The listener.

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The listener.She was Pete’s girlfriend. Well I say girlfriend, she was his fuckbuddy ( I think she had a proper boyfriend), but I was too young and too niave to know what a fuckbuddy was back then. I was also attached and idealistic and didn’t really appreciate that later in life these things don’t always happen.I had a place in town, Pete didn’t. He’d taken her to the pub in the afternoon. After a few drinks they were both in the mood but with nowhere to go. They popped round on the pretence of seeing me. The pretence didn’t last long. After a couple of minutes, she popped to the bathroom and Pete asked me to make myself scarce. “Just go and watch TV in the other room for a bit please, mate! We don’t have anywhere else to go” he explained. So I did.I sat in one room, whilst they were in the other. All that seperated us was six feet of space, a thin wall and karşıyaka escort a frosted glass door.They didn’t waste any time. At first they tried to be discreet, but she was always very enthusiastic during sex. I’d heard them before, of course. But it had been different then, I’d been fucking my girlfriend in the next room. This time I was on my own.As the noise from the next room got louder, I started to turn the volume down on the TV. He was really fucking her hard and she was really enjoying it. I was getting really turned on listening. I had my own personal porn performance taking place less than six feet away and soon I was as hard as a rock imagining her. She was quite frank and filthy when it came to sex and Pete was less than discreet. He’d told me all about her shaven pussy and the times he’d fucked her in the arse and I was getting escort karşıyaka really aroused thinking about her.As things started getting into full swing, I started to masturbate. What the fuck, I thought, I’m not just going to let them have all the fun. Soon, it was pretty clear from the panting, gasping and moaning that things were building to a head. As Pete fucked her to a noisy climax on my sofa, she screamed out to announnce the arrival of her own orgasm, sending me over the edge and sending fat wads of cum shooting from my cock as all three of us came together. I quickly cleaned up with a handy tissue and turned the TV back up to normal volume. I could hear them getting themselves sorted out in the next room, recovering missing items of clothing, etc. I heard footsteps on the stairs; someone was heading up to the bathroom.I looked back at karşıyaka escort bayan the TV, some cop show was on, the sort of thing I never really watch. I heard the door handle and turned round expecting to see Pete, but it wasn’t him. I flushed immediately and turned nervously back towards the TV as she came and sat down gently beside me.”It’s a bit late to be pretending to watch TV, isn’t it” she whispered softly. I smiled nervously, not sure what to say. “Still I’m glad you enjoyed the show”, she continued, her eyes shifting across to the bunch of tissue on the side table, “Terrible waste though; I wondered if you might have come in”. I didn’t know what to say, so I sat there open mouthed as Pete thudded down the stairs and into the room. “Cheers for that mate”, he said, “sorry it’s short but sweet, but we kind of have to get going………. see you later!” and with that he picked up his jacket and I just nodded my head as he reached for the door handle.As he walked out the door she turned to me with a provocative wink and said;”Next time……. yes. I think we’ll definately see you next time, won’t we?”