lot of fun but not to expect it again. She said that it didn’t mean that it definitely won’t ever happen again but that she wasn’t sure if and when we could ever do something like this again. I told her I understood but that it wouldn’t stop me from flashing her or doing other stuff in front of her. She said she would like that and that we would see what the future holds. She then gave me a little kiss and slapped me on the ass and walked out the door and shouted “Until next time!”